Chapter 043 - Lord of Jiangnan City!

    043 - Lord of Jiangnan City!

    As the lord of the prosperous Jiangnan city, Yan Bolai is extremely busy every day.

    However, even with such a hectic schedule, he still decides to find his son Yan Xiangma and have a talk with him.

    He stood by the corner glancing with admiration at the 'tiger growling on the mountains' painting by the Kingdom's famous artist Qin Kuaiyu, then lifted the cup on the table taking a sip of the hot tea and said: "ancient people pay particular attention to the spirit of the dragons and tigers, dragons have been slaughtered to extinction, while the fierce tigers are still proudly growling on the mountain-- Qin Kuaiyu is deserved to be called a famous artist of the kingdom, with just a few brush strokes he is able to fully capture the majestic of the tiger king. Every time looking at this drawing will make people open their heart and mind and possess infinite courage."

    Yan Xiangma knows that the work his father was handling is temporarily finished, he walked towards where his father was and said smilingly: "Father is the tiger king in Jiangnan city, with just one growl you can silence the warlords of Jiangnan city and make the gangsters and thieves koutou."

    "Boot-licker" Yan Bolai's expression was like the light clouds and soft wind. He had heard rampant flattery numerous times before, and the nonsense coming from his son's mouth is also endless. "Crow was killed by you?"

    "Yes father." Yan Xiangma said with a smile: "That Crow was seeking his own death, he dared to attack Xiaoxin sister. Recently all the city's military police were sent out to track down the whereabouts of Crow, I also want to share the worries and difficulties for father, and avenge little sister--so I sent some of my henchmen to search for Crow's whereabouts, and unexpectedly we found some traces. We then followed and set up an inescapable net and led the attack to kill him--"

    "Where was the attack? "

    "Li Muyang's house."

    "Xiaoxin's classmate? "

    "Yes father."

    Yan Bolai looked up deep in thought, his line of sight did not focus anywhere and said in a low voice: "Two of the attacks were connected to that Li Muyang. That Li Muyang's identity--is it clean? "

    "Father, I already asked someone to check, it's completely clean. He absolutely would not be a chess piece placed in Jiangnan city by the Song or Lu family--"

    The expression in Yan Bolai's eye became stern as he said in a low voice: "Who told you that the assassin this time was sent by the Song or Lu family? "

    "Father, this kind of thing do I need somebody to tell me? Apart from the Song and Lu family--"

    "Shut up, there is no evidence- don't mention this anymore in the future."

    "I'm not talking nonsense, I just said it without thinking the matter through in front of you since in this room there's only father and I right now--"

    "Even in front of me you must not carelessly speculate and accuse others. Remember that this is taboo. "

    "Yes." Yan Xiangma bowed down slightly, accepting his father's teachings.

    Yan Bolai's facial expression finally toned down a little, he looked at his son and said: "Crow is ranked in the top twenty assassins in the kingdom, his strength is not weak either. You're simply in the middle stage of the high mountains--yet with your ability you were able to kill Crow? "

    "It wasn't just me, Li Dalu and others also helped. As you know, Li Dalu's strength is not bad--just that he's a bit stupid. "

    "Since your people had tracked down the whereabouts of assassin Crow, then why did you not report it to the City's lord official residence in a timely manner? And also why did you not consult me before jumping in and commanding the arrest of a criminal? "Yan Bolai looked pensively at Yan Xiangma and said," What are you hiding? "

    Yan Xiangma's expression looked slightly stiff, then his face momentarily resumed his normal self and said while smiling: "What would I have to hide? I have nothing to hide? I did not inform the lord's official residence because there wasn't enough time. You also know Crow's ability, he can come and go without casting any shadow, and also his speed in killing is ultra-quick. After running into him I didn't even had a chance to breath, let alone dividing my attention to send someone over to ask for help. Besides, Crow's reward notice was announced by the Lord's official residence, it was approved by father yourself. After killing Crow I was naturally going to accept the reward, but with father's noble character and unquestionable integrity, you will certainly not allow me to receive that three thousand gold--"

    "Did you know, if you take the credit then the person behind all of this will keep an eye on you in the future, you will also have to bear their endless revenge--"

    "Father, who am I? "


    "I'm Yan Xiangma, the son of Yan Bolai the lord of Jiangnan City. My father is famous for his military glory and for protecting the region; I also naturally have to be indomitable and fearless. Those rogues who can only hide behind someone's back, would I pay any attention to them? If they have the ability then they should jump out and fight my sword and spear, watch if I don't crush those idiots-" 「

    "Nonsense." Yan Bolai slammed the table with his hand. "Do you think this is a joke? "

    Yan Xiangma looked at his father with a serious expression and said: "I don't think this is a joke, but just that it is a responsibility that I should bear."

    Yan Bolai stared at his son for a good while, then gestured with his hand and said: "Get out."

    "Yes, father."

    Yan Xiangma opened his mouth wanting to speak, but in the end no words came out, he turned and walked towards the outside.


    A clink of a mechanism operating sounded from the room.

    The enormous 'tiger growling on the mountains' painting divided into two in the middle, and a huge empty hole emerged from the middle of the wall. A man in a gray robe came out from the inside of the black hole.

    He walked to the front of Yan Bolai and looked at Yan Bolai as he spoke: "Lord, in this matter young master is deeply involved, I fear there will be danger in the future "

    Yan Bolai pushed away the chair, stood up, and walked up and down the study with a somewhat distressed face, then said: "The Cui family still hasn't given a verdict on this matter, yet he's stirring up trouble in the middle, it indeed makes people furious. It seems that I failed to pay sufficient attention in disciplining him."

    "What should our next step be?"

    Yan Bolai glanced out the window at the moon and pondered for a long time: "First, we definitely need to send someone to protect Xiangma. He has the ability to protect himself, but that's still far from enough for something like this."

    "Yes. "

    "Second, we need to protect Xiaoxin. These days Xiaoxin not going out is also a good thing. The entrance examinations have ended, in a few days time the Cui family will come and Xiaoxin will need to return to Tiandu--The kingdoms's capital is at turbulent times, the situation is unpredictable. We can only calmly wait and see."

    "Yes. "

    "Third, go and investigate that Li Muyang once again; if there is the need, then you might as well come out and personally test him--"

    "Lord you suspect that Li Muyang is a chess piece of others?" The black-robe man asked in a deep voice: "Young master has already checked, I also have sent someone to investigate. All his information is normal, we're unable to find any flaws."

    "Not being able to find any flaws might be the biggest flaw of them all. "Yan Bolai expression was grave and stern as he continued: "An expert who's able to kill Crow, would he be the trash-like student that we know of?"

    "Yes." The black-robe man said in a deep voice.

    Yan Bolai sighed lightly and said: "Xiangma loafing around all day long is not the right path, Xiaoxin is going back to the capital soon, let's also send him to Tiandu and give him an errand to do."
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