Chapter 066 - Achieved this result before!

    066 - Achieved this result before!

    After seeing the siblings off, Lin Zhengyin returned to her study. Glancing at the words on the desk, she let out a long sigh: "The characters are good, the brush strokes are also strong, and it seems there's knowledge of the fundamentals. But the content--could be better."

    "It's my fault". Zhao Mingzhu quickly apologised to Lin Zhengyin: "When Muyang was bullied by his classmates, I did not fulfil my duty as a teacher. If I stood up for him and said a few words then, perhaps the situation won't be like it was today. The children went too far, if it wasn't for principal distinguishing right from wrong, and that crane-riding youngster delivering the good news in time, then most likely Li Muyang would have had a hard time today."

    Lin Zhengyin waved her hand and said: "It doesn't matter. Why talk about things that has happened already? But if there's a student like Li Muyang in the future, you should pay a lot more care and attention--and not judge who's a hero based on performance. Many heroes in the kingdom can't even or even went to school."

    "Yes. I have learnt a lesson from this experience, from now on I will treat all students equally." Zhao Mingzhu bowed and promised.

    "This is the school's fortune, also the student's fortune." Lin Zhengyin said.

    Zhao Mingzhu glanced at the strange phrases on the table and said: "Principal, these two lines--are we really going to carve it on the motto stone in front of the school?"

    "I've said it already, how can I go back on my words?" Lin Zhengyin said with a serious expression. "But, let's just engrave the first phrase for now--"

    "Just the 'journey with wise men'?"

    "Yes. This phrase is simple and clear, yet it contains the great wisdom and knowledge of life. Put it on the motto stone along with Li Muyang's results--" Lin Zhengyin said with a smiling face. "As for the second verse, for the time being let's temporarily hide it. I can see that this child's eyes show determination and his mind is clear. He had suffered humiliation up until now, but he still had not given up; he will definitely have a great future. Traveling all the way to Starry Sky, it's possible he will achieve some outstanding achievements that would be widely known to everyone--At that time, we should then engrave the following phrase. Since at that time whatever he says will be right. Just as the kingdom's richest man Ma Yunhuao did not spread his famous saying: 'today you refuse to acknowledge me, tomorrow I will be out of your league' yet it is still widely known."

    "Principal, Ma Yunhuao did not say that." Zhao Mingzhu quietly reminded.

    "He did not say that?" Lin Zhengyin paused for a moment.

    "Yes." According to textual research--he did not say that. "Zhao Mingzhu did not dare to go against her superior, her voice becoming increasingly lacking in confidence.

    "Take a look, he undoubtedly did not say that, but just some busybody claimed he did---There are many gossips and rumours surrounding celebrities." Lin Zhengyin laughed and said: "in any case, today is a festive day."

    "Congratulations Principal."

    "Congratulations Ms Zhao."

    The two looked at each other and burst into loud laughter.

    Outside at the school gate, Li Shinian held tightly onto Li Muyang's arm while giggling and laughing.

    "Brother, how can you write such a phrase? Did you notice Miss Zhao's face back there? You know, she was also one of the people who were originally against you--Were you trying to embarrass her on the spot? Fortunately, principal is intelligent, she immediately talk about the structure of your writing and did not let the atmosphere become awkward."

    Li Muyang shook his head as he said: "Actually I wasn't talking about Ms Zhao."

    "Ah? Then who were you talking about? Zhang Chen and Wu Man? Students who bullied you before?"

    "Yes. Not them either." As he shook his head, Li Muyang sighed lightly and said: "I used to feel aggrieved. I never said bad words about anyone, did not do any bad things. Just that my body wasn't well and my learning ability was also not that good. Why did people always bullied me and looked down on me? After what happened today I suddenly understood many things."

    "Understand what?"

    "A lot of times when you're hated or liked by someone it's not because your personality is good or bad, but rather because of your ability or background--Look at Wuyou senior, his words are sharp and penetrating and almost every sentence he says stabs right in the chest. However, when he stood on top of the stage, how many people dared to publicly strike back?"

    "Brother, do you mean to say--" Li Shinian's eyes were bright and beautiful as she looked at Li Muyang, her brother who she's struggling to understand more and more and asked: "Do you want to become as strong as Xie Wuyou, so that in the future no one would be disrespectful to you?"

    "I want to be stronger, but not because I want people to respect me." Li Muyang looked at Li Shinian's sweet little face. "I just hope I can protect you, protect mum and dad from any danger and not let you get bullied-- and also not be called a trash anymore. When there's danger I can stand in front of you, rather than having you stand in front of me time and time again."

    "Brother--" Li Shinian held onto Li Muyang's arm tightly and said: "We're family. You're my beloved brother--why do you say something like that?"

    Li Muyang rubbed Li Shinian's head and said: "Because you're my beloved little sister, so whatever happens I won't let anyone bully my little sister--"

    "Brother, why do I think you look more and more handsome?"

    "Do you really?" A surprised expression spreading across Li Muyang's face.

    "I'm lying." Li Shinian pursed her lips. "You'll always be my charcoal brother."


    "Brother, do you think the principal will carve the words you wrote on the motto stone in front of the school?"

    "Whether they carve it or not is not important, they insisted me to say something, so I said something that I wanted to say. Journey with wise men, because I think I'm not smart enough. Parents are wise people, they have taught me how to take care of and understand family. You're wise, you taught me how to love and protect your loved ones. Cui Xiaoxin is wise, she taught me to understand myself and never give up. And also principal, she knows how to listen and distinguish right and wrong. Ms Zhao admits her mistake and corrects what she did wrong-"

    "Rejected by retards, because I care too much about what irrelevant people think of me. I feel they should stop bullying me, I feel they don't know me enough, I feel they should respect me, but even if they had given me all that, then am I still the useless Li Muyang? As long as I become strong enough, become outstanding, would I still care about these stupid people's opinion? Just as Wuyou senior had said--you can choose to believe, or you can choose not to believe, what does it have to do with me?"

    "Brother, I really think you're more and more handsome." Li Shinian did not smile at all, but just, with a serious expression, looked at Li Muyang, at his pitch-black eyes that were flashing with strange lights.

    She felt her brother had changed; he had become more calm and wise, become stronger and more determined.

    Previously, he was at a loss, dispirited, or cowardly.

    Now he has finally found his path and is willing to put in maximum effort.

    A brother like that gave Li Shinian a sense of security, just like---a true brother.

    Li Muyang smiled and said: "I hope so. Anyway, I don't believe whatever you say."

    "Brother--" Li Shinian's voice turned higher and higher as she said these words.

    "I don't believe it."

    "You're really, really, really, really handsome--"

    "I don't believe it, I don't believe it--"


    Luo Qi had an uneasy feeling.

    Sitting down she felt anxious, standing up she still felt anxious, and when doing housework she felt even more anxious.

    While washing the dishes she broke a bowl and while washing chopsticks she threw the chopsticks into the bin-

    Li Yan also sat at home waiting; seeing Luo Qi walking back and forth in front of him, he grumbled: "Can you sit down and have a rest? You circling around me is making me dizzy."

    "Who told you to look? If you don't stare at me, how would you be dizzy?"

    "Can you be more reasonable? You're in front of me, what else can I look at?"

    "Read a book. What are you holding the book for? The book is upside down and you still haven't realised?" "


    Li Yan also did not try to cover up, he threw the book 'Collection of poems' on the table and went over to Luo Qi: "don't worry, worrying is useless. Muyang and Shinian have gone to check the results, if the results are announced they will immediately come back to let us know--"

    "They should be back by now." Luo Qi said worriedly. "There won't be a big problem, right?"

    "Just checking the exam results list, what big problem could there be? It's either pass or fail--"

    "Failing the exams is not a big problem? If Muyang realised he's not on the list, how deeply hurt would he be--No, I'm going out to find him, if the child take things too hard --"


    The yard gate was forcefully pushed opened.

    Li Shinian ran over, gasping for breath, and cried out loudly: "father, mother, brother is first--"

    The moment Luo Qi heard this, her face turned deathly white, she then hurriedly said comfortingly: "It's fine, it's fine, it's just the first place, before he also got this result before--Where's your brother?"

    Seeing Li Muyang entering the door behind his sister, Luo Qi dashed over and held him into her arms and said: "Muyang, don't take it to heart. Did a great man not say this before? Failure is the mother of success. One failure does not matter, you can take the exams next year, with my son's talent and hard work---you will definitely be at the top of the list."

    "Mum, I said first in West Wind--counting from the top." Li Shinian rolled her eyes while she helplessly explained.

    "What?" Luo Qi and Li Yan stared with their eyes wide open. "First counting from the top?"
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