Chapter 030 - Maintaining Style!

    30 - Maintaining Style!

    Yan Xiangma was a perfectionist.

    His looks were perfect, he was born perfect, and his personality, education and martial arts skills were all perfect--anyone who dares to say he's not perfect are stuffed into a sack and thrown into the forest to feed the wild boars and beasts.

    However, he did not understand, no matter how much he pondered, just how did he find such a servant to handle his business?

    The intelligence he has, is it not an insult to his master?

    Did someone not say something similar before? You will hang out with the same kind of people as yourself. If others think that the master has the same intelligence as the servant, then how can Yan Xiangma face them?

    "Li Dalu, how many times have I told you? "The more Yan Xiangma thought, the more convinced he was that this was a serious problem. He prepared to have a serious conversation with his reliable henchman.

    "Young master, what have you told me-that many times? "

    "I say when you're running errands your eyes should widen a little more."

    "Young master, my eyes are already wide open." Li Dalu exerted much effort to open his eyes wide and said: " Young master, look-"

    Pu chi-

    The female singer was amused by the master and servant conversation, and suddenly stopped singing; she bowed quickly as an apology and said: "Sir, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I couldn't hold back-"

    "Okay, you're excused. "Yan Xiangma did not have the mood to listen to songs anymore. He dropped the green bean cake in his hand into the dish, and wiped his hands with a towel. Then picked up the.... on table and whipped Li Dalu on the head as he scolded loudly: "You idiot, who wants to see you acting cute, could you be serious for a moment? "

    "Yes, Yes, Yes, young master, don't hit me anymore, I'll turn stupid if you continue -" Li Dalu covered his head with his hands, begging for mercy.

    Yan Xiangma stopped and glanced outside at the street: "Did you not say Li Muyang will definitely pass this road? Why hasn't he walked past yet? Even the examination room is about to close."

    "Yes, I was also wondering. "Li Dalu said agreeingly.

    Yan Xiangma was enraged again. He shouted: "I proposed the question, so you have to find a way to solve the problem- are you waiting for me to analyse the situation for you?"

    "I don't dare to. "Li Dalu hurriedly apologised and said: "How about I send someone over to Li Muyang's house to check? As you know, the kid usually is not eager to learn, every day he's late for class. He surely must have overslept today, or maybe he ate something wrong-"

    Yan Xiangma flipped his hand fan and pondered for a moment: "We should go to his house and remind him."

    "Remind?" Li Dalu did not understand, and asked: "young master, are we not going to kidnap the boy so he can't attend the exam? "

    "Yes." Yan Xiangma answered as he nodded.

    "Since there are problems on his side, then does that not mean we won't have to do anything?"

    Yan Xiangma once again pondered for a moment, then hit Li Dalu on the head with his fan and scolded: "Such a simple matter, do I need you to tell me? "

    "Young master-" Scared of being hit again, Li Dalu stood far away and whispered: "Are we going to kidnap him or not? "

    "Kidnap. "Yan Xiangma said aloud. "If we don't, does that not mean all the preparations we did this morning is wasted? "

    "Young master is right." Said Li Dalu. "I'll bring some brothers and surround their house."

    "Go. "Yan Xiangma gestured with his hand, and said: "Be more elegant, have some style."

    "Young master, kidnapping also have to have style? "

    "Nonsense. Did you watch the legend of <>? Lu Xiaofeng is a thief, but look at how he steals? Before he commits a crime he leaves a note to the owner saying: 'I've heard you have you have a white jade beauty, brilliantly carved and with an extremely beautiful form. I can not help but yearn to possess it. Today I will tread on the moonlight, simple and elegant, my heart does not dare let me return in futility.' If all thieves reached this sort of state, then you'll even be willing to be stolen from."

    "Young master, we also have to write a note and deliver it over? "

    Yan Xiangma once again wanted to hit his head, but Li Dalu ran too far away.

    "You idiot. Are you going to send a note over, telling them that we're going to kidnap your son so they can prepare-then wait for them to call the police and arrest you? "


    Black clothes and black hat, the man was wrapped in black.

    His body emitted a black aura, looking as if he's a moving large chimney.


    Assassin Crow!

    Li Muyang did not know his name, but he recognised the man's face.

    During the attack on Cui Xiaoxin at the café, this guy was the culprit who was disguised as a waiter.

    The last time he got away, but he never had thought that this time the target is himself.

    Li Muyang was extremely nervous; he stared at him without blinking.

    "Muyang, who is that?" Luo Qi asked aloud.

    She initially thought that he's a friend of Li Muyang, but then she recalled that Li Muyang has no friends at all. Luo Qi came racing forward like a mother hen protecting her chick, using her own body to shield Li Muyang, and shouted: "Who the hell are you? What do you want?"

    Li Yan was washing dishes in the kitchen, but once he heard noises outside, he jumped out from the kitchen window.

    Then from the corner, he conveniently pulls out the pike that he normally uses for practice, and ran in front of his wife and son.

    "Who are you? Why are you here? "Li Yan asked in a low voice. "We are ordinary people, we have no rancor towards you; I think you've got the wrong person? "

    "I have not got the wrong person. "Crow stared at Li Muyang with no expression and said: "Someone paid me to kill him."

    "Who?" Li Muyang was startled, then hurriedly explained:" I am just a weak student that doesn't have the strength to even tie up a chicken, why would anyone pay to kill me? "

    "I did." Crow answered. "I gave myself a gold coin, so I can kill you."

    "--" Li Muyang felt that this person is shameless. How could he do something like this? According to him, if I gave myself a gold coin a day, then I could make me praise myself as a handsome youth-What about the rules of the king? Is there is no law?

    "I'm afraid I'm going let you down. "Li Yan secretly built up qi, the pike he's holding was buzzing. Looking as if it's alive, trembling incessantly in Li Yan's hands.

    "Heavenly Emperor Spear? You're from the Lu family of Tiandu?"

    "I'm not from the Lu family. "Li Yan denied. "I'm just the father of the child. If you want to hurt him then you have to step over my body first."

    "Brother--" Li Shinian came downstairs carrying her bags, shocked at the scene in the courtyard. She urgently shouted: "Brother, are you alright? "

    She used her body to shield in front of Li Muyang, stared fiercely at assassin Crow with her little face and said: "Who are you? I'll warn you, I've already called the police, you better hurry and leave-"

    "Now the whole family is here, right?" Crow asked aloud as he looked at Li Muyang's family.

    Then he shook his head and said, "Unfortunately no one had paid for the lives of the other people, otherwise I could have killed them all."


    Li Muyang's eyes were flashing with red light, and his voice was cold without any emotion as he said: "You'd better leave right away, last time I stopped you, this time I can also stop you-"

    "That's impossible. I wasted so much energy to seek you out, and I also especially arranged to send you a surprise on the day of your examination-how can I leave at a time like this?" Crow shook his head in refusal.

    "My classmate will be here soon to come pick me up for school. If you don't leave, then just like last time, you will be seriously injured-they have been looking for you all along." Although Li Muyang was not unsure about the inside details, but Cui Xiaoxin's attack must have alarmed the sensitive nerves of countless people. They certainly will not let such an assassin go and carry on with evil assassinations in Jiangnan city.

    Crow's expression changed slightly, Li Muyang had poked at his sensitive spot. He indeed does fear the bodyguards around the Kingdom's bright moon; that Ning Xinhai's strength is unfathomable. Crow also does not have the confidence to escape from his hands.

    If what Li Muyang said is true, that his classmate was on her way here, then he indeed does not have much time.

    Crow grinned and said: "in that case, time is tight-rest assured, I move extremely quick; I won't take much time."

    As he spoke, his figure had already disappeared, a black mist rushed towards the direction of where Li Muyang was standing.

    Li Shinian moved.

    Who would have thought that the first to fight back was the cute delicate-looking little sister Li Shinian.

    She threw the bag on her back at the black shadow.

    Then, she punched out.

    Pa Pa Pa-

    Numerous shadows of fists flashing in the sky.

    The shadows of fists behind pushes the shadows of fists in front, then a long row of fists shadows joined together, turning into a surge of unrivalled strength and advancing towards the black shadow.

    Breaking fist!

    The first move of the 'art of breaking body', which uses the force of the fist, and the force of nature. Shadow of fists stacking together, using force to break force.


    The black fog was dispelled, blossoming into small black clouds then scattering around.

    Crow's body flew back to his original position; his face was full of shock as he looked at Li Shinian who was panting heavily.

    "Breaking fist? You know the 'art of breaking body' broken fist? "Crow's voice was hoarse, and his eyes stared intently at Li Shinian as he asked: "Who is Ziyang Taoist to you? "

    "He's my Shifu." Li Shinian answered in a clear voice. She figured that since the bad guy knows her shifu, then that proves her shifu is a very powerful character. It would be best if she could scare him away with her shifu's  name.

    "Turns out you're a disciple of Ziyang Taoist, forgive me for being disrespectful." Crow said coldly: "but you just learned some superficial knowledge, you wouldn't be able to stop me from killing? Little girl, I advise you to leave now, otherwise Ziyang Taoist will lose his beloved disciple."

    "I won't let you hurt my brother." Li Shinian did not budge at all, and said firmly: "if you dare to kill him, I'm going have to kill you. "

    "Little girl, have you ever killed anyone?" Crow laughed. "Killing is an art, you can't do it just by saying it-did you notice that your voice is trembling?"

    "There will always be a first time." Said Li Shinian. "Killing him has no significance to you, but many people will applaud if you're dead-do you want to be laughed at by those people who were hostile to you?"

    "Are you threatening me?"

    "We can make a deal."
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