Chapter 027 - The gift of an embroidered pouch!

    027 - The gift of an embroidered pouch!

    Yan Bolai has thick eyebrows and big eyes; his face was long and slim. When he used one of his fierce expressions to stare at you, it would make you feel a shortness of breath as if you were being suffocated by having heavy boulders pressed right against your chest.

    Even as his son, Yan Xiangma found it equally difficult to endure this sort of imposiveness that was like thunder.

    He kept his head low and played with the spoon in his hand, avoiding his father's eye contact. He said: "He's the guy who sacrificed his life to save Xiaoxin during the attack in the café. The hospital he stayed in was also organised by our family. I asked someone to investigate, that guy is called Li Muyang. He's Xiaoxin's classmate. Xiaoxin is kind, she feels that she owes him, so she wanted to help him with his homework."

    "A hero saving the beauty? "Yan Bolai face turned even more dark and said:" Have you thoroughly investigated his background yet?"

    "His identity is clean and pure. His family had lived in Jiangnan city for more than ten years. It is impossible that some family had set it up. More than ten years ago, Xiaoxin also has not yet arrived at Jiangnan city. Moreover, the Cui family did not plan to send her to Jiangnan city. "Yan Xiangma said aloud.

    "One cannot be careless." The expression in Yan Bolai's eyes became gentler. He looked at Yan Xiangma as he said: " The Cui family has a girl that is currently growing up. They are afraid that some people with ulterior motives will deliberately get close to her. If this matter isn't handled properly, it can also become a big disaster. Recently, Tiandu is also not peaceful; Cui family wants to form an alliance with the Song family. And Xiaoxin and the guy known as 'fine jade of the song family' Song Tingyun are childhood friends, so both family have the intention to make them a pair -- This time with Xiaoxin's return to the capital, it is very likely that this matter will be put on the agenda. During this period of time, there absolutely must not be any other disturbances. "

    "Xiaoxin and Song Tinyun are engaged?" Cui Xinci face was filled with surprise as she said: " How come such a big matter happened and I didn't even receive a bit of notification? "

    "It is still in the midst of discussion. In the end whether it can be negotiated or not, will depend upon the approval of the two master of the families. The grandfather of the Song family who was once renowned is already past his hundreds. Recently, his old illness is flaring up, his body condition is also said to be very poor. Whether he can survive this winter is still unknown and up in the air. Under such conditions, the Song family needs a strong aid to help them through the loss of their esteemed grandfather. The Song family will regard this marriage with more importance. "

    "Song Tinyun has the title 'Fine jade of the Song family'; his appearance and temperament are impeccable. And among the younger generation, he was the first person to enter into the Unoccupied Cloud realm, and therefore one ost the most highly regarded young people of the Kingdom. If Xiaoxin and him were to get married, ...... " Cui Xinci said with a smile, she was happy that her niece would find a good match and home. "However, shouldn't we discuss such things with Xiaoxin first, right? Xiaoxin is gentle on the outside but firm inside, and has a stubborn personality. If she has someone she likes, even brother or sister-in-law can't force her."

    Yan Bolai looked at his beloved wife, a rare smile surfaced on his face and said: "This is Cui family's business, I, an outsider, can't make a decision about this situation. How about you go and ask them? "

    "If you can't decide, then how can I? A daughter that has been married away is water that has been poured away[1]. After all, you are the Lord of Jiangnan City; they will always have to care about your face. "

    Yan Bolai knows his wife's outspoken personality. He laughed, shaking his head, and said: "Xiaoxin's situation will need to be properly handled; even a little flame has to be promptly extinguished. If we wait until the fire has finished burning, I'm afraid there will be nothing we can do then. "

    "Father, rest-assured, I will handle it well." Yan Bolai then respectfully replied.

    Yan Bolai nodded and said: "You continue eating, I have to go to work."

    With that, he pushed the wooden chair aide, stood up and walked towards the outside.

    Yan Xiangma saw his father off; then,  he came back and sat with his mother who was brewing tea in the living room.

    Seeing Yan Xiangma had come back, Cui Xinci asked aloud: "Xiangma, the thing I told you, have you done it yet? "

    "Mum, I also wanted to talk to you about this matter. "Yan Xiangma showed a wry smile and said: " That guy declined. "

    "Declined? "Cui Xinci was shocked and said: "That box of pearls is invaluable, it is enough for them to life a life of luxury for the rest of their lives. And the admission into Jiangnan University-he is just a poor and ugly trash student, yet he is still not satisfied? Just what does he want? "

    "Mum, he is not a trash-"

    "What? If he's not trash, then he can open his mouth wide and demand an exorbitant price?" Cui Xinci was extremely angry. She treated people sincerely, and the conditions she offered were also generous, but she never had thought she would encounters someone who dared to try rip her off. Is this not the same as lighting a lamp in the toilet, seeking death?

    Yan Xiangma curled his lips and said: "Mum, if I say he declined it for true love, would you believe it? "

    "True love? "Cui Xinci's mouth chewed the unfamiliar words. From a young age, no one had anyone mentioned the words ' true love ' in front of her.

    "True love. "Yan Xiangma nodded seriously and said: "Really, I was touched by him. How about we allow cousin to marry him, I believe he will treat cousin sincerely-"

    Pak ---

    Cui Xinci slapped the top of her son's head and said angrily: "At this time, you still have the mood and energy to tell jokes? Originally I allowed you to personally settle this matter, so we could still maintain a good relationship with that child. After all, he saved our Xiaoxin. The Cui family owes him. If he needs money, we'll give him money. If he wants a future we can build him a future-but if he wants Xiaoxin, the answer is absolutely not."

    "Did you not hear your father's words just now? He is a child from an ordinary family, is he able to compete with the Cui family? Compete with the Song family? Is this not the same as seeking death? This is not helping him, but bringing trouble to him. Xiangma, you better find a way to resolve this matter, if your father was to do the job himself, the consequences will be too severe for him to bear."

    "Mum--" Yan Xiangma stroked his head that was hit by his mother, and said with suspicion: "He's just a poor boy, do we really need to care about him that much? "

    "A child from an ordinary family is still a child. "Cui Xinci sighed. "Children of this age doesn't know how high the sky is and how thick is the ground, they want to reach out and pick the moon-this is not brave, but stupid. Go, use a gentle method to handle this. I don't want him to resent us, and I also don't want Xiaoxin to be sad and hurt. "

    "Mum, that Li Muyang-" Yan Xiangma was somewhat  hesitant to speak.

    "Li Muyang what? "

    "He's really dark. "Yan Xiangma said with a smile. "If he is together with cousin, they will be like a charcoal briquette falling into the snow. "


    Yan Xiangma head suffered another slap--

    Li Muyang did not know he had became the topic of conversation during Yan family's breakfast. He also does not know that he is even involved in a huge marriage conversation of a noble clan in Tiandu.

    He was just purely happy that Cui Xiaoxin was coming. Just solely because of just a simple look into each other eyes, he would smile sweetly.

    This is an area that he had never set foot in, a heart-pounding kind of feeling that he would never experience when he's with his sister Li Shinian.

    Love is sweet, so sweet that it was sorrowful.

    Li Muyang's current mood was very sweet and sorrowful.

    By the time Cui Xiaoxin came, Li Muyang had already eaten breakfast, and finished two second year high school papers.

    Seeing that Cui had arrived, Li Muyang quickly rushed out and welcomed her. He smiled and said: "Did you eat breakfast? Would you like something to drink? "

    You see, the thoughts of men with no dating experience was so jumpy.

    "A cup of tea would be nice. "Cui Xiaoxin nodded as she spoke.

    "You sit down. " Li Muyang invited Cui Xiaoxin to sit down, and then ran to make tea.

    Cui Xiaoxin pointed at the Lapis table that they use to study and asked: "Why did the table turn like this?"

    "Oh, my dad was practicing martial arts yesterday and accidentally knocked into the table-and so it became like this. "Li Muyang had predicted that Cui Xiaoxin might ask, so he had already prepared an answer in advance. You see, has he not become more and more clever?

    "Oh. "Cui Xiaoxin nodded and said:" Uncle Li practices sword in the sword? "

    "Why do you ask? "

    "If not, why is this section of the table so neat? "


    It is a good thing that Cui Xiaoxin was not a nosy person, so she did not focus too much on the table. She checked the two papers that Li Muyang did this morning and said: "The questions you were able to answer are generally correct. Then, let's talk about the questions that you did not answer - such as this question, which part do you think you don't understand? "  "

    "The solution to the problem I don't know at all, I don't know how to tackle it at all. "

    "That is because you didn't listen well in class. This problem appears to be a hopeless tangle; the numbers also seems to be not linked. However, there is a formula that could help, you only need to put them into the formula, it is very easy to get the answer-"

    As she explained, Cui Xiaoxin had already written a mathematical formula with a pen on a blank paper.

    When together with Cui Xiaoxin, time always passes by very quickly.

    When the sky was dark, Li Muyang's parents came home from work. Li Shinian also came home from school, carrying her bags.

    And as always, Cui Xiaoxin once again got up to leave.

    Li Muyang was unable to persuade her to stay. He stood up to send her off.

    "Are you coming tomorrow? "Li Muyang asked aloud.

    "Yes. "Cui Xiaoxin brushed the hair on her forehead, revealing the crystal clear earring on her left ear. "Until the night before the examinations. "

    "Thank you." Said Li Muyang with a face filled with gratitude. He knew that since Yan Xiangma had come to his door, it indicated that Cui Xiaoxin was also under a lot of pressure at home. However, she had never mentioned a word to him, but still continued to come and tutor him.

    This is a girl who's really easy to adore.

    Cui Xiaoxin thought for a moment, and then took out an embroidered pouch.

    "For you." Cui Xiaoxin smiled and handed over the pouch.

    "What is this? "Li Muyang asked.

    "I asked for two. "Cui Xiaoxin's face turned crimson-red, under the dim light, her gentleness is just like a camellia plant swaying in the wind. "They say it can help us get good grades by bringing us good fortune. "

    [1] Not important, doesn't belong to them anymore.
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