Chapter 048 - Frighten baby

    048 - Frighten baby

    Hearing the young lady directly speak out the truth behind the scenes, Ning Xinhai immediately became on the alert. Any sign of disturbance in the surroundings, any mere rustling of leaves in the wind, as well as the sounds of birds and insects could not easily escape from his notice at this moment.

    "Miss, be careful with what you say--" Ning Xinhai quietly advised against speaking. If these words were heard by the Yan family - especially that old butler of the Yan family who looks thin and seemed as if he could be blown away easily by a gust of wind. But the truth is Ning Xinhai had no confidence to exchange over thirty moves with him before things become troublesome. And it will definitely affect the relationship between the Cui and Yan family.

    "I'm just being honest, what's the harm?" Cui Xiaoxin does not care at all; she said this with a smile: "Uncle dotes on his son, without any effort he can overthrow all my arrangements. He is suspicious of Li Muyang but he has no real evidence to prove the exact identity of Li Muyang. So he just exposes him and draws everyone eyes on him--with so much attention on him, Li Muyang must no longer be able to hide?"

    "But did he think about my feelings? Li Muyang saved my life before. Last time Crow came to kill him, it was all because of me that he got involved--he saved my life, yet he is abandoned on the roadside like weed, being trampled on and can suffer life-threatening dangers at any anytime. Is this fair to Li Muyang? "

    "Miss, you should have known better--" Ning Xinhai comforted her in a deep voice. "In the eyes of some people, there is no justice and fairness, only exchange of benefits. Discarding an unrelated person to save his son, this a normal thing for them--they don't even need to pretend to hesitate."

    "Yes. Just because we are surrounded by these kinds of people, so I am thankful--thankful that Li Muyang dashed over even in such a dangerous situation and used his weak body to block Crow's sharp blade--"

    "Now Li Muyang is not weak anymore." Ning Xinhai said without any concern: "Miss, all along you won't let me delve into Li Muyang's real identity. But you should know that the power he's hiding is indeed astonishing--He consecutively blocked Crow's attack twice, the second time he even killed Crow with just his strength. This time Lord seriously intends to throw him into the exposure of the sunshine, but if he doesn't have that kind of strength, if he's unable to withstand a single blow- then it will be difficult for the Lord to succeed in his plan right?"

    "Li Muyang has never asked about my identity." Cui Xiaoxin said.

    "But he does not know the identity of Miss."

    "Do you think Li Muyang is an idiot? He's not. At least during this period, he made me realise that he's not an idiot, but is instead very clever. I have a skilled master like you as my guard, and every day I travel in a luxury car when I visited him. I'm a relative of the Lord of the Jiangnan City and the son of the city's lord is my cousin--do you think that's not enough for him to be suspicious of my identity? But he has never asked me before. "

    "Because he did not ask about the identity of Miss, so you do not allow me to pursue his identity? "

    "I have to be fair towards him." Cui Xiaoxin said. "He understands me and I understands him. What's the benefit of knowing too much? It will only bring trouble to oneself."

    "Since things have come to this step, what are you planning to do Miss? "

    "The danger of the Cui family cannot be borne by someone else." Cui Xiaoxin said in a deep voice.

    "Miss--" Ning Xinhai quickly dissuade her: "Miss, you must not go against the lord of the city; as soon as you make a move, he will know what you have in mind. We will return to the capital soon, why make him unhappy? "

    "Yes. We're going back, so we just throw all the risk and responsibility over to a guy that has nothing to do with it--I can't do something like that."


    "Where's Yan Xiangma? "

    "When I came back, I saw young master and his fleet of cars heading over in the direction of Li Muyang's house. "

    Cui Xiaoxin pondered for a moment and said: "It seems that we don't have to do anything. Uncle's wisdom is like the sea, but there will naturally be someone that can contend against him. "

    "Miss you mean young master Xiangma? "

    "He is the best candidate." Cui Xiaoxin sighed lightly. "This is unfair to him, but he is a man of the Yan family after all, and also a man of the Cui family--he is my older cousin, it's only right for him to protect me. If there is a chance, I will definitely repay him back for this favour. But regarding Li Muyang--why must we pull an outsider into our own business?"

    "I understand. " Ning Xinhai answered in a low voice.

    "Make sure cousin is safe." Cui Xiaoxin said. "The unrest of Tiandu is finally beginning to affect Jiangnan city. After some time, most likely we will also feel the harsh atmosphere, right? "

    "Yes. Miss. "

    Ning Xinhai left without any sound, just like when he had arrived.

    Cui Xiaoxin walked up and down in the middle of bushes with deep furrows of concern between her eyebrows.

    Uncle is adding fuel to the fire behind the scenes; perhaps he has his own intention.

    What does he want?

    Prosperous land, the role of the city's lord, could this no longer satisfy his appetite?

    This time Xiangma cousin is heading into the capital. Was there a hidden reason behind it?



    Yan Xiangma has indeed gone to look for Li Muyang, because by finding Li Muyang he is able to catch a glimpse of Li Shinian.

    He had never seen a girl like her; she looks cold and indifferent and ridicules him. When she looks into his eyes it's as if she's looking at a pile of **. This is completely different to previous girls who after realising his status or seeing his handsome self rushed forth like moths flying into the flame.

    What's most important is that she is cute and beautiful, her eyes are full of life and her every movement is youthful and energetic, seeing her will make you happy and all your troubles disappear.

    Yan Xiangma is furious, he came to visit Li Muyang but Li family's door is tightly closed and no one is at home.

    "Young master, why don't we come back tomorrow?" Li Dalu comforted Yan Xiangma by his side in a low voice.

    "Come back tomorrow? Then I came over here today for nothing?" Yan Xiangma swayed his fan and said furiously.

    "Then we wait at the door?"

    "Wait? Who am I? I am the son of the lord of the city, the most famous young master in Jiangnan city; you want me to wait? When have I ever waited for someone? "

    "Young master what should we do? "

    "Go find them, go and find them for me. "

    "Yes, master. I'll ask around." Li Dalu gestured his hand and all the brothers scattered about.

    "Young master, you take a rest for a while in the car? "

    "No. What should I do if my clothes are wrinkled? "

    He had woken up early in the morning to get dressed and groom himself. He had worn the most expensive and most dashing clothes there was just to let Li Shinian see him at his best.

    The outcome was hat Yan Xiangma is left disappointed.

    Very quickly, his subordinates have scouted out information to report: an accident occurred at Li Muyang's bakery so Li Muyang had hurried over to help.

    After listening to this Yan Xiangma was extremely happy, since Li Muyang ran over to the bakery to help, then that means when Li Shinian comes back he can be alone with her--he has more time and space to show her his extraordinary looks and profound knowledge.

    However, on second thoughts, this won't work. If Li Shinian knows that their store is shut because of an accident and he did nothing, how would she regard him?

    At that time he won't even be comparable to dog **?

    Thus, Yan Xiangma waved and said: "A friend is in trouble, I naturally have to go and help. Let's go. "

    However, Yan Xiangma's help was too late, because when he arrived the disaster has already been solved and the City's corps have already surrounded the bakery.

    The corps wearing the kingdoms' uniform surrounded Li Muyang/ Their swords were already drawn from their sheaths, arrows already knocked on the bow string. Even a slightest mistake could turn this into a fierce fight.

    Yan Xiangma was slightly terrified; this disaster is more serious than he thought it would be.

    He rushed inside towards the bakery with his underlings, the soldiers tried to intercept but he whipped them on the head with his fan and yelled: "Open your eyes and see who is Yan Xiangma--"

    Li Dalu arrogantly pulled out a token, after each soldier had clearly seen it he then proudly hid it away.

    All the soldiers saluted and made way, while Yan Xiangma swaggered in with his henchmen.

    "Li Muyang---" Seeing Li Muyang's eyes flashing with red, Yan Xiangma was slightly shocked. This is a sign of his transformation, if it is not properly controlled then most likely not one person will stay alive.

    "What happened?" Yan Xiangma turned around and shouted loudly at the captain of the army.

    The captain recognises Jiangnan city's famous hedonistic young master, he respectfully dashed over and answered: "Young master, a murder occurred here; this kid injured and killed several people, we came to arrest him---"

    "Injured and killed? Which of your eyes witnessed it?"

    "Young master, I received a report--"

    "Report? Who reported? "

    "That person has left already---"

    "How do you handle a case? Are your eyes blind? Is there any justice in Jiangnan city? Are there any laws?" Yan Xiangma pointed at the captain's nose and scolded loudly.

    "Young master, I-What did I say wrong? "

    "As the witness of this case, I saw it with my own eyes--these hooligans on the floor came rushing into the store trying to kill and demanded us to take out our wallet--They obviously came for me, they wanted to kill me--"

    "Young master, did you not---just force your way through? "


    Yan Xiangma once again drew out his fan and scolded: "Young master, I, had an upset stomach, so I went out a bit. I could have just walked away, but I couldn't let a righteous and courageous man suffer and be wronged by you jerks, so I returned. "

    Yan Xiangma pointed at Li Muyang and said: "If it wasn't for his brave struggle and for risking his life for me, I would already----"

    Yan Xiangma's eyes reddened, he patted his chest and said: "You do not know how dangerous it was, it nearly frightened a little baby like me to death--"
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