Chapter 046 - Destroying the plan!

    046 - Destroying the plan!

    The scorching sun seared the earth.

    It was right at noon, seeing crowds on the street is rare and seeing customers willing to go into the bakery were even more rare.

    Under such hot and stuffy weather, in a sealed room like this, everyone was drenched with sweat from the intense heat.

    Not only because of the problem with the weather but also Tianyi's problem.

    Zhang Tianyi can be considered as a lord who rule Water Willow street by force, a ruthless character, many brothers are under his control. His way of carrying out tasks is widely known to be cruel. When his shadow envelopes Water Willow Street as well as when he treats Water Willow Street as the nucleus and scans the surrounding few markets, almost no one has dared to confront him.

    Once there was a young hero Hao Nan, he gathered many hard men from Yu Hongxing Street to fight with Zhang Tianyi. But he unfortunately suffered a crushing defeat and ran far away into the countryside.

    Zhang Tianyi is the King of Water Willow Street, he tells other to stand and others have to stand. He tells other people to kneel and others can only kneel. When he has allows people to have a business, then people can open their shop and make a living on this street. When he doesn't allow them to have a business, then they will be like how he is right now--kneeling in front of Li Muyang--begging for forgiveness to survive.

    Before, only Zhang Tianyi forces people to get down on their knees. This time Zhang Tianyi is kneeling in front of other people, if such an incident was to spread out it will certainly shock Water willow street and rock the entire West side.

    Zhang Tianyi is already not tall, when he knelt down, he became a little meatball.

    He wanted to raise his head to look up at Li Muyang and say a few words but when his head only just lifted, Li Muyang deep voice thundered: "Impudent."

    Zhang Tianyi lowered his head and did not dare to be impudent anymore.

    Li Muyang tower over Zhang Tianyi and glared at him, his eyes were still blood-red, resembling the rays of a double edge sword watching the top of Zhang Tianyi's head.

    As a result, Zhang Tianyi already felt his head was being pierced through creating two blood holes.

    Li Muyang's body emitted a cold chill, a kind of imposing force that makes people to not have the courage to attack and tremble in fear.

    Zhang Tianyi's body trembled incessantly when Li Muyang was angered, but when Li Muyang became silent, his trembling intensified still. Because he noticed that the silent Li Muyang is much more terrifying than when Li Muyang is talking.

    "Before how many times did you collect in a month?" Li Muyang asked aloud.

    "What?" Zhang Tianyi looked up and asked.


    Li Muyang's palm slapped across his face, Zhang Tianyi's forehead forcefully knocked against the stone floor, his head was severely injured and blood was flowing out.

    Zhang Tianyi knew he was wrong; he quickly climbed back up again from the ground.

    He cautiously got back on his knees with his head down and shoulder hunched forward, not daring to move at all.

    "I'm talking about the management fee." Li Muyang said in a deep voice. "Before how many times did you collect in a month? "

    "Once a month." Zhang Tianyi quickly answered. "According to the rules, we used to collect once a month at the beginning of the month, after collecting the fee I wouldn't bother the business--I am wrong, big brother, I know I'm wrong. I don't dare to do it again. This time I was an asshole, I deserve to die--"


    Li Muyang once again slapped Zhang Tianyi's forehead, knocking him over and his head once again banged against the granite floor. Because Li Muyang used too much force, Zhang Tianyi's forehead was badly injured and became drenched in blood; it seemed as if his forehead was about to rot away.

    "You only answer what I ask. If I don't ask you, then don't talk. Also don't beg for forgiveness. Your life can't be begged back, it can only rely on yourself now. "

    "Yes yes--"

    "Why did it change? "Li Muyang's once again asked loudly.

    "Because-I'm greedy." I lost too much money at the casino recently, so I want to find some businesses and receive the management fee to ease my living conditions.

    "You have already collected from the other families?"

    "Just collected from two families--"

    "They already paid? "

    "They paid"

    "Which two family? "

    "The widow's family restaurant directly opposite from here and the tea house next door. "

    Li Muyang pondered for a while then said: "If I guessed correctly, there is a close relationship between you and these two families? You charge management fees for your own businesses? "

    "No no--"

    Li Muyang's voice became increasingly cold as he said: "It seems that you do not want to save your own life. "

    Bang Bang Bang--

    Zhang Tianyi's head forcefully pounded against the floor, repeatedly over and over again.

    Zhang Tianyi was incredibly scared, he cried for mercy: "Big brother, I'm wrong, I confess, I was ordered to come to your store to collect a second management fee. They gave me ten gold coins, and they also said if I can receive a second management fee from your store for this month, they will give me one hundred gold coins--I keep thinking would there be such a good thing, but since I'm idle, I gathered some brothers and rushed over to your store. "

    "I know that your mother is responsible here, so I thought a woman can be easily bullied, if she obediently handed over the money, then in that case I not only will receive the one month management fee and also the one hundred gold coins--I had no idea that your mum's temperament is so stubborn, she wasn't willing to hand over the money, so I threatened to smash her store--"

    "I'm afraid it's not that simple, right?" Li Muyang understood his mother's character. Luo Qi seems gentle on the outside but is strong in the inside and won't easily compromise. However, she sizes up the situation and accommodates to the circumstances. If she knows her own family and relatives were in significant danger, she would never care about the money--because the money she donates to the poor every month was not small at all. Even the shop's Xiaoting was brought back here from the street. In her eyes, life is much more important than money.

    However, the situation was that bad, yet mother still wasn't willing to compromise, then that proves the matter isn't as Zhang Tianyi had explained.

    "I--I also have some other ulterior motives--I wasn't thinking clearly for a moment, keep having lustful thoughts, thinking--think that--" I wanted to sleep with your mother these words Zhang Tianyi could not say out loud no matter what.

    If this were before, he would have proudly said to everyone that he slept with his mother. But right now, he is knelt in front of this teenager, seeing the power of this young man's fist with his own eyes, he did not have that sort of courage again.

    To have no sense of shame is something that needs incredible strength to support it!

    "I understand." Li Muyang's face showed an expression of even more difficult to accept it. His eyes glaring coldly at Zhang Tianyi and said: "I'm sorry, you didn't save your life. "

    "Big brother, big brother--Luo shop owner, hurry save me, your son is going to kill, he really is going to kill--"

    "Muyang--" Luo Qi cried aloud.

    Li Muyang turned around, the redness in his eyes color diminished in intensity and a warm gentle smile emerged on his face. His eyes showed kindness--Yes, this was what Luo Qi felt when she came into contact with his eyes.

    He is not like her son anymore, but instead more like an elder who pitied her.

    "Out of the way." Li Muyang said softly.

    Li Muyang punched out.


    The sound of flesh and skin being exploded could be heard, and then Zhang Tianyi's body disappeared into the air.

    His body, his flesh and his blood and bones all vanished. Just like they had never existed before.

    At the corner of the street, in front of a baked sweet potato stall, an old man who was eating sweet potatoes heard the noises, the movements of his hand peeling the sweet potato came to a halt, then he could not help but cry out in a low voice: "The art of the peerless metallic body. That child was able to destroy the body and incinerate blood without leaving the slightest trace behind--"

    He pondered for a moment and lightly shook his head.

    "No, it's not similar. It's not the 'The art of the peerless metallic body'. 'The art of the peerless metallic body.' is the most precious treasure of the Taoist arts. Taoist martial arts carry a taint of no desire and the Taoist doctrine of inaction. The punch right now was full of killing intent, it showed violent force and was reeking of blood, the smell was excessively strong--its seems more like devil's power. Relying solely on brute force, yet he was able to achieve the powerful result of 'The art of the peerless metallic body'. What is this child background? "

    "It seems that things are getting more and more interesting." The black robed-old man left a few coins on the table, then bent his back and walked in solitude on the empty street.



    Just as Yan Bolai was working, the cherry tomato plant on the table suddenly swayed slightly, then a tiny fruit fell onto the table, rolling over onto the paper he was writing on.

    Yan Bolai picked up the small fruit and glanced at it, then placed it back into the pot. He then pushed the eye of the copper beast on the pen container on top of his desk.


    The 'Tiger Growling on the Mountain' painting separated into two, in the middle of the wall revealing a dark hole.

    A man wearing a black robe walked over and stood in front of Yan Bolai's desk and said respectfully: "I told someone to test him. That child has concealed himself very deeply and has extraordinary power. One punch, and he unexpectedly was able to control the wind and clouds. In particular, his last punch was even more wonderful; when he destroyed that body it had the imposing energy of the Taoist 'The art of the peerless metallic body.'"

    Yan Bolai placed down the brush in his hand, held the cup and took one sip. He then asked: "How is he compared to Xiangma?"

    "I'm afraid he's probably slightly better than young master." The man in black said in a deep voice.

    When the servants say 'probably slightly better' they actually mean ' far superior'. Yan Bolai understood these situational words.

    Yan Xiangma frowned slightly while asking: "Are you able to determine his origin? "

    "No." The old man said with a face of regret: "I listened at close range, his moves are simple and straightforward, and didn't show any techniques. Also I'm not able to determine which sect he is. He simply relies on brute force to hurt his enemy. "

    "That is strange." The kingdom character Yan Bolai wrote revealed a faint smile, he then continued: "He only knows how to use brute force to attack, yet he was able to get such a good assessment from you? He's even 'slightly better' than Yan Xiangma who's in the middle stages of the high mountain ---who is he? "

    "I don't know. "

    "If he's intentionally trying to hide his identity, then why would he go to the extent to kill when he encountered such a small setback? If he weren't trying to hide his identity, then why would this kid hide his real power? Could it be that he only has supernatural strength and there's nothing to worry about? "

    The man in black did not answer but the master already has an answer in his heart.

    "He's naturally born with incredible strength, but his intelligence is worrying." Yan Bolai said sneeringly. "Xiangma just recently helped him conceal his identity, hiding him in a safe place. But we just threw out a few fish and he impatiently jumped out once again. Is this jump good or not? Xiangma's painstaking effort may have been wasted. "

    "Master is right. Li Muyang suddenly showed his power like that, then that means even those people who were behind this and who originally thought young master killed Crow will direct their attention onto him again. They will think that young master did that just to be in the limelight, so he used his authority to snatch off Li Muyang's credit and reward, at that time young master also specially sent over one thousand five hundred gold coins, that could count as clear evidence--Li Muyang is once again entangled in a situation of treacherous currents. "

    "The most important thing is that Xiangma is not involved in this anymore." Yan Bolai sighed lightly. "This kid does not know what's important and is not aware how dangerous it is, just because of loyalty he could go as far as stepping forward and make himself as a target. If those people were to make a move, they certainly will not leave him until he dies. Yan Xiangma is only at the lower realms of cultivators training, if he encountered an enemy how could he protect himself? "

    "Master can discern the intricacies behind this situation with a wave of your hand. That Li Muyang--- "

    "Now that he's exposed to the blazing sun, what demons or monsters he's hiding inside his body--maybe other people would be more interested than us? I alone can't understand, so why not let other people also take a look together. "
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