Chapter 087 - Willing to die after hearing the right path!

    Chapter 87: Willing to die after hearing the right path!

    With a flick of his finger, the sword in Cui Zhaoren's hand hovered across in front of Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang reached out. The sword fell right into his hand.

    The handle of the sword was pitch-black, the edge of the blade was silver-white.

    Under the scorching sun, a stream of light from reflections was flickering on it.

    A good sword.

    "This sword is called Understand Heaven, it's made from mysterious metal from overseas and was created by the famous sword master in Tiandu Cao Yezi. This name was given to it hoping for the early understanding of the heavens at that time and for the mastery of the third sword technique of the 'Sword of Tribulation': "Sever Heaven'--Now looking at it, it seems I'm bringing humiliation to myself." Cui Zhaoren's voice carried infinite regret.

    The divine continent is vast, the world is bustling, and there are countless people with extraordinary talent. If we could live for another day, we would be able to see more. It's a pity, it's a pity--

    "If brother Muyang don't mind, please take this Understand Heaven sword as thanks. Although the present is not much but it is a token of my appreciation. If such a good sword was to submerge into the river, it's not an elegant thing." Cui Zhaoren's face was full of sincerity looking at Li Muyang: "I see Muyang brother has no sword, so please carry this with you until you secure a good sword, at that time please give this to a good owner as well. It will definitely have its day."

    Li Muyang felt Cui Zhaoren's reluctance to part with life, as well as felt his sadness and pity for this sword. He thought to himself: If you knew this would happen, you would not have done what you did.

    However, this is asking too much given Cui Zhaoren's personality. He asked aloud: "I have not yet asked your name."

    "Cui Zhaoren." Cui Zhaoren was slightly glad inside; for someone to ask his name at this time proves that the other party is trying to remember him. 'Remember', this word has a special meaning to cultivators. Because it indicates you have received the opponent's respect, otherwise, why would they need to remember your name? They often said: 'give your name, this sword does not kill a nobody'. Thus it had always been.

    "Cui clan, Cui Zhaoren."

    "Cui Zhaoren?" Li Muyang's brow knit into a slight frown, pondered for a long time, before he asked: "Cui is your last name?"

    "Yes." Cui Zhaoren did not understand why Li Muyang's face suddenly changed and why he revealed such a difficult expression. "The Cui family of Tiandu."

    This time, Li Muyang's was in deep thought for much longer this time.

    "Is there a problem?" Cui Zhaoren was somewhat worried. Don't tell me this guy doesn't dare to show him the sword technique after hearing his background? If that's the case, then he would never witness 'Sever Heaven'. Not only that he won't be able to see it today, he might not live to see it. It is indeed a big regret in life.

    "No." Li Muyang said aloud. "Have you thought about it, if I use your body to feed the sword, you will be mutilated instantly and most likely won't survive."

    "If I don't personally use my body to feed the sword, would you let me go?" Cui Zhaoren asked with a smile.

    Li Muyang this time bluntly replied: "I would not."

    On the ship, Cui Zhaoren did not give Li Muyang any opportunity to prepare, he simply drew out his sword to kill him.

    Fortunately, Li Muyang has been practising the 'Art of the Breaking Body', and was on guard all along, even after plunging into the river he was saved by the dragon turtle. Otherwise, Li Muyang would had been gobbled up by the fishes and prawns leaving behind only his skeleton--

    In that case, would Li Muyang have the chance to fight with Cui Zhaoren? Would he have the opportunity to see his martial arts and his love for swords?

    Dead people are not qualified to ask for leniency.

    The same as Cui Zhaoren's second sword, with kindness, there will be good karma. With evil, there will be retribution like now.

    Li Muyang would never forgive Cui Zhaoren, regardless of who he is.

    "So--" Cui Zhaoren is not shocked in the slightest with Li Muyang's answer. Smiling, he continued: "To be able to die for a good cause, moreover it is the 'Sever Heaven' sword technique that no one in the Cui family had seen for thousands of years-I will die with no regrets."

    Li Muyang nodded. "Then watch carefully."

    Cui Zhaoren closed his eyes.

    For a skilled expert like him, he is able to 'perceive' his opponents each moves. If he paid careful attention, he was even able to sense their every breath.

    The eyes sometimes carry a deceptive nature, which may not allow him to clearly see and directly feel the power and the mysteriousness of the amazing technique.

    Li Muyang moved.

    The sword in his hand was raised high into the air, a golden lightning leaped on top of edge of the blade.

    The same force and gesture as when Cui Zhaoren lifted his sword, but mid-way the changes happened.

    Cui Zhaoren's 'Sever Karma' first accumulated power before releasing, and then used his own body and the 'Secrets of the hundred and eight thousand heaven's will' to invoke the underworld fire as the source of attack.

    Powerful and formidable, incinerating everything, everything fading into space.

    However, at the same time also loses the energy and qi within the body, and destroys the foundation.

    The sword of karma does somewhat desires to kill. It first kills then sever all relations.

    Of course, most people were killed in one blow by this incomparably fearsome sword. So it could fulfill it wish in such a way.

    Moreover, with the myriad of complicated hand seals, it is simply impossible for an average person to grasp.

    Li Muyang's sword did not show any unnecessary changes, merely raised high into air, looking as if he's about to attack while ready and waiting for action.

    Besides the lightning leaping in between, it simply looked like an ordinary sword stroke.

    In the distance was muffled thunder, like it was as far as beyond the ninth-heaven, but also seemed as close as right in front of the eyes like sounds tapping against the eardrum.

    However, this way of lifting a sword broadened Cui Zhaoren's horizon; he understood straight way.

    "Separate the wheat from the chaff, complexity into simplicity." Cui Zhaoren mumbled. "Second sword is more complex than the first sword is tricky, so my family thought the third sword would be even more complex than the second sword. The notes for "Sword of Tribulation' also only showed one way to lift a sword, my family also thought it was some rubbish notes--It also did not describe clearly. Actually, what's most important are the words: 'ready and waiting for action' which indicates how the sword should be held."

    "Rumors said that the 'Sword of Tribulation' was granted to the world by Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, then, of course, the third sword technique should obviously include the supreme wisdom of Buddhism. Buddhism has the fable of the smile of Nianhua. It was that the Emperor of Daifan invited the Sakyamuni Budhha to expound buddhist teachings. The Emperor of Daifan  commanded everyone to give a golden Luo blossom to Buddha. Buddha lifted this golden flower, his expression calm and at ease, not saying one word. Everyone did not know what he meant by this, and looked at each other. Only great Nianhua face broke into a smile, and then Buddha instnatly announced: "I have profound buddhist teachings that encompasses everything in the universe, that reverse life and death, mantras that are able to conquer reincarnation. You are able to cast away everything false and achieve true cultivation, the intricacies are hard to describe. I'm not writing it down, and will pass it down heart to heart. Right now, I have already taught it to Great Nianhua. Give Nianhua the golden stranded Kasaya and alms bowl." [1]

    "Bodhisattva is naturally well versed in Buddhism. His teachings turns the complicated into uncomplicated, the traceable to untraceable. Without any trace there won't be any flaws. Without flaws it's impossible to guard against. So, this is the perfect 'Sword of Tribulation' that Li Muyang said he has seen before."

    Cui Zhaoren felt agitated inside; he knew he was too impatient. The more anxious he was, the more he regressed. The third sword technique is not perfected through practice but from understanding. Sever heaven, is to first arrive in heaven and then sever heaven.

    What is Heaven?  It could be known as passion, it could be known as desire, it could be known as benefit, and even known as profound cultivation.

    It was not to obtain but rather to give up.

    It is hard to reach such a state of great wisdom and knowledge.

    Only when you're free from human desires and passions, then one could attain enlightenment. This is the most basic and simple law of Buddhism, but was ignored by all.

    "I understand." A relieved smile passed by Cui Zhaoren's face; that smile was pure and noble, even displayed the kindness and face of a Buddhist. "I understand."

    Li Muyang drew his sword.

    No sign of wind or thunder, also no force behind it.

    Without sword qi or the slightest sound.

    Just like an ordinary sword.

    However, beyond the ninth heaven were thunder crackling, rumbling towards Cui Zhaoren.

    "With Underworld fire, it will be even better." Cui Zhaoren sighed.

    Although Li Muyang remembered 'Sword of Tribulations' moves but he does not know the sword mantra. Most importantly, he could not invoke the underworld fire or cast out the 'Secrets of the hundred and eight thousand heaven's will', so this sword only carried its form and had no divine soul. Its powers were also greatly reduced to only ten percent of its usual.

    "Thank you." Cui Zhaoren whispered.

    White light concealed the horizon of the sky, the lightning was much more intense and dazzling than the fierce sun.

    The power and light of the sword even blocked the rays of the sun; only the white light could be seen, hiding away the sunshine that illuminates the world

    A white channel surfaced in the midst of the sky, the channel divided the sky into two halves, also split the white clouds into two.

    White clouds swept across, the moment it encounters the edge of the channel they also could not cross over.

    Like it really existed.

    Before the white light dispelled, Cui Zhaoren had already vanished.

    Li Muyang floated in the air, still and calm, and did not utter a single sound.


    "Young Lord--" A man of the Monitor Division clenching tightly onto a wooden plank to survive glanced up, the instant he witnessed Cui Zhaoren disappearing into the air, his eyes redden, he suddenly roared. "Brothers, you quickly report back, Xingye will avenge chief--"

    When speaking, his body had leaped up from the river. Standing on top of the ship, he tiptoed and soared into the sky with ease.

    With his body in mid-air, the long sword was unsheathed.


    He slowly and carefully thrust out his sword at Li Muyang.


    Li Muyang forcefully punched out, the man of the Monitor Division instantly ruptured in mid-air.

    "Qingfeng will avenge chief, brothers hurry and leave--"

    Another man jumped forward, within one second he was punched to death by Li Muyang.

    "Take care of my family, Mochao will fight with the enemy--"


    The hefty men in black looked like strong puppets, one after the other, rising into the air holding a broad sword aiming at Li Muyang.

    Seeing their comrades' bodies exploding in the mid-air was still not enough to stop their desire for vengeance.

    Fight to the death!

    And so, the twenty-one men of the Kingdom's Monitor Division all died in battle, including the Chief of the Monitor Department, Cui Zhaoren.

    [1] Had to do quite a lot of research about this and I don't think I even get it now haha. Basically the moral of the story is that the teachings of Buddha cannot be learned through word but instead through the heart.
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