Chapter 050 - Hiding from the Lady!

    050 - Hiding from the Lady!

    Fortune and misfortune are two buckets in the same well.

    Li Muyang has become smart and also become powerful; it is a blessing.

    However, besides the changes occurring within Li Muyang's, there were also many other things that had happened all of a sudden in their home. These matters have destroyed Li family's years of peaceful life in a short frame of time.

    After hearing of the accident that happened in the bakery, Li Yan did not say a word and just took out his spear from the corner and headed out for revenge.

    Luo Qi grabbed him and shouted: "Li Yan, where are you going? "

    "To kill." Li Yan deep voice thundered.

    The eyes of the habitually silent man turned blood-red and in his heart was an overwhelming sea of hatred. Before he and the thugs of this street never bothered each other. In order to guarantee his family's safety, he did not try to stand out in Water Willow Street and was willing to pay management fees along with the other shops to Zhang Tianyi every month.

    However, today Zhang Tianyi has gone too far; he dared to hurt his wife and his son. He shall face the wrath of his weapon until he dies.

    Li Yan is from Tiandu's Lu family; he was Miss Gongsun Yu's trusted aide. It is precisely because of this relationship that allowed him to marry the beautiful Luo Qi.

    As the old saying goes: even people in front of the Prime Minister's door was a third grade government official. Li Yan's heart naturally has an air of arrogance as he was once part of the Lu family. Those rogues dared to approach and bully them; he could no longer tolerate it anymore.

    "You don't have to go. " Luo Qi said aloud, trying to stop him. "Everything has been settled. "

    "How was it settled? "Li Yan asked with a puzzled expression.

    Luo Qi pondered for a moment then answered: "Because of Muyang's friend Yan Xiangma; he's the son of the city's lord. Young master Yan helped us settle this issue. "

    Li Yan is suspicious and asked aloud: "Did you guys suffer any pain? "

    "We're fine--" Luo Qi answered. "Li Yan, I want to discuss something with you. "


    "I want to take a trip to Tiandu. "Luo Qi said.

    "---Because of Muyang? "

    "For Muyang." The image of Li Muyang's eyes wrapped in red clouds and punching someone to death once again appeared in Luo Qi's mind. She knew very well that Li Muyang has changed. He became difficult to manage.

    She does not know if the change is for better or worse, but the most important thing is that she knows she is unable to help Muyang.

    They can't help, so they have to send him to a place where someone can help him. It is only by doing so that when something like this happens again or when Li Muyang is involved in an even more serious accident, could it be resolved in a timely manner.

    There are things that parents enjoy and don't like; however, their preference will always change according to their children's joy and anger.

    For the purpose of educating his son to become a person who is worthy of respect, ancient philosopher Mencius's mother had also moved houses three times. For his own son, Luo Qi is also willing to put aside her years of hatred and her insistence in not contacting them.

    "You should know very clearly, back then they weren't willing to have this baby--" Li Yan said with a bitter face: "Back then they swapped the children without anyone noticing, but now if we bring Muyang over, would they admit it? If they admit it, is that not the same as hitting their own face? How would they explain Li Muyang's origin to the people outside? And how would they explain the relationship between the Lu family and Li Muyang? "

    Li Yan understood his wife's intention; after experiencing what happened today she is worried that she can't protect Li Muyang's safety.

    "If they are not willing to admit Muyang is their family, then to Muyang--is that not even more hurtful? In that case, we might as well not let him know--so instead, he can live a simple and happy life. "

    "You can be assured that starting tomorrow, I'll will stay around you two. If someone dares to come up and bully you then I wouldn't leave it at that. "

    "Li Yan---" Luo Qi wanted to speak but then hesitated.

    "Believe me, I can do it." Li Yan said with a dignified face. Since he had spoken such words, then when his wife and family is in danger he will definitely risk his life for them.

    Luo Qi looked at her husband's determined expression, while her mind is still in a mess, she doesn't even know how to begin.

    "Have you not already sent a letter to the Lu family?" Seeing that a worried frown was still on his wife's face, Li Yan said comfortingly: "I'm sure they will give you an answer soon. "

    "Do you think---" Luo Qi nervously held her husband's hand tightly and said: "They would be willing to help, right? "

    Li Yan shook his head and said: "I do not know--I wish they would. Blood is thicker than water, they won't--"

    Li Yan did not continue. If the Lu family cares that blood is thicker than water, then back then they wouldn't do such a cold and ruthless thing?

    The couple looked at each other without saying anything and only sighed.

    After Li Muyang came home, he headed to sister Li Shinian's room and chatted for a while with her and watched her do her homework. He then returned to his room, lying in bed lost in thought.

    When Yan Xiangma returned home, his mother was drinking tea in the living room.

    "Mum, is dad back? " Yan Xiangma asked.

    "Your mum is sitting right here, but the first thing you ask when you come back is where your dad is?" Cui Xinci said. "Why? You don't look too good; don't tell me you're stirring up trouble again and needs your father to come forward to solve it? Which young master did you bully? Or which general's daughter did you hurt? "


    "Fine, go to the study to find him then. As soon as he came back he headed into the study and did not even say a few words to me. Well, I can't count on you men at all, only Xiaoxin is considerate, unfortunately she has to go back, I don't know how to live the rest of my days---"

    Yan Xiangma came over and hugged his mother, then grabbed the tangerine on the table and said: "Mum, eat some fruit. "

    "You brat, you want to block my mouth with fruit, right? "

    Yan Xiangma stood at the door of his father's study, but then hesitated to push open the door.

    Finally, he just gave up, and walked towards the West Wing.

    Yan Xiangma gently knocked on the dark door; the door was then pulled open from the inside. Cui Xiaoxin stood at the door dressed in a white nightgown; without makeup she still looked beautiful and elegant. She glanced at Yan Xiangma and asked: "Cousin, it's so late--what is it? "

    "I heard---" Yan Xiangma showed a bitter smile then continued: "I'm going to Tiandu with you.

    Cui Xiaoxin looked pensively at Yan Xiangma and asked: "Cousin you don't want to come? "

    "On the contrary. "Yan Xiangma said with a firm expression: "I can't wait. "



    Tiandu. Lu Mansion.

    A woman wearing a dark purple dress embroidered with large Begonia sat on a stool by the window. Her facial features are like a painting and she has an elegant demeanour, looking gentle like the spring water.

    On the left hand side of the woman was a small table with a brown leather bag on top, the bag was just sent over by a waitress and contained some documents.

    She had read each word contained in the documents very seriously, so much so that after reading she used her fingers to carefully touch each word. Even until now the astounded feeling she felt is still difficult to put into words.

    After calming down her mood, she then carried the bags and walked toward the front yard.

    Inside the yard are office buildings, rock gardens, ponds and pavilions; each step there is countless beautiful sceneries. But the woman just looked up at the path and was not even distracted in the slightest.

    The woman came to a stop in front of a classical building; on the building are three elegant characters 'Illustrious Virtue building'. The person who wrote these letters was Chu Xianda, the current monarch of the West Wind Kingdom.

    At the entrance of the small building, there were men wearing ordinary green garments guarding outside but they displayed an imposing manner. Inside,were even more guards.

    Seeing the woman coming over, the two men wearing green shirt bowed and greeted her at the same time.

    "Welcome Madam."

    The woman smiled slightly at them, then asked with a smiling face: "Where is Qingming? "

    "The Governor's is working in the study." The bearded man Yue Feilong replied with a smile. "Do you want me to go in and report? "

    "No need to trouble you two generals. "The woman declined, her smile was gentle and charming, but gave an unquestionable toughness. "I'll head inside myself. "

    Yue Feilong wanted to stop her but was pulled back by the lean man next to him.

    "Why? I can't go in? " The woman was still smiling, but her smile showed a little hint of danger.

    Li Pingan hoped to smooth things over and said: "Feilong is afraid the governor will be disturbed when he's dealing with matters of the state. However, since the lady wants to see the Governor, then of course you can do so anytime; we don't dare to stop you---"

    The woman nodded and walked towards the building.

    After the lady had walked away, Yue Feilong complained in a low voice: "Old Li, you forgot what the Governor said? He said he wants to focus on work, no one is allowed to come in. "

    "How would I not remember the Governor's words? But old Li--you're unclear of the situation, are you not aware of the Governor and the lady relationship? Husband and wife wants to have a little reunion; the Lady wanted to surprise the Governor, what are you doing getting between them? "Li Pingan said with a smile.

    "Old Li, I think the Governor's order is intended for the Lady---" Yue Feilong glanced around the surroundings and whispered. "He hoped that we would stop the lady from coming in. "

    "How is that possible? "Li Pingan is shocked. "Why would you have that suspicion? Could it be that the Governor--is having an affair? "

    "Li Pingan, you old military lump, if you continue to tarnish the Governor's good name, I will draw out my sword and fight you with all might--Are you not aware of the Governor's character? How would he be unfaithful to the Lady? I was just suspicious---have you not noticed? Recently the Governor has been busy attending social events during the day and when he returns at night he immediately heads into the study --I feel that the Governor is hiding from the Lady-----"

    "Now that you mention it---yesterday the Governor had finished his matters earlier in the day, but he suddenly said he wanted to eat dim sum at Fu lai restaurant, then he brought us all to Fu lai restaurant and we spent an afternoon there--Before, when he returns, does he not hurry into the courtyard? "

    "I heard that after men reach a certain age, their capacity will decline---Do you think the Governor is not capable in that aspect, so he's avoiding the Lady on purpose? "


    Yue Feilong drew out his sword and shouted in an angry voice: "Li Pingan, do you want me to sever your dog head with my sword?"
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