Chapter 069 - The one who kills the leader of the horses!

    069 - The one who kills the leader of the horses!

    The courtyard was deep and hidden; it's very easy to get lost in this huge garden.

    The courtyard that Cui Xiaoxin lives at is in the deepest part of the Cui mansion; she likes quiet places. Back then when her father and two uncles were fighting fiercely, her auntie brought her down to Jiangnan. Several years have past already, although she returned to the same courtyard as before, but the scenery now has become unfamiliar.

    The delicate morning glory back then has now concealed the whole wall and the Tiandu's sakura flower that she personally planted is now higher than a man. The purple flowers are blooming beautifully; as someone who loves flowers she wished she could reach out and stroke each flower petal.

    Back then all her thoughts were pure, she did not expect that she would experience this sort of feelings at this moment.

    "Xiaoxin--Xiaoxin--" A familiar voice echoed from behind, then quickly followed by the sound of hurried footsteps.

    Cui Xiaoxin turned around and saw cousin Yan Xiangma running over in large strides, she said: "Cousin is in such a hurry, what happened?"

    "It's bad. Li Muyang is first place." Yan Xiangma ran over to Cui Xiaoxin and yelled.

    "What?" Across Cui Xiaoxin's face was a puzzled look, she then asked: "First in what?"

    "Li Muyang, that kid achieved first place in the exam, first place in the entire kingdom, how is that possible?"

    Cui Xiaoxin looked shocked and then relieved, her face broke into a smile: "I should have guessed."

    "Guessed what?"

    "As long as he can answer the questions, it will definitely be correct. The exam topics this year were extremely difficult, by a lucky coincidence several of the questions I had already explained to him before. If he answered them all, naturally everything will be correct. It's only right he achieved first place in the exams."

    "It's really hard to believe, could it be that kid cheated in the exams?"

    Cui Xiaoxin's brows lightly puckered up in a frown, then said: "Cousin did you see him cheat?"

    "Of course not. I wasn't in the same exam room as him, how would I know he cheated?"

    "Since cousin did not see Li Muyang cheat, then you can't deny his efforts that easily--Just because you saw him obtain such achievement, but you don't know how much effort he has put into it." Cui Xiaoxin's expression was serious and her tone carried a hint of scolding.

    "I just said it casually. When I heard everyday you were tutoring a male student, I asked someone to investigate him. In the end, one glance and it almost blinded my eyes. What sort of people do you know? He's a person with a pig's head--Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Li Muyang is a pig. I just find it strange. Why would a person who always obtained last place in the whole school become a genius?" Yan Xiangma chuckled, blinking his eyes as he smiled at Cui Xiaoxin, then said: "Cousin is so protective of him, could it be--"

    "Cousin, stop talking nonsense." Cui Xiaoxin interrupted Yan Xiangma's teasing in a stern voice.

    Yan Xiangma hurriedly glanced around the surroundings, after confirming that no one was nearby was he finally able to relax.

    A careless word, if travelled to the ears of some people, although Xiaoxin cousin may be fine but the black sheep far away in Jiangnan would most likely encounter thunder strikes.

    "Cousin please forgive me, I was just kidding." Yan Xiangma moderated the smile on his face and said: "My father rewarded him two thousand gold coins and also named him as 'Jiangnan's famous colt', now everyone in Tiandu is talking about him, many people said they want to look at what remarkable abilities exactly does Li Muyang possess--"

    A cold smile emerged on Cui Xiaoxin's lips as she said: "The one who killed the leader of the horses stood at the side."

    "What does that mean? The one who killed the leader of the horses stood at the side?" Yan Xiangma asked aloud.

    "'The Wind Custom' had mentioned: throughout the history, horses remain strong, those who observes quickly understands that those who rides them praises them endlessly. As a result, horses gallop constantly until they die due such praise." Cui Xioaxin explained aloud while staring at the Tiandu's sakura flowers with a face filled with worries.

    "Cousin what do you mean?" Yan Xiangma's face became much serious, with a look of disbelief he said: "Don't tell me you suspect my father is deliberately causing Li Muyang to fail from excessive praise."

    "Otherwise, how do you explain the two thousand gold coins?"

    "Perhaps my father appreciates talent, so he rewarded him greatly."

    "Then the name 'Jiangnan's famous colt'?"

    "So geniuses in Jiangnan became famous, why not?"

    "Cousin, what do you think uncle's impression of Li Muyang is?"


    "Because he and I are acquaintance, so it's impossible for uncle to like him. Right?"

    "Perhaps after this exam his impression has changed--"

    Cui Xiaoxin smiled, shook her head and said: "those influential people, why would they care about an exam performance? Whether it's a small test or a big exam, it's only just a test. Even if Li Muyang took the first place of the kingdom, so what? In which year was there not a first place in the kingdom? Fine, let's not fight over this anymore. When will Li Muyang arrive at Tiandu?"

    "I don't know." Yan Xiangma shook his head.

    "You don't know?" Is he not going to West Wind University? It's nearly the start of term, new candidates should report to the school--"

    "Li Muyang is not going to West Wind University." Yan Xiangma said.

    Cui Xiaoxin looked stunned, with a trace of disappointment.

    After a long period of silence, she then asked aloud: "Where is he going?"

    "I heard he's going to Starry Sky Academy. Where is Starry Sky Academy? Is it in the kingdom? Why have I never heard about it before? Is this a fake school?"

    "Starry Sky Academy?" Cui Xiaoxin was astounded.

    "Xiaoxin, What kind of school is Starry Sky Academy? I had never heard of it?"

    "Because you never entered."

    "What do you mean I did not enter? Did I register for it? But why was I not aware of this--what lousy school is that? They don't even want young master I, it seems that nothing good could be said about this school. Later I will find their address, I must go over there and tear down the school's door. I, Yan Xiangma is Jiangnan's city's most famous hedonistic young mater, what can't I do?"

    "--About this, you really can't."


    "Because Star Academy has no doors."


    Just as the brother and sister are chatting, Cui Xiaoxin's previous maid Cuier trotted over, shouting in gentle and clear voice: "Miss, Miss, the Lu family's young lady said she wants to see you."

    "Lu Qiji?" Cui Xiaoxin's eyes were like fog, pondering over the true meaning of this visit.

    "Yes." She's in the living room talking to the lady of the house. I heard it's because Miss suffered an attack in Jiangnan, this troubled her all along so she brought over many gifts--The lady of the house told me to hurry over to inform you that she will come over in a while with her."

    "Lu Qiji? The purple-haired demon girl?" Yan Xiangma was pleasantly surprised, repeatedly rubbing his hands together while he said: "I heard she's the most beautiful woman in Tiandu, I've always wanted a chance to meet her, I had no idea that today--"

    "Our family's young lady is the most beautiful woman in Tiandu." Cui'er pouted her little mouth and retorted angrily.

    "Yes, yes, yes, Cui'er is right." Yan Xiangma only now realised his huge mistake, without blushing, his heart not beating any faster and not showing the slightest restlessness as he said: "When I heard this rumor, my heart was full of despise and disdain. I do not believe it; in this world how could there be someone who is more beautiful than my Xiaoxin cousin? The reason I want to see Lu Qiji is to bring a critical eye to take a look at her, I want her to know that the difference in beauty between her and my Xiaoxin cousin is as great as the purple mountain--Isn't that right Xiaoxin cousin?"

    Cui Xiaoxin remained unmoved, not in the slightest bit angry that her cousin said Lu Qiji is the most beautiful in Tiandu, nor is she happy that Cui'er said she's the most beautiful woman.

    The suspicion in her eyes is still unsolved, yet she said to Cui'er: "Go tell mother I'm happy that the young lady of the Lu family came to visit."

    "Yes, Miss." Cui'er replied, then instantly head back to report.

    Yan Xiangma raised his head, inspecting around the courtyard while repeatedly waving his fan, he then complimented: "The winding path leads to a peaceful place, this is precisely the courtyard that cousin lives at--Speaking of this, I had never properly looked at the sceneries around the courtyard, there is not a better time than today--"

    "Cousin could accompany to meet the young lady of the Lu family." Cui Xiaoxin is someone who understands the situation, she said with a smile: "We are all young people and cousin would also be living in Tiandu for quite some time, it will be good to know each other. Maybe you two will have a lot in common?"

    Yan Xiangma was incredibly happy, he cupped his hands together and said: "Since cousin strongly urged me to stay, then I will accompany you to see this demon girl of Tiandu. Let's see what exactly is so great about her, that allows her to be able to stand next to cousin as one of the three bright moons of the kingdom--"

    "Words such as Tiandu's demon girl must not be said again."

    "Hey, I only said it in front of cousin, anyways we're a family. It doesn't matter."
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