Chapter 085 - Second sword severs karma!

    Chapter 85: Second sword severs karma!

    [Secrets of the hundred and eight thousand heaven's will] is one of the best technique in the world. It is the foundation that the Cui family used to stand at the top of all the noble families in the kingdom for thousands of years.

    Facing the 'Sword of Tribulation', it is difficult to pass your tribulation. This describes the fearsomeness and power of the Cui family's 'Sword of Tribulation.

    However, 'Sword of Tribulation' is only a branch, a flower, the fruit that is borned at the end.

    [Secrets of the hundred and eight thousand heaven's will] is the backbone, is the soul, is the important foundation that penetrates deep into the soil to constantly deliver nutrients to the branches and tree trunk.

    [Secrets of the hundred and eight thousand heaven's will] is divided into nine stages, Cui Zhaoren only trained up to the fifth stage. Yet even at the fifth stage he's one of the strongest in West Wind Kingdom. After taking over the Monitor Department of the kingdom for merely three years, he has impressive achievements in military service, thus is highly favored by the West Wind Royal family.

    He's only at his twenties but is at a height that many people would never be able to reach in their life. In the Cui family, there are also quite a number of people who's in their forties, fifties or approaching old age that still have difficulties in passing the third stage to step into the more advanced and mysterious intermediate stages.

    Li Muyang wants Cui Zhaoren dead, Cui Zhaoren also has the same thought.

    Before he finished his words, his body already transformed into a hundred thousand images

    The instant the sound of his sword could be head, the heaven sword in his hands had already duplicated into countless numbers aiming to completely envelop Li Muyang.

    Cui Zhaoren is not Su Rong; with Su Rong's 'Move Mountain Fist' there's five fake and one real, with only one punch that could be fatal.

    With Cui Zhaoren's hundred thousand figures, every one of them is fake but everyone of them was also real.

    You have to obstruct each sword, even if a single sword were not blocked, you would be slashed into dust.

    One person to withstand hundred thousands enemy; one person to block hundred thousand swords. How could someone be able to?

    Hundred thousand of figures joined together into one, covering over half the sky. The qi of the hundred thousand of long swords, able to move unhindered, unexpectedly blocked the rainstorm and thunder.

    Heavy rains could not enter, thunders could not rumble. The entire area became a vacuum-packed zone.

    In other areas dark clouds were still rolling in, lightning streaked across and thunder crackling. Whereas, the inside was in a state of darkness, tranquility, without any noise or disturbance at all.

    The power of his sword could dazzle the Starry Sky.

    Sword of Tribulation severs the bonds of the world!

    'Sword of Tribulation' is one of the most elite sword techniques, also the one that Cui Zhaoren was most skilled in controlling.

    Li Muyang's body was still suspended in the air, emitting an aura as if he had experienced great change iin his life and coldness that seemed to be from the ice age.

    His blood-red eyes staring at the hundred thousand shadows with a slight puzzled expression why is there a familiar feeling?

    He tried his best to think, but still can't identify where that feeling came from.

    That feeling was an incredibly wonderful feeling, but at the same time also brought distress to Li Muyang.

    Because it had the ability to make Li Muyang feel confused--as if he does not know who he really was.

    Li Muyang felt the oppression, from the inside to the outside, also from the inside to the outside.

    Outside was the power of the sword, inside was fear.

    Li Muyang felt this sword is terrifying, a sword which is able to cut off his past.

    He was turned into a sphere inside the tornado - either he would be turned into patty or torn to pieces by the two powerful forces at any time.

    Black hair flutters, white robe surges.

    The charcoal trash a few months ago now have the ability to duel with one of the strongest person in the kingdom.

    Li Muyang closed his eyes.

    The scales that surfaced away from the body, suspended on the top of Li Muyang's head were like the corners of black ink stones.

    Outside they emitted a glamorous luster, sparkling and dazzling.

    On closer look, was a tiny bolt of lightning tightly bound inside. It dashed around in all directions, yet was still difficult for it to break through.

    The black robe and the shadows of sword completely shrouded Li Muyang, Li Muyang disappeared completely in the midst of the sky.

    Looking up, Cui Zhaoren already transformed into countless deities. As far as the eye could see, the sky was covered with his silhouette.


    Golden brilliance flashed across.

    A beam of light rocketed into the sky, the entire river was shining as bright as day.

    No, at this time of the day the sun was still blazing, just because the weather changed drastically, rain bucketing down, so day and night were reversed, a bright day turned into a dark night.

    Because of the tremendous sound of activity, the scene also too shocking and terrifying, even those scholars and travelers swimming away for their life with their wooden planks in the river raised their head, stared with astonishment across their faces. They don't know what the hell happened.

    Since the luminescence was too dazzling, the entire area became a golden colour.

    As far as the eye could see, half the sky became golden.

    Li Muyang disappeared; Cui Zhaoren who transformed into hundred thousand images also disappeared.

    The gold colour was like solidified paint, it did not disappear even in the beating of the wind and rain.

    Only time is able to completely erase it.

    As time goes by, the golden luminescence gradually faded and then finally vanished.

    The sky once again resumed its darkness, with heavy rain and dark clouds rolling across the sky.

    Li Muyang was missing, Cui Zhaoren also disappeared.


    Movements and noise appeared on the surface of the river, Cui Zhaoren wearing a black robe covering his whole body and tightly grasping a sword in his hand leapt up from the depths of the river.

    He once again at a standstill in the sky, his cheeks as cold as iceberg and his face as beautiful as jade, with wisps of blood at the corner of his mouth.

    Cui Zhaoren pulled out a white handkerchief from his pocket, carefully wiped the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth.

    Then, he released the silk handkerchief in his hand, the white silk handkerchief was immediately drenched by the heavy rain and then swept away by the violent winds to some unknown place.

    The area where Li Muyang was located was also unknown to him.

    Li Muyang is gone, this outcome made Cui Zhaoren extremely worried.

    He did not disappear because he's dead, but vanished when he was still alive.

    Cui Zhaoren could feel it, Li Muyang is not dead.

    Just as his sword severed the bonds of the world, squeezing Li Muyang into a small white dot from all sides, he thought his sword had dissolved all his concern, henceforth he would have no more worries.

    However, when his sword came into contact with Li Muyang's body, as the power of his swords joined forces to destroy Li Muyang and crush him into dust, the black stone suspended in front of Li Muyang suddenly sped up spinning and abruptly exploded.

    A bolt of lightning broke out, bringing along with it an explosive force towards Cui Zhaoren.

    Regardless, the power was overwhelming and astonishing; an irresistible force.

    Overbearing, it pierced through the gap between the numerous figures, like a rogue lightning it collided against the countless Cui Zhaoren, causing them to scatter and smash into nothing in a flash.

    It ravaged the sky, the swords that Cui Zhaoren managed to connect together after much difficulty were utterly destroyed.

    It came abruptly, yet was mighty and powerful.

    Cui Zhaoren fully exerted the power of his sword yet still found it difficult to resist this force, he intended on avoiding the sharp points, but the collision between the qi of his sword and the lightning caused an explosion and the aftermath was that he was beaten to the bottom of the great river.

    However, where did Li Muyang go?

    Cui Zhaoren remained on the alert, waiting for Li Muyang to reappear.

    He knew he would return.

    Li Muyang fell from a great height.

    He slowly descended from the distance and the high altitude.

    He once again stopped over in front of Cui Zhaoren.

    This sort of way of appearance made Cui Zhaoren, a person who's sensitive about losing face, extremely discontent, it even made him felt a strong awareness of crisis.

    He's the person who's most clear of the power of the big explosion, yet that person was able to calmly rise to the sky and not be affected by the aftermath?

    Only with this point, it is clear he's higher than him by more than one realm.

    "But, what realm is he in?" Cui Zhaoren wanted to curse. Can't nicely talk? Can't nicely answer my question? You don't know what realm you're in--Don't tell me ghost would know?

    "I remembered." Li Muyang looked at Cui Zhaoren. His voice biting-cold and differed greatly, but also with a touch of joy from remembering. "You killed me before."

    "When? Where?" Cui Zhaoren's expression was full of doubt. In all honesty, this was the first time he talked with Li Muyang, the first time he met him. When did he kill him?

    If he was not successful in killing him last time, would he do such a stupid thing this time?

    At least he would bring together an assemblage of talented individuals or some of the strongest in his clan to ambush him.

    "You did not succeed." The corner of Li Muyang's mouth slightly raised, gave a mocking smile.


    Cui Zhaoren was infuriated.

    He does not like to be sneered at, although he often ridiculed others. If the Monitor Department did not frame an innocent person, would they still be called the Monitor Department? Is there a need for them to exist?

    He does not like to be looked down on. As a young master of the Cui family, a prestigious family, his eyes are usually on the top of his head, he only looks at the moon, stars and the milky way, who would wish to take notice of those dirt?

    Li Muyang did two of his most hated actions.

    "I must kill him." Cui Zhaoren thought to himself.

    "I think you must be mistaken." Cui Zhaoren said aloud. He felt a discomfort in his throat, a feeling of wanting to cough but he was not willing to, instead forced himself to endure. Because he thought that would be somewhat inelegant and most likely be laughed at by Li Muyang, who's social stratum is below the level of ordinary people. He's seen it before, this bastard has a sharp mouth, he only knows how to ridicule others. "If I had killed you once before, then you would definitely not have this chance now. I did not kill you the first time, I would have realised that there is a gap between me and you, and would think of someone better suited to destroy you--or another method. I never fall into the same pit twice. This has nothing to do with honour, but a person's intelligence."#

    "In my mind, there is no definition of good or bad, but only the difference between a smart person and a fool---" A tired and fed up expression passed by Cui Zhaoren's face, he then continued: "compared with the bad guys, I even more dislike stupid people--So, don't put me and them into the same group."

    "Not you." Li Muyang said. "It's this sword technique---what is it called?"

    "Sword of Tribulation." Cui Zhaoren answered.

    "'Sword of Tribulation'--Facing the 'Sword of Tribulation', it is hard to pass your tribulation." Li Muyang mumbled to himself with a face deep in thought. "I don't know which ancient scroll I had seen this in before---I've lived for far too long, read too many books, so I'm really not sure."

    "----" Cui Zhaoren was on the verge of snapping.

    Stop acting like a pretentious prick, there's no way for us to be opponents if you continue doing so.

    Just how old are you? You have the nerve to say you lived for too long, read too many books?

    Do you think I'm a mentally handicapped child?

    "A wise choice would be to leave immediately." Cui Zhaoren said aloud. "If I wished to run away, you also can't stop me."

    "I can't stop you from leaving." Li Muyang sighed.

    "But I chose to stay." A smile surfaced on Cui Zhaoren's face. "Because I'm curious, what realm are you in---My first sword attack, sever the bonds of the world, was broken by your lightning. Now I present you my second sword technique called 'Sever karma'. So please, enlighten me."
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