Chapter 040 - First signs of the extraordinary!

    040 - First signs of the extraordinary!

    Because of the touch of worry she saw within Li Muyang's eyes, Cui Xiaoxin decided to head over to the Li family in the end.

    Through their long time of hanging out together, she understands Li Muyang's character. Although he seems to be laughing all day, but in fact, he's attentive and has the courage to take on responsibility. He's always talking about how his sister took care of him when he was young, but Cui Xiaoxin could clearly feel it the love and care he spoiled on his sister.

    She had agreed to help Li Muyang with his studying, but with her personality she actually prefers being in a quiet private teahouse or somewhere else. She does not like to come into contact with other people.

    The reason for her to treat the Li family as an exception and willing to come over to the Li Family every day was because she liked the atmosphere in the Li family. She liked seeing Li Shinian using various mischievous ways to bully Li Muyang, she also liked seeing Li Muyang looking at her helplessly after being bullied by Li Shinian.

    Li Muyang doesn't want to trouble others. Even if he had saved her life, he was still very grateful for Xiaoxin coming everyday to help him study

    Perhaps, this can be considered as one of the little dim starlights in his life.

    And because of this reason, Cui Xiaoxin is even more worried that something had happened to Li Muyang and he was not willing to tell her anything.

    The entrance examination is not over yet. Tomorrow will be the exams of the two most important subjects. She does not want Li Muyang to be disturbed by some ordinary affairs at this critical moment.

    If she was able to help, she was very willing to reach out her hand to give her assistance.

    Li Muyang is unaware what her identity was but she's very clear about herself.

    The things she's capable of doing would most likely shock the entire Jiangnan city.

    "Why did you come?"

    Seeing Cui Xiaoxin standing in the doorway, Li Muyang and Yan Xiangma asked in unison.

    Cui Xiaoxin once again blinked her eyes, pursed her lips chuckling, and asked: "Your minds are connected? "

    Yan Xiangma fiercely glanced at Li Muyang then went over to Cui Xiaoxin and asked: "Cousin, why are you here? You did not go home for lunch?"

    "Cousin can come, but I can't come?" Cui Xiaoxin looked at Yan Xiangma with suspicion, thinking to herself what if Li Muyang's worry was because of Yan Xiangma. While she's busy with the exams, he deliberately came to the Li family to cause trouble.

    She just saw Yan Xiangma's group of guards outside, if Yan Xiangma purpose of coming here is to seperate herself and Li Muyang, then she made the right decision in coming here today.

    "How could that be?" Yan Xiangma face showed a gentle smile and said: "I can come, then of course cousin can also come. I know that cousin and Li Muyang are good friends; it's a good thing for classmates to visit each other, right? When I was studying I also had some very good friends."

    Cui Xiaoxin looked shocked as she pensively watched Yan Xiangma and said: "So, cousin what is the reason for you to suddenly come here?"

    Cui Xiaoxin is aware that her aunt knows her whereabouts like the back of her hand, and she's even more clear of their attitude towards her coming to tutor Li Muyang.

    Last time she went back, Xiangma cousin deliberately pointed out that she comes over here to tutor Li Muyang and aunt explicitly proposed to use some gifts to repay the kindness of Li Muyang saving her---and then everyone would not be in contact with each other again after paying Li Muyang off.

    Why would wealthy families wish to have anything to do with ordinary people?

    Of course, they were more afraid that she has feelings for Li Muyang--this is indeed very absurd. Simply because she talks more to one of the boys in the school, they concluded that she likes him?

    How can this be?

    However, what is wrong with Yan Xiangma today? He said classmates should visit each other--from his expression it also doesn't seem like he's pretending.

    "I came to see Li Muyang." Yan Xiangma said smilingly: "During cousin's attack last time, it was all thanks to Li Muyang student for saving your life--this kindness the Cui family and Yan family had always kept it in mind. Since these few days I have some spare time, so I came to see Li Muyang--ha ha ha, but I didn't expect us to get on so well, becoming fast friends at first sight."

    Cui Xiaoxin was even more concerned, she watched Yan Xiangma's eyes and asked: "Cousin--did you eat the wrong medicine today? "


    Yan Xiangma's expression became like these symbols in a matter of seconds.

    He widened his eyes looking at Cui Xiaoxin and said: "Cousin how do you know I ate the wrong medicine today? This matter has already spread so quickly?"

    "Cousin---" Cui Xiaoxin frowned and said in a dissatisfied tone: "Just what are you talking about?"

    "That I ate the wrong medicine." Yan Xiangma flustered, suppressing his anger and said: "Cousin, you still haven't told me how did you know that I ate the wrong medicine--Li Shinian haven't left the house, and the two elders are still at home. Li Muyang haven't left since he came back--how did cousin know that I drank the wrong medicine? "

    He paused for a moment then gently and cautiously asked: "This matter--does anyone else knows?"

    "Cousin---" Cui Xiaoxin was about to get angry. Even though she thought her cousin was not normal before, but today he's particularly excessive.

    Cui Xiaoxin did not understand what he was talking about at all. Could it be he's intentionally changing the subject?

    Li Muyang laughed until he could not stand up straight, then walked in front of Cui Xiaoxin and explained to her about Yan Xiangma drinking the wrong decoction.

    Cui Xiaoxin also laughed incessantly and said: "Cousin, your body--is it alright?"

    Yan Xiangma wished he could instantly find a crack on the ground and enter through it; he is extremely discontent with Li Muyang's snitching behavior: "Li Muyang, this is too much, you asked me to help you take care of your family, and I also told people to make a decoction to help detoxify your family from the poisonous smoke--If it wasn't to gain their trust, to let them know that they're drinking antidote and not poison, would I need to force myself to personally taste it? "

    Li Muyang laughed even more happily, then reached out and held Yan Xiangma's hand and said: "Yes, thank you Yan young master, your kindness I will never forget it."

    "Poisonous smoke obstruction? "Cui Xiaoxin trembled slightly and asked: "Crow came?"

    Yan Xiangma was shocked, his eyes shifted around the courtyard. The small courtyard had been tidied and cleaned properly, the bloodstains on the wall and ground are also wiped away---Besides the dent and cracks on the granite wall, there is not a single trace indicating that someone had came here.

    Could it be that Xiaoxin cousin knows the truth that Crow had came here from just his words?

    Yan Xiangma winked at Li Muyang, to let him know that he will handle this question. He then said while laughing: "Crow? Why would Crow be here?"

    "You laughed." Cui Xiaoxin said.

    "Yes. I'm laughing. Haha, can I not laugh?"

    "If you're not trying to hide anything, then when I asked if Crow had came, your expression should have been serious and on the alert because recently all your energy have been placed into searching for the whereabouts of Crow---Moreover, you said the detoxification decoction is to eliminate poisonous smoke. After the last time I was attacked by Crow, I deliberately asked Ning uncle to gather information about Crow. I know he's an expert in summoning blood crows and using the puzzling obstruction of darkness."

    Cui Xiaoxin's line of sight sweep back and forth in the courtyard, then looked at Li Muyang and said: "Crow came, he changed his target to you--because you saved me, so he wanted revenge. Is that right? "

    Yan Xiangma went blank for quite a while, then looked at Li Muyang and asked: "Do you really--do you want to marry such a smart woman? "

    "I---" This question had caused Li Muyang' face to turn bright red, he then pretended to be angry and said: "Yan Xiangma, what are you talking about? ---When did I say that-- "

    "You mean you don't want to?" Yan Xiangma took a quick glance at Li Muyang and said with disdain.

    "I--You---" Li Muyang have never been in love before, Cui Xiaoxin is his first love.

    He had kept this feeling to himself, just like a hen lying in the nest waiting for the chick to hatch one day.

    Hearing Yan Xiangma publicly announcing his feelings made his face flushed, his ears red and not knowing where to place his bare hands.

    "Cousin---" Cui Xiaoxin was also slightly embarrassed, a touch of red appeared on her soft white neck. But she hides it very well and did not show much facial expression. "If you continue talking rubbish I'll go back and tell aunt."

    "Okay, Okay, I'm wrong. I surrender." Yan Xiangma was extremely afraid of his mother, he then continued: " I didn't intend to help."

    Cui Xiaoxin suspiciously glanced at Yan Xiangma, then looked at Li Muyang and said: "What about auntie and uncle? What about Shinian? Is anybody hurt? What about you? Where is Crow now?"

    "Mum and dad are fine, Shinian is fine, and I'm fine--" Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin as he answered. "But they had just drank some detoxifying remedy, so they are not able to come down and see any guests."

    "Where's Crow?" Cui Xiaoxin looked at Li Muyang and asked.

    "He---" Li Muyang's eyes shifted towards Yan Xiangma seeking for help.

    "I killed him." Yan Xiangma said bluntly.

    "Huh? "Cui Xiaoxin's pitch-black eyes revolved around Yan Xiangma's face. 「

    "He was killed by me." Yan Xiangma said. "You also know that all this time I've been searching for Crow's whereabouts. After much difficulty, I managed to obtain information of where he's hiding, but I did not dare to arouse his suspicion. Later, he walked right into Li Muyang's house, so I came here with the guards and set up an inescapable net---Heh, he dared to bully my Xiaoxin little sister, I naturally can't spare him. As you know, recently my martial arts skills improved drastically, after 300 rounds of battle with Crow, I jabbed him in the eye and blinded him, and then with one blow onto his chest--"

    Cui Xiaoxin stayed silent for a long while, then bowed deeply at Li Muyang and said, "I'm sorry, I caused you so much trouble."

    "Not at all." Li Muyang hurriedly reached out and supported her.

    Cui Xiaoxin stood upright, looked at Yan Xiangma and said: " Cousin, since you killed Crow, you should report to the City's lord official residence and receive your reward---"

    Her eyes suddenly became incisive and her voice was soft but carried an unquestionable authority: "If someone dares to question your abilities, you might as well seal their mouth forever."
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