Chapter 032 - Cut through it with one slice!

    032 - Cut through it with one slice!

    Kacha Kacha---

    The sound from the rupturing of the cracks on the bluestone wall lingered on, as if the wall were about to be pushed over.

    This is simply borrowing strength to fight strength, using the force of the body to push down the walls. If Crow were to attack using his own body, even one blow is enough to cause the walls to collapse.

    "Muyang, how are you--Li Yan, are you a dead person? Hurry move away and check on your son-"

    "Brother, you alright--Li Muyang, quickly say something---"

    "Dad---" A familiar voice sounded from behind.

    Li Muyang patted his father's shoulder and said: "Please move aside."

    Li Yan's face was filled with joy. He instantly turned around and asked: "Muyang, are you all right? --Are you hurt anywhere?"

    "I'm fine." Li Muyang shook his head, rubbed his sore shoulder and back, and said: " I've just grazed the skin."

    "How could you only scrape your skin a little?" Li Shinian's eyes blinked and blinked. Even though she had been practicing the 'Art of Breaking body' since a young age, the impact she suffered would have still caused her to break a bone or two.

    However, the condition of Li Muyang's body is extremely bad, he can't even carry something slightly heavy, yet he forcibly held onto father and withstood the strength of Crow---

    Dents were knocked into the walls, and cracks were found on rocks, but he is not injured at all?

    "Don't tell me his bones are harder than the stones?" Li Shinian thought to herself.

    Of course, she knew that's impossible. Li Muyang had not trained his bones or muscles, how could he have this sort of ability?

    "Muyang, quickly let me see---" Luo Qi hurriedly pulled Li Muyang over, and checked around his body. She's worry about Li Muyang's body, worried that he's just acting brave by saying he's fine.

    "Mum, I'm really fine." Li Muyang explained.

    "Look." Crow said with a cold smile: "Take a good look, look at what kind of monster he is. Stones were cracked yet he remains uninjured, do you still think he is just a frail and useless junk? "

    Li Yan picked up the spear from the ground, and silently rushed towards Crow once again.

    He did not care what his son is, he only cared that someone wants to hurt his son.

    He ran like a mountain with his spear buzzing loudly.

    The pointed part of the spear flashed with silver lightning, but then disappeared almost instantly.

    He really can't attract wind and thunder.

    "That move was not so bad--" Crow said with a cold smile: "Unfortunately it is not strong enough."

    As he spoke, the hand that had been hiding in the black robe all along stretched out again.

    Just like the last time, the sharp pointy part of the spear once again landed on his palm.

    The spear stopped buzzing, as if the strength that was contained within the spear sank into the vast ocean.

    He reached out for the spear, and then suddenly threw it from a distance.

    Li Yan wanted to reach for the disposed spear, but he was one step too slow.

    The spear severely struck against his chest, and his body once again was sent flying.


    Li Yan fell onto a row of potted plants at the corner of the yard, knocking over countless number of saplings.


    He merely felt a sweet taste in his throat and then his mouth spurted out large volume of blood.

    "Li Yan---" The hair clip on Luo Qi's head fell off, she continued to run towards her husband with dishevelled hair.

    Li Muyang and Li Shinian were also both greatly worried; they ran over to Li Yan together.

    "I'm fine--" Li Yan still wanting to bear the pain and stand up. "I'll block him once again, and you guys use this opportunity to run away--Shinian, take mum and brother and escape."

    "Dad--" Li Shinian's eyes were brimming with tears as she said: "I'm not leaving, I'll block him--"

    "Hurry and leave." Li Yan growled.


    "Want to escape?" Crow laughed loudly as he said: " I'm sorry, but none of you can leave today."

    His black robe blew up without any wind, and his body once again turned into a large cloud of black fog. Black mists saturated the air and quickly enveloped the whole courtyard.

    What's more strange is that the black mist became more dense and did not disperse, as if it is a confining barrier wrapping up the whole courtyard, blocking the wind and the penetration of rain, and not allowing the slightest amount of leakage.

    Not only that, within the black mist was the sound of birds flapping their wings.

    'Pili Pala' noises could be heard.

    It is difficult to see with the naked eye, but the surge of birds flocking towards Li Muyang and his family can be clearly heard with the ears.

    Li Shinian had never experienced this sort of battle; she also has no combat experience at all.

    Just now when Crow dashed towards them, she knew she had to throw her fist at the target to expel him.

    But now, in addition to the assassin himself coming towards them, there is also a huge flock of mysterious black birds that appeared out of nowhere.

    Moreover, her eyes were confused by the dense fog; unable to see anything, she does not know how to respond.


    Li Shinian, once again punched out.


    Dark fog scattered; however, this time the attack is not from Crow himself. Instead it's the crows that were flocking over.

    Li Shinian's age is not old; the purpose of her learning 'Art of Breaking Body' was to improve the physical fitness of her body.

    Although it cannot be said that it was just three days of fishing and two days of drying her nets, but compared to the efforts and suffering experienced by those who cultivate and practice Daoism, it really is not worth mentioning.。

    The first punch was full of strength, but then it was already somewhat difficult to follow up with the second punch.

    When she wanted to punch out for the third time, she discovered that her arm was as light as feather. It turns out that the previous two punches had used up all the energy in her body.

    "Hu---" A breeze of black wind blew across. Li Shinian felt a shortness of breath, her head felt dizzy, and then a blackness of vision as she was thrown to the ground.

    "Shinian--Mum--" Li Muyang yelled in a miserable voice.

    Li Muyang stood with his parents; it is difficult for him to see in the dark, but he is able to hear the sound of something close to him falling to the ground.

    The first sound was Li Shinian's voice, because it was the location of where Li Shinian was standing. The second sound was by Li Muyang's side, the place where mother Luo Qi was standing.

    "Dad--" Li Muyang once again shouted aloud.

    "Muyang, the mist is toxic--" Without finishing his words, Li Yan also fell to the ground. 「

    "Dad--" Li Muyang rushed towards the location of Li Shinian, he was worried that that the assassin will hurt his sister within the pitch-black darkness.

    "What's this?" Crow exclaimed aloud. He was surprised to find that within his ' puzzling obstruction of darkness', someone was unexpectedly able to persist and did not collapse to the ground. Furthermore, that person is just an ordinary man--of course, he already knows that he is not ordinary at all.

    "You manage to remain unharmed? "Crow said with regret: "Looks like I have to waste some more time "

    His sister had collapsed to the ground, and he was unsure if his parents were alive or not.

    They are Li Muyang's closest relatives, they are his life, his everything.

    Without them, he would not have lived until now.

    He would have died, or discarded as waste into the garbage bin, becoming a tramp or a vagrant.

    But now someone wants to take away their lives.

    Although the assassin said his target is only one person, but who knows what would happen? Who knows if he will accidentally kill other people?

    If the moral quality of an assassin could be trusted, then why does the Kingdom have still have executions occurring?

    "Damn you." Li Muyang's eyes stared intently at the location of Crow. He is now fully infuriated. "You deserve to die."


    A black shadow came rushing at Li Muyang. Li Muyang simply felt an overwhelming surge of earth-shattering energy coming at him and a sweet taste in his chest, and then he was thrown flying.


    His body fell on top of the steps in front of the gate, only a 'Ka Pa' snapping sound was heard, and it seemed like his entire back was broken.

    Li Muyang clenched his teeth, and used both his hands to support him to climb back up from the ground, and then once again dashed towards the black mist.

    He couldn't see the location of assassin Crow, but he could feel where he is.

    He hoped that he could possess that kind of ability once again; he wished that he were able to send him flying with just one blow.


    Li Muyang's body flew upside down once again, this time crashing directly into the inside of the living room.

    "If you still want to hide your strength, then I have no choice but to help you fulfill your wish of dying. "Crow's voice echoed from inside of the black fog.

    His heart was full of doubts, he clearly seemed to be a normal teenager. Even if Crow deliberately emitted Qi to test him, he didn't have any responses or tried to fight back.

    If he is as they say, a sickly and weak ordinary teenager.

    Then, what about that day at the café?

    This asshole was able to send him flying with simply one punch, what was that about?

    If Crow had not been wounded by him, how would Crow had to experience the Cui family's martial arts master's move 'Budda is born everywhere'?

    Crow held out his right hand, his palm holding onto a dagger with a simple design and its handle carved with a spitting snake.

    The dagger is glistening and shining, as if the snake's body is being stretched out infinitely.

    Crow's body disappeared from its original position, and then a cloud of black fog blasted in front of Li Muyang, and a light sword slashed at Li Muyang's neck.

    Sakura cut!

    One strike, a severed head.

    The corner of Li Muyang's mouth was dripping with blood and blood was even flowing incessantly out from his nose.

    His eyes were saturated with red lights and the scales on the back of his hand gleamed, and then a physical object like substance seemed to seep out on the back of his hand.

    At the boundary of life and death, he did not feel any fear at all.

    There is only anger in his eyes, as well as a killing intent that's difficult to sustain.

    His long-scaly fingers clenched into a fist, his bronze-coloured fists became huge and glowed brightly.


    Li Muyang explosively threw out his fist.

    Aiming at the long green snake, at the sharp blade that could cut through iron as if it were mud, and the invincible cherry blossom cut.


    The green light sword slashed the top of Li Muyang's fist, but the fist did not separate from his arm. Instead the explosive light of the green-coloured light sword was extinguished in a flash, and then the head of the snake was loudly split open.

    The blade was unable to withstand that immense surge of powerful qi, turning into countless number of green fragments.

    Each broken fragment is a bright mirror, reflecting the fear and astonished expression on Crow's face.

    Countless numbers of mirrors distributed all over the place, Crow's fear also followed and scattered everywhere.
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