Chapter 067 - Xiangma was rejected!

    067 - Xiangma was rejected!

    Habits are something that was very terrifying.

    Just as everyone is accustomed to Li Muyang obtaining last place in the exam, suddenly someone jumped out and said Li Muyang achieved first place, not counting backwards but from the top. Not just achieving the first place in the school, but first in West Wind, first in the entire kingdom. This was something that indeed subverted people's understanding and makes it difficult for anyone to accept it in such a short time.

    Li Shinian managed to convince her parents after much difficulty, convinced them that their precious son had done something amazing.

    "Muyang--" Luo Qi's eyes were brimming with tears. Holding Li Muyang's arm tightly while choking back her tears, she said: "You really achieved first place, you can go to West Wind University---You can finally go to the West Wind University. We don't have to beg other people, my son did it by himself--"

    "Mum, I can't go to West Wind University." Li Muyang said with a wry smile.

    "Can't go? Why can't you go? First in the exams but can't attend West Wind University--What kind of students does West Wind enrolls each year? Shady, they must have secretly manipulated the situation behind, this sort of thing I've seen too much--No, I'm going to take a trip to Tiandu, I'm going to argue with them." Luo Qi became very agitated and irritated. Not because her son did not do well in the exams, it's fine if he did not do well, but because he still can't attend West wind even if he achieved such good results, this has gone too far. Although she does not like or perhaps even hate the Lu family, if she had to go back and apologise, or kneel down in front of them, she still wants to help his son to vent his anger.

    "I also don't know what happened." Li Muyang's expression looked serious as he pondered the situation deeply, then said: "Logically speaking, I got first in the exams, they should allow me into West Wind University. But this time West Wind University did not accept me, and the announcement list posted in front of the school did not even had my name on it--I feel there's many mysteries present, I have no choice but to slowly find out the answers later."

    "What should we do? First in the kingdom but he's not admitted to any university, Is there any place that makes reasoned judgements anymore?" Li Yan's personality is straightforward and honest, hearing about this he can't help but feel indignant.

    "Dad, mum, wait for me to finish--" Li Shinian said while stamping her feet. "Who says brother is not accepted by any school? Brother is admitted to Starry Sky Academy, it's a very good school."

    "Starry Sky Academy? What kind of school is that?" Luo Qi looked puzzled, then glanced over at Li Yan and asked: "Have you heard of it?"

    "No." Li Yan said while shaking his head. "Could this be a fake school?"

    "Of course not." Li Shinian said with a confident face. "Do you know how they delivered over the good news? A celestial-being-like young man came to the school riding on a crane. He also looked down on West Wind University, my brother obtaining the first place in the entire kingdom came out of his mouth--The principal checked the entire list, she said there isn't a problem. She then specially invited my brother to her office to inscribe a few words and said it's going to be carved on the motto stone in front of the school gate."

    "That impressive?" With a look of astonishment across Li Yan's face, he said: "I remembered, today we also heard the cry of crane from the house. At that time your mother was restless, she also scolded a few words 'Whose damn bird is chirping so loudly'--"

    "Li Yan can you not talk for a second?" Luo Qi gave her husband a stern glare and said snappily. "Our son is admitted to Starry Sky Academy, this is a great blessing. You hurry over to the butcher at the corner of the street and order some fresh pork, then head to the stewed meat shop at the East side and buy all of their prepared food in the shop. And also fish and eggs, buy as much as possible, and buy some fresh vegetables and fruits; today there will be a celebratory feast, I'll also invite some guests over--"

    "Celebratory feast? Who are you inviting?" Li Yan looked bewildered.

    "All the neighbours." Luo Qi said with a smiling face "Before Muyang also received a lot of their 'care' and 'encouragement'. Now that my son has achieved the first place in the kingdom, I must invite them over for a celebration?"

    "--" Seeing his wife radiant and bright smile, Li Yan just felt a chill down his spine.

    When did the neighbours ever cared and encouraged our Muyang? They only said countless harsh and cruel words.

    Saying 'three-years old and still so small, when this child grows up he'll be an idiot', 'they have such a stupid child, they must have done some evil things in their previous life', 'if I had a son like him, I would have pushed him into a pond and let him drown, then all problems will be solved and everyone will live peacefully'---Inviting guests over at this time, it's obvious that this is to slap the faces of all those invited.

    "How about we just forget about it?" Li Yan said comfortingly.

    "Forget it?" Luo Qi gritted her teeth in fury and her voice was ice-cold as she said: "I can forget anything but not this. Back then what did they do to our Muyang, this time I must do something---I have to get back at them one by one. Li Yan, I'm warning you, you don't have to help me but you can't stop me. Or else, me and you are over."


    Li Yan looked at Li Shinian for help, Li Shinian hurriedly ran towards the back of the house and said: "I almost forgot, I still need to study."

    Li Yan then glanced over at Li Muyang, Li Muyang also quickly dashed away while shouting: "I also have to study-I feel I didn't do too well this time-"



    The city's lord mansion.

    Yan Bolai was right in the middle of a meeting with his subordinate; a young clerk stood with his back straight in front of him, seriously reporting the recent matters, no matter big or small, that happened in Jiangnan. Just then, the pot of cherry tomato plant on the table suddenly gently swayed from side to side, just like it's being provoked by the autumn wind.

    The clerk's line of sight was slightly distracted by this, but his mouth did not pause at all and continued to report.

    As if Yan Bolai had not heard this before, after listening to the clerk's report, he commended the young clerk's outstanding ability and allowed him to assume more important responsibilities in the future. At the moment when the young clerk was emotionally stirred and wished to pledge to work for the city's lord until he dies, the gently wind lightly blew across reminding them of the several important matter that needed immediate attention and that matters needed to be assigned to the appropriate departments.

    The clerk promptly took notes; seeing the lord has no other orders, he then held onto his binder and exits the room.

    Yan Bolai took a glimpse at the pot of cherry tomato plant, walked over and gently pulled the eye of the beast on the brush container.


    The painting parted into two; a dark and deep door, as if it's leading to hell, appeared in the middle of the wall.

    A man in a black robe stood in front of the door. He bowed, then walked over to Yan Bolai office and said: "The exam results list has been posted, I asked someone to reproduce a copy for you."

    As he spoke, the black-robed man pulled out a silk cloth from his sleeves and placed it on top of the large mahogany table.

    Yan Bolai had no intention of examining the list, he turned to look at the blue jacaranda flowers outside to rest his eyes, and in a calm voice he asked: "Xiaoxin is going to West Wind University?"

    "Yes". The back-robed man immediately replied. "Miss Xiaoxin has been admitted to West Wind University."

    Yan Bolai did not feel surprised at all and said flatly: "As expected. If there's nothing else, then, you can go. I have a meeting later."

    The man in black did not leave, instead lifted his head to look at Yan Bolai, at his although not tall but extremely sturdy back and said: "When the results list was announced, something happened--"

    "I don't like guessing, if you have something to say then say it."

    "Li Muyang is enrolled into Starry Sky Academy." The black-robed man said in a deep voice. "A man riding a crane personally delivered the notice."

    "Starry Sky Academy?" Yan Bolai suddenly turned around, his eyes blinking with red lights, as if two round suns were burning. "Li Muyang is admitted into Starry Sky Academy? Back then Xiangma was rejected by Starry Sky Academy, he---Just what's so good about him?"
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