Chapter 041 - Friends!

    041 - Friends!

    "Women who can be known as one of the bright moons of the kingdom are no ordinary women." Yan Xiangma sighed to himself.

    Cui Xiaoxin had only entered through the door for just a few minutes but she already knows everything. Even if he wanted to help Li Muyang hide the truth, she's able to see through everything with just one glance.

    Cui Xiaoxin knew who killed Crow, just as she knows the reason for him in stealing the credit.

    He wanted to protect Li Muyang, so he said Crow was killed by himself.

    Cui Xiaoxin also wants to protect Li Muyang, so she also said that Crow was killed by Yan Xiangma.

    He said it out of selflessness, but when his little sister cousin said it--there's somewhat an uncomfortable feeling in his heart?

    However, since Cui Xiaoxin had used such a serious tone to bring up this matter, he had to agree.

    Because Cui Xiaoxin is not only his cousin, but also a girl of the Cui family--Yan family is the in-laws of the Cui family, and also their subordinates. Yan Xiangma status is not as important as Cui Xiaoxin.

    Even if Cui Xiaoxin was to marry, she has to marry someone who can bring great power to the Cui family---for example that jade tree of the Song family.

    What about himself? As the son of the lord of Jiangnan City, it is indeed difficult for those wealthy noble families to pay attention to him.

    If it weren't because his mother is a woman of the Cui family, would he be qualified to have the opportunity to live with Xiaoxin cousin and talk to her as her equal?

    Yan Xiangma patted his chest and said: "Cousin, rest assured, when I handle matters I like to pay particular attention to the word 'reason'--If it's my credit, no one can take it away. If it's not mines and I want to snatch it off other people, then other people cannot say anything either. In a while I'll go to the City's lord official residence to report that I destroyed assassin Crow, and collect the reward of three thousand gold coins--Li Muyang this time it was thanks to your help. Later I'll send someone over to reward you with one thousand five hundred gold coins, us brothers shall share the reward equally. "

    Li Muyang waved repeatedly and said: "No, no. That's your reward, it has nothing to do with me."

    "What? Do you look down on me?" Yan Xiangma.

    "Not at all--I just don't think I should receive a reward for nothing--"

    "It's alright." Yan Xiangma said impatiently: "If I give it to you then you should take it. Within our circle, if someone gives you gifts and you don't accept it that means you don't respect them---Those who do not show respect for me, I will hit their faces. Us hedonistic young master can do anything."

    Yan Xiangma lowered his voice and whispered: "Can I go upstairs to see Shinian?"


    "I'll give you two thousand gold coins."


    "Two-thousand five hundred."


    "I'll give you all of the three thousand, okay?"


    Yan Xiangma used his finger to point at Li Muyang on the chest and said: "Little brat, don't you think we should work together to create a better future?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "You like my cousin, and I think Li Shinian is quite cute. You help me with your little sister, and I'll help you with my sister, we exchange information and create chances for each other--What do you think?"

    Li Muyang rolled his eyes and said: "Go to your sister[1]."

    Yan Xiangma pulled Cui Xiaoxin's sleeve and said: "Cousin, he told you to leave, we should go back--"

    "Yan Xiangma--" Li Muyang wanted to rush over and beat him up. I said 'go to your sister', not to get rid of Xiaoxin. He would rush to insist that Xiaoxin should stay behind.

    Cui Xiaoxin shook off Yan Xiangma's pulling, looked at Li Muyang and said: "I know you have gone through many things, you and your family also faced some great danger. But I hope these things won't affect your exams tomorrow--if there is anything we can do to help, please be sure to ask. Please don't be polite."

    "Ah?" Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin, he noticed that this girl suddenly become somewhat unfamiliar. Just like the last time at the lake trip, she maintained a certain distance from everyone in the class.

    "So, me and cousin will leave now." Cui Xiaoxin bowed slightly, doing a standard aristocratic etiquette. "Please take care. "

    "Cui Xiaoxin--" Li Muyang shouted aloud.

    He feels that Cui Xiaoxin has changed; she became distant.

    However, this sort of distant is difficult to describe, because all along Cui Xiaoxin had never stayed too close to him--but when he comes near her, she did not avoid him at all.

    Cui Xiaoxin turned around, her expression was indifferent as she looked at Li Muyang and asked with her gently and soft voice: "Li Muyang classmate, what is it? "

    "I just want to ask you--" Li Muyang opened his mouth and smiled, revealing two rows of shiny white teeth. The side of his face gave off a faint yellow glow under the noon sun, his eyes squinted slightly and his long eyelashes resembled an elegant fan covering his eyes. Teenage years are precisely the great time to courageously find love. "We said we'll watch the sunset at West Wind University, is that still the case? "

    The distress within Cui Xiaoxin's eyes flashes for a fleeting moment, she then slightly brushes the handful of long hair in front her forehead and her face showed no expression at all as she said: "Li Muyang, this is something in the future--at least, wait until you've been admitted into West Wind University. So, please try your best."

    Cui Xiaoxin left.

    Tomorrow, she won't be coming over.

    Li Muyang's heart felt empty.

    "Why--Why did it suddenly turn into such a mess?" Li Muyang's emotion was somewhat repressed, an unspeakable distress that teenagers have.

    "Why did it become like this all of a sudden?" Inside the car, Yan Xiangma asked Cui Xiaoxin this question.

    "The person Crow wanted to kill is Li Muyang, isn't it?" Cui Xiaoxin asked aloud.

    "Yes." Yan Xiangma knew he couldn't hide anything from his cousin so he frankly answered her instead. "The situation was extremely dangerous, by the time I came over Li Muyang's parents and sister were already unconscious. Li Muyang's body was drenched in blood, he stood in the courtyard with strong killing intent, just like a demon from hell--the ground was covered with blood crows' body and Crow's body had already vanished. According to Li Muyang, the blood crows devoured him."

    "The reason for blood crows to devour their owner is because there isn't any other blood and flesh for them to consume---Li Muyang had already have beaten Crow before I arrived. What do you think of this? Don't you think Li Muyang--his body is hiding a monster inside?"

    "Have you found the person behind Crow?" Cui Xiaoxin crossed her fingers and rubbed gently; this is her habit when she's lost in thought.

    "Not yet." Yan Xiangma shook his head. Cui Xiaoxin does not want to comment on Li Muyang's physical condition, just as he expected. "Father had already passed on the message to Tiandu that you were attacked, but there still isn't any response over there at Tiandu--they just requested to keep you safe no matter what. An assassin, but also a dead assassin, what information can we find? "

    "So, do you think there's something wrong with what I did? "Cui Xiaoxin asked aloud.

    "I know you're trying to protect Li Muyang, the person behind this had not been found yet, and who knows whether there will be a next wave of assassins--Li Muyang spoiled their plan this time, they will naturally place the hatred on Li Muyang. He's just an ordinary--actually he's not ordinary at all. This guy is very good at concealing, I can't see through him. "

    "He is not ordinary, but his heart is ordinary." Cui Xiaoxin whispered.

    "Yes. He's a good person--" Yan Xiangma sighed. "So, I just feel--treating him like that, is it not too cruel?"

    "Death is cruel." Cui Xiaoxin said: "Sooner or later we have to separate. What is the difference between earlier and later?"

    "Yes." Yan Xiangma's glanced out of the window at the fiery-red cherry blossom that's blooming beautifully and said: "As long as little sister you had thought over this carefully."

    Cui Xiaoxin lowered her head and stayed silent for while, then said aloud: "Cousin, you had to come forward to bear the risk and responsibility. I hope that you won't be angry--"

    Yan Xiangma gently patted Cui Xiaoxin's shoulder; he knew that this girl is also very upset.

    "Isn't this what I should do?" Yan Xiangma's smile was gentle and possessed the intelligence to see through the truth. "If I were to bear the risk and responsibility for someone without any relation to me, then I will really mind--but am I your older cousin? We're family."

    They paused for a moment, Yan Xiangma looked at Cui Xiaoxin and couldn't resist the urge to ask: "Li Muyang--you--really have no feelings towards him at all?"

    "We're friends, why did cousin suddenly ask such a question?"

    "Oh---" Yan Xiangma felt it's a pity and said: "He has a good little sister."
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