Chapter 034 - Already dead!

    034 - Already dead!

    One punch breaking the blue dome of heaven!

    White light flashed across the courtyard, the world filled with darkness suddenly subverted into a daylight picture.

    The puzzling obstruction of darkness cracked; black mist dispelled.

    A cool breeze blew across, and bright rays of sunshine illuminated the courtyard.

    Li Muyang could see the cracks on the corner of the bluestone wall, the bloodstains on the door panel, the destruction in the garden, and also his father, mother and sister who were lying on the ground.

    He could hear the traffic noises outside, and also someone yelling loudly 'bing tang hu lu[1]'*--

    As if he had just returned from hell, he could see colours in front of his eyes and his ears could hear life once again.

    Those who were fortunate enough to escape from death would feel especially blessed.

    The blood crows that exploded with Li Muyang's punch felt the danger, flapped their wings toward the nether gate to escape.

    Many blood crows were one step too slow because when Crow's body heavily fell to the ground, the nether gate had already disappeared.

    Crow was seriously injured; the energy and qi in his body can no longer support the existence of the nether gate.

    Those crows that struggled to escape panicked, flew rapidly around in circles in the yard, and then drilled into Crow who was lying down on the ground--

    Only a familiar dark atmosphere could be felt.

    They don't like the daytime or the light. If the crows did not manage to escape, they will soon be incinerated under the scorching sun.

    They do not want to become a roasted crow with charred skin and tender meat!

    Crow's body once again knocked against the stone walls of the courtyard. He lay on the ground vomiting mouthfuls and mouthfuls of blood.

    His lungs were severely injured; right now he does not even have the strength to stand back up.

    Flesh-eating blood crows flocked towards him; his expression was full of panic, his pupil was wide, and he tried to raise his hand to expel them.

    Unfortunately, his arm does not have any more strength left.

    "Li Muyang, save me--Li Muyang, help me, help me send them off--" Crow loudly begged Li Muyang for help.

    Li Muyang stared at him with his blood-red eyes while breathing heavily.

    A blood crow rushed towards Crow and then tore a piece of flesh off Crow's face.

    "Ah--" Crow exclaimed in pain and shouted: "Li Muyang, kill me. Hurry, kill me."

    Li Muyang stood there motionless, as if he did not hear the painful cry of Crow.

    Seeing their comrades widening their beaks, other blood crows became even more frantic.

    They pounced onto Crow's face, chest, arms, legs and other parts of his body and extended their claws, their beak wide open, and tore off pieces of flesh to eat.

    "Ah, Ah, Ah--" Crow was in so much pain he did not want to live. He rolled around constantly on the ground trying to send off the blood crows.

    However, when he rolled over, his back was exposed. These blood crows are experienced; they merely used their claws to scratch a few times and the clothes on his back were torn apart. And then they used their slender beak to pull off the skin and flesh on his back.

    "Li Muyang, kill me---please, I beg you, kill me"

    Crow's words showed remorse for the first time!

    It was truly a contradicting feeling; before when his injuries had completely healed, he immediately could not wait to get his revenge on Li Muyang. But at this moment, he hoped that he had never come here. He wished that he did not jump into the small courtyard and had never seeked Li Muyang for revenge.

    "You deserve to die." Li Muyang said without mercy.

    He hated this assassin; therefore, naturally he would not save him nor kill him.

    He even hoped that the flesh-eating blood crows would rip his flesh to pieces, drain all the blood within him. And not even leave a piece of his bone, just like how he had threatened he would do to them before.

    Let him enjoy the same torture that he had promised.

    "Li Muyang, who the hell are you? What monster are you really?" Crow yelled in a stern voice. If this issue was not made clear, then he would not die peacefully.

    Li Muyang smiled coldly, and walked step-by-step towards Crow.

    The blood crows were frightened of Li Muyang; when they saw him coming they quickly flapped their wings and flew away.

    Li Muyang looked down at Crow who was lying on the ground, and asked aloud: "Do you really want to know?"

    "Tell me." Crow looked at Li Muyang with pleading eyes and said: "Li Muyang, quickly tell me. Otherwise I will die with regret."

    An unnamed teenager defeated an assassin that's on the list of the top assassins. This sort of result--no, this sort of disgrace was difficult for him to bear.


    "What are you?" Crow asked.

    "I'm not going to tell you." Li Muyang's showed a callous smile and his face covered with blood as he said: "The more you want to know, the more I don't want to tell you. I want you to die with regrets; I'm going to let you die without being at peace--"

    "Li Muyang--" Crow opened his eyes wide, his pupils oozing out blood. 「

    He didn't think this teenager could be so cruel, didn't think his heart was so malicious.

    Could it be that this guy is also from the same school as him? It is precisely a cold-hearted place like the assassin school that a person who possessed such a nature would become one of the movers and shakers. Only by possessing this kind of nature would the school be ashamed of him, the' King of assassins '.

    Li Muyang turned around and walked towards the location of his parents and sister.

    He wanted to check on their condition, look at their bodies to see if they are severely injured.

    This is the problem that he is most concerned about.

    Just as Li Muyang turned and walked away, the blood crows that were flying around in the yard once again dashed over to Crow.

    Seeing that one of the blood crows was about to peck at his eyes, Crow urgently reached out his hands to block them.

    As a result countless blood crows landed on his arm, the skin and flesh on his arm were torn apart and devoured within seconds.

    Crow extend out his arm that is dripping with blood to drive away the blood crows, but then the blood crows flew over to eat his face, his chin--


    A blood crow saw that he was off guard and pecked off one of his eyeballs.


    Crow's struggle was increasingly lacking in strength and his ability to defend was increasingly weak.

    Crow was submerged by the blood crows within seconds.

    When the blood crows flapped their wings and scattered, assassin Crow had disappeared from the world without any traces.

    Just as he had said so himself- even his bones were not left behind.

    As if he had never came here.


    The courtyard gate was opened by a hook.

    A man's voice that sounded simple and honest whispered: "Young master, the door had been pried open. My brothers used to be famous thieves of Jiangnan city; there isn't a door that they couldn't pick in the entire Jiangnan city --"

    "They can even pick the lock in my house?" The young master asked aloud.

    "Of course--" The honest voice paused for a moment then said: "No, it is impossible. What sort of people are young master's family? For rich and influential families, not only high-ranking military officers are guarding outside but there's also starry sky-level experts. A trash-like him wants to enter young master's house? They will be found from 3,000 miles away and be slapped to death--"

    "Just how big is Jiangnan city? Li Dalu, can you use your brain before you speak? Flattery also needs intelligence." The young master said in a dissatisfied tone.

    "Yes Yes Yes. Young master is right. I'll try harder next time. I'll work hard to improve. I will make sure that young master is satisfy with my flattery-- young master, please go ahead."

    During their conversation, the gate was pushed open by someone.

    Yan Xiangma waved his fan as he entered through the gate. Just as his left foot had stepped in, he saw Li Muyang standing opposite of him with blood-red eyes.

    "Li Muyang?"

    Yan Xiangma turned around, hit Li Dalu's head with his fan and shouted: "You trash, did you not say your brothers could pick locks without being noticed? Look at the courtyard--"

    Yan Xiangma words came to a halt; he smelled a strong bloody taste.

    "Close the door." Said Yan Xiangma.

    "Yes, young master--"

    Li Dalu and a group of brothers followed Yan Xiangma closely behind, entered through the door, and were about to shut the door.

    "Get out." Said Yan Xiangma.

    "Yes, young master--young master, who are you telling to get out? "

    "All of you get out." Yan Xiangma said.

    "Young master, let us follow you, this courtyard is somewhat strange--" Li Dalu perceived danger, he took the lead and walked in front of Yan Xiangma in one big stride, his face staring warily at Li Muyang.

    "Get out of here." Yan Xiangma repeated again.

    "Yes yes yes, we'll all get out--" Li Dalu bow down as he retreats. He pulled open the door and left the courtyard awkwardly with the group of younger brothers.

    Yan Xiangma looked at Li Muyang, and Li Muyang stared back at Yan Xiangma.

    "Originally, I wanted to kidnap you." Said Yan Xiangma.

    Li Muyand didn't answer him, and only glared fiercely at Yan Xiangma.

    His viciousness mindset could hardly be extinguished and the boiling of his blood could not settle.

    He did not know the purpose of Yan Xiangma coming to his house, he was not even sure of the relationship between the assassin and Yan Xiangma-- if the assassin was sent by Yan Xiangma, then Li Muyan was prepared to fight with the whole group of people till the end.

    "Can you not see me? " Yan Xiangma put away his Beating Dragon Spine and said: "What are you doing? "

    "What are you doing here?" Li Muyang asked in a cold voice.

    "I just said, I'm going to kidnap you--" Yan Xiangma said bluntly.

    "Just as I had suspected." Li Muyang displayed a cold gaze as he slowly walked towards Yan Xiangma.

    "Hey, Li Muyang, you don't want to mess with me, if you have something to say then say it, you don't need to be violent--" Seeing Li Muyang's blood-red eyes, Yan Xiangma felt guilty and said: "You don't want to kidnap me, do you? "

    "You deserve to die--" Said Li Muyang. "All of you should die--"

    All the bad guys who wanted to harm his family deserved to die!

    "Why do we deserve to die? I just want to kidnap you for a moment? How would that deserve to die?" Yan Xiangma felt wronged. "Oh, you mean that there are others who came to kidnap you?"

    His line of sight shifted towards the bloodstain and the corpses of blood crows behind Li Muyang. He revealed a shock expression and cried out in surprise: "Crow was here? "

    "He came." Li Muyang glared intently at Yan Xiangma's eyes, wanting to find out his relationship with Crow.

    "Where is he? "Yan Xiangma flipped opened his fan, and was on the alert. He then displayed a posture that seemed like he's about to fight as if his life depends on it. The importance of fighting against a skilled assassin like Crow can't be emphasized. "You can wear out iron shoes after fruitless searching, and yet by sheer luck you may find what you're after without even looking for it. He dares to attack people related to the Yan family's, he will have to pay a heavy price--Crow, don't hide like a turtle; come out for your death."

    "He's already dead." Li Muyang said.


    [1]Candied sweets on a skewer
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