Chapter 026 - Youre ugly!

    026 - You're ugly!

    The alley was serene and dark, as if many secrets were hidden on the surface of every piece of the smooth polished stones.

    Behind the vermilion painted door, there was a somewhat run-down looking yard.

    In the middle of the yard is a grindstone, with a metal bucket on top of the millstone.

    The ice was burning under the hot sun, letting out large amounts of cold air.

    A man wearing black sat there meditating; smoke curled from his body and his forehead dripped with sweat. He looked as if he was in a sauna.

    His hands moved around in the air, his ten fingers rapidly produced dozens of complicated and bizarre knots and seals.

    Whoosh -

    White light blazed brightly!

    On the granite floor, there was suddenly a dark, deep black hole that had appeared.

    The black hole emitted a grim atmosphere. Even catching a glimpse would instantly make the body tremble, like going through the passage of death in the hell realm of Asura.

    First there was a short silence, and then the sound of friction and rustling could be heard.

    A crow appeared from the inside of the black hole, and flapped towards the man in black.

    More crows flew out and headed towards the man in black.

    They closely wrapped around the man in black, using their mouth to devour the dark aura emitting from his body.

    Kaw Kaw Kaw-

    With countless crows, there were countless mouths. Countless mouths constantly opened and closed. If one saw this scene, chills will definitely travel down your spine.

    When the crows were away, the black smoke disappeared. The man in black finally revealed his true face.

    He poured the ice and the ice water in the ice bucket onto his head, his body let out 'Zi-La La' noises. As if his body was a burning stove, and those ice cubes and ice water all being incinerated by the blazing flame on the stove.

    It wasn't until now, that the qi of light from Crow's body was finally and truly cleanly expelled from his body.

    Since ancient times, it was difficult for light and darkness to be together in harmony. Crow was following a dark and sinister path; the birds that he raised were also created by refining some tainted objects. At the time of his injury the move that the Cui family's bodyguard used wa the 'Buddha is born everywhere '. This was genuine Buddhist kung fu, which belonged to the high level techniques of exorcism in Buddhism.

    After the light air entered into his body, Crow was wounded and fled.

    Hiding himself into an alley, he killed a widowed old woman living here for many years. Ever since then, this yard has became the place he used for healing.

    Crow was a specialist in his arts and occupation. From the very beginning, Crow was very confident in his own skills.

    He was a proud man, a proud assassin.

    However, the foolproof plan failed. This felt the same as being blatantly slapped across the face for him---

    He could imagine, when the message of his failure reached the ears of the bloodthirsty killers of the Assassin Association, just how would they mock and sneer at him.

    "Inexcusable." Crow slammed his palm, and the heavy stone that weighed more than thousand of kilograms broke into several pieces. 「

    During his time of recovery, Crow had recalled what had happened carefully.

    When he noticed that the bright moon of Cui family walked out of the school, he was one step ahead and decided to ambush her at a coffee shop. Sure enough, his gamble was right. Cui Xiaoxin indeed walked towards the cafe with her friend.

    Just as he had thought, Cui family's bodyguard did not follow inside. But the guards stayed in front of the cafe, vigilantly inspecting the faces of each guests as they entered and leave.

    When the Cui family's bodyguard did not enter, he knew that his assassination had a 99% chance of success. The reason why there may be a 1% failure was that within one second Cui Xiaoxin will transform into a star cultivator.

    However, is this possible?

    Cui Xiaoxin did not transform, she also was really not a star cultivator.

    The princess has to maintain her gracefulness, so she could not transform as she pleases. But that trash youth beside her had transformed.

    Otherwise, why could he receive and block accurately every time he attacked with his falling cherry blossom?

    Why was he sent flying with one punch when he was using his 'splitting mountain' technique, an extremely powerful move,?

    If this is not transformation then what is?

    So, ultimately, the main culprit of his defeat was the charcoal youth.

    "I want to kill him. "Crow thought to himself.

    With his right hand he pulled out a coin from his pocket, and then placed the coin onto the palm of his left hand.

    "This is the reward. " Crow said to himself. He would not do something unprofitable.

    Puchi Puchi-

    A black bird flapped its wings as it entered into the yard.。

    Crow reached out and the black bird landed onto his hand.

    From the blackbird's leg, he removed the bamboo tube, and then pulled out a piece of paper from the bamboo tube.

    The paper isn't big, with very little content.

    Crow quickly finished reading.

    He held the note with his two fingers and gently rubbed, the note was ignited.

    "Li Muyang." Crow said the name in an evil voice, his eyes saturated with the desire to commit murder. "Truly, you are a lamb to be slaughtered. "

    "The little bird said in the early morning, why do you have explosives on your back? I'm going to blow the school up, teachers don't know, as soon as I've pulled string I'll run--"Li Shinian sang this song as she pushed open the door, seeing the yard in a mess she jumped up in fright, and shouted:" Li Muyang Li Muyang-- "

    Li Muyang walked out from the inside and asked: "What's the matter? "

    "What happened to our table in the yard? "Li Shinian pointed at the lapis lazuli table that was missing several corners and asked: "Why would a fine table turn into this state? "

    "I don't know. "Li Muyang went outside, pretending to look around, and said: " How can this be? Could it be that the table was struck by lightning? "

    "How is this possible? "Li Shinian said grumpily:" Why would the table suddenly be struck by lightning? "

    "Good people can be struck by lightning, let alone a table. "Li Muyang argued.

    Li Shinian rolled her eyes, stared at Li Muyang for a while, and said: "Do you really not know? "

    Li Muyang opened his mouth, smiled and said, "Okay, okay, I'll be honest with you, I broke it with my hands-I was lying on the table writing, I also don't know what happened-"

    "You think I'm an idiot. "Li Shinian interrupted Li Muyang explanation: " I'd rather believe it was struck by lightning. "


    Of course, Li Shinian would not place a table in her eyes. She glanced around and said: "Xiaoxin sister didn't come today? "

    "No. "Li Muyang said with a smile, unwilling to tell his sister that Yan Xiangma came, or otherwise it would cause this little girl to worry for no reason.

    She was already in second year of high school, right now her studies were also very intense. Although her grades are good, but Li Muyang still didn't want her to bear the responsibility that the people of her age should not carry. "Xiaoxin yesterday said she's not coming, she and the elders of her family are going to burn incense in the temple. "

    Li Sinian's dark eyes rolled and said: "We should also go and pray for you-"

    "I don't believe that. "Li Muyang refused. "If burning incense can make people be admitted into University, then in the future would there not be people failing exams? "

    "Not to ask for that -" Li Shinian rolled her eyes and said: "No matter what you do, yo uwill still fail. Even Buddha can't help you. "

    "Then what do you want to wish for? "

    "That Xiaoxin sister fails. Then you two can fail together, you two sufferers will empathise with each other, and then go back to school to repeat -- by that time the three of us will be in the same school, same class, study together and try our best. And then a year later the three of us at the same time will achieve top marks in the examinations, hand in hand stride towards West Wind University, becoming a legend in Jiangnan City. What do you say? "

    Li Muyang walked over and pinched Li Shinian's pink and delicate little face, his face looked at her with concern and said, "Li Shinian, you're not really ill, right? "

    "You're ill. "Li Shinian knocked away his brother's hands and said:"Today I seriously thought about it, I want to bring you and Xiaoxin sister together, unless you can go to West Wind University or Xiaoxin sister fails with you-"

    "If it is like so, can we be together? "

    "No. "Li Shinian shook her head. "But, at least you have a chance to compete with other people then. Right? " 「


    The words were cruel, but Li Muyang knew what Li Shinian said was the truth.

    If he can't excel in the exam itself, then he and Cui Xiaoxin will be separated, he won't even have a chance to compete with other people-

    " I also do not have to pursue Cui Xiaoxin. "Li Muyang said in a reluctant tone, admitting this fact. "I'm still young, what happens in the future no one knows. Maybe I can find a better one?"



    "You're ugly. "

    "I know that. Do you have to put it so bluntly? "

    "But not every girl is as blind as Xiaoxin sister. "


    Cui Xiaoxin placed down her chopsticks, wiped her mouth with a napkin and said: "Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, you continue eating. I'm going out. "

    Yan Bolai placed down the newspaper in his hand, looked at Cui Xiaoxin and asked: "Xiaoxin you're full so quickly? University entrance examinations are near, you must pay attention to your diet."

    "I'm full already. Thank you uncle for caring. "Cui Xiaoxin bowed.

    "Xiaoxin, where are you going? "Aunt asked aloud: "Going to help your classmate with their school work? It's nearly examinations; you can't help others and impact your own grades. Although we don't need this, but outside people will surely comment on whether the grades are good or bad-you also know, when you go back to Tiandu, just how many pairs of eyes would staring at you. "

    "Aunt, don't worry, I've already fully prepared. "Cui Xiaoxin's expression was gentle but firm. She looked at her aunt and said: " Whether it's the exams or Tiandu. "

    Yan Xiangma said smilingly: "You don't have to worry, do you not believe in our Xiaoxin? Xiaoxin[1] Xiaoxin, she's more careful than anyone else. "

    After Cui Xiaoxin had left, Yan Bolai sharp eyes looked at Yan Xiangma and asked, "What classmate is so blessed, that he can be personally tutored by Xiaoxin?"

    [1] Xiaoxin also means careful in chinese
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