Chapter 049 - Good for nothing son!

    049 - Good for nothing son!

    "But young master--"

    Yan Xiangma drew out his fan, hitting the captain on his head and said: "But what? What? You're trying to say that young master's life is not worth anything right? "

    "Young master, I did not mean anything like that."

    "So you're saying I'm lying?"

    "I don't dare to."

    "Since I'm not lying and you don't think that my life is not worth anything, then why do you have such an attitude towards my savior? "


    "This hot blooded teenager protected the store and the customers safety without any regards to his life, risking his life to fight; he can be called as a hero, a role model of the kingdom. Should this kind of person not be reported to the lord so he can receive a reward, and become an example for the thousands of young people? Yet now you pointing your knives and arrows at him, forcing him to receive punishment for the crime of a murder---Did a dog ate your conscience? Have your sense of justice been eaten by a dog? "

    "Young master, I--"

    "Put away your weapons." Yan Xiangma thundered.

    Without any choice the captain waved his hand helplessly, and after a ' click ' sound each soldiers inserted their sword back into its sheath, lowered their bow and also sighed a breath of relief at the same time.

    When they were facing Li Muyang, their eyes came into contact with his blood-red eyes. They had no psychological superiority at all but instead felt like they were being watched by some kind of beast, their lives in danger constantly.

    They had a very clear feeling - if they obeyed their superior's command and rushed forward to arrest the criminal, then most likely not one person would survive--the entire army would have been wiped out by this criminal.

    Thinking about this, they were especially thankful that the lord's son Yan Xiangma barged in and disrupted everything. Although his style of handling matters is quite stupid but this time it actually saved their life.

    Yan Xiangma came close to Li Muyang and quietly asked: "Are you alright? "

    The redness in Li Muyang's eyes began to fade, he shook his head and answered: "I'm fine."

    "That's good. Don't say anything and let me handle this." Yan Xiangma said.

    He walked in front of the soldiers, pointed at the men in black lying on the floor with severe injuries and said: "You take a close look at them, these asshole wanted to hurt me, I also heard they planned to kidnap me--this was a premeditated crime. I will report all this to the city's lord, you better lock them up in prison and interrogate them. See if they have other accomplices and why they tried to kidnap me - for my money or for my good looks --"

    "Young master, we did not want to kidnap you--" A man in black hurriedly shouted. They already know that this guy in flamboyant clothing has powerful backing behind him. If the soldiers followed his orders and placed them into prison, they would be subjected to torture in order to extract a confession. Then at that time a kidnapping charge will most likely be placed on their heads and their lives cannot be guaranteed to be safe any longer.

    Before the man in black finished talking, Li Dalu already walked in front of him and accidentally stepped on his throat--It was unknown he had walked, just how could he step right onto someone's neck?

    As a result, the man in black looked like an emasculated donkey, desperately screaming but no sounds echoed out.

    Yan Xiangma was pleased with Li Dalu's performance. Even this dog stupid servant had times where he was clever. His years of education on him were not completely wasted.

    "Look at their faces, each of them is evil and horrible; one glance and you can tell they're bad guys--" Yan Xiangma pointed at the men in black while talking. "I'll leave the rest to you, you won't disappoint me, right? "

    "Young master--"

    "A friendly tip: as the famous hedonistic young master of Jiangnan city, I can do anything. "

    "Yes, young master." The captain of the corps stood upright. "I know what to do."

    "I like dealing with smart people. What is your name? "

    "Jia Qiang."

    "By standing on the same side as young master me, you will become greater in the future."

    "Thank you, young master. "

    Yan Xiangma waved his hand and said: "Quickly take those evil men away. Even seeing their vicious appearance makes me feel a bit scared--"

    "Yes." Jia Qiang gestured his hand and the soldiers pounced forward like wolves and tigers, carrying away the men in black on the floor.

    Jia Qiang saluted at Yan Xiangma and said: "Young master, I will leave now. "

    "Go ahead, you know how to write the report right? If you need me to say anything, don't be polite, eradicating these bullies and kidnappers is the duty of every citizen of Jiangnan city--"

    "You are Jiangnan city's biggest bully." The captain Jia Qiang silently disagreed and cursed at him in his heart.

    Of course, even if he had ten times the courage he would not dare to speak out these words.

    "Thank you young master, if every citizen of Jiangnan city has this spirit of sacrifice and the sense of ownership like you, then it will be most likely that we will not have any security problem at all? "

    Jia Qiang waved his hand and rapidly left with his group of subordinates. If he carried on with such perfunctory words, he might even throw up on the spot.

    When the soldiers were all gone, Li Muyang was finally able to relax and lower his guard.

    Yan Xiangma patted Li Muyang on the shoulder and said: "Cousin don't--don't look at me with those eyes, okay? It's as if you're looking at a bad guy. "

    The red clouds within Li Muyang's eyes vanished, his face apologetically said: "I'm sorry, I'm too sensitive. "

    Li Muyang walked to the corner and supported his mother up from the flour and asked with care: "Mum, are you okay? "

    "I'm fine, Muyang---" When Luo Qi looked at her son there's still an unsure feeling. This young man in front of her, is he really my son? When did his son----- become so powerful? "

    Also, when his eyes were wrapped in redness as he injured others, Luo Qi felt unfamiliar and scared.

    This was completely different to the Li Muyang she knew; she had never seen such cold and ruthless eyes on his son.

    "Mum--" Li Muyang's voice was hoarse, he felt his mother's hesitation and nervousness, and he also felt his mother's resistance. When he reached out to help her, she subtly avoided him. This is the person closest to him, the person he loved the most in the family, but even she looked at him like that? Then how would others regard him?

    Li Muyang felt extremely hurt.

    Li Muyang wanted to explain, but he does not know how to explain himself.

    Because even he does not know what had actually happened.

    Could it be just as Crow had said- he really had became a monster?

    "Muyang---" Luo Qi reached out, holding Li Muyang's hand tightly and said in a firm voice: "No matter what, you are Li Muyang, you're my son---"

    "Mum, I'll always be your son." Li Muyang said with his eyes brimming with tears.

    "Well, you obviously are my son, my good son. If it wasn't to save me, then you wouldn't--hurry over--" Luo Qi said comfortingly.

    The pastry chefs inside the bakery were supported up; they just suffered some outside injuries and are under no serious risk. Xiaoting also rushed over to Luo Qi's side and asked: "Sister Qi, are you alright? "

    Her face watched Li Muyang with adoration and said: "Muyang is really impressive. Today it was all thanks to you, otherwise, I and Luo Qi sister---"

    She couldn't continue with what she wanted to say. If it weren't for Li Muyang, Zhang Tianyi would have ruined her innocence.

    Li Muyang understands Xiaoting's meaning, he is also glad that he has this ability. If he were the same useless trash teenager, then seeing something like that he would be burning with rage but if he dashed forward he would only be instantly kicked away?

    Under that situation, his mother will try to save him no matter what and possibly have to sacrifice even more.

    Thinking of this possibility, the knot in Li Muyang's heart suddenly disappeared.

    He doesn't care what kind of monster he had transfomed into anymore, he only hopes he has the power to protect his family from any danger.

    Luo Qi walked in front of Yan Xiangma, bowed deeply and said gratefully: "Yan young master, this time it was all thanks to you for saving our family, giving us a new lease of life ---"

    "Auntie, don't say that. "Yan Xiangma hastily declined and said smilingly: "What new lease of life. I didn't do anything and did not see anything. When I arrived Li Muyang had already handled everything---"

    "Yan young master, you saved Muyang." Luo Qi said very seriously. "If it wasn't for your help, Muyang would have been taken away by the corps. If he was found guilty, then that will be an even bigger disaster for our family--he is just a child, he is just a student who only just finished the university entrance examination. If something happened to him, not only it will ruin his future but his life also can't be guaranteed. Isn't this giving us a new lease of life? "

    Yan Xiangma pondered for a while then continued: "Auntie, if you say it like that, I can't refute--but you don't have to keep it in mind, leave this favour for Li Muyang and Li Shinian to remember. Later, let's see if there's an opportunity for them to return this favour. "

    Li Muyang stared at Yan Xiangma and asked with a confused expression: "Why did you come here? "

    "I came to your house to find you to--discuss some things. But your door was tightly shut. So I told Li Dalu to ask around, as a result we heard that your store had an accident. After hearing the news I was extremely worried about what actually happened to your bakery? So I came over here instantly."

    "Thank you." Li Muyang said gratefully. "I troubled you again."

    Yan Xiangma waved his hand and said: "Don't thank me so quickly, we still don't know who should thank whom."

    Li Muyang's expression looked slightly stiff as he asked: "What does that mean? "

    "Nothing. I just meant that since we're brothers, you don't have to carry the word 'thank you' on your lips all the time--since you're all fine now, then I should head back. "

    Yan Xiangma waved his hand and said: "I won't help clean up. See you soon. "

    When he finished talking, he walked towards the outside with his group of henchmen.

    Li Muyang watched Yan Xiangma's shadow as he walked away, rays of light flickering in his eyes.

    "Muyang---" Luo Qi called aloud. She reached out to tidy Li Muyang's rumpled clothes and said with distress: "You suffered so much, mum won't allow you to get bullied ever again--"

    "Mum---" Li Muyang's weak body leaned against his mother and hissed: "I should be saying this to you--I will never let you get bullied in the future. Leave the responsibility to protect you to your good-for-nothing son."
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