Chapter 083 - Torrential rain and sword!

    083 - Torrential rain and sword!

    A breathtaking scene

    The fish and crabs in the river seemed to have grudges against the passenger ship. They unrelentingly and crazily rammed against the hull of the ship.

    Firstly, one by one, they pounced over, using their head or body to launch suicide attacks.

    Using their heads to collide, their skulls cracked and blood gushed out.

    Using their bodies, their bones smashed to pieces.

    Several fishes knocked unconscious from the impact were instantly engulfed by the river waves.





    At that time, they were not quite organised nor experienced the sounds were still disordered and chaotic.

    As more and more fish and crabs died, an even more overwhelming number of fish and crabs rushed over.

    When a succession of waves rolled in, it seemed like the river itself was boiling.

    They formed a tall wall, formed a gigantic wave.

    They grouped into a colorful gigantic long line to knock against the passenger ship.





    Now that they had gained experienced from crashing into the ship, the sound became orderly and grand.

    They displayed a kind of drive to fight until they die.


    Millions united.


    Ear-splitting sound.


    Vibrations shuddered throughout the air.


    Over and over again. The ship was still not destroyed, though the collisions never once stopped.

    Rain bucketed down, getting heavier every second. The entire river was clouded by raining arrows.

    The ship jolted up and down the great river, looking like it could be destroyed and the passengers would drown at any time.

    The scholars and travelers on board were terrified, a number of people breaking and crying from terror.

    "Oh heavens, these fish and crabs are here to eat us--I don't want to die, I don't want to die--"

    "The wrath of heaven, this must be the wrath of heaven--they just killed that gigantic dragon moments ago and now we're going to be punished--"

    "That drake must have gained intelligence, these fish and crabs are his people--they want to avenge him --"


    That fear spread rapidly, the sounds of screaming and wailing rose and fell in succession forming into one gigantic clamour.

    At this time, Cui Zhaoren had no mood to discipline what was said around him.

    His eyes never stopped staring at Li Muyang suspended in the air, now that the rain became too heavy and the black clouds were too dense, even with his eyes he could only see a vague fuzzy shadow high up in the sky.

    It's also precisely because he only saw an outline that made him felt increasingly anxious.

    Things he could clearly see he knows where to draw the line, it is those that he could not see that are unfathomable and impossible to predict.

    When he first saw Li Muyang, nothing seemed to be special about him.

    Among the many scholars, the Jia county's Zhang Linpu looked much more outstanding.

    It was only when the lord of Jiangnan City, Yan Bolai, personally came to see him off and he heard people yelling Li Muyang to wait while he was already on the passenger ship, that made him a bit curious about this guy.

    Recently, he has been working at the frontier region, far away from the bustling Tiandu. He was unaware of the announcement of the exam results and Li Muyang being praised by Yan Xiangma as 'Jiangnan's Famous Colt', he also does not know that Li Muyang has been enrolled into the 'diploma mill' Starry Sky Academy.

    However, from Yan Bolai and Li Muyang's conversation, he's clear that this uncle does not like Li Muyang--If he really did like Li Muyang, he would not rush over to see him off at that time.

    The people who are close to you and the ones you like, the more you want to make them understand the importance of acting low-key. Only with a low profile you would be able to live safely for longer.

    If the lord of Jiangnan city dislikes someone, he could easily kill them and be done with. Or perhaps command his men to stuff them into a sack to be thrown into the river or into the forest of beasts are also good choices. Is there a need to bring trouble to himself and make himself unhappy?

    Cui Zhaoren has been entrusted with an important task, he also shouldn't bring more trouble to himself. But at the same time he thought that, if given the chance, he might as well help uncle settle this matter.

    After all, this time the only reason he was able to forgo using the military vessel and bring the criminal to Jiangnan on horse, then set out to Tiandu via the ship at Maple Forest Crossing, was all thanks to the help from the lord of Jiangnan city. Since he owes him a great debt, then he should do him a small favour.

    Perhaps even Cui Zhaoren is not aware himself, his heart had already listed the insignificant Li Muyang as an object that should be killed.

    Later, theft happened on the passenger ship, Li Muyang closely followed behind the scholars demanding to go upstairs and search, he also brought up Yan Xiangma's and Yan Bolai's names, which made Cui Zhaoren furious--He felt as if his family clan was being humiliated.

    A beautiful flower - how could it be linked to a piece of **?

    For this reason, he's also even displeased with the father and son, Yan Bolai and Yan Xiangma. How could they have anything to do with a nobody?

    Don't tell me that they don't know that those of a lower social status than ordinary people are shameless, as long as you give them a little bit of dye, they could open a large dyehouse outside. If they were to swindle and mislead the public and use the Yan family's or the Cui family's name to break the law, then wouldn't that lower the reputation of these two families?

    Rogues like him, should not be held close.

    However, in his mind, Li Muyang is still just an insignificant little person--so small that he could not see him at all before.

    First place in the imperial exam. Every year there's a first in the exam, but in the end how many of them would achieve success?

    Cui Zhaoren did not achieve first in the exam but he does not attach importance to those so-called first in the imperial exam.

    Until he heard that the other person was admitted to Starry Sky Academy, he had a bad premonition--This guy pretended to be a pig to prey on the tiger.

    He disguised himself as a pig, so which tiger does he wants to eat

    The answer is self-evident.

    Cui Zhaoren does not want to be the tiger eaten by the pig, so he decided to make the pig become a dead pig.

    A sudden attack, his sword struck down.

    Most dangerous, and also most ruthless.

    According to his thinking, this sword is what he needed to settle everything.

    A criminal is on the run, it also happens that he could vent the anger in his heart.

    What he did not expect was that his sword failed, not only did he not sever Li Muyang's neck, he was also wounded by his punch and stumbled back continuously, losing face in front of all his subordinates and the scholars.

    Then, things got out of hand, Li Muyang plunged into the river, a Turtle drake appeared, the Drake was killed, and now--an extraordinary scene before his eyes: fish soldiers and crab commanders causing chaos in the river.

    Could it be, this is what's special about Li Muyang?

    Starry Sky Academy knows this--so they granted him special admission?

    If that's the case, what realm is this guy in?

    He himself is already at the high level of the Free Clouds, he's the most famous skilled expert of the younger generation, even the lord of Jiangnan city Yan Bolai is not the same level as him.

    Could it be that Li Muyang had already reached the Withered Glory state? Or, the higher levels of Starry Sky or perhaps Astral Projection?

    That's impossible!

    In the entire kingdom there's only a dozen of people in the Withered Glory altogether,

    --If Li Muyang were in the Withered Glory stage, would there be a need to send such a genius to Starry Sky Academy?

    As to whether he's in Starry Sky or Astral Projection realms, he would already be one of the strongest people in the entire divine continent. Should such a person's name not already resonate throughout the starry sky?

    Dragon Slayer realm?

    In tens of thousands of years no one had laid their eyes on any real dragons, it's also unheard of that anyone is in the Dragon Slayer realm.

    "Young Lord--" Su Rong's hand tightly clutched onto the ship's railing, his black robe drenched by the heavy rain, his long hair disheveled by the wind and his head and face soaked with rainwater. "The rain is too heavy, there's no way for us to divert into the tributary now. The impact from the fish and crabs are too strong, I'm afraid that the ship won't be able to withstand for too long--In moments, even the ship would fall apart and a ship of people would drown into the river. "

    Cui Zhaoren was still handsome, his hair tied into a bun remained undisturbed and his black robe was untainted by even a speck of dust.

    The gale howled and the heavy downpour ruined the city. Yet it seemed like he's still situated in a sunny place. As if the wind and rain had eyes, the moment it reached several feet around him, they automatically bounced away; it's impossible to touch him at all.

    "Strategist do you have any good suggestions?" Cui Zhaoren pursed his lips slightly, with a cold smile on his face.

    "I advise urge young lord to not fight with them. Me and all the men of the Monitor Division shall stall this person, young lord should get away as soon as possible--" Su Rong struggled to explain his proposal. He knew that his master is a very vain man, while his advice is for him to flee early--This is the same as giving him a slap in the face telling him that he cannot win before they even began their batel.

    If he were to get mad and blame him, he fears that there won't be a good outcome for him.

    However, with the urgency of the matter, since it's already been said, there's also no need to soften his words anymore.

    Su Rong looked over at the men in black who were on the alert, their eyes locked on the same position all along. "Even if we do die, we must protect young lord."

    "To withdraw and leave?" The cold smile on Cui Zhaoren's face faded away, his expression showed a glimmer of warmth as he glanced over at Su Rong. After all, this is an elderly in the family who's also loyal to him. Although the proposal somewhat grates on his ears, but he was still sincerely thinking for him. "I could run away. The Cui family could run away. But, the Kingdom's Monitor Division--when have they ever ran away?"

    "Young Lord--" Su Rong was worried, tried to persuade him: "Just a temporary expedient. After today, would young lord not have the chance to cross swords with Li Muyang again?"

    "It's too late." Cui Zhaoren shook his head. "Even if I wished to escape, I'm afraid that person won't allow me to--"

    Cui Zhaoren raised his head to take a glimpse at the figure floating in mid-air, the uncomfortable feeling was even stronger.

    When he glanced at that person, that person also looked over at him.

    What a pair of eyes, blood-red, just like an artist painted a layer of red paint over them.

    "Brothers of the Monitor Division---" Su Rong shouted: "Will you accompany me to fight?"

    "We're all willing." The men of the Monitor Division all replied in chorus.

    "Kill." Su Rong abruptly yelled, his black robe suddenly began to vibrate.

    As far as his essential qi could reach, drenched clothes immediately dried and the rainwater evaporated into the air.

    His right hand pressed and pushed against the side of the ship, his body leaped up, with both his feet high in the sky he advanced towards Li Muyang who was situated at a high altitude.


    With their long swords unsheathed, the several men of the Monitor Division bowed and salute to Cui Zhaoren, preparing to kill that monster high up in the air.


    The deck beneath their feet suddenly vibrated, snapping sounds resounded across the solid decks of the ship.

    Like attacked by a massive meteorite.

    The rainwater accumulated on the deck became crimson red with a stench of blood.

    It wasn't a rock, but the first to rush out. It was strategist Su Rong.
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