Chapter 055 - Explosive Temper

    055 - Explosive Temper

    Lu Qiji rode the horse back to the Lu mansion, where a seven or eight year old little boy came running over. Then, like a lackey he held onto Lu Qiji's horse rope, his chubby face looked up and whispered: "Sister, you're finally back? "

    "Lu Tianyu, what are you doing sneaking about?"

    "Sister, father and mother quarreled--" While glancing around the surroundings, Lu Tianyu answered in a low voice.

    "Hmm? Do you know the reason why? "Lu Qiji asked aloud.

    Father is tolerant and mother is kind; their relationship is very good, they don't often get angry, let alone quarrel. This made her very curious.

    "I heard that mother wants to bring someone back and father won't allow it--Sister, who is it that mother wants to bring? It's just bringing someone back, why would father not agree? Oh, father said grandpa don't agree as well. Why would grandpa know of this matter as well? Is he not fighting for the position of government minister? Is he successful? Why would he have the time to care about these trivial matters?"

    Lu Qiji's black pupils turned purple and her purple hair became even more beautiful, just like a pretty flower deity descending from the heaven.

    "Lu Tianyu, shut up." Lu Qiji said aloud in a cold tone: "Do not say something like this again in the future."

    "Sister, sister, what's going on with you? "Lu Tianyu was so nervous he felt a shiver down his spine and his legs began to tremble. "Why are you angry? It's not me who said this; it's father and mother--"

    "It doesn't matter who said it. Do not say it again, and you must not spread this around--" The purple colour in Lu Qiji's eyes suddenly flashed away and her voice become much calmer: "If I hear it again, I will whip you."

    Lu Tianyu is fearless, but he's most afraid of his cold and beautiful sister.

    When he observed Lu Qiji's expression, she was serious and grave.

    Then he glanced at the whip in Lu Qiji's hand, it is indeed ice-cold.

    As a result, he nodded repeatedly and said: "Sister, I understand, I will never utter these words again--sister, you've been practicing sword all day, you must be tired? Let me help you take your horse, you go get some rest inside."

    Lu Qiji also handed the horsewhip over to his brother Lu Tianyu, dismounted from the horse, and headed towards the small independent courtyard that she lives at.

    Watching Lu Qiji walk into the distance, the little chubby Lu Tianyu held onto the horsewhip and whipped the black horse's butt while scolding: "Your master bullied me, I'm going to bully you instead--"

    The black horse is extraordinarily brave; after his butt suffered some pain, his hoofs naturally performed a self-defense movement


    Being caught off guard, the horse's leg kicked Lu Tianyu to the floor, making him fall flat on his face.

    Lu Qiji heard the loud noise, instantly turned around and asked: "What's going on? "

    Lu Tianyu lied flat on the floor, then after much struggle his chubby face squeezed out a tiny smile and said: "Sister, do I look like a frog? "

    As he spoke, he also imitated a frog's croaking: "ribbet-ribbet".

    "Idiot." Lu Qiji turned to leave.

    After returning back to her courtyard, she shut the gates of the courtyard, and instantly Lu Qiji's black pupil turned into a dark purple colour once again.

    The violet-blue pupils looked like a strange monster.

    She drew in the air with her hand, then a small mountain that looks more like a boulder flew over towards her.

    Her right palm unfolded supporting the stone mountain and then rays of purple light wrapped around her palm. The mountain boulder incinerated into a handful of dust, disappearing without any traces at all.

    "Li Muyang---" Lu Qiji's voice was ice-cold as she uttered this name. "Welcome to Tiandu."

    Knock knock knock--

    From the front door came the distant sound of knocking.

    "Miss, lady invites you over." The voice of a maid sounded from the door. "

    Lu Qiji's purple pupils disappeared within seconds, changing back to her black pupils as before just like a normal person.

    "I know." Lu Qiji said softly. "Tell mother I'm coming over."

    "Yes, Miss." The maid at the door replied.



    Just as Li Muyang pushed open the gate, sister Li Shinian was already waiting in the yard.

    "Brother, what did you find out?" Li Shinian asked with a grinning face.

    "About what?" Li Muyang said, pretending to be confused.

    "Yeah right, don't pretend." Li Shinian rolled her eyes and said with disdain: "I have said already, before your butt even sticks out I know you want to **---"

    "Li Shinian--" A flush of embarrassment rose to Li Muyang's cheeks, this awkward incident from when he was young being exposed like this by his little sister, it really was quite embarrassing. He has now grown into a handsome and not-as-dark teenager--at least this is what Li Muyang thought.

    We are all adults, why still mention theses old stories of butt and ** from when he was young---It really was degrading.

    "Oh! Oh! Oh! Li Muyang is blushing--Brother to tell the truth, this is the first time I saw you blush." Li Shinian stared at Li Muyang's redden face and said while smiling. "It's weird, why is this the first time? Oh, I understand, it's not that you haven't blushed before, but just that your skin was too dark; even if you were blushing, I couldn't tell. Now I can see clearly--that proves you indeed is paler now. Oh, you really turned much paler---"

    "Li Shinian----" Li Muyang completely has no temper towards his precious little sister,

    "Fine, let's talk about something serious." Li Shinian stopped poking fun at her brother and said: "Tell me, why did you go bring cakes to Aunty Zhao? What's your intention?"

    "Last time we received her help, so I just want to thank her. I just brought her a box of cakes, its manners." Li Muyang said with a smile. "

    "Li Muyang---look me in the eyes." Li Shinian aligned Li Muyang's head, making his eyes face her eyes directly. "Do you think I'm stupid?"

    "Not stupid at all." Li Muyang shook his head. Whoever dares to say Li Shinian is stupid, they are the real idiot.

    "But why is there an idiot in my eyes?" Li Shinian said. "

    "That idiot---" Li Muyang revealed a wry smile and said: "You're just a child, why ask so many questions? Study hard and make progress everyday. What was our deal? I go to West Wind first and then you will come over next year. Based on your academic record, isn't this just a small matter for you?"

    "I'm a kid, then how much older are you than I am? You won't tell me? If you don't tell me I'll ask Aunty Zhao---You were able to find out something, do you think I can't? "

    Li Muyang let out a sigh and said: "I feel someone is targeting us. "

    "Targeting us?" Alarmed by this, Li Shinian asked: "Are they with that assassin?"

    "Not sure at this moment." Li Muyang replied in a deep voice. "However, they have bad intentions."

    "Brother, so what are we going to do? "

    "I'll find a way." Li Muyang looked fondly at her little sister Li Shinian and said: "Don't worry, it'll be all right."

    Whatever happens, he will protect his family and won't ever let them get hurt.

    For that, he is willing to pay any price.

    "Li Muyang---Li Muyang, I know you're at home, hurry come and open the door for young master me--" Someone shouted loudly at the door.

    Immediately hearing this voice Li Shinian became irritated and said: "That idiot young master is here again."

    Li Muyang laughed and joked: "Maybe he is here for you."

    "It seems he is here for you? Muyang and Xiangma[1], two animals put together makes a family--one black and one white, who dares say you two are not a pair I will get mad on the spot."


    "Li Muyang, hurry and open the door. I have someone important to discuss with you---"Yan Xiangma voice echoed over once again. "

    "He is someone who helped us after all." Li Muyang sighed, walked over to open the gate and said with a smile:" Yan young master---"

    "No, no, no, don't be so polite. Call me cousin, cousin--we sound closer like this. I'm not a particularly cold or arrogant young master, although I'm born of noble birth but I'm modest and unassuming---" -"

    Yan Xiangma looked at Li Shinian who was coldly glaring at him, his smiling eyes narrowed into a thin gap.

    He waved his fan, charmingly walked into the courtyard and said: "Shinian little sister is also at home? Shinian, Shinian, every time I hear this sweet name it feels like my heart is being melted---"

    "Who is your little sister?" Li Shinian stayed on the alert, staring intently at Yan Xiangma: "Cui Xiaoxin is your little sister."

    "Yes, yes. Xiaoxin is my sister. You're also my sister--your brother calls me older cousin, if you're not my sister then who?" Yan Xiangma used his arm to nudge Li Muyang's arm and said: "isn't that right, cousin Muyang? "

    Li Muyang just felt he wants to hide his face with his sleeves; he is definitely the well-respected young master of the city's lord, then why would Li Muyang have this sort of feeling of shame when he's with him?

    "At that time I was---possessed." Li Muyang said helplessly.

    "I think possessed by lustful thoughts? "Yan Xiangma glanced at Li Muyang with a meaningful look and said: "There is one thing that I don't know if I should tell you---"

    "What is it? "Li Muyang asked.

    "Xiaoxin is waiting for you at Sunset Lake." Yan Xiangma said.

    "Really? "Li Muyang was overjoyed.

    "It is true." Yan Xiangma said with a smile. Why would I lie to you about this sort of thing? If you go there you will know."

    Li Muyang turned around, hurriedly ran towards the outside, but after running two steps he immediately return back and said: "No, you might trick me--you should go with me. "

    "Li Muyang---" Yan Xiangma is truly infuriated by this fool. Grabbing his arm, he dragged him to the corner, lowered his voice and said: "I brought my cousin to your mouth for you, but you won't even let me say a few words with your sister? Do you have a heart? Did the dog eat your conscience? "

    Li Muyang also had the same thought; Yan Xiangma brought his own cousin to him, then of course he should also give him and his sister some time to spend alone together.

    However, doing so, he felt very uncomfortable.

    And so, he looked at Yan Xiangma and said: "I'd rather use my conscience to feed the dog, I can't let you stay alone with my sister--"

    Li Muyang pulled Yan Xiangma by his arm and said: Come on, you come with me. "

    "Brother---" Li Shinian shouted aloud. "Xiaoxin sister is waiting for you at Sunset Lake, hurry go there. This idiot--young master, leave him stay with me. "

    "Shinian---" Li Muyang was still somewhat concerned. "---"。

    "Don't worry. Could he eat me?" Li Shinian blinked her eyes, innocently smiled and said: "I also planned to have a discussion with him."

    Li Muyang nodded and said: "Alright. I'll be right back."

    "My idiot brother---" Li Shinian stamped her feet in rage and said angrily: "This sort of matter, a girl is not even worried, why did you urgently return back? Don't be long-winded, hurry go."

    Li Muyang nodded and ran towards the direction of Sunset Lake in big strides.

    After Li Muyang had disappeared into the distance, Yan Xiangma straightened his clothes and said with a courteous bow: "Shinian sister, Xiangma---"

    "Don't Xiangma this, you smelly horse. You come out with me." Just as Li Shinian spoke, she stomped towards the street outside of the yard.

    "Hey, this woman---" Yan Xiangma felt insulted, the feeling of being humiliated to death. "Why would someone like this person with such an explosive temper?"

    [1] Their names has the characters horse and sheep in it
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