Chapter 014 - Hurry, test me!

    014 - Hurry, test me!

    Fishes swimming, colourful birds chirping. Morning dew dripping, and flowers blooming.

    Li Muyang woke up early in the morning today; he got up at six o'clock in the morning but still felt energetic. Before, he and his sister were dragged out of the bed at seven or eight o'clock every day, and they would not even have time to eat breakfast. He had to grab a bun and stuff it into a bag and head to school in a daze. This scene was worlds apart from before.

    After his final body examination, the doctor removed the gauze from his face.

    Li Muyang pressed his hair which was as messy as a bird's nest, looked at the doctor who was carefully examining his head injury and asked: Dr Chen, are my wounds alright?"

    "No problems." Dr Chen shook his head and said: "There have been no problems for a while."

    "These past days I have troubled you." Li Muyang said with a face full of appreciation. Although staying in hospital requires money, Dr Chen has meticulously taken care of Li Muyang. Li Muyang is a kind person, and also a person who lacked love. Even if someone helped him a little, he would be extremely grateful.

    "No trouble at all." Dr Li stretched out his hand and tidied Li Muyang's hair to one side and asked: "I remember there was a wound on your head, right?"

    "There should be." Li Muyang answered while nodding his head. His head was injured by a fruit tray, and he lost a lot of blood during that time.

    "Where's the mouth of the wound?" Dr Li asked.


    "The wound has disappeared." Dr Chen stated with a serious expression.

    "-Dr Chen, the wound is gone, does it not indicate it has healed?" Li Muyang swallowed his saliva several times to forcibly suppress the discomfort in his heart. There would be this kind of doctor in the world? Who would curse their own patients to not recover? The wound disappeared, of course it's because it had healed. Or did it ran off on it's own?

    "Recovery is one thing, the wound on your head was originally not serious, just that Miss Cui repeatedly requested us to examine it, which is why you stayed for a long time-However, the wound should not have disappeared, it should have left a scar." Dr. Chen said with face full of suspicion: "Right now even a hint of scarring can't be seen, even I have forgotten where the site of injury was--this rate of recovery is too shocking."

    "So that's it." Li Muyang smiled and said: "Maybe my body constitution is good, and also Dr Chen gave me good medicines, so I recovered a little faster."

    Dr Chen could only accept this explanation and said: "You can be discharged today. As for your other paperwork, someone will handle it, so you don't have to worry."

    Li Muyang knew that Cui Xiaoxin wanted to thank Li Muyang for saving her by helping him with the cost of his treatment, thus he won't argue over this matter. "Then Dr. Chen, see you again."

    "Dr. Chen waved his hand and said: "Don't say 'see you again'. It isn't a good thing to stay in a hospital again."

    After sending Dr. Chen off, Li Muyang took a shower and changed into his clean clothes that he prepared earlier.

    His right hand was still wrapped in bandage, the doctor said the wound is too deep and is classified as a 'hole piercing wound'. Every seven days he has to come back to change his medications.

    Seeing himself in the mirror, Li Muyang felt a slight unfamiliarity.

    The previous him was as dark as charcoal, just like a genuine one hundred percent pure inkstone.

    Many times when he went shopping with Li Shinian, she would suddenly stood still, and then take out foundation from her cosmetic bag to apply to his face--

    Right now Li Muyang felt he had become a bit paler, no, more like a dull yellow. A deep tan colour, as if he had been under the sun for a prolonged period of time.

    His skin was just as good as before, like a piece of metal that's been exposed to the shining rays of the sun, displaying brilliant lights and vibrant colours.

    He was extremely pleased with his changes, he even thought about putting on a medicinal gauze mask every night when he returned home. Maybe after days and months the black pigment in his body will be fully absorbed?

    He once again looked at his arm, apart from the changes in the tone of his skin, there were no other visible differences.

    However, all those extraordinary feats, how did he manage to do it?

    Whether it's sending Zhang Chen or sending the assassin dressed in black flying with just one punch, it was strength that he did not possess previously.

    Moreover, he kept having strange thoughts, thoughts that were intermittent as though separated by centuries, and also the methods and solutions that stunned Cui Xiaoxin, where did it all come from?

    Li Muyang can put his personal pride and honour as stake, that he had never learned those things before.

    " Could it mean, I am the youth that is selected by the goddess of destiny to be a dragon slayer?"

    Even while think of this possibility, Li Muyang's felt a little excitement in his heart.

    It was eight o'clock, Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian came together to Li Muyang's hospital room.

    Li Muyang saw the two of them holding hands as they walked in; he asked in surprise: "You two came together?"

    "We arranged it yesterday." Li Shinian showed a disdaining expression of 'you're an idiot'. "We arranged last night to come and collect you from the hospital."

    Li Muyang smiled bitterly and said: "I just asked out of curiosity, can you not be so proud of yourself? I've packed all my stuff, are we heading directly to school?"

    "Of course." Li Shinian nodded and said: "It's nearly the examinations period, you can't be absent from lessons anymore. If somehow the heavens was not looking, and you would guess correct all the multiple-choice questions? Think about it, if you were even struck by lightning, then the chances of that happening isn't completely impossible."

    Cui Xiaoxin looked at Li Muyang with a strange expression, a look of wanting to speak but in the end she did not say anything.

    Li Shinian thought Cui Xiaoxin was blaming her for attacking her brother's confidence. She waved her hand and said: "Xiaoxin sister don't worry, my brother and I speak like this all the time- his ability to resist attacks is really strong. Do you want to try?"


    Seeing that Cui Xiaoxin was reluctant to try, Li Shinian looked at Li Muyang waved her hand and said: "Let's go, Let's head to school."

    Afterwards, she pulled Cui Xiaoxin's arm affectionately and walked out.

    Li Muyang felt helpless, and could only carry his schoolbag, his washed clothes and a couple of fruits that he didn't eat, and follow after them.

    "Hey, I'm still recovering. My head is injured and my hand is bandaged, can you guys help me out and relieve my burden?" Li Muyang shouted.

    Li Shinian turned around, took a banana from the bag of fruit Li Muyang held in his hand and said: " You're my most favourite brother, of course I will relieve some of your burden-I'll eat a banana."

    Cui Xiaoxin also followed her and took an apple from the bag, waved it at Li Muyang and said: "I'll help too."


    The distance between the hospital and Renaissance High School was not far; the three of them arrived quickly while laughing and talking.

    Right now it was the beginning of school time, Li Muyang together with the two beauties Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin appearing within the crown is indeed eye-catching. After all, the three of them were famous among the school. And the differences in their images were so drastic; it is impossible to not attract on-lookers.

    "My god, isn't that guy the charcoal of our school? Who are the two girls next to him?"

    "Ah, My goddess-why is Cui Xiaoxin walking together with that trash?"

    "Li Shinian would not fall in love, right? My heart is broken--"


    All the students pointed at the three of them-Li Muyang, Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin. The admirers of Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian were all heartbroken.

    "Are you stupid?" Someone smart within the crown began to explain. " Li Shinian is Li Muyang's sister, blood sister, how could the two of them be dating?"

    "Ah? Then Li Shinian is not that trash's girlfriend, that's great-"

    "Of course not." Li Muyang's girlfriend is Cui Xiaoxin alone-that's what Li Muyang's sister personally said. I heard they were often hanging out together, I'm just telling you only, don't tell anyone else-"


    Li Shinian took a glance at the surging crowd, suddenly felt guilty and said: "Brother, Xiaoxin sister, it's nearly time for class, I won't walk you to the classroom-"

    She waved at the two of them, and then quickly disappeared into the crowd.

    Li Muyang looked at her as she leaves, with a face full of smiles he said to Cui Xiaoxin: "Don't mind her, her temper is always like this."

    "I don't mind." Cui Xiaoxin said smilingly. "I understand her temperament."

    " My god, did you guys see, goddess is smiling-"

    "Are the rumors true? Cui Xiaoxin and Li Muyang are going out?

    "That's possible, I heard that when Li Muyang was sent out of the classroom by Miss Zhao, Cui Xiaoxin chased after him-"


    When Li Muyang and Cui Xiaoxin arrived at the classroom side by side, it immediately attracted the attention of the whole class.

    Seeing the two of them walking together, talking and laughing, everyone was dumbstruck.

    Zhang Chen was fooling around with a group of friends when the classroom suddenly turned quiet; he could not resist turning around to look.

    "Li Muyang, you dare to come back? I thought you were afraid of embarrassing yourself at the university entrance examinations so you left school already. Anyway, your exam results will be the same whether you attend or not."

    Li Muyang placed the fruit bag and his school bag on his desk, and step-by-step walked towards Zhang Chen.

    "What are you doing?" Zhang Chen eyes showed an expression of fear. After the incident at the lake, he began to be afraid of Li Muyang's fist.

    "Test me." Li Muyang said each word slowly.

    "What?" Zhang Chen face was astonished as he looked at Li Muyang.

    "Test me-" said Li Muyang. He casually grabbed a textbook and threw it at Zhang Chen: "Quickly test me."

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