Chapter 105 - Teachers fight over a student!

    105 - Teachers fight over a student!

    Standing in front of the magic mirror in Water Moon Cave, teachers of Starry Sky stared in astonishment.

    Reflected on top of the cascading waterfall was the scene of Cui Xiaoxin holding Li Muyang as they dropped down the bottomless cliff.

    "Have you seen something like this before?" A man with a tall hat crowning his head asked. "Bravery with no thought of personal safety, not willing to abandon the word 'love'--is this a success or a failure?"

    "He knew it was a test, he knew that Cui Xiaoxin is not real, and he knew that if he dies he really will die--but he still made that decision. Stupid, so stupid." A handsome man clad in a robe whiter than snow said with his eyes blazing with anger. "Someone like him does not deserve to be your disciple, I will take him in and teach him properly. So that he knows that he needs to give up something along the road of cultivation to have the chance to stand at the peak of Starry Sky. He will never be successful the way he is now."

    "Brother Qianbai, I don't agree." The man with a tall hat immediately refuted: "Education is for everyone, irrespective of background. This was the purpose for the first Dean of Starry Sky to establish the school. No matter who, they can be educated, not because they are rich or poor, high or low status, foolish or smart, good or evil that we exclude them from education. As a disciple deeply influenced by the first Dean's teachings, I have the responsibility and obligation to carry forward his principles. Although Li Muyang is stupid and stubborn but he cares about friendship and is righteous, he is somewhat cute. This student can be put under my name. When you lecture, you're boring, students don't like listening to you. Whereas I'm informative and witty. Many students come to listen to my lectures."

    "Kong Li, you went too far. You attacked my professionalism and tried to snatch my students--I will not let you get away with it." Xiahou Qinbai flew into a rage, his handsome face on the verge of turning into a transparent colour.

    "What do you mean by snatch your students? Xiahou Qianbai when did you become so bossy? Whatever you glance at become yours?--So if I look at you, you will become mine? "Kong Li said, as he raised his head, the tall hat teetered atop his head.

    "I said I will take this student as disciple first, but you have to snatch the students off me--There are so many new students, don't tell me there aren't any students you Kong Li has his eyes on?"

    "There is. That Li Muyang--"

    "Do you want a fight?"

    "Let's fight, do you think I'm afraid of you?"

    "Teachers--" A triangular-shaped eyes chubby guy nervously watched the two teachers of Starry Sky rolling up their sleeves ready to fight. If they were really to start a fight again, the walls of this cave might collapse again. He was worried that although several teachers of Starry Sky have gathered together to cast countless number of protection spells on this 'Water Moon Paradise' it may still be useless, the cave may still shatter. "Starry Sky established the rules that all students are free to choose their teachers, and free to select their classes--Even us, we cannot force them."

    The tense situation between Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai immediately came to an end as Kong Li pinned the chubby guy with a cold glare and said: "Bookworm, you know a lot--"

    "Bookworm, don't tell me you also want to steal my students?" Xiahou Qianbai's eyes slowly panned his face, trying to pierce the complacent face of the chubby man: "Fatty, don't think I don't know what you're thinking. You're just waiting for us to stop, then you secretly take advantage of the chance--"

    The chubby guy awkwardly smiled. "I'm a junior, standing in front of two senior teachers--I don't dare to. However, that Li Muyang does have his good points. The so-called four walls of the four cardinal vices are, in fact, the mirrors of your heart. Whatever you look forward to will happen. Li Muyang likes that Cui Xiaoxin, so Cui Xiaoxin appeared. He knew it was a test and knew that Cui Xiaoxin is fake but he did not choose to pass the obstacle--or handled it in a more straightforward and simple manner instead. He chose to accept."

    "He accepts all his fantasy. He gladly endured hardship, even if his life was at risk. Such students are stupid and foolish, but those who are able to stand at the top of Starry Sky, is it not only because they have a firm belief and unwavering dedication, right?"

    Xiahou Qianbai pursed his lips and said with lofty disdain: "Bookworm, you're referring to yourself? You only read mechanically your whole life but you managed to train here--Hey, there's only you who's like that in this world."

    "Not like that--" Bookworm's face reddened in angry as he retorted: "The immortal poet Li Qiu is crazy for poetry, the immortal swordsman Ximen Chuixue is crazy for sword, because they have this passion so they became well-respected and admired--I--I'm just crazy for books. "

    "Do you want that student under you or not?" Kong Li interrupted.

    "Yes." Bookworm replied bluntly.


    Seeing the two teachers ready to strike a blow, bookworm hastily said: "But we have to take into account the student's own choice. We must respect the student's wishes--Only this way, we can bring out the student's strengths and skills, and develop their interest and full potential."

    Xiahou Qianbai grinned: "No matter what they choose, they will not take your Dragon slayer class--Is there still dragons in this world? There's no dragons, so what is the use in learning dragon slaying skills?"

    "---" Bookworm looked dull and sad. There is a well-known proverb in the kingdom: women are afraid to marry the wrong man and men fear of choosing the wrong profession. He is the atypical example of this.



    Coming into sight were seemingly endless rows of peach trees, right now was the peak season of peach blossoms. Pink blossom trees spreading across a vast grassy field make people feel as if they were situated in a mysterious but wonderful fairytale world.

    In the centre of the peach grove stood a handsome boy clad in a white robe performing sword stances.

    The youngster's scythe-shaped eyebrows and his fine and flawless facial features were similar to a painting of a celestial being.

    The young man's sword strokes were charming and confident, and his sword style was biting-cold and full of killing intent. However, it was clear it is a high-level of sword technique.

    Upon closer look, the youngster bears a remarkable resemblance to Lu Qiji's good fried Chu Xun.

    A handsome boy flourishing his swords amid the expansive sea of pink peach blossoms, really is a beautiful picture that makes people feel relaxed and happy.

    Lu Qiji stood there with a cold expression, without blinking, watching the young man's every move, his jump and his every turn.

    A gust of wind came suddenly, sweeping petals from their slender stems.

    Flowers fell from the sky like rain.

    As if the youngster only became aware of Lu Qiji's presence, his body leapt high into the air abruptly turned around, the long sword in his hand instigating peach blossoms to flutter over to Lu Qiji not that far in the distance.

    As if the petals had their own eyes, one by one wafted down onto Qiji's white dress. Her white dress adorned with pink-red peach blossom petals, highlighted the owner's grace and beauty even more.

    Lu Qiji stood still, letting the handsome young man dress her with petals.

    Seeing that Lu Qiji did not resist his attentiveness, the young man swung his sword up in the air.


    A peach blossom covered branch was cut off.

    He inserted the sword back into its sheath and held out his hand, welcoming the peach blossom petals into his hand before he walked over to Lu Qiji.

    The man bowed, said with a smiling face: "Last year at this doorway on the same day, your pretty, blushed face outshone the peach blossom. Miss is more beautiful than the flowers, so I plucked up courage to present you with a couple of peach blossoms to express my admiration--I can't control my feelings, Miss, please forgive me. "

    "You're fake." Lu Qiji looked at him, emotionless.

    "What is real? What is fake? I stand before you, I have warmth, I can talk. I am within reach. Of course I am real." As the handsome boy smiled, his eyes were full of tender affection and two charming little dimples formed on his cheeks.

    This was indeed the number one man in the world, even the most cold-hearted woman in the world would be melted by his smile and dimples, and fall into his arms.

    Lu Qiji is also a woman.

    Seeing his impressive sword skills and this sort of mannered but romantic way of approaching girls, is it not easy to fall in love at first sight?

    "A fake is a fake." Lu Qiji turned to leave.

    "Miss, how can you be so heartless?" The man said with sadness in his voice. "After seeing you today, I am stunned by your beauty. Miss if you turn and walk away, I fear I can't concentrate in practicing sword for the rest of my life."

    "What does that have to do with me?"

    "I hope I can keep guard with you at this peach grove; write poems, sword dance, pick flowers and brew wine together. We will never separate from each other. Miss if you wish, we could live here forever--Life is short, the mountain road is dangerous, and the human heart is unpredictable. Miss is as beautiful as jade, why bother looking for trouble and hatred?" As the youngster said with a sincere face, he slowly approached Lu Qiji, trying to pull her back over. He was unwilling to see her leave.

    "None of your business." Lu Qiji said, looking at the young man.

    "As long as miss nods--" The young man still has not given up, hoping that his love and persistence would touch and move Lu Qiji's heart.

    Women are softhearted, as long as you praise them and sweet-talk them, then it's easy to reach a compromise with them.


    The sword in Lu Qiji's hand flashed out of its sheath.

    Countless images of sword advanced towards the white-robe youngster to sever him.

    The white-robe youngster could not able to evade in time, stood aghast, watching Lu Qiji's unexpected attack.

    He did not think that this woman would say nothing and kill.


    Struck at his waist, the white-robe youngster was severed into two.

    No blood splattered, no limbs slashed off.

    Just as his body split into two halves, transforming into light and shadow, it was immediately followed by a loud explosion.

    Petals drifted down to the ground, their sweet aroma filling the air.

    The peach grove was still here but the white-robe youngster disappeared without a trace, as if he never existed.


    Lu Qiji inserted the sword back into its sheath and muttered coldly: "Pesky."
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