Chapter 028 - Love is hard to express!

    028 - Love is hard to express!

    Apart from Li Shinian, this was the first time Li Muyang had received a gift from the opposite sex.

    Li Muyang also did not have any friends of the same gender.

    The embroidered pouch gave off a delicate fragrance. It was unknown whether this was from the spices that was stuffed inside or because it was tainted with Cui Xiaoxin's scent.

    Li Muyang held it in front of his nose and sniffed at it avariciously, as if he was in possession of a priceless treasure.

    "Li Muyang, do you know you look like someone with anthomania?" Li Shinian pressed her lips together and said with a look of disdain.

    "Being crazy for flowers is not something to be ashamed about." Li Muyang grinned: " in the past, some people called me an idiot, being an anthomaniac as opposed to being an idiot, isn't this much better? "

    "My brother, my dear brother, do you have any pride at all?" Li Shinian angrily rolled about on the bed and said: "Is it not just an embroidered pouch? Do you have to be that excited? Take a look at my room, look at all the gifts I've received hidden in my closet -If I were like you, then I should've passed out already? "

    Li Shinian was pretty and smart, and also especially loyal; she's the big sister of her year. It made no difference whether it was male or female; she still got along with them. No matter where she went, there were always people screaming in front and people gathering behind. When it's her birthday, it was like a grand festival. The presents that she received on that day had to be carried back with a car.

    So, at those times, Li Muyang was like a dutiful porter, like a hardworking ant carrying the gifts, little by little, to Li Shinian's room.

    Li Shinian's room is much larger than Li Muyang's; their parents' explanation was that girls need a larger room to store their clothes. But Li Muyang already knew the truth, Li Shinian has too many gifts, so she needed a larger room to store them.

    "This is because I have so little opportunity to receive a gift, so I'm extremely happy." Li Muyang cheerfully smiled, Li Shinian's attack did not affect his good mood: "Shinian, you have more experience. Tell me, in what situations will you give a guy a present? "

    Li Shinian got up from the bed, pulled Li Muyang by his collar over to the bed, looked at him with a sweet smile and said: "Li Muyang, what did you just say? I did not hear it clearly."

    "I said you have more experience, in what kind of situation-" Li Muyang could not continue his sentence. He realised he had made a serious mistake.

    "Say it. Why don't you go on?"

    "Hahaha, you know I didn't mean it that."

    "Hohoho, but I heard very clearly the meaning of the words you said-"

    "Dear sister, I sincerely just wanted to consult you -"

    The smile on Li Shinian's face disappeared, she ferociously stared at Li Muyang and said:  "I'm your little sister, shouldn't you have more experience in this kind of thing? Why do you want to ask me?"

    "I-" Li Muyang was almost in tears, then he urgently explained: "I just think that since you're smart, there's nothing you can't solve."

    "That's correct." Li Shinian nodded.

    "Ah? "

    "Ah what? Ask." Li Shinian released Li Muyang's collar, used her little hand to smooth out the crease in his collar. Li Muyang had become more skilled at using his 'indirectly saving the country ' move, now he is able to use it without any flaws

    "I said, under what circumstances would you give a boy a present?"

    "At holiday times, on his birthday, when he achieves some success, when he's sad that he's being bullied, when I travel and misses him, when I think he's adorably ugly, and when I see something that's adorably ugly that I want to buy it for him." Li Shinian smiled as she looked at Li Muyang and said: "In all those situations, I will give him a present. "

    "Then does that mean you like him?" Li Muyang anxiously asked.

    Li Shinian's reply did not mention most crucial points. Today was not a holiday or his birthday and he is not sad nor had he been bullied. So, there were only two reasons for Cui Xiaoxin's gift: one, to celebrate the fact that his scores had risen rapidly? Second, she thinks he's adorably ugly?

    Both of these answers made his heart feel empty and desolate.

    "I like him." Li Shinian gave an incomparable firm answer.

    "Really?" Li Muyang's emotions became excited once again, and said: "Because you like him that's why you just give him a present, right?"

    "Correct." Li Shinian nodded. As her ear-length hair swung left and right, it was indeed very cute.

    "I knew it." Li Muyang happily held Li Shinian's hand and said:" I knew it. Xiaoxin also have some feelings towards me, otherwise why would she gave me an embroidered pouch? I've heard that you don't just casually give out this kind of thing."

    "Yes, Yes." Li Shinian said agreeingly: "If girls don't like them, then they won't give boys present.

    Li Muyang suddenly remembered something, he stared at Li Shinian and asked: "Shinian, who's the guy you like? It's not-your first love, right?"

    "First love? "Li Shinian smiled sweetly and said: "Maybe."

    "What's his name? Do I know him? "

    "Of course you know him." Li Shinian pulled Li Muyang's arm and said: " It's you, my stupid brother."


    Every day, Cui Xiaoxin came to tutor Li Muyang, rain or shine. Li Muyang also was full of joy every day as he looked forward to seeing Cui Xiaoxin; he enjoyed the moments being with Cui Xiaoxin.

    The relationship between Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin became even better. When Li Muyang was answering his paper, they would sit in Li Shinian's room chatting for half the day. Of course, it was Li Shinian talking, and Cui Xiaoxin listening. Cui Xiaoxin did not say much.

    Li Muyang's mother, Luo Qi became increasingly fond of Cui Xiaoxin. Everyday she left work early and brought home boxes and boxes of cakes that Cui Xiaoxin likes to eat. She repeatedly urged Cui Xiaoxin to stay for dinner, and even wanted Cui Xiaoxin to stay over at their house-although she was rejected over and over again, but all those buckets of cold water is unable to extinguish her passion.

    With the help of Cui Xiaoxin, Li Muyang systematically reviewed the knowledge over the years all over again. Although he was able to grasp some topics, but there were some he just could not understand no matter what.  Time was running out, by the time he had finished the last set of paper that Cui Xiaoxin had prepared, it was already the day before the university entrance examination.

    Cui Xiaoxin had honoured her promise to tutor Li Muyang until the day before the University entrance exam.

    Tomorrow, Li Muyang will join hundreds and thousands of candidates in using their pens as bows, their knowledge as arrows, and doing everything they can to shoot towards the ideal university in their mind.

    Those who hit the target, will receive top marks, and be welcomed with flowers and applause.

    Those who miss may lose their eligibility to compete or even lose their lives.

    Amongst tens of thousands, who was the hero?

    Cui Xiaoxin once again rejected Luo Qi's dinner invitation and left. Li Muyang no longer needed his mother to remind him to accompany her back.

    "Li Muyang." Cui Xiaoxin stood under the tree in front of the door, looked at Li Muyang and said: "I worked hard, you also worked hard. I don't know what you're results would be, but I have a hunch you will surprise everyone-those who bullied you, people who laughed at you, those people who have doubts or belittle you, they will definitely regret their previous selfishness and narrow-mindedness,"

    "I did not work so hard for them." Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said with a smile: "I'm doing this for you."

    "Li Muyang-" Cui Xiaoxin's thin lips slightly moved, but she also did not know what to say. What should she say? Say we are people of different worlds? Say that we'll probably be separated in two different lands and it will be difficult to see each other again? Say we don't have any possibility?

    "Because we have agreed to watch the sunset together at West Wind University's Weiming Lake, right?"

    Cui Xiaoxin's eyes lit up, her mouth slightly raised, and said: "Yes. So, Li Muyang classmate, please do your best."

    Cui Xiaoxin waved at Li Muyang and walked away at a brisk pace.

    "If it is like so, then is should be easier for you, right?" Li Muyang whispered as he watched her shadow from behind. Under the light, his upright silhouette looked somewhat weak and lonely.

    By the time Li Muyang returned home, Luo Qi had already prepared dinner.

    "Muyang, Xiaoxin went back?" Luo Qi came out from the kitchen with a bowl of soup and asked with a smile.

    "En.. Went back." Li Muyang replied.......

    "Tidy up the books, wash your hands and get ready for dinner." Luo Qi said with a smile: "Tell the slacker upstairs to come down, I asked her to help wash the vegetables, yet she went upstairs saying she had homework -"

    "Alright." Li Muyang said with a smile. Li Shinian excelled in every way, but just like girls of a similar age, she also doesn't like doing housework. Whenever she's asked to wash dishes or wash vegetables, she found all kinds of excuse to evade it.

    As Li Muyang was heading upstairs, Luo Qi suddenly shouted aloud: "Muyang-"

    "Mum, what else can I do?" Li Muyang turned around, looked at Luo Qi and asked.

    "You're going to enroll into West Wind University, right?" Luo Qi asked aloud. Her face was full of smiles, but within her eyes was something that was extremely unfamiliar to Li Muyang.

    "Yes." Li Muyang nodded. "Mum, you also think there's no hope for me, is that right? "

    "Of course not." Luo Qi said in a firm voice: "My son worked so hard; as your mum, I can see that. Why would I not have a little hope? You want to go to West Wind University, then go to West Wind University. Mum supports you no matter what. "

    Li Muyang grinned and said: "Mum, thank you."

    "Silly boy, saying thanks to Mum?"

    "Then I'll tell Li Shinian to come and eat." Li Muyang said smilingly.

    Li Muyang turned around to leave. Only until then, did the smile on Luo Qi's face froze. Her face turned tragically pale, and her eyes stayed abnormally still.
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