Chapter 082 - Millions of brave soldiers!

    082 - Millions of brave soldiers!

    The distance was too far, they could not hear what Li Muyang shouted.

    However, seeing him standing above the Turtle Drae like he's dancing, it seemed like he's showing off and provoking them---

    "You come on, come fight me if you don't come here fight me, you're my grandson. You--are--a--big--idiot--"

    This was Cui Zhaoren's and everyone on the ship interpretation of Li Muyang's actions.

    "What's that bastard doing? He wants us to go beat him?"

    "Why did the monster help him? Could it be he and the monster are together?"

    "Li Muyang not just only colluded with the enemies, he also joined with monsters, his crimes can not be forgiven---"


    "Young Lord---" Su Rong was worried that Cui Zhaoren would do something impulsive under his rage, quickly reminded: "We have more important business to attend to. Why don't I tell them to speed up the ship so we arrive in Tiandu earlier? Compared to that Li Muyang, our business are much more important. The goods are lost, that side would definitely counterattack, if we return a day earlier, then we could make some preparations--please think twice about it."

    "More important things---" Cui Zhaoren eyes shifted over to Li Muyang on the Drake's head, his face suddenly became cold: "You think--Li Muyang is not important enough?"

    "Even if he was first in the exam, even if he's admitted into Starry Sky---When we return to Tiandu, we still have plenty of opportunity--Would he actually achieve instant success?"

    "The sword just now didn't hack him to death." Cui Zhaoren said.

    "That's only because young lord was deceived by his appearance and did not understand his skills so was careless---"

    "There is no deceit in this world, also no carelessness. No luck or misfortune---my sword did not sever his head is the fact that everyone witnessed."


    "Also, look at that Turtle Drake-----Do you see its eyes-what do you see?"

    Su Rong tried his best to take a look: "Gunk in his eyes---and docileness."

    Su Rong was astonished, looked as Cui Zhaoren and asked: "Young Lord, you mean---Li Muyang made the Drake surrender and obey him? During the time he fell into the river, in that short amount of time?"

    "Besides that, do you have any other explanation for what we see?" A shivering coldness surfaced on the corner of Cui Zhaoren's mouth: "you said earlier that this type of Drake moves fast and could travel up to thousand of miles a day. They are also cruel and aggressive by nature, they like to kill--but it rescued Li Muyang from the river."

    "He used a mysterious power with his fist to block my 'Sword of Tribulation' and after being serious wounded and plummeted into the river he was saved by the Drake---First in the imperial exam and admitted to Starry Sky Academy---a man like him, do you still think he's not important enough?"

    "Young lord--"

    "If we don't get rid of him, I will never be at ease." Cui Zhaoren clenched his sword tightly, yelled: "Kill."

    The instant the men of the Monitor Division, who were guarding the surroundings, received the order they immediately unsheathed their long swords, one by one rose into the air by putting forth strength in one leg and flew over to the Drake in the middle of the river that was as tall as the clouds.




    Most of the men of the Monitor Division avoided attacking the parts of the body that could potentially strike back such as the Drake's head, instead aimed for the thick and broad abdomen and back like the mountains.

    Even if the alligator's body was protected by its scaly armour, but when the men of the Monitor Division intentionally stopped over at its body, both their hands grasping the shaft firmly, lifting high above the top of their head and thrust down with immense strength, it is difficult to not feel the pain.


    The Turtle let out a chilling bawl.

    It's body began to sway, but worried that the master on the top of his head with the aura of a king would fling into the river, he tried to keep his balance as much as possible. 。

    One sword after the other, each sword cruel and ruthless, each sword was fatal.

    The Drake's body moved up and down in the river, trying his best to get rid of those small insignificant humans by bringing them into the river, because like those lice who deserves to die they brought him pain and suffering.

    Li Muyang was stunned.

    What is happening?

    This monster was not a tool the Monitor Department used to torture him? They now want to--kill it?

    The enemy's friend is my enemy; by the same logic, the enemy of my enemies is my friend.

    In other words, the ugly and savage-looking big guy is his friend?

    Li Muyang was thrilled.

    He found an opportunity to live. He felt his life would be saved.

    No wonder that the monster did not hurt him and instead let him lie on his head just like he's obediently became his horse. It turns out they were good friends.

    However, his friend is being killed, being bullied.

    Li Muyang was fuming with rage.

    He stared at the nearest man in black, then began to accumulate qi in his dantian and instantly released it.

    He threw out his fist.


    The Art of the Breaking Body's Breaking Fist!

    Before the men in black even had the time to let out a cry, their body suddenly ruptured, bursts into a sea of blood and broken limbs plummeted down Fowl Crying Lake.

    Their comrade was injured. Other men of the Monitor Division obviously felt an endless hatred that they could not bear.

    As a Special Department of the Kingdom, it's only them who bullied others, who dares to bully them?

    The men in black gave each other at meaningful glance and then began to attack from three sides, crowding around Li Muyang who was standing on Drake's head.

    They have already experienced Li Muyang's power, but if they simultaneously attacked from three sides, even if Li Muyang punched out and killed one of them, the two other comrades would still have the time to draw out their sword, with that chance they could sever his body into three hundred sections.


    The Drake detected danger, suddenly opened his mouth to spit out large volumes of yellow and green juices.

    The man in front could not evade in time, completely covered by the yellow dirty liquid. The thick and dense substance made it difficult for him to breathe at all, his body tumbled into the river.

    The Turtle Drake swayed his head, his sharp teeth clenched onto the long sword in the hands of one of the men in black.

    There was still one more man in black advancing from behind Li Muyang, his long sword pouring out energy, letting out a blazing bright light, blue light flashed across, the entire sword including the handle was buzzing and vibrating throughout, looking like it's about to escape from his hand.

    He neared.

    The man continued to dart along the alligator's body, after several consecutive leaps, the area enveloped by the long sword's light was precisely aimed at Li Muyang's head.

    "Die." With a loud yell, the sword firmly in his hand aimed to sever Li Muyang's head.


    The body of the man in black ruptured without any warning, turning into rain of blood.

    Behind him was a raised long tail like pillars supporting the heaven, slowly retracting, stirring up thousand-foot waves.

    "Useless." Cui Zhaoren said quietly. His body slightly jerked forward, then instantly disappeared from the ship.

    When he showed up again, he was already standing on the back of the Drake.

    Gripping tightly the heaven sword in his hand, he thrust into the alligator's abdomen.

    Blood wildly splattered everywhere, a big chunk of flesh on the Turtle Drake's back was sliced off.

    "Ahh---" The Drake's twisting and swaying was even more frantic. Cui Zhaoren attack did too much damage.


    The drake began slamming his tail into the water, he flung it as menacingly as he could, beating only his own body.

    Because once Cui Zhaoren succeeded in a single blow, he had already fled.

    Following the alligator's huge body he circled around, one round after another, lap after lap. With each round a piece of flesh from the alligator was slashed off.

    After dozens of laps, the alligator's huge body was badly mangled, many wounds were deep that the bones were clearly visible.

    Although the alligator is gigantic but this makes his movements extremely inconvenient. It was also because of this, that Cui Zhaoren avoided its sharp snout and nimble tail so he could attack at will.

    Even with the scaly armour protecting its body, it's still difficult to withstand the sharpness of the 'Sword of Tribulation'.

    More importantly, he needed to protect Li Muyang from any harm, so he did not dive into the river to escape--

    He looked like a simple-minded idiot letting his enemy cut his flesh and peel his bones, but could not make any strong counterattack.





    The sound was more painful each time, more tragic than the one before.

    Li Muyang's eyes reddened, flashing with rage. ,。

    These men of the Monitor Division not only kill humans, they even tries to kill such a cute monster---because this monster saved him and risked his life to protect him. Because he has connection with him, so they also want to frame the monster of colluding with enemies?

    This was his brother, his partner he could rely on.

    Li Muyang would not allow anyone to hurt this Drake, although he does not know his name yet.

    "Asshole--you came for me." Li Muyang's tightly clenched fist was vibrating with sounds of rupturing. Facing Cui Zhaoren, who's body was as nimble as forest birds when he flew, he roared: "you're a coward, kill me. If you have the ability then kill me----"

    "As you wish." Cui Zhaoren's biting-cold voice echoed over.

    His sword aiming towards the back of the Drake's head, just as the Drake swung his tail up, preparing to slam down, his body disappeared.

    At the same time his body vanished, countless Cui Zhaoren appeared in the air. Several Cui Zhaoren and several heaven swords thrust towards every part of the alligator's body.

    The giant alligator was entirely surrounded by the numerous Cui Zhaoren

    [Secrets of the hundred thousand heaven's will and eight desolate lands], his body could transform into a hundred thousand images, rampaging throughout the eight desolate lands. Without will, without heart, without restrictions, without signs.

    Heaven's will was the greatest, everything in the world could be killed.


    A clear and crisp noise resounded.

    And then, as far as the eye could see the sky became bloody, a gigantic head plunged down the river.


    The river water splashed everywhere and then a stretch of the river was stained red from the blood of the gigantic head.

    The animal that dominated this body of water for thousands of years, the Drake that finally understood human nature and tried to protect his master.

    His head was severed by Cui Zhaoren's sword.

    Originally the Drake did not have to die, yet during the most dangerous and the most crucial time Li Muyang was flung away.

    Because he was able to sense that the attack was really targeted at Li Muyang.

    He used his own life to exchange for Li Muyang's life.

    The Drake's headless body floated across the river for quite a while, before it unwillingly submerged into the water.


    The river overflowed its bank onto trees and fields, the whole earth trembling.

    "You deserve to die." Li Muyang's body descended from high above and then floated across the air.

    Li Muyang eyes were blood-red, his pitch-black pupil was wrapped in red fog.

    As if the black scales on the back of his right hand were alive, it surfaced away from his body, frantically rotated on the top of his head.


    Overhead was the scorching sun but a sudden clap of thunder could be heard.


    A fine sunny day, yet lightning flashed across and thunder roared above the river.

    River surged over the banks, rapidly thickening black clouds rolled in from the distance.

    The white clouds overhead were expelled away as masses of black clouds began to envelop, extensively covering the sky and blocking the sun.

    Rain began to fall, tiny raindrops at first suddenly developed into rain showers, then to heavy rain and to torrential rain.

    It seemed as if the whole world was drowned by the rainstorm like it was the end of the world.

    A natural extraordinary scene, this unlucky passenger ship was being tossed in this stormy weather and bumpy waves, looking like it may capsize and sink into the river at any time.

    Someone was wailing, someone was pleading and some were praying to the heavens.

    They closely held onto their belongings, hoping the heavens would hear their cry for help and grant them assistance.

    Cui Zhaoren's attack came to a stop.

    He felt pressure.

    The feeling of his body stiffening and the sword slow in reaction, that almost life-threatening pressure, made him nearly unable to breathe.

    His body also suspended in midair, directly facing Li Muyang in the distance.

    "What--what monster is that?" Cui Zhaoren realised the situation he's in was far from good, like an ocean swallow within the torrential rain he flew straight towards the ship.

    His body descended on the top of the ship and then instantly turned around, his eyes locked in the direction of the Drake.

    An astonishing scene appeared before his eyes.

    In the midst of the torrential storm, countless fish and prawns came to the surface.

    In large numbers and closely crowded together, they looked like a wave set off by the violent storm.

    They leaped up from the water and then dived down. Jumped up again and swooped back down.

    As if they've gone crazy, they threw themselves over in the direction of the ship.


    The water snake in the front line of the group pounded against the top of the ship. Knocked dizzy it drowned into the water, and them more and more water snakes lunged forward.


    A crab as large as a millstone collided against the top of the ship, the crab's solid shell was smashed to pieces but at the same time caused fatal damage to the passenger ship. In the area that suffered the impact was a gigantic crack.

    A small herring leaped over, his head instantly split into pieces. Then, a big wave crashed down, sweeping away the small fish. More herrings, unafraid of death, knocked against the ship.

    Millions of brave soldiers protecting the real dragon. Once the dragon king was furious, even heaven itself would fear.
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