Chapter 044 - Evil people smashing the shop!

    044 - Evil people smashing the shop!

    Because Li Muyang lifted Zhang Chen and flung him into the lily pond, this adrenaline surging incident caused him to become the topic of Renaissance high school once again.

    Everyday when Li Shinian came back from school, her small face would look extremely excited as she emphasised the subsequent effects of that disturbance.

    "Brother-brother, did you know? Now there are a lot of boys in the school who adores you--"

    "Some people suspect that incident must be false because Zhang Chen is so much stronger than you--Hey, as a result many people came out and reported what they witnessed, slapping the faces of those who doubted you--"

    "Brother, a girl in my class wrote a letter to you--a love letter. You haven't received a love letter before right? Here, feel it, a love letter is like this. Hua Juan is my good friend, would you consider her? "

    Li Muyang just stayed calm, no matter how energetic Li Shinian was when she told him, he only smiled indifferently. Occasionally he would think this little girl is amusing and would laugh along.

    After Li Muyang had thrown Zhang Chen into the lily pond, he didn't talk to anyone and just left the school directly. Because he knows that if he stayed there it will only lead to more conflict. He did not want to compromise, and even more, he did not want to apologise.

    Of course, Zhang Chen also definitely won't.

    He heard that Zhang Chen's father is a very powerful person, but so what? Is he as strong as Crow?

    Li Muyang has been reflecting himself over these past few days.

    Before Li Muyang was often ridiculed or humiliated like this, and in many cases it was much worse than it was now. At those times Li Muyang stayed calm, as long as it doesn't affect his sleep he'd let them quickly bully him and then take a good nap afterwards. He had never been so furious before. Moreover, he would never get involved in a fight with his classmates just because of a few words.

    Li Muyang knows that his own body underwent great changes.

    For example he sent Zhan Chen flying with one punch, he forcefully sent Crow flying, and he easily broke off the lapis lazuli table--

    He felt soaring hostility in his heart and also his blood boiling.

    Li Muyang knows that a monster is living inside his body.

    Just as Crow had asked him just before he died: 'what sort of monster are you really?'

    "What sort of monster is inside his body?" Li Muyang has been pondering over this question for a long time. There were always intermittent images appearing in his sleep, he dreamt that his body was torn apart by a dragon, dreamt that the dragon's body was cut into several parts and he also dreamt of two balls of lights intersecting in the sky, this is the enemy of his fate--

    In addition, he possessed knowledge without learning them before and also knows a variety of unfamiliar methods for solving the questions--

    The changes on Li Muyang was too many and too drastic; he feels he is not the same Li Muyang as before.

    What's even more difficult to accept is that he does not know how to tell others about his changes; he can't find someone who can clear up his confusion.

    Under the state of surprise and joy, he cautiously waited, waiting for his real body to emerge and also waiting for the invitation from the far away Tiandu.

    "West Wind University--" Li Muyang murmured out that name. "Please."

    Li Muyang has been practicing writing recently; before he seldom writes, so his writing is not that good. When he noticed that his writing is not that good, he didn't have the motivation to practice.

    Human nature is like that!

    However, during this period he noticed that his writing has improved greatly, the force of his brush strokes is significantly better. When he writes there's a feeling of watching a confident fine horse galloping in the mist.

    Li Muyang see this was overjoyed.

    He heard someone say this before: a person's words are his second face--Li Muyang's first face is already not desirable, so he wants to find some sense of being in his second face.

    Whenever he had nothing to do, he would practise. He also did not deliberately try to imitate the characters of famous writers, he just wrote casualy.

    The more he writes the better it was, the more he writes the smoother it was. As if that style of writing originally belonged to him.

    "As if it was something always there and something that is mines." Li Muyang sighed lightly.

    After writing for an hour, Li Muyang stood up in the courtyard stretching his body.

    The last incident with Crow made him realised the importance of his body.

    Therefore, as long as he is free he would practice his walking pace and steps following the 'art of breaking body'. After a few laps, he can easily feel that any fatigue had vanished and the brain also became much more refreshed.

    Just as Li Muyang was exercising, the courtyard doors were banged on loudly.

    The sounds were hurried and brief. It seemed like it was something important.

    Li Muyang urgently ran to the door; Auntie Zhao from next door stood by the doorway. After seeing Li Muyang she quickly asked: "Li Muyang, is your father home? "

    "He's not, Auntie Zhao what's the matter? "

    "Muyang, hurry go look for your father and bring him to your store-something is happening at your bakery----" Zhao auntie was extremely anxious as she spoke, her feet stomping incessantly.

    Li Muyang asked urgently: "What happened to the bakery? Is my mother all right? "

    "When I walked past, there was a group of hooligans causing trouble in your store, your mum is fine now, but I fear that later there would be losses-Hurry and get your father-----"

    Li Muyang closed the courtyard door, ran towards the bakery in large strides.

    "Quickly go and get your father back--it's useless for you to go there--" Auntie Zhao yelled loudly from behind. Among all the neighbours, who doesn't know that Li Muyang is a sickly person?

    Shinian bakery.

    Luo Qi stood in front of the shelves of bread and said smilingly: "Big brother Tianyi It's not that I don't respect you, but our store is just a small bakery---after a hard day of work we only earn a few coins--we already paid at the start of the month, it's only the middle of the month now, yet we have to pay already? If you collect so often, we really can't afford it. Even if you come once a month, we don't earn any profits and instead had to pay out of our own pockets."

    The biggest bully of Water Willow Street, short and round-headed Zhang Tianyi smiled insincerely as he stared at Luo Qi and said: "Shop owner Luo, save your speech for someone else, saying it to us old neighbours definitely means nothing. The business of the bakery everyday, I Zhang Tianyi can see clearly, how many people come in and out of the store my little brothers help me remember---you Luo boss is a capable person, your Shinian bakery is quite famous in Jiangnan city--And? And you're not willing to pay management fees? "

    Zhang Tianyi glanced behind at the little brothers, smiled and said: "If you don't want us to manage your business if someone runs into your shop and fight then---"

    Zhang Tianyi grabbed a drawer of freshly steamed pineapple bun from the shelf and suddenly dropped it to the ground.


    The metal drawers smashed against the granite floor then bounced back up, the aroma of butter distributed everywhere as the pineapple buns rolled all over the place.

    "Tianyi big brother, why force people into a dead end? It's not that I'm unwilling to pay management fees, but I already paid at the start of the month---We can barely afford it if you collect once a month. But twice a month, we really can't bear it---"

    "So from what you said, you're not willing to pay then? " Zhang Tianyi asked while smiling, his laughing face resembling a Buddha.

    "Can you wait until next month---" Luo Qi said embarrassingly. "My two kids still have to go to school, there are also expenses in our house that needs to be paid, every month we depend on the little income from the bakery, it will be very difficult---"

    "Brother Tianyi, don't waste time talking to her, we should just smash her bakery---"

    "Those who are not willing to pay very little money will definitely lose a big sum of money--At that time you won't even have a store, let's see how you'll feed your family---"

    "Brother Tianye came to find you is following the will of the heavens--you dare to go against the heavens? "

    "Oh, brother baozi that's some good flattery you are giving. Domineering power---"


    Zhang Tianyi looked at Luo Qi charming face, then another thought came across his mind. He said happily: "What's your answer? If you don't want to pay, then it's not that there isn't any other solution---"

    "What solution?" Luo Qi asked warily. She came from a wealthy household and has a clear understanding of the human nature. She does not believe that Zhang Tianyi would be that kind to remove her management fees.

    "How about you accompany me for a drink? Us two can sit together, drink and talk, then maybe we will think of other solutions? Isn't that right? You go and ask the widow at the opposite restaurant, when have I ever received management fees from her? "


    Zhang Tianyi suffered a slap across his face.

    The smile on Luo Qi's face vanished, her eyes glaring coldly at Zhang Tianyi as she said: "No way. "

    "Tut tut---" Zhang Tianyi reached out and touched Luo Qi's cheeks, then licked his palms and said while chuckling: "Fragrant. Very fragrant. There's a faint smell of milk."

    Zhang Tianyue gestured his hand and shouted: "Brothers, smash the shop."


    A shelf is pulled down.


    A large hole was smashed into the cashier counter.

    "Don't destroy our store." A girl from the inside of the bakery dashed forward to stop them, but fell into the arms of a fat guy and forcefully kissed her delicate white face.

    "Stop it, you guys stop---" Luo Qi shrieked and leaped forward trying to snatch the girl from the big man's arms.

    Zhang Tianyi walked one step forward using his body to block the front, then smiled at Luo Qi and said: "Luo shop owner, what's your answer? If you don't accept, then this bakery will really become nothing---"

    "No way, I rather die than to follow your demands---" Luo Qi shouted in a shrill voice.

    "Look, look, you're not as clever as the widow across the street---this is actually a small matter and can be resolved easily, why do you have to make it so complicated?" Zhang Tianyi said with incessant regret.

    His glance swept across the miserable condition, then said with a smile: "My name is Zhang Tianyi, me coming here is the heaven's will--if you don't listen to the heaven, then the heaven will not allow you to continue make a living on this street. Other places I have no control, but this is Water Willow Street, what I say is the rule---"

    He stretched his arms high up and then forcefully slammed down and shouted: "Smash, use all your strengths to smash this shop for me, I want nothing standing up in the store---"
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