Chapter 039 - The heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog!

    039 - The heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog!

    "I believe in you." Li Muyang said.

    Although Yan Xiangma's words and actions were exaggerated but there was sophistication in his heart.

    This was Li Muyang's perception of him.

    Moreover, through the last interaction Li Muyang had with him, he felt that this person is not a bad person. At least for now it seems he's not that bad--otherwise, their first meeting would not have ended in such a friendly way.

    With his identity as the young master of the city's lord, what high-level master can't he hire? What kind of things can't he do?

    Li Muyang did show off his move and broke the lapis lazuli, but that was absolutely not to scare off Yan Xiangma. Li Muyang does not know what a real high-level master is, but it is clear that he himself could not be compared to the guy around Cui Xiaoxin who can emit rays of sunlight.

    This was the reason for Li Muyang to believe in Yan Xiangma and entrusted him to take care of his family. If Li Muyang had a bad impression of him, he wouldn't leave his family in his hands. He rather not sit the exam and not attend West Wind University then do such a thing.

    "What?" Yan Xiangma stumbled, looked at him and asked: "What do you mean? You believe me? Believe me that this is not a laxative?"

    "I believe you won't hurt my family." Li Muyang said with a smile. He opened his mouth and smiled, his smile possessed typical characteristics of youths: clean and full of energy. Compared to his red eyes and vicious tendency before, the difference is like the sky and the earth. "Otherwise, I would not have requested you to take care of them--"

    "You did not request, you required my help--" Yan Xiangma said snappily. He felt that he did poorly in his previous negotiations, he was obviously occupying the winning position, then why in the end was he coerced into helping?" But what I said is the truth, it is indeed a laxative--no, it really is a cure, it's a detoxification. It contains extracts of sungrass in it."

    Li Muyang nodded and said: "I know. Is there still more of the decoction?"

    "There is. There's a large pot of it, apart from the big bowl that young master drank, the rest is still simmering on the stove." Li Dalu added.

    "--" Yan Xiangma glared at Li Dalu with infinite resentment,

    "Thank you." Li Muyang expressed his thanks to Li Dalu and then went into the kitchen and poured two bowls of decoction into the rice bowls, one bowl for father and another for Li Shinian.

    Li Shinian desperately shook her head while yelling: "I won't drink it. It's dark and it's bitter, also--it causes diarrhoea."

    "You have to drink it." Li Muyang looked at her with incomparable tenderness and said in a gentle voice: "There is poison smoke inside your body, you must be get rid of it. Otherwise it will be bad for your health--even if it's not life threatening, who knows what bad effects it can have on the your internal organs?"

    Li Shinian still continued shaking her head, she was most afraid of bitterness.

    Therefore, Li Muyang pinched her nose and forced the bowl of decoction into her mouth.

    After drinking the medicine, Li Shinian covered her mouth while crying out loud and said angrily: "Li Muyang, you're annoying, it's bitter, it's so bitter--"

    Li Muyang placed the empty bowl aside and said: "If I were you, I'd immediately go back to your room."

    Li Shinian was exceptionally intelligent, after taking a glimpse of Yan Xiangma, she immediately got up and ran back to her room.

    Li Muyang shook his head while laughing; this sister really made him hurt to the bones.

    Yan Xiangma watched the shadow of Li Shinian running away in a daze, then finally cleared his mind after a while and walked over to Li Muyang and asked: "Li Muyang, Shinian is your sister?"

    "Yes." Li Muyang nodded. Seeing Yan Xiangma with a face full of expectation, he looked at him warily and said:  "Why did you ask? "

    "You two are not siblings related by blood, right?" Yan Xiangma said.

    Hearing Yan Xiangma words, Li Yan who was drinking the decoction almost choked to death.

    His face stared indignantly at Yan Xiangma and angrily shouted: "Yan Xiangma, what are you talking about? Li Muyang and Li Shinian were born of the same mother, they are siblings related by blood, you don't know anything so don't talk rubbish--"

    Yan Xiangma chuckled and said to Li Yan as apology: "I didn't mean to say such a thing, it's just that--Li Muyang and Li Shinian looks so different."

    He carefully looked inspected at Li Muyang and said:  "I can't help but think if they both went out together--"

    "Wherever they go, they are still brother and sister." Li Yan bluntly interrupted Yan Xiangma.

    Li Muyang glanced at Yan Xiangma telling him to stop continuing with this topic. He knows that his father doesn't like to hear others suspecting that him and Li Shinian are not siblings. When they went shopping when they were small, seeing such a delicate little girl was his sister, other people began wondering if Li Shinian was adopted. Whenever this happened father's mood became especially bad, in contrast mother is gentler, she'd smile at people and explain that her eldest son was ill when he was young so his body condition is not too good.

    Li Yan has the body of a cultivator, although his level is not high but his years of hard training means that the physical condition of his body is better than ordinary people. Li Shinian has been training 'art of breaking body' with her shifu from a very small age. Although she doesn't look strong, but she has perseverance and she's also intelligent, which can be considered as a small foundation.

    Luo Qi's body was the most weak, and thus she's the last to regain consciousness.

    The first thing she did when she opened her eyes was to look for Li Muyang's figure. Seeing Li Muyang standing by her side, she was on the verge of tears and held Li Muyang tightly while asking: "Muyang, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? Where's the bad guy--where did he go? Where's your dad and sister? Are they fine?"

    "Mum, they're fine." Li Muyang hugged his mother tightly and said smilingly: "Dad and sister are both fine, our family is fine."

    "Great. That's great--" Luo Qi's eyes were brimming with tears as she hugged Li Muyang tightly, unwilling to let go.

    Only those who have experienced separation between loved ones in life and death can be able to appreciate how precious life is.

    After Li Muyang calmed down his mother's emotions and after she drank a bowl of detoxifying decoction, at last the whole family is all arranged properly.

    Li Muyang came close to Yan Xiangma and said with a face filled with gratitude: "Yan young master, thank you for helping me take care of my family, your kindness -I will keep it in mind. If there's a chance in the future, I will definitely return this favour--"

    "Too polite. Too polite." Yan Xiangma said while smiling and waving: "We are both young people, you're also my cousin Xiaoxin's classmate, we are family. Don't call me what 'Yan young master', that's for outsiders to call me--just call me older cousin just like before."

    "Okay, older cousin--"

    "Yes, that's right. Yes, I'll go upstairs to check on Li Shinian's condition. After taking the medicine, I fear the stomach will make some noises for some time; I also have some Taoist pills with me--"

    Yan Xiangma has not finished talking but was already headed upstairs.

    "Yan Xiangma, stop right there--" Li Muyang shouted loudly from behind.

    "I just want to see---"

    "No." Li Muyang arbitrarily obstructed Yan Xiangma.

    "Then let me stand at the doorway to express my concern? "


    "I just helped you---"

    "I said I would return the favour in the future."

    "Can I not take a little interest in the meantime?"


    "Li Muyang you have the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog [1]---"

    "Yan Xiangma, you're greedy and lascivious---"


    Cui Xiaoxin pushed open the door into the courtyard exactly at the time of Li Muyang and Yan Xiangma staring intently at each other with their big and small eyes, both refusing to step back.

    Her long eyelashes blinked and her mouth raised slightly upwards, displaying a cute and attractive curve, and said: "Did we enter into the zoo? "


    [1] Heartless and ungrateful
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