Chapter 042 - Trying to cheat money again!

    042 - Trying to cheat money again!

    After Yan Xiangma personally tested the detoxification remedy, the effect is very obvious.

    Father Li Yan, mother Luo Qi and little sister Li Shinian, respectively drank the remedy; their body also did not show any other after-effects.

    On the night of the same day, Li Yan climbed out of bed and mended the surface of the walls; very quickly the dents and cracks on the bluestone walls were completely repaired.

    Mother Luo Qi heated the pot to cook dinner and sister Shinian practiced causing trouble.

    Yan Xiangma took the credit of killing Crow but his parents and family were not particularly suspicious. In their eyes, Li Muyang was always a sick boy who needed their care and protection.

    Their life continued as usual, just like nothing had happened.

    However, Li Muyang's is very clear in his mind that something significant had happened.

    He sensed that Cui Xiaoxin had distance herself, he also expected that some kind of farewell will eventually occur.

    Li Muyang's mood was extremely bad but he did not show it.

    After dinner he rushed over to wash the dishes but Luo Qi did not agree no matter what he said; instead she urged him to quickly head upstairs to study.

    Li Muyang reached out his hand to check father Li Yan's pulse, Luo Qi glanced over with a baffled expression and asked: "When did Muyang learn to read someone's pulse?"

    Li Muyang was prepared and said with a smile: "I followed the Taoist master, but didn't have any opportunity to practice it before. "

    Li Yan nodded and said: "He's an expert, if you were able to learn his medical knowledge, then it is a pretty good skill to make a living."

    Luo Qi became annoyed and said angrily: "Li Yan, why did you say that? My son is going to West Wind University--he'll have a bright future, what medical skills does he need to make a living? "

    Li Yan smile was simple and honest as he said: "Isn't being a doctor good? It's easy and comfortable and well-respected--"

    "As long as my son is willing. If he likes it, I naturally will let him learn it. If he doesn't then we can't force him. "

    "Ok, Ok, Ok, you can take care of everything about our son." Li Yan was reluctant to have an argument with his wife because of Li Muyang's matter, since he never had won an argument before.

    Li Shinian came rushing forward like a lackey, holding Li Yan's arm and saying: "Dad, you can handle all my matters. I'll do as you say, alright? "

    Li Yan reached out and stroked his daughter's head while saying: "Well, then you go upstairs and go to bed."

    "Dad, what time is it?" Li Shinian said with discontent. "I just supported you, did you not consider my feelings? "

    "Did you not just say you will listen to what I tell you? Then sit with dad for a while before going to bed." Li Yan really loved his clever thoughtful little girl.

    Suddenly, he thought of his eldest daughter who was taken away by the Lu family--She should be equally as pretty and cute, right? She should also be-much happier than they are now?

    "Dad, your pulse is normal, the toxins in your body should have been completely eliminated. Now the most important thing is to replenish the nutrients your body needs, then your physical state will be restored as soon as possible. "

    After Li Muyang finished seeing his father, he then said to Li Sinian: "it's your turn."

    "Brother--" Li Shinian blinked and said: "Can you go to my room to check my pulse?" 「

    "Why?" After you I still have to check mum's--"

    "Aiya, how could you be so stupid? I'm a girl--"


    Li Shinian's room is warm and elegant, and not like other girls whose are pink or bright red, together all the decorations and furniture look very aesthetic.

    Her room is very large, double the size of Li Muyang's room.

    Even though her room is large, every time they have anything to discuss she would run over to Li Muyang's room. Li Muyang rarely came into her room; maybe because he felt that she's growing up into a woman so she should have her own privacy?

    "Brother, you mood is very bad, right?" Li Shinian sat down on a chair, flung away the slippers on her feet, then crossed her legs sitting like a monk meditating and asked bluntly.

    "No, why would I?" Li Muyang replied smilingly.

    "Liar." Li Shinian said with disdain. "During dinner, you were distracted several times. When I'm talking to you, you ignored me, when I gave you coriander to eat you ate it- you never ate coriander before."

    "Maybe it's because something happened today, and also it started because of me, so my mind--"

    "So you really can't let go off Xiaoxin sister? "

    "--" Li Muyang knows that he can't hide anything from this little girl.

    "Brother, can't you see? Xiaoxin sister is trying break off all relations with you--"

    Li Muyang's stayed silent for a long while, then said with a smile: "I can see that, then what? "

    "Then--" Li Shinian sighed lightly, then stretched out her soft-white wrist for Li Muyang to check her pulse: "Check my pulse. As long as you live happily and still do your best. Isn't it just a woman? If you don't mind---"


    "I will be your temporary girlfriend for two days? "

    "You're trying to cheat money off me again." Li Muyang said flatly.




    Li Muyang sat the following exams; the next two papers were not too difficult. Apart from two small questions that he couldn't figure out the answer, other questions he could solve them without any problems.

    Li Muyang felt particularly good about himself, because according to Cui Xiaoxin, the questions that he's able to answer will be correct---As long as he can answer the whole paper then that means its close to perfection?

    Li Muyang had not seen Cui Xiaoxin after that. He intentionally waited for her at the door of the exam hall after the exams have finished. Even though he waited until all the students have left, he still didn't see Cui Xiaoxin.

    Li Muyang thought that maybe she had handed in her paper early and left.

    The exams are all finished, the teacher asked all students to return to the classroom.

    After Li Muyang arrived, his eyes swept across in a fifteen-degree angle several times but Cui Xiaoxin indeed didn't come.

    The appearance of Li Muyang caused the whole class to look at him with surprise, they all pointed and widely discussed about Li Muyang.

    Zhang Chen turned around looking at Li Muyang who was behind him and asked while chuckling: "Li Muyang, how did you find your exams?"

    "I thought it was okay." Li Muyang said expressionlessly. He felt a sense of loss with Cui Xioaxin's departure.

    "What do you mean? I heard that Cui Xiaoxin classmate has been helping you study all along, you should be able to go to the kingdom's West Wind University, right?" After finished talking, Zhang Chen turned around and pulled a face at the surrounding people, attracting the loud laughter of everyone.

    Entrance examinations have ended; everyone is relieved. There's such a good show to watch, obviously they will not miss it.

    Li Muyang pondered seriously for a moment and said: "Should be--but this kind of thing there's no guarantee."


    The whole audience was dead quiet.

    Zhang Chen widened his eyes as he stared at Li Muyang and said: "Li Muyang, are you crazy? Do you know what I just asked? "

    "I'm not crazy." Li Muyang looked at Zhang Chen with an incisive glare and said:" If you continue laughing at me, you should know what I'm going to do."

    Zhang Chen is actually really afraid of Li Muyang and his brute force, but if he was to turn back at this point then others will think he has stage fright. So instead, he argued: "You won't be admitted to West Wind University, you also won't be able to pursue Cui Xiaoxin---Li Muyang, all your efforts will go to waste, you're still a useless trash."

    Li Muyang grabbed Zhang Chen's collar with one hand, then pulled him up in front of the whole class and walked towards the lily pond outside the classroom.


    Li Muyang suddenly exerted strength and violently flung Zhang Chen into the pond.

    "Li Muyang, you lunatic---" Zhang Chen desperately flopped around in the pond, yelling loudly: "just you wait, I won't let you get away with it this time--"

    Li Muyang's eyes were blood red and his voice carried an uncontrollable vicious tendency as he said in an angry tone: "I'll be admitted into West Wind University, and also--I will catch up to Cui Xiaoxin."
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