Chapter 088 - Nowhere to go!

    088 - Nowhere to go!


    As if all the bones in his body were broken.

    In his ears, there were sounds of waves hitting against the shore and the babble of water. There was a wet earthy smell that assaulted his nose.

    Li Muyang opened his eyes only to discover he was lying on the grassy shore by the riverbank. High reeds as tall as a man swept over by the breeze isolated him from the outside world; it was one of the best hideouts.

    The sky was clear, proud and bright like a fire.

    It seems today is a good day.

    "How did I get here?" Li Muyang was puzzled.

    He felt dizzy, he felt like he just had a long, vivid dream.

    In his dream were a gigantic demonic dragon, fish and shrimps colliding against the ship, a sword's power covering the entire sky and---he killed Cui Zhaoren?

    Li Muyang remembered the enmity between him and Cui Zhaoren, he also knows that he was suddenly attacked by his sword, plunged into the great river and fainted on the spot. But what happened after was too surreal and bizarre?

    In the dream, Li Muyang did many things, had incredible powers--recalling what happened he could still feel his heart pounding and his blood racing.

    However, that feeling did not feel real, as if someone was controlling his body.

    Because Li Muyang have a clear understanding of himself; although he was no longer that trash constantly sneered at and looked down on, but for him to stand opposite and confront a strong opponent like Cui Zhaoren and finally kill him, it's impossible--

    Take for instance the simplest matter, to be able to suspend himself in the air for almost half a day--it's not something Li Muyang could do, right?

    Even if he was to stride over from one side of the riverbank to the other side, if the distance is too great or the brook is too deep, there is no way he could do it.

    So the questions was: did he kill Cui Zhaoren? And Cui Zhaoren is from the Cui family of Tiandu, just what is his relationship with Cui Xiaoxin?

    If Cui Zhaoren is Cui Xiaoxin's brother--or even his cousin or a distant relative, and he killed Cui Zhaoren, Cui Xiaoxin would most likely harbor hard feelings towards him, right?

    "You're awake." A delighted voice resounded in his ears; in front of his eyes was a chubby face.

    "Who are you?"  Startled, Li Muyang abruptly crawled up from the ground, staring at the chubby face while on the alert.

    He had no idea that someone else was here, and he was actually lost in thought in front of the stranger for so long, it was inexcusable.

    His parents repeatedly told him before he left Jiangnan to not talk to strangers. Not that everyone out there is bad person but you can't guarantee every person you encounter is a good person.

    But then he noticed that he just woke up from unconsciousness and that person who had watched him for a good while did not cut off his flesh or tied him up. This proves that the other party has no intention of hurting him.

    He reached out and touched the crotch of his trousers; the gold was still there. Li Muyang now think even more highly of this fat man's character.

    Those not stirred by beauty and not confused by money are an unyielding heroic man.

    Li Muyang's excessive reaction also frightened the fat man, squatting down by Li Muyang's side he recoiled in fear, with both his hands in front of himself, he cried: "Don't be agitated, don't be agitated, stay calm--you don't recognise me?"

    He feared that Li Muyang might suddenly exert his strength and treat him like how he treated Cui Zhaoren.

    Li Muyang carefully scanned up and down at the fat man. "You do look kind of familiar."

    The fat man cupped his hand in greeting, smiled and said: "I am Gongsun Yuan, when I boarded the ship at Maple Forest Crossing I saw the Lord of Jiangnan City Yan Bolai personally came to see you off. When Muyang was having a dispute with someone, I also spoke out in support. But at that time you had already returned to your cabin, so you do not know about this."

    "I remember--we have seen each other before." Li Muyang said pointing at Gongsun Yuan. He saw this fat man when he was boarded the ship, he thought he must be a scholar like him or a merchant travelling to Tiandu. But at that time he was saying farewell to his family, seeing Li Shinian bouncing up and down waving goodbye to him, he burst into tears and was in no mood to think about other things. How could he care about the identity of the other people on board in such a state.

    "Young master Muyang remembered?" Fat guy was thrilled; smiling, his eyes disappeared into squinty crevices.

    "Come to think of it." Li Muyang nodded. "How did I get here? Why are you here? Where are the other people?"


    Li Muyang stared at the fat guy watching him with a strange expression: "what's the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?"

    "What happened before, young master Muyang does not remember?" A look of astonishment crossed his face. He had always thought that he's good at pretending, but now that guy appears to be much better than himself by hundred times. Look at his facial expression, look at his movements, look at his eyes, inside and outside, it was a complete act.

    "I don't remember." Li Muyang said.

    "You had a dispute with someone, plummeted into the river--Do you remember this?"

    Li Muyang nodded as he answered:  "I remember."

    "Dragon turtle protecting his master--" The fat guy opened his arms as wide as he could. "Such a gigantic dragon turtle brought you up to the surface of the river, do you remember?"

    "I remember."

    "The raging river, armies of millions of fish and prawn frantically attacked the ship, causing the ship to split and sink into the river---do you remember?"

    "I remember."

    "You and the chief of the kingdom's Monitor Department had a frightening battle, thunder, lightning, an extraordinary scene--" The longer the fat man carried on the more and more exaggerated it became, and the more and more excited he was.

    What kind of monster is this guy?  By witnessing everything with his own eyes, the fat man did not feel too good.

    How could this be an ordinary person? This was absolutely a miracle.

    During the time when Li Muyang was unconscious, he wanted to dissect him several times, just like how he dissects wood. He wanted to carefully study the structure and composition of this guy.

    "Wait wait wait wait." Li Muyang interrupted the fat man's questioning, his face ashen staring at the fat man: "You mean--this is all true?"

    "Absolutely true." Fat man answered seriously: "I saw everything with my own eyes. I Gongsun Yuan is knowledgeable and has seen many things, but this was the first time I saw something so brave---" "

    He patted his sturdy fat chest: "I was so scared."

    "----" Li Muyang was dumbstruck.

    "Young master Muyang--what's wrong? "

    "I killed Cui Zhaoren?"

    "Yes." Fat man flushed with excitement. "Cui Zhaoren is at the high stage of the free clouds and is one of the most famous and strongest of the younger generation in the kingdom. At such a young age he assumed direct control of the kingdom's royal family Monitor Department. Someone who's of such high ranking and with great power, and could control the life and death of the majority of people in the world-was killed by you in the end."

    Fat man stared at Li Muyang with adoration, itching to pull open his shirt and make him sign his fair chest. He could tell that this is not an ordinary person, and in the future he would certainly become remarkable.

    No, no, no, now he is already shining brightly and could possibly blind the eyes of many people. "If this matter was to spread over to Tiandu, Muyang's name would definitely shock the entire West Wind, or you even may directly ascend onto the Windborne list, the list of names of the strongest people--"

    Li Muyang forehead was dripping with sweat, yet he still forced himself to maintain calm, looking at the fat man in the face he whispered: "Brother Gongsun--do you think this matter will spread to Tiandu?"

    "I think--it will?" Gongsun Yuan considered his wording before he continued: When you and Cui Zhaoren were fighting, many scholars and merchants witnessed it. Especially the last scene when you kill those men of the Monitor Division, also many onlookers on the river gathered and watched. After the weather improved and a ship passed by the river, the drowning scholars and businessmen were all rescued, most likely what happened had already spread--Although I didn't see it, but I can imagine the scholars giving a vivid account of what happened before. Of course, if they still have the energy and spirit."




    "Muyang, what's going on with you?"

    Li Muyang's voice began to tremble: "if this was to spread to Tiandu, what will be the consequences?"

    "Can't you guess?" Fat guy blinked his big eyes.

    "---" Li Muyang really wanted to punch this man's face. At such a critical time, he still can't answer his question seriously? What are you acting cute for at this time? Do you know that you are not cute at all but stupid---

    The righteousness within Li Muyang's body wanting to break out again.

    There are too many bad people in the world, from time to time one just want to return to barbaric roots.

    "You killed Cui Zhaoren, the Cui family of Tiandu will not leave you alone until you die." Fat man said with a smile. He could still laugh so happily at this time. "The Cui family is a tremendous and powerful clan in the kingdom, with many fierce warriors and people under their command throughout the kingdom. Usually they are the ones bullying others, they have never been bullied before."


    "You slew dozens of men of the kingdom's Monitor Division, the kingdom will not forgive you." The fat man said. "The Monitor Division supervises hundreds of government officials, they can be considered as a treasured sword of the royal family. You destroyed the sword of the emperor, what would the emperor think of you? "


    Li Muyang's complexion grew deathly pale. He said sorrowfully: "The world is so big, yet there's no place for me to go--"
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