Chapter 057 - Dont worry

    057 - Don't worry

    The cool and fresh wind breezed over the green grass.

    Water ripples moving across the surface of the lake, the soil distributing a sweet fragrance that moistens the throat.

    A young man and a young woman sat by the lake, looking like a couple who had skipped class to secretly come out to play by the lake.

    Falling in love, every word they say gives people the feeling of love.

    However, a dream is plump while the reality is skinny.

    It was a farewell, the girl is saying goodbye to the boy.

    The girl is leaving somewhere far, somewhere very far.

    They said see you later to each other, but there most likely would not be a later.

    Hearing Li Muyang's words, Cui Xiaoxin's mouth was slightly raised and said: "I'm trying very hard to say goodbye to you."

    "I know." Li Muyang said with a smile: "I am also making a joke very seriously."

    "You really have changed a lot." Cui Xiaoxin took a glimpse at Li Muyang then continued: "You've become like Yan Xiangma. Oh, I remember that day when you attack Zhang Chen, your words were much sharper than those of Yan Xiangma's--Perhaps, you two are the same type of people? "

    "Those who stay near ink get stained black. Yan Xiangma constantly comes over looking for me, I also caught some of his habits."

    "That means you would become a hedonistic young master."

    "This is his innate nature, you can't acquire that even with hard work--" Li Muyang said with a smile. "No matter how much I try, there is no way I could become the son of the lord of the city, right?"

    Cui Xiaoxin smiled and said: "But your son can become the young master of the lord of the city."

    "Hopefully; I will do my best." Li Muyang pulled out a sugar cane stalk from the meadow, placed into his mouth to chew. It was unsure when he had acquired this habit; perhaps it was one day when he was sitting alone in a daze. "However, did we not make a promise? We will go see the sunset together at Weiming Lake in West Wind University--I also should be going to Tiandu soon, right? "

    "At Tiandu--" Cui Xiaoxin's hesitated then said quietly: "At that time our school work will be quite hectic, not sure if we'll have time to watch the sunset."

    Li Muyang's facial expression stiffened for a second before he regained his smile and said: "it doesn't matter anyway, we will be at school for a couple of years, no need to worry--Wait until you're free, then we can go to Weiming Lake together."

    "In that case, I don't know how long you have to wait." Cui Xiaoxin said: "I hope that day will come."

    Cui Xiaoxin felt she should say something to sever all relations with Li Muyang, by doing so she can cleanly and completely separate the two people of different worlds. But when her eyes meet with Li Muyang's gaze, she could never utter such words.

    Li Muyang remained silent; Cui Xiaoxin also did not say anything else.

    The boy and girl sat by the lake, worrying about something that people of their age should not worry about.

    After a long time, Li Muyang finally said softly: "Cui Xiaoxin, what are you worried about? "


    "I know I am not good enough for you, I just want to be your friend." Li Muyang's eyes calmly shifted over at Cui Xiaoxin, then said in an incomparable composed tone as if it has nothing to do with him: "I admit, I have hoped something like this would happen before, but very quickly I extinguished that thought by myself. When I liked you, I did not tell you; when I decided that I don't like you anymore I also did not tell you. The reason I didn't say anything is because I know you definitely wouldn't want to hear it."

    "Boys of our age, who doesn't like beautiful girls? In my eyes you are not only beautiful, but also kind and independent. I really thought that it would be great if you can be my girlfriend, just like other couples in our school--At that time, I must be the most awe-inspiring and most admired boy in the school, right? "

    "I never asked where you come from or your background, but I already guessed your family must be very impressive. Even Yan Xiangma is your cousin, which means your family must surely be comparable to their family. I know we are people of different worlds, and I know it is impossible--impossible for you to fall in love with someone like me, an ugly and insignificant boy. I just thought we could be friends. Even as a friend, you are a very good friend--Also, you were my first real friend. Except from Shinian, you were the only one of a similar age willing to interact with me. "

    "But, you suddenly disappeared and no longer came over to my house. When I wanted to find you I realised I don't even know where you live--you pushed me aside so our relationship would return to what it was before. But I can feel it. You don't even want to keep our relationship as ordinary friends, right? "

    "Li Muyang-"

    "Cui Xiaoxin, don't you worry." Li Muyang opened his mouth, smiled and said: "Even if we are still friends, I wouldn't be pursuing you. Even at West Wind University, I also wouldn't be pursuing you."


    Cui Xiaoxin left.

    She left Sunset Lake, and will also be leaving Jiangnan.

    Li Muyang sat alone by Sunset Lake, the sweet juices from the sugarcane stalk have already been drawn out completely but he is still reluctant to part with it and continued to chew.

    Li Muyang was a very affectionate person, because he lacks affection.

    Li Muyang was someone who cherishes friendships because besides this he does not have much he could cherish.

    Li Muyang recalled that day, the scene of thousands of carps leaping forward under the blood-red sun, thinking to himself he may possibly become a great man.

    "At that time, many people will be willing to be friends with me, right?" Li Muyang thought to himself.

    Just as Cui Xiaoxin walked down to the river's edge, Yan Xiangma was already waiting at the side.

    Yan Xiangma glanced over into the distance, unable to see Li Muyang's location.

    He opened his mouth, smiled and said: "You've said goodbye?"

    "I've said goodbye." Cui Xiaoxin answered without any expression at all.

    "You've made it clear?"

    "Shut up. "

    "That means you've not made it clear." Yan Xiangma gently shook his head and said: "Love is just one word but it can make many people sad and emotional. However, this is for his own good. Back then during the exams Crow came to Li Muyang's house to attack him, although I arrived on time to dissolve this danger, but that still limited his time to answer questions--I don't think he will get into West Wind University, and whether he will go to Tiandu or not is still uncertain. At that time, you two will naturally separate."

    "I have a premonition." Cui Xiaoxin said in a firm voice. "He will go to Tiandu, not only that but he will set off a great wave that will frighten the heavens. "

    "You're a fortune teller?"

    "You didn't see his eyes." Cui Xiaoxin's voice sounded a little emotional. "You didn't see how sullen and unwilling he was."




    Cui Xiaoxin left; Li Muyang did not see her off.

    However, Li Shinian did go. Li Shinian simply said a few words after she returned: 'Xiaoxin sister is gone, that idiot young master is also gone'. As to how the farewell was, Li Muyang did not ask and Li Shinian did not say anything.

    Cui Xiaoxin is merely a passing traveller in their lives, come and go, just like many people they briefly encountered on the streets, occasionally they come to your mind and you miss the memories together but it will never return to what it used to be.

    Everyday Li Muyang practised writing, read and then followed his sister practising 'The Art of Breaking Body'.

    Li Muyang possesses plenty of brute force but he does not know how to exert that strength.

    Every time he throws out a punch it is not weak nor lacks response, but instead cause devastating destruction.

    These are the two extremes and shows he's not exerting force in the right way.

    Without any teacher, he can only ask Li Shinian, who started training martial arts and practicing qi before him, for advice.

    Li Shinian's knowledge is limited, but she gives it everything to teach his brother. Li Muyang possess an extremely abnormal ability to learn, and so very quickly Li Shinian found her knowledge was emptied. Because of her competitive nature she does not want to admit defeat so easily, everyday after reviewing her lessons she practiced 'The Art of Breaking Body' diligently.

    In this process, Li Shinian's skill greatly improved.

    Li Muyang also borrowed Li Shinian's book 'The Art of Breaking Body' to study. Back then Li Shinian wanted to use it to exchange for Li Muyang's life but Crow did not agree, so Li Muyang took his life instead--

    'The Art of Breaking Body' is a valuable book that belongs to the Taoist and is used for training qi. Although getting started is simple, and it can strengthen the body and build up health, but it is extremely difficult to practice. Even being able to throw out 'breaking fist' like Li Shinian after many years of continuous training was already considered a gift.

    'The Art of Breaking Body' has mentioned that those who reached the peak of training, will be able to grasp hold of the sun and moon and smash the empty air into pieces. Li Muyang is unable to distinguish if this is true or false, and whether there is indeed such an unusual result or the author is just boasting.

    After all, every author likes to boast.

    Li Muyang is delighted when he reas this book, and very often he feels a sudden flash of insight and then all is clear.

    Before Li Muyang knows nothing about martial arts but now he finally developed a system of learning and processing his knowledge.

    Because he just started training, it is in line with Li Muyang's physical condition.

    What made him most amazed was that when he read to the end of the book it seems very familiar to him.

    There were three thousand great ways, a myriad of paths, but the destination was all the same when the pinnacle was reached.

    Li Muyang felt that the knowledge within 'The Art of Breaking Body is the same as those in his memory, he dares to swear on Yan Xiangma's integrity that he had never seen this book before.

    But recently many strange things have happened, so Li Muyang don't think it's worth delving into further. Even if he has the mind to find out it will still be difficult for him to seek answers.

    He is just like a thirsty wayfarer, desperately trying to absorb the knowledge of 'The Art of Breaking Body'.

    What he remembered is checked against the knowledge within his memory, after verifying, and based on his physical condition, he finally develops a systematic method of training.

    Li Muyang really has become much smarter.

    Time flies.

    At the end of August, the results of each school in the kingdom will finally be released.
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