Chapter 081 - Extort a confession by torture!

    081 - Extort a confession by torture!

    "Is that a water dragon? Oh heavens it's a water dragon? Li Muyang is on the dragon's head, he's not dead--"

    "Li Muyang was eaten by a monster, after devouring Li Muyang it came to eat us--"

    "Hurry run, the monster is coming--what monster is that? We're all going to be eaten--"


    Everyone above the ship raised their heads and their eyes widen in unison, their line of sight was entirely on the majestic dragon circling above the river.

    It resembled a mountain standing tall in the middle of the river and also looked like a shroud of black mist.

    It's so magnificent and at the same time so ugly.

    The scales on its body were like indestructible armour and the raised plates were like the spikes on armours.

    Black patterns densely covered its whole body, adding a funny and naive look.

    However, the moment it opened its mouth the river overflowed its bank, it seems like with just a little effort, it would be able to suck in all the people on board including the entire ship into his mouth.

    He only revealed part of its body, due to the need to support his powerful body. The long tail dragged along the water surface.

    Even so, it's already enough to stun everyone's eyes and soul.

    "My life is over." This was the first time Zhang Linpu and the other scholars laid their eyes on such a gigantic dragon, it's a million times more frightening that Cui Zhaoren leaping into the sky and killing everyone. No matter how vicious people are, you can always try to reason with them. But if you were dealing with an animal, would they listen?" It's over, it's over we're dead. Everyone on the ship would be buried in the beast's mouth---"

    "How could it be? How could it be?" Chen Tao, the manager of the ship, often traveled through this water route. He had encountered lake bandits before, river snakes, various poisonous insects and fish, but had never seen this kind of alligator. "When I went out, I checked the almanac, it clearly said this journey would be extremely lucky---?"

    "Young Lord, it's a river Turtle drake on a rampage--From its size and the marks on its body it seems he has lived for thousands of years---" Strategist Su Rong said, his face filled with worries. "This monster moves surprisingly fast, in one day it can travel up to thousand miles through water. It's known for its cruel and aggressive nature, but it always hides in the deep waters of the Dead Sea, it's usually very hard to see them at normal times, why did it suddenly appear in Fowl Crying Lake?"

    "Why did it suddenly appear in Fowl Crying Lake is not important." Cui Zhaoren grasp tightly onto his long sword, the other hand reached into his sleeve for a silk handkerchief and gently wiped the bloodstain on his lips. He's extremely shocked that his sudden sword attack did not kill Li Muyang; however, Li Muyang being saved by a Turtle Drae after plunging into the river was even more unexpected. "It's just a fake dragon, not a real dragon. Leave it, if it doesn't come over to bother us. If it dares to come here, kill it."

    "Then, we'll hold back the troops and see what happens." Su Rong said in a deep voice. "If they don't come over, we shall steer the ship and pass through the left tributary. If they dart towards this side, we shall surround and kill them."

    "It's a pity--" Cui Zhaoren said regretfully, his eyes observing Li Muyang on the Turtle Drake's head.

    Because the Turtle Drake''s build was too enormous, Li Muyang's body was like a little black spot.

    An ordinary person could only see a rough outline and a fuzzy shadow.

    Unfortunately, Cui Zhaoren is not an ordinary person, not only could he see the Turtle Drake breathing heavily but also the food remains between its teeth.

    So, he was able to clearly see Li Muyang and his every expression.

    Li Muyang's eyes were tightly closed; he was still in an unconscious state.

    His face was peaceful and did not look like he was just sent flying into the air by his sword, instead seemed more like he had entered into a deep slumber.

    Li Muyang's body was wrapped in a bundle of water plants, as if those water plants were protecting a baby.

    The sun was blazing fiercely overhead, searing the surface of the limitless river.

    Li Muyang's cheeks were illuminated by the golden rays of sunshine, turning him into a nearly translucent pale yellow colour.

    Everyone was waiting, waiting for the Drake's next move or for Li Muyang to wake up.

    Li Muyang really couldn't bear the aura of the 'Sword of Tribulation', the moment the colliding force exploded, he instantly passed out on the spot.

    As Li Muyang submerged into the river, he was awakened.

    However, when he tried to open his eyes, he found that his body was not under his control.

    The state Li Muyang was in was indeed bizarre, he felt he entered into another world entirely.

    There was a remote desert, a city set into flames, a dragon roaring in the sky and some strong humans who could slash the mountains and rivers in half with their swords.

    Fighting, killing, screaming, as well as the wrath of the dragon's breath were widely seen throughout the divine continent--

    The earth was in flames; humans were dying.

    A gigantic black dragon came into the world, it soared up into the Ninth Heaven, dived down to the Yellow Springs. Nearly covered the entire sky. It was majestic and powerful, his black eyes biting-cold as he watched this tragedy happening before his eyes.

    "Stupid humans." From his mouth came a voice that resounded throughout the sky.

    Those strong humans discovered his existence, armed with swords and mysterious weapons that could destroy the world, they came racing towards the black dragon.

    Everyone has one ultimate goal: to slay the dragon.


    The scene suddenly changed drastically.

    Li Muyang once again saw the black gigantic dragon; it came rushing towards him.

    He flew close to him but did not slow down at all, instead collided directly against his body.


    Li Muyang felt a throbbing pain in his chest, as if a knife severed him in half.

    The gigantic black dragon vanished. Li Muyang saw his own pitch black ink-eyes.

    He could see his own eyes.

    As if there was another him standing on the opposite side, they were able to clearly see each other's eyes.

    Li Muyang was able to feel it, a black dragon had entered his body; he and the black dragon became one.


    Li Muyang saw everything clearly but he had no way to distinguish if this was a dream or reality.

    If this was the reality, then this is a world he had never understood before.

    The gigantic dragon hovering at height, the city destroyed by the dragon's breath, those strong humans that could cut through the mountain range with their sword and destroy the river with their fist--did they really exist?

    However, if it's a dream, how could this dream be so real?

    He certainly saw the black dragon's eyes, he clearly felt his pain.

    That feeling of being torn apart flashed away, but what about the grief and distress penetrating deep inside?

    He was a majestic dragon, how did he suffer the pain and the anguish that comes with being betrayed by the world?

    Li Muyang desperately struggled.

    He wants to open his eyes, escape from this ridiculous world.

    He wants to go back, return to the ship, return back to his parents and sister Li Shinian's side.

    That's his normal life.

    That's the reality.

    His body was warm and cozy, as if he's bathing under the sun.

    "Huff-- "

    A heavy breathing sound resonating in his ears.

    "What is this? Where am I?" Li Muyang thought to himself.

    He suddenly opened his eyes, then a stinging pain instantly followed due to the intense light in front of him.

    He immediately closed his eyes, after having adapted he then gradually tried to open his eyes again.

    Without delay he reached out to feel his crotch; the heavy gold coins were untouched.

    Li Muyang once again was able to relax.

    "Hey, why am I lying high above on a rock?" Li Muyang thought to himself.

    His body wrapped in water plants, Li Muyang chaotically pulled and tore, all those water plants came loose without any trouble.

    Too terrifying, Cui Zhaoren's strength is too amazing.

    The power of his sword simply gave off the incredible feeling of able to split a mountain into two.

    Li Muyang remembered what happened before, Cui Zhaoren suddenly drew out his sword and attacked, at the same time Li Muyang threw out the breaking fist he had prepared--

    What happened after, he simply does not know.

    "Hey, below--is a ship?" Li Muyang cried out in surprise.

    The moment he noticed that the stone under him moved, he bounced up and sat with his back straight.

    Then, his body started to shudder, frightened to the point that he nearly wet his pants.

    What mountain peak or gigantic boulder was he lying on, it's clearly a giant monster's head---

    What's most scary was that the monster is too big, he actually reached into the midair.

    No wonder he felt the sunlight was too strong, no wonder that everything around him seemed so small.

    Because he was close to the sun, because he was level with the mountain peaks and in the clouds.

    "It's over, it's over--I'm going to die." Li Muyang sat still, his face filled with horror and fear. Li Muyang wanted to shout aloud several times, but he was afraid that any major movements would startle the monster under his butt.

    "Those Monitor Department lackeys---" Li Muyang scolded incessantly in his mind. "The rumors are true, they indeed could do any evil deeds. Even heard that in order to receive certain confidential information or to obtain a confession they would resort to threatening and any torture--too vicious, too ruthless. Without humanity. Those bunch of lackeys are a group of animals."

    "Fuck their mothers, to frame me with the crime of colluding with the enemy they made me confess my 'crimes' by throwing me onto the monster's head---"

    Li Muyang was indignant, he felt wronged and frustrated.

    "Help---help---" Li Muyang yelled. He waved desperately to attract the attention of Cui Zhaoren and other people on the ship to let them know that he's still alive.

    No one on the ship answered him.

    "I confess---" Li Muyang's eyes reddened. He knew that once he confesses, there is only one way for him-death, and he would forever part from his parents and family.

    But he would rather be put on trial than die in the mouth of this monster.

    In Li Muyang's mind, the Monitor Department of the Kingdom is the most evil place on earth.

    He believes that his family would not trust the fact that he colluded with the enemy. He also firmly believes that someday the public would know of the crimes of the Monitor Division.

    At that time, it would also become clear to the world that he's innocent.

    "I confess---" Li Muyang broke down in tears.
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