Chapter 017 - I dont accept!

    017 - I don't accept!

    Before, Li Muyang's life was just like his skin colour, pitch-black and without any colour.

    And it is because of this reason, that when Cui Xiaoxin initiated to help him with his schoolwork in the cafe nearby, his lungs were filled with gratitude. At the moment when the assassin attacked Cui Xiaoxin, he did not even think but plunged forward, wanting to sacrifice his own life for her.

    It was because of this, that when his grades had improved a little, he saw a trace of bright light in his life, in his heart he cared more than anyone else, and valued it more than anything else.

    Just like a flower blooming in the desert, you would carefully look after it and hope it would bear fruit. But in the end somebody came over and trampled the flower to death, the light in your heart that gives you hope was extinguished, and once again you would enter a world of darkness.

    His heart was filled with despair, so much grief.

    Seeing Li Muyang's expression on his face, everyone was stunned.

    They were able to feel the grievance as well as the hostility in Li Muyang's heart that was difficult to suppress, they were able to clearly see the bulging blood vessels on his neck and that tightly clenched fist holding a pen.


    The pen broke under his grip, the black ink inside leaked through his black palm.

    Just as he had said, even if you suspected me of cheating, then you have to prove your deduction, rather than directly placing a big 'cheat' hat on the student's head.

    This slander is just like using a knife to engrave the word 'bastard ' on the table, even if a cut had healed, many years later ugly scars would still remain in people's hearts.

    Hearing the questioning of Li Muyang, Zhao Mingzhu's face darkened.

    "Li Muyang, do you still need proof? Your previous grades- Are you not aware of them yourself? I'm not aware? Students in the class not aware? In a few days time you were able to answer so well in the test, do you think you're a genius? "Zhao Mingzhu language was still harsh, but her tone of voice has weakened a lot. "Good, you want proof right? OK, I'll give you proof. "

    She scanned the student's around Li Muyang, the one sharing a table with Li Muyang is called Yang Jun, Zhang's Chen good friend, and also a member of the school's basketball team. His academic achievement can only be regarded as average; he is unlikely to produce such perfect answers.

    Then, her eyes shifted forward, laid her eyes on the girl sitting behind Li Muyang and said: "Chen Yuanyuan, bring your paper here for me to look at."

    Chen Yuanyuan held the glasses on her nose, looked up at Zhao Mingzhu and said: "Miss Zhao, I haven't finished--there's one-third of the questions I have not yet answered."

    Zhao Mingzhu frowned; Chen Yuanyuan was a good student in her mind, and also the student near Li Muyang that has the best grades. If she still had one-third of the questions unanswered, then it was naturally impossible for Li Muyang to copy her.

    "Zheng Fang, have you finish answering the questions? "

    "Miss, I haven't finished. "The petite girl answered in a weak voice. Afraid that Zhao Mingzhu will blame her.

    "Chen Lei-"

    "Miss, I'm done."

    "Bring it up for me to look at."

    Chen Lei brought the papers up; Zhao Mingzhu flipped the pages with a face of excitement, as if she had found evidence of Li Muyang cheating.

    As she continues to look her face turned green. She clenched Chen Lei's papers, threw it away and scolded: "Lei Chen, do you have a pig's brain? The first main question and the third question I've went over countless times before, it is clear that these are give away questions, and yet you still give me a wrong answer, do you have any memory at all? Do you want to go to university? Take it back and do it again. "

    Chen Lei picked up the papers from the floor. His face was bright-red as he ran back to his seat.

    Zhao Mingzhu scanned the audience and asked: "Is there anyone who finish their test? It doesn't matter if you haven't answered two or three questions-"

    No one replied.

    "Not one single person?" Zhao Mingzhu's face became increasingly ugly.

    Li Muyang stood up.

    He pushed the chair back, step-by-step walked towards the platform.

    "Li Muyang, what do you want? "Zhao Mingzhu said aloud in a harsh voice.

    "Don't bother. "Li Muyang said in a low voice.

    He walked up to the platform, and stood next to Zhao Mingzhu shoulder to shoulder.

    He grabbed an unwritten test paper on the table, took Zhao Mingzhu's pencil that she used to grade paper and began to answer.

    Zhao Mingzhu eyes moved around, the muscles on her face twitched.

    This guy doesn't know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is, he dared to answer on the spot?

    Just as Zhao Mingzhu had thought, Li Muyang stood by her side; his body slightly bent over, and wrote genuine answers on a blank piece of paper.

    Sha Sha Sha-

    He moved his pen up and down, rarely lifting his wrist.

    One question after another was overcome, blank parts of the papers was filled up little at a time.

    The classroom was in complete silence.

    No one spoke, no one answered, no one even made a sneering expression on their face.

    Everyone looked up at the platform at Li Muyang who was focused on answering, they were about to witness a miracle, and will also witness Li Muyang's innocence.

    The bell rang, no one left, and the class continued.

    When Li Muyang finished answering the last question, only thirty minutes of the allocated time were used. Because these questions he had answered once so he did not need to think again.

    He once again handed in his papers to Zhao Mingzhu and said: "Take a look again. "

    Zhao Mingzhu automatically took the papers, but looked at Li Muyang with a puzzled expression.

    This was the trash-student in the eyes of everyone, did a complete transformation just happened?

    Doesn't matter if the answers on the paper are right or wrong, he had the courage to stand up and fight back, strode to the platform and answered in front of the class--he was no longer the previously timid, cowardly, and confused student that did not care about anything and almost had no presence whatsoever.

    "Of course, you may say that because I've copied it once, then I've already remembered all the answers--" Li Muyang's stared sharply at Zhao Mingzhu, and said in a voice of bitterness: "In order to avoid such accusations, a lot of problems I have used a different method to solve it. Miss Zhao please carefully look at the two papers and see the difference between them. "


    The classroom became chaotic again.

    "What? He said a lot of questions he used a different method to solve it?"

    "Impossible? Did Li Muyang eat a magical pellet?-otherwise how did he become so amazing?"

    "This guy wouldn't have dressed as the pig to eat the tiger all along? He intentionally did badly in exams just to paralyse us, and waited until the time of university entrance examinations to amaze us--"


    Zhao Mingzhu ignored the discussions within the class; her line of sight was set on the paper.

    Her eyes shifted through one question after another, and one answer after an answer appeared in front of her eyes, matching with her ideal answers.

    Li Muyang did not lie. Many questions he used a different method. It was unclear which methods were better, but the answer matched with her model answer.

    Still the paper in front was the same as the one before, there were two questions left blank. The part that he can't answer.

    Such performance, such ability, even the first in the class Cui Xiaoxin may not be able to achieve.

    It was clear, Li Muyang did not cheat, the paper in front and the paper before were all completed by Li Muyang himself.

    Zhao Mingzhu grabbed the papers, as if she was holding a burning red-hot coal in her hand.

    Her expression underwent many changes, but finally revealed a smiling face after many struggles, patted Li Muyang on the shoulder and said, "Not bad, Li Muyang did not cheat, this paper is indeed completed with your own answers--your progress is obvious, keep it up. "

    Zhao Mingzhu looked at the watch on her wrist and said: "Li Muyang, you can go. Other students have to continue with their test. "

    "Miss Zhao-"Li Muyang stood in front of Zhao Mingzhu unwilling to leave.

    "What?" Zhao Mingzhu suddenly lifted her head, her eyes flashing fiercely. She had already proved his innocence; does this guy want to push it?

    "You have taught for many years, and have never apologised to the students, right?" Li Muyang asked.

    The air seemed as if it had froze, every student felt a chill down the back of their neck.

    They all though Li Muyang had gone crazy, he dared to ask the famous traditional witch of the school to apologise to him.

    "What are you trying to say?" Zhao Mingzhu clenched her hands. Li Muyang's test paper was crushed into a hard paper ball.

    "If there's nothing--," Li Muyang looked straight at Zhao Mingzhu's eyes and slowly said: "Then you can start from me."

    "Li Muyang-"

    "Don't tell me that Miss Zhao you feel that the things you did, the words you said, and the harm you did to a student is not enough to exchange for an apology? If that's the case, I'll report this to the school today, I will complain to the education board about my teacher for slandering and insulting me--"

    Zhao Mingzhu gaze was fixed on Li Muyang as she said: "Li Muyang, are you sure about this? "

    "Yes, Miss. I'm sure."

    "Fine, I'll apologise to you, I said something wrong, I shouldn't accuse you of cheating before investigating the situation--Li Muyang, I'm sorry." Zhao Mingzhu said with a hoarse voice.

    This is something she never had done before.

    It was also something she never thought she would do.

    "I did not cheat." Li Muyang said to the students in the class.


    Li Muyang turned around, looked at Zhao Mingzhu and said: "I do not accept it."


    "I said--Miss Zhao's apology, I do not accept it." Li Muyang repeated himself.

    He stepped down from the platform and walked towards his seat.

    He stuffed the books and his drinking cup on his table into his school bag and walked outside the classroom carrying the bulging bag.

    This time, his back was straight, like the cold trees of the proud valleys.
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