Chapter 077 - Grim faced bodhisattva!

    077 - Grim faced bodhisattva!

    On the ship there were twelve members of full-time security guards assigned to protect the guests on their journey.

    Whether it's protecting their money or their safety, both are within the scope of their duties.

    However, at this moment, these guests do not feel a sense of security at all.

    Let alone their money had been completely stolen, now their life is also about to be taken away by the bandits--What would be left after all this?

    Everyone assembled on the top deck, watching the ship being intercepted by three collision-type ships hanging various sorts of flag and laying their eyes on the bloodstained sail cloths and the hull of the ships, they let out a miserable shriek.

    "What to do? What to do? Are we going to die?"

    "Those bandits, they wouldn't kill us, right?"

    "Bandits wouldn't kill people? I heard they even eat humans--"


    "That damn thief." Zhang Linpu's eyes reddened in rage as he yelled in exasperation.

    "Linpu brother, the bandits are right in front of us now, how could you still care about the money?" A close friend asked aloud. "Life is what matters the most."

    "Pingzhi brother, do you still not understand? What do bandits like? It's money. Our gold coins are completely gone, when the bandits come to attack this ship asking for money, we tell them that our gold was stolen last night--Would they believe us? If they can't leave with any money, then they would leave with our lives."

    "--" Niu Pingzhi also began to worry.

    Li Muyang has a whole new level of respect for Zhang Linpu; no wonder this guy obtained good results in the exams, he really is extraordinary. At least his head moves faster than most people.

    Every time his legs trembled, feeling the weight of the bag of gold coins, Li Muyang felt much more at ease.

    He has money!

    If the lake bandits were to board the ship and began to rob, when his little companions next to him have no money to offer them, he then takes off his pants. With hundreds of gold coins in front of their eyes, what an impressive scene it would be?

    Although the posture is not that graceful but at least it's sincere and laudable, right?

    Manger Chen Tao forced himself to act calm but his pale face and his stuttering exposed his terrified heart.

    He had encountered lake bandits before but at those times there were merely a dozen people or at most thirty bandits. They were easily sent away with some money.

    What is it with today? There are too many people, right?

    "Troops are trained for thousand of days for one day's battle. I always share good wine and good food with all of us, did I ever treat you poorly? Brave warriors, now that the ship is in trouble, we encountered--Large groups of Fowl Crying Lake bandits, we're in a state of chaos. The flags are confusing, there may possibly be three different gangs--I hope that we can work together, please take out all your fighting spirit and courage--"

    "Manager Chen, it's not that we don't want to help. You take a look at the three vessels, it's highly likely that there'll be hundreds of bandits on those ships, right? You want to send us twelve people to fight over hundreds of lake bandits--Even if we are gods we still can't manage that, right?"

    "Exactly. If we have to throw away our life, we still have to die in a worthwhile fashion--Even if we die on the spot, would you guys be able to escape?"

    "It's better if we put all the valuables together--and sweet talk them away--"


    The battle has not started, yet these brave guards already had cold feet.

    On top of that, Li Muyang still thinks they're being very reasonable.

    Guards are also people, the guards also have parents and children, yet you send them out to fight to the death--that's just telling them to throw away their own life. No one would be willing to, right?

    Chen Tao was incredibly anxious, he turned around and said to the scholars: "you are all talented people, now that we've encountered a disaster, we're grasshoppers on a ship--Can you give us some kind of plan?"

    "We have no money." Zhang Linpu yelled. "Even if we have to surrender, the ship has to pay them."

    "Exactly. We can't just cut some flesh off our bodies and send it over, right?"

    "Manager Chen, you must stand up and take responsibility. There's no other way--"


    Li Muyang's mouth opened wide, yet in the end he did not say a word.

    He felt that everyone does have a point.

    Sure enough, at the critical moment, the wisdom of the group was boundless.

    As for strength--Who would even think of such a silly thing?

    Chen Tao lips moved slightly. "Let me contact them first--see what they want."

    Three battered ships came rushing over, pulling apart the distance between them, they formed a direct intercepting stance.

    Although the lake is wide and deep, there is not enough space for a ship to turn around.

    Chen Tao commanded the crew to slow down, to avoid knocking against the other vessels, before they even attack us, we would fall overboard and be swept away by giant waves.

    The leader of one of the ships, a bronze bald big fellow, stood tall on the ship.

    On the big fellow's face was a deep scar, his brows continued to the corners of his mouth and half of his eye was ripped open.

    On his spectacles was a brass eye patch, looking closely he really does somewhat have the look of a pirate journeying freely across the oceans.

    The big fellow watched the passenger ship gradually drifting near, then shouted: "Bring my chain."

    Then, more than ten of his underlings laboriously dragged over a chain, as thick as an arm, with a copper hook at the front end of the chain.

    "Move aside."

    With the roar of the scarred-man, the chain was swung up and rotated around in the air a few times, before it suddenly pounded against the ship.

    The copper hook is gigantic and incomparably heavy, letting out a howl of wind in the air.


    The copper chain smashed against the top deck, the sharp hook clasped tightly deep onto the hull of the ship.

    "Boss is amazing, no one can rival boss--"

    "Hua Heshang is amazing, this time you set a record--"

    "Pull it over, pull it over--"


    Seeing their boss displayed his remarkable skills, an enthusiastic burst of applause resounded on the bandit ships.

    "You guys watch carefully." Hua Heshang laughed heartily, then with his body, he rolled up the chain two times and his arms suddenly exerted strength.


    The entire ship, which was completely under the control of Hua Heshang, swiftly came into their encirclement.

    The faces of everyone on board were like dying embers and ashes.

    This was too mother**ing scary, wasn't it?

    It's bad enough that they came to rob, but they actually see it as performing acrobatics. The hook that thumped against the top of the ship created a gigantic hole. If this were to pound against someone's body, would they still be alive?

    Li Muyang's face turned grave and stern.

    He was worried that the little amount of gold inside his crotch would not meet their appetite.

    The passenger ship was like a large fish biting onto a hook and dragged to the shore by a fisherman.

    The instant the passenger ship entered into the encirclement of the three large vessels, the bandits all jumped aboard, and began to kill, rob and commit any imaginable crime.

    Li Muyang's hand clenched into a fist, gathering qi in his dantian.

    While secretly on the alert.

    At the time of crisis, a black shadow floated across the air.

    The figure of the man with a sword emerged in the sky; the sword, roaring across the horizon, like a sudden rainbow, emitted a burning flame of light as it chopped the chain as thick as an arm in half.


    The iron chain split into two chunks, the bandit Hua Heshang exerted too much strength too abruptly, with an unexpected error, his body suddenly stumbled back.

    The man in black hovering in the air slowly descended to the ground, both his feet landed on the mast of the ship. The white sail was still fluttering and the black cape waving in the breeze, yet the drifting ship abruptly came to a stop.

    Grim-faced bodhisattva Cui Zhaoren!

    The dozen of men dressed in black quickly jumped to the top of the ship without the slightest sound, their hand clenching tightly onto the shaft of their blade, with a cold and unconcerned expression they glared across at the three ships.

    "Who dares cut apart Hua grandpa's iron chain?" Hua Heshang was fuming with rage, he angrily advanced towards the side shouting: "Come on, announce your name, let grandpa teach you how to be a person--"

    Cui Zhaoren's expression remained indifferent but his heart was burning with anger.

    These assholes-they could have targeted anyone but they chose his ship.

    If he stood aside, expecting this group of trash scholars on the ship to suppress these bandits, it's impossible.

    However, if they made a move, it would probably leak their location, the Lu family's side will tail behind and come to the rescue--

    During their brief moment of hesitation, the ship had already suffered Hua Heshang's attack 'Luohan Soul Hook', dragging the entire passenger ship into their encirclement.

    If they waited any longer, their whereabouts would be exposed.

    Cui Zhaoren emitted a biting cold killing intent; he drew his sword in anger, slashing Hua Heshang's copper hook in half.

    "There's a better path for you to choose but you chose one with difficulty." Cui Zhaoren eyes were ice-cold as he thundered: "Kill every one of them."

    "Yes." The dozen of men in black replied then immediately took action.


    More than ten swords were unsheathed, they then divided into three groups and leaped into the air, heading towards the three large vessels.

    Immediately, on the three large ships a brutal battle had unfolded.

    The skills of the men in black were impressive and their methods were merciless. Each time their sword aimed towards the pivotal parts of the body.

    With the draw of every sword, it severed the head from the body.

    Cui Zhaoren's attention was entirely on the foul-mouthed Hua Heshang, the corner of his mouth raise slightly, a charming smile emerged on his face. "You want to teach me how to behave as a person, I won't let you live as a person--"

    As they talked, his body leaped into the air once again.

    His long gown floated across the air, his body was like a giant bird hovering at a height in the vast sky.

    Occupying the high position, he dived down, his sword aiming at Hua Heshang's bald forehead.

    Hua Heshang wildly laughed out loud, then reached out to grab the chain broken in half and began to swing it up again, the long chain was like a long snake pouncing in mid-air, he yelled: "good timing, let grandpa--"

    He can't continue his words anymore.

    Because Cui Zhaoren suddenly accelerated.

    His sword thrust into Hua Heshang's head.

    His body sank, the long sword also descended.

    Sword terrifying the spirit.

    Sword forcibly taking away the soul.

    The long blade pierced all the way to the hilt of the sword.

    "These bandits have to read more; is gentle and refined robbing bad?" With his body upside down in mid-air, Cui Zhaoren said to Hua Heshang, whose head was dripping out large amounts of blood.

    Then, his body swirled around before the long sword was yanked out.


    Blood sprayed towards the blue sky, like spring water from a well.
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