Chapter 98 - Rich and tough!

    Chapter 98: Rich and tough!

    Once Wuyou senior was gone, trouble came.

    Li Muyang gazed at Nameless Mountain, also known as Broken Mountain. It stretched almost perfectly straight into the clouds. He began to worry to the extent that his hair was almost turning grey.

    Hearing the story of the dragon slayer sage splitting Broken Mountain with his sword does get one's blood racing, but to journey step-by-step to achieve that kind of achievement is incredibly difficult.

    Li Muyang trudged along the foot of the mountain; there were neither roads nor any stepping-stones. Everything was in a primitive state.

    The surface of the rocks was rugged and uneven, and covered densely with thistles and thorns. The mountain was high and steep, and seemed difficult even for apes and monkeys to climb.

    Li Muyang scanned the surroundings. Everywhere was empty wilderness with no human beings to be seen. There were several unknown colourful birds in the distance looking over at Li Muyang's side but he had no intentions at all to scare them off.

    Li Muyang discovered a remote corner at the bottom of the mountain where he could take off his trousers to throw out the dozens of gold coins in his trousers crotch.

    Beneath his trousers were the pants his mother specifically sewed for him. Under the pants was yet another layer. If he did not take off his trousers, ordinary people would never be able to steal the coins that were hidden deep inside his pants.

    "Sew stitch by stitch before he leaves, for fear his return be delayed." While Li Muyang took off his pants, he sang the song 'The Wandering Son'. As he thought of his mother's proud face when she took his hand and gave a toast at the party she hosted after finding out that he was admitted into Starry Sky Academy, and when she stayed up late at night to make new clothes for him because she was worried he won't have enough changes of clothes, and also her red eyes when she said farewell to him but she still desperately squeezed out a smile, Li Muyang felt a lump came into his throat. There was a strong urge to burst into tears.

    "Son is disobedient, I just left the house but I've got into so much trouble already--" Since no one else could hear him, Li Muyang mumbled to himself as he took off his trousers, pouring out his fears and grievances. These were words he had not even confessed to Fatty before. "I didn't mean it, I just think--people should not bully others. Everyone is away from home, people should be reasonable, right? Say something nice and be good, this is what you always taught me. Mum, dad and Shinian--you must stay well. I will learn martial arts, you have to wait for me to come back--I will borrow Wuyou senior's crane to visit you guys. Nothing must happen to you--"

    Li Muyang planned to tear away the bag filled with gold coins tightly sewn to the crotch of his pants but he tried several times without success. His mother was worried that the bag would rip easily, so the stitches were closely sewn.

    He once again turned around to sneak a peek at the surroundings, it looked deserted and dark, even the several coloured birds have disappeared to somewhere else.

    Li Muyang finally felt at ease, he squatted down to remove his underwear.

    The weather was gloomy and cold. Li Muyang felt the full effects of the cold air attacking him. Streams of chilly air headed towards his crotch--and spreading to his more private area. It was the first time he experienced the funny feeling of wind blowing against his butt.

    Even with his pants held in his hand, he still was unable to pull out the coins inside.

    If he did not remove those coins, they would rub against the inside of his thigh as he clambered up the mountain

    He can't tear it apart with his hand and it was too dirty to use his teeth. Li Muyang had no choice but to use the Understand Heaven Sword to tear it open, then immediately the gold coins came crashing to the ground.

    Li Muyang was delighted, it was the first time he was thankful for Cui Zhaoren's gift.

    Valuables should not be revealed inadvertently, this is the irrefutable truth throughout all ages.

    Just as Li Muyang squatted down, getting ready to pick up the gold coins, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

    He glanced left and right, but only noticed grass rustling in the breeze and mist enveloping the mountain, there were no signs of humans or animals.

    He looked ahead and behind. In front of him was the tall mountain and behind was Flower Language Plain, it also did not seem like someone would come out here at this time. After all, Li Muyang has trekked across Flower Language Plain for a few days already, but still has not come across anyone.

    He looked up and down.

    Li Muyang's eyes suddenly widen, his mouth forming into an O shape.

    Above his head was a large stone bulging out.

    On the big rock stood a few tremendous Kunlun Hummingbirds. On those hummingbirds sat their finely dressed owners.

    The boys and girls reaction was the same as Li Muyang's, their mouths stretched into O shape as they stared back, wide-eyed, at him squatting down naked while digging up gold.

    Both sides looked at each other eye-to-eye, sending out fiery sparks into the air.

    "You---" Li Muyang's face muscles twitched, he almost cried out loud. "Perverts."


    Kunlun Hummingbird is a type of bird native to the Kunlun mountain range, they are shaped like a bee but their figure resembles a big bird. Their feathers are brown and white in colour, and their body is slender yet they possess incredible strength. They are able to carry people on their backs and their mental capacity is similar to the Dove.

    These Hummingbirds can move through the air silently at a tremendous pace. So many officials and nobles used them to travel afar.

    Of course, only if your family was rich enough. Such a hummingbird costs over one hundred thousand gold coins but they have a short lifespan. They are likely to die after one year, so the gains do not make up for the losses.

    "Did we come to the wrong place?" Sitting on one of the giant hummingbird was a handsome black-robed youngster. He looked surprised to see Li Muyang: "I have never heard of something like this happened before at the bottom of Starry Sky Academy. I heard from one of the teacher back at home that while trekking up the mountains we will have to withstand the test of the four cardinals vices, wine, women, avarice and temper---Is this the women obstacle? Why isn't it a beautiful woman? "

    "Yes, I also thought it would be a woman with big breasts and big butt, that would test my soft spot, I did not expect it to be naked man--I do not have this preference." Another round-faced youngster said jokingly. "Chu Xun, I heard you royalty are attracted to this type, aren't you?"

    "There is an uncle in the family with this preference but he likes handsome men with delicate pale skin--" The black-robe youngster said with a smile.

    In the middle, being surrounding by everyone was a beautiful girl in a white Chinese dress, her enchanting purple-red hair was extremely dazzling. She sat silently on one of the hummingbird's back and stared at Li Muyang, without blinking, covering his crotch area with his pants and squatting on the floor.

    "Hey---" Li Muyang yelled at them: "Are you guys done? It's very rude to stare at others as they change."

    The round-faced teenager let out a loud and deep laugh, his fingers pointing at Li Muyang: "he's naked in public but he's complaining about us sneaking peeks at him---if it wasn't because the hummingbirds happened to land on this large stone, who would even look at you? What's so good about you? "

    "Exactly. Seeing you dirty our eyes." A girl with pigtails thundered.

    "Who are you?" The purple-hair girl finally spoke up. There was no expression on her face and her voice was without emotions.

    "Who are you?" Li Muyang asked back.

    "Lu Qiji." The purple hair girl coldly answered.

    "Lu Qiji?" Li Muyang quietly repeated the name, thinking to himself that this girl has a very nice name, it's comparable to his name. So, he did not want to give any impression of weakness. "I'm Li Muyang."

    These people were dressed beautiful and emitted a noble aura. Also, they were heading up Broken Mountain on Hummingbirds meaning they are also students here to register for Starry Sky Academy.

    These people would be his schoolmates, Li Muyang felt it was necessary to improve the relationship between them.

    Of course, if they could make things easier for him--By turning around for a moment or by closing their eyes, it would have been much better.

    Give him a little time to put on his trousers, it's really cold for him to squat naked. His butt was nearly frozen.

    "It really is him." The purple within Lu Qiji's eyes was flashing, the hummingbird she was riding on also felt uneasy. These birds are incredibly sensitive, able to clearly sense their owner's mood.

    Li Muyang tried his best to squeeze out a smile: "schoolmates--you guys are also freshmen of Starry Sky Academy, right? "

    "Of course we are. Round-faced youngster chuckled: Don't tell me a butt naked guy like you is too-?"

    "I am-"

    Li Muyang thought this guy was extremely annoying. What do you mean by 'don't tell me a butt naked gu like you is too-?"

    "The mountain is high and the roads are dangerous, I just want to tidy up and prepare myself so it would be easier to make my way up the mountain." Li Muyang explained.

    "So you took off your pants?" A faint smile emerged on the black-robe youngster's face, there were neither contempt nor anger, instead it seemed like he sees this as a good show. Before entering in Starry Sky he encountered such a funny guy, it really is a joy.


    "Li Muyang." Lu Qiji looked at Li Muyang with a calm expression. "I'll wait for you up the mountain."

    With that, she jumped down from the hummingbird's back and climbed towards the top of the mountain.

    Her body was as nimble as the wind, with a few maneuvers she was already several dozens of meters up the mountain. And then disappeared in the blink of an eye in front of Li Muyang.

    The hummingbird that she rode here chirped loudly before it sprung high into the air and flew away.

    Li Muyang was secretly rejoicing in his mind. Could it be that this beautiful little fairy likes him?

    Otherwise, why did she pay special attention to him the first time they met, and she also said: 'I'll wait for you at the top of the mountain?'

    Li Muyang once read in a book that the criterion to be a popular man is 'rich and tough[1]'.

    Li Muyang took a glimpse at the scattered coins around his feet and then his eyes shifted down at his crotch, he suddenly understood the meaning of that sentence.

    A book holds a house of gold, a book also shares important philosophies on life.

    "Lu Qiji wait for me." The round-faced youngster shouted to Lu Qiji in the distance, then quickly hopped off the back of a hummingbird and headed up Broken Mountain at a rapid pace.

    The black robe youngster did not leave, his pair of pretty phoenix eyes looked at Li Muyang pensively as he asked: "you two know each other?"

    [1] Literally translates to big wealth and thick tool ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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