Chapter 035 - Cant believe it!

    035 - Can't believe it!

    Li Muyang's face was stern and his back was straight.

    His eyes were blood-red. It showed a fierceness that seemed like he would attack anyone at any second.

    His clothes were stained with blood, and on his face was meat scraps and bloodstain left from when the blood crows were blown into pieces by his fist.

    This is the ferocious Li Muyang, and also the Li Muyang that Yan Xiangma had never seen before.

    Of course, Yan Xiangma had only met Li Muyang a few times.

    Although the first time he saw Li Muyang, his impression of him was that he's not pleasant but he's definitely not hateful.

    He was somewhat excessively affectionate, yet he possessed a smiling face that no one would be sick of.

    Even when Li Muyang used just his fingers to snap off a piece of the lapis lazuli - this was the same as slapping him ruthlessly in the face, but seeing that he treated him to some chilled watermelon, he could be forgiven.

    Even when his mother asked if he had took care of Li Muyang's matter, he had intentionally covered up the truth and concealed the fact that Li Muyang possessed powerful strength--although the main reason for him to do so was to maintain his reputation.

    However, in his view, Li Muyang was not a bad person.

    And not what he imagined him to be, a pretty boy that just wants to get close to his cousin Xiaoxin for accomplishing his own secret goal.

    Li Muyang is not qualified to be a pretty boy.

    It isn't that such a thing had not happened before but just that he had carefully handled everything cleanly.

    He knew Li Muyang is deliberately hiding his strength, but he didn't expect Li Muyang to possess such remarkable power.

    In the divine continent, the training of cultivators is divided into seven main realms: the Empty Valley, the High mountain, the Free Clouds, Withered Glory, Starry Sky, Astral Projection, and Dragon slayer. In each realm there are three different stages of strength: high, middle and low.

    According to this classification of strength, Crow is at least in the higher stages of the Free clouds. This is much higher than Yan Xiangma's level of strength - the middle stages of the high mountain. If he was to face Crow alone, then most likely he will only escape from him. Even when against Xiaoxin cousin's guard, the 'Heart Buddha' Ning Xinhai, Crow is still able to defend himself. If Ning Xinhai was not careful when fighting against him, then Crow may have taken advantage of this and gotten the upperhand.

    However, the Li Muyang in front of him, whom he happens to have met only once--is a bad student in the eyes of teachers, a trash in the eyes of other students, yet he was able to slaughter Crow by himself?

    Yan Xiangma face stiffened with dismay, he looked warily at Li Muyang who did not say a word and asked: "You killed him? "

    "Yes." Li Muyang answered. "I killed him. Because he was going to kill me."

    Li Muyang does not care that Crow wanted to kill him; after all, this disaster started because of him.

    What he cares about most was that Crow almost killed his closest family, his father, mother and his cute little sister Li Shinian.

    He is a trash, just as others have said; deep down in his heart he also somewhat acknowledges this assertion.

    However, his family's life was much more important than his own.

    They were the inverted dragon's scales[1] that he would protect no matter how great the price he had to pay.

    He can die because his life is not worth anything.

    However, his parents can't die, his sister can't die.

    Therefore, he did not regret killing Crow at all. He feels fortunate to be able to do so.

    "You did it by yourself? "

    "By myself." Li Muyang said.

    "How did you do it? "Yan Xiangma's heart unfolded on a magnificent scale, and looked at Li Muyang with an even more shocked expression. This is difficult for him to believe, the ordinary-looking high school student in front of him was able to kill Crow, one of the top twenty assassin of the kingdom.

    Could it be that Crow did not use his Sakura Cut?

    Could it be that Crow did not use his terrifying puzzling obstruction of darkness?

    Did he not summon his pets, the blood crows--wait it seems like he did summon them, the large quantities of corpse of blood crows on the ground is the best proof of this.

    Li Muyang felt that this man talked a lot of rubbish. He strained his brain to think of a way to reply, then said: "He was devoured by his own crows."

    "Blood crows devouring their owner?" Yan Xiangma was astonished and said: "The blood crows will only devour their owner because they did not receive meat to eat and blood to drink after being summoned, and also when their owner is in a extremely weak state and doesn't have the ability to defend themselves. Evil creatures like the blood crows hurt the enemy by a thousand, but they will also hurt their owners by eight hundred.. Crow was devoured by them, then that proves he did not even have the ability to defend himself at that time--he was defeated by your hands?"

    Li Muyang did not answer.

    Were these words not useless?

    Besides the person standing before you, who else is able to do such a thing?

    Yan Xiangma also knew he was asking a stupid question. He gently waved his fan to blow away the strong bloody taste in the air. He then glanced at Li Muyang and said: "Crow is one of the top assassin in the kingdom, and also a major criminal that's wanted by the province --Even if we had to set up traps all around Jiangnan city we must arrest him. Since he had died in your hands, you have helped Jiangnan province a lot--Cui family, Yan family and also cousin Xiaoxin all owe you a favor."

    "What are you trying to say?" Li Muyang watched Yan Xiangma and asked impatiently.

    He walked over to the area where his parents and sister was lying down, reached out and checked their pulse one by one.

    Li Muyang had never learnt medicine before; he was actually treated as a subject for the old Taoist to teach his sister Li Shinian medicine.

    However, some things can be self-taught, he knows roughly what the normal human pulse is, and he is able to determine if a person is healthy or not.

    Fortunately his parent and sister had only temporarily lost consciousness and they were not under any life-threatening danger.

    Seeing the concern in Li Muyang's eyes, the tension in Yan Xiangma's heart relaxed a lot.

    He could see that the care and concern he had for his own family was genuine.

    "You're not going to the exams?" Yan Xiangma said.

    Li Muyang's face stiffened, his expression became even more distressed.

    For many students, this is an extremely important day.

    For Li Muyang, today is a day that will determine his future.

    He and Cui Xiaoxin had made a promise to go to see the sunrise together at the West Wind university's Weiming Lake.

    However, a long time had already passed, but he still hasn't even left for the exam-- most likely the first exam has already begun, right?

    What should he do now?

    Give up?

    All the effort he invested, his promise with Cui Xiaoxin, the beautiful life that he looked forward to in the future would all disappear at this moment.

    However, if he now rushed to the exam venue, then what about his family? What should he do with his father, mother and little sister Li Shinian who are still unconscious?

    He cannot abandon their safety for the purpose of his own future life. If that is the case, is he still a dutiful son, a loving brother?

    "You should go." Yan Xiangma can see Li Muyang's hesitation and said in a low voice.

    Li Muyang looked at him with an incisive stare but did not reply to his words.

    "Do you trust me?" Yan Xiangma's face revealed a slight smile after much difficulty, and then amiably asked aloud.

    "I don't trust you." Li Muyang said bluntly.

    [1] The weak part of a dragon, and also the part that no one can touch no matter what lest they face the dragon's wrath.
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