Chapter 073 - Goodbye Jiangnan!

    073 - Goodbye Jiangnan!

    "That silly girl won't come over here--" With her eyes brimming with tears, Luo Qi sighed slightly: "From a young age till now, you two had almost never separated from each other. After today, we probably won't see you for a couple of years. How would she not miss you?"

    "I understand." Li Muyang glanced over at the little girl's slightly trembling shoulders, holding back the urge to burst into tears and with his voice sounding somewhat choking with sobs he yelled: "I won't be gone for long, I'll be back soon. Shinian did you not say that the people of our school can have cranes--I will also get a crane and fly back to see you every day. Eat breakfast at home and then go to school."

    Luo Qi smacked Li Muyang on the shoulder. "Nonsense. How can you come back every day? What's most important is to take care of yourself, study hard and not let people look down on you."

    "Mum, I will." Li Muyang nodded solemnly.

    "Board the ship, board the ship. The ship will leave soon." A boatman wearing short garments shouted from the ship.

    The ship is a passenger ship, except for the few merchants visiting Tiandu, most of the passengers are also like Li Muyang, students heading to Tiandu to study.

    Their children are traveling on a long journey, all parents and relatives came to bid farewell.

    Maple Forest Ferry Crossing was unusually bustling with noise and excitement; everyone were exchanging conventional greetings, laughing and crying together.

    Li Muyang waved and said: "Dad, mum, go back. I'm boarding the boat now."

    "Muyang---" Luo Qi holding back her tears with great difficulty, she then released her son's hand. "You could have had a better life, mum and dad couldn't give it to you. You have to protect yourself and don't get bullied. If you suffer any hardship then come back, mum and dad will always look after you."

    "Mum, what are you saying?" Li Muyang said with a smile. "I'm glad to be your son, I think I'm living pretty good right now. And it will only get better and better. Don't worry, I'll be alright."

    Li Muyang knows his parents won't leave until he leaves, his eyes shifted over to Li Shinian, the little girl was still standing with her back facing the shore.

    "Li Shinian--" Li Muyang shouted into the distance: "I'm going to miss you."

    He waved his hand at Li Shinian's back, turned around and walked towards the ship.

    "Li Muyang--" Someone yelled from afar and then very quickly a horse came galloping over.

    The man on the large horse fiercely galloping over attracted the line of sight of everyone on the shore; on the horse was a young man dressed in warrior clothes yelling.

    "Li Muyang, please wait a moment." The man and the horse directly advanced towards Li Muyang, the man then jumped off from the horse, cupped his hands in greeting and said respectfully: "Lord of the city came to see you off, he has now arrived at Stone Forest."

    With these words, the crowd broke into an uproar.

    "The lord of the city personally came to see Li Muyang off?"

    "Lord of the city is too kind to Li Muyang, right? Just because he achieved first place in the exams, he rewarded him two thousand gold coins---That amount of money is enough for him to live his whole life, right?"

    "That Li Muyang won't be the lord of the city's godson, right? Maybe he's an illegitimate child---"


    Li Muyang was also slightly shocked by this. "The lord of the city is incredibly busy, he really doesn't have to go to all the trouble to come here."

    Not only is the entire crowd suspecting the relationship between the lord of the city and Li Muyang, even Li Muyang is also beginning to suspect himself.

    After the result was announced, the lord of the city ordered Jiangnan's education secretary to specially send over two thousand gold coins to him as a reward. When the news spread throughout the city, everyone in Hubu Lane was boiling over with anger. Many of the people living there won't even make as much money in their entire life, but Li Muyang simply sat an exam and was able to receive such a large sum of money. No wonder people say 'knowledge brings wealth'; as a matter of fact this has just been demonstrated by Li Muyang?

    Now the lord of the city personally came to see him off, this indeed made Li Muyang deeply moved. I am friends with your son, but isn't this privilege a bit too much?

    "I disagree." A big brown horse fiercely galloped over. On the horseback was a middle-aged man wearing a maroon scholar outfit, with thick eyebrows, big eyes and a broad but charming face.

    A group of soldiers wearing black warrior clothing and carrying long blades closely followed behind, protecting him from both sides. The clang of hoofs orderly resounded on the path. It sounded as if they were well trained and were not ordinary soldiers.


    Before the horse came to a halt, the middle-aged man had dismounted.

    With both his feet trod on the ground, it gave people the feeling that he just stamped a large hole on the ground.

    "Selecting talents is a top priority of the country. Today, numerous students are leaving far away to Tiandu to study, to seek a job as an official. As the lord of the city, I should rush over to see everyone off." When the middle-aged man spoke these words he deliberately raised his volume so that everyone on the shore could hear him clearly.

    "You are--the lord of Jiangnan city?" Li Muyang looked up and down, at the man who's not tall in stature but is extremely imposing, and asked in a timid voice. This was the first time he came into contact with such a major person.

    Moreover, this man has a kind of oppression that makes people hope to gain power; ordinary people can hardly look him in the eyes.

    "I'm Yan Bolai." Yan Bolai said with a smile. He was also sizing up Li Muyang; he's tall and handsome, and his skin color is not as dark as everyone says. His eyes are clear and bright, and did not avoid eye contact. He's confident and calm but also on the alert.

    "The lord of the city came to see me off, Muyang can't thank you enough." Li Muyang bowed deeply to him.

    Other students, one after another, began to surround them; who doesn't want to have the opportunity to strike up a relationship with the Lord of the City. Even if they are going to study now, when they return from study they will still need to find a good job, right? In Jiangnan, is there anything better than working for the lord of the city?

    "The lord of the city appreciates talents, us scholars in Jiangnan are incredibly lucky. "

    "Thank you lord, I shall study diligently, sharpen my mind, and work for the lord of the city in the future---"

    "Lord, please accept my bow---"


    A simple bidding farewell and a few words but many candidates were deeply moved and full of admiration.

    Yan Bolai was unfathomable.

    Yan Bolai was bold and forthright, he supported up the students who bowed to him and said with a huge smile: "You are the pearls of Jiangnan, you're all outstanding people who will represent Jiangnan. When you go to Tiandu, it's precisely the time to pass the last hurdle and soar. I hope you do not forget your hometown, after studying return and help me build Jiangnan city."

    Yan Bolai beckons his big hands and shouted: "Wine, I want to have a drink with all the young heroes. "

    Very quickly the drinks were prepared and distributed amongst the candidate, Yan Bolai also picked up a big bowl and said: "I wish you a safe journey and a great future."

    Yan Bolai pounded down the bowl of wine in one gulp, other students were also infected with his words and by the atmosphere, everyone was excited and fired up, their blood racing as they chugged down the bowl of wine.

    Some of these guys have read too much heroes novels, someone even imitated those Jianghu thieves, after vigorously drinking up the wine, he smashed the bowl against the ground---Seeing the students around staring at him in bewilderment, his face flushed from embarrassment.

    "I paid out of my own pocket to give out some pens and ink to everyone, I hope everyone likes it." Yan Bolai gestured with his hand and without any delay the soldiers handed out the prepared 'Four Treasures of the Study' from a cart to every candidate.

    "Thank you lord."

    "Lord is really kind to us---"

    "Lord, three years later I will definitely report to the lord's mansion and follow your orders without question."


    Yan Bolai exchanged pleasantries with the crowd and then laid his eyes upon Li Muyang and said: "Starry Sky Academy is not an ordinary school, Muyang are you prepared for it?"

    "Prepared?" Li Muyang stared at him blankly. "What do I need to prepare?"

    Seeing Li Muyang's genuine expression, it seems he really does not know. He laughed heartily and patted Li Muyang on the shoulder. "No matter. No matter. It's just that the journey is difficult to travel; it's no big deal. Since Muyang is able to attend Starry Sky, then you will naturally be able to reach the peak of the mountain---So, have a safe journey."

    "Thank you Lord."

    "You and Xiangma are friends, just call me uncle--"

    "Thank you--uncle." Li Muyang hesitated slightly, but still listened to him. Since having the lord of the city as his uncle can't be a bad thing.

    "Study hard and don't let everyone down."

    Yan Bolai uttered a few words of encouragement to everyone, and then leaped on the horseback, leading a group of guards as he galloped along the road.

    Li Muyang once again said goodbye to his parents; just when he glanced over at Li Shinian, the little girl was also facing him directly; she merely waved her small fist at him then immediately turned away.

    Li Muyang smiled to himself, carrying his luggage and the Four Treasures of the Study gifted by Yan Bolai he boarded the ship.

    Because Luo Qi was willing to spend money, Li Muyang has a second-class accommodation on the ship.

    The top class accommodation above was said to be fully booked or else Luo Qi would had definitely spent more money to arrange this room for his son.

    Although the rooms are not big but what's good is that they are single rooms. There's a small bed and a small window. The windows are facing the direction of Sunset Lake and he could see the green rippling waves.

    Li Muyang arranged his luggage and then checked the coins that his mother sewn into the inside of his underpants--This was firmly insisted by Luo Qi although Li Muyang strongly opposed.

    Can you imagine the heavy feeling and the loud jingling sound from Li Muyang's crotch?

    Fortunately, Luo Qi also thought of the inconvenience when walking, so only a small amount is sewn in, the others were divided into small amounts and hid in various places. Even Li Muyang was worried he won't be able to find them.

    After sorting out his luggage, Li Muyang headed towards the front deck. The ship was about to set sail very soon. The ship's deck was crowded with people shouting farewell to relatives and friends on the shore.

    Li Shinian finally turned around and stood on the deck together with her parents, watching the ship leave the port.

    Because she couldn't see brother Li Muyang, she looked a little worried.

    "Shinian, I'm here---" Li Muyang stood behind a fat man, vigorously waving to Li Shinian.

    "Brother---Brother---" Li Shinian finally saw Li Muyang, she yelled at the top of her voice. "I can't protect you anymore, you have to protect yourself."

    The mooring rope was untied and the ship with several decks began to move across the lake.

    Li Muyang stood on the top deck, looking at his family gradually disappearing into the distance, watching their fresh faces turning into black dots, it felt as if a piece of his heart is being ripped off.

    "Goodbye Jiangnan."
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