Chapter 113 - I am one!

    Chapter 113: I am one!

    "I want to slay dragons."

    A tossed stone raises thousand ripples, a brief remark resonated across the entire observatory.

    Lu Qiji's choice left everyone stunned, even Bookworm who studied dragons for several decades had a look of disbelief: there really is a fool who wants to major in my dragon slayer course? She didn't eat the wrong medicine, right?

    Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai took a brief glimpse at Lu Qiji then at Bookworm. They could hardly believe their eyes.

    This girl won't be hired by Bookworm, right?

    Yes, a beauty trap. He intentionally hired a beautiful, young female student to choose the Slay Dragon as major in front of Li Muyang, then Li Muyang would obviously follow in the footsteps of the female student--Why is there so many students in the music and painting classes? It's precisely because there are most girls in these two classes.

    Girls study these two subjects in order to improve their personal qualities and character; boys study these two subjects purely to find a cultured and beautiful wife.

    "This bookworm is too shameless. In order to snatch Li Muyang he could do anything, he came up with such a dirty scheme."

    Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai exchanged meaningful glances with each other, affirming each other's thoughts.

    Even though they knew that Starry sky academy could not possibly recruit a student that would act and do such a thing, they still had to accuse the stupid bookworm with all sorts of crimes and misdeed. After all, whose fault was it that he was able to become the confidant of the Dean at such a young age?

    Although back then when they observed the scene in the magic mirror of Water Moon cave, their attention was mainly on the dark horse Li Muyang most of the time but a student who passed the four trials at roughly the same time as Li Muyang is also quite extraordinary.

    Lu Qiji is beautiful and gifted, how can such a remarkable student waste her time with the Dragon Slayer course?

    Kong Li came close to Lu Qiji and said to her: "Student, you must be careful when choosing your major--because your major will determine your future direction. You should choose Buddhism; in the future you will naturally learn the sacred and mysterious martial skills of Buddhism. If you major in Taoism, there are three thousand scriptures waiting for you to analyse. If you choose music or painting, you will likely to become one of the most remarkable musician or artist of Starry Sky--Of course, the number of students in music or painting who became famous are few. For example Li Qiubai and Du Ruofu who became famous from poetry, they are well known throughout the continent. For a girl, they are both very good careers."

    "But why did you choose to slay dragon? Do you know what the Slay Dragon course learns? Do you know how many years the Slay Dragon course did not manage to recruit any students? Where are dragons? --There isn't even a dragon, what's the use in learning to slay dragons?"

    Xiahou Qianbai deeply believes it to be so. A smile formed on his handsome, flawless face as he gazed at Lu Qiji, trying to use the 'pretty boy trap' to crack Bookworm's 'beauty trap'.

    "Student Qiji, as a teacher of Starry Sky, we are not in a position to help the student make their choice, that is, no matter what you choose as your major, we can only accept--However, I think a good teacher should guide students, allow them to see the reality, so they are not seduced by some small gains and not blinded by some villain. Your selection determines the rest of your life--so, again tell the clerk what your real choice is?"

    "Dragon Slaying." Lu Qiji said without the slightest hesitation, thinking to herself: these guys are idiots, right? I said it very clearly, why do I have to choose again?


    Bookworm was suddenly beaming all over with happiness as he trotted over to Lu Qiji. Because Lu Qiji is so beautiful, he became a little shy. He awkwardly met her gaze directly for a fleeting moment: "student Lu Qiji, welcome---I believe Dragon skills will come in handy one day. The secret skills passed down from ancient times, we must bring it to great height."

    Lu Qiji took a quick glance at Bookworm, said indifferently: "I'm glad you are pleased."


    Bookworm felt as if a pot of ice-cold water was splashed over his face, but cold water still couldn't douse the flame in his heart. Even thinking about the fact that he now has a student to teach, he was beaming with excitement--Except from the student he taught several years ago, there were never any freshmen willing to follow him to study how to slay a dragon.

    It is said that even now, the student he taught was still wandering in the mountains and around rivers looking for a real dragon without succeeding. Instead, his skill in finding ancient dens had greatly improved - there had always been guilt in the bookworm's heart.

    Even the elder has some difficulty accepting. He looked at Lu Qiji and asked again: "young lady, are you sure you want to select Slay Dragon as your major?"

    He swept his eyes over at Bookworm before he continued: "you know, dragon is just a myth--in thousands of years no one had ever seen a real dragon. Not to mention that whether or not people are able to slay a dragon--As long as you are certain I will record it to your file and give you your room number."

    "I'm certain." Lu Qiji said without the slightest hesitation.

    Helpless, the elder can only let out a long sigh. But he deftly wrote down Lu Qiji's name on the file, then handed her a wooden plate and said: "You will live at the first room with the symbol dragon."

    Lu Qiji took the plate, turned and walked towards the outside.

    Chu Xun saw Lu Qiji leaving, he immediately dashed over to the elder. "Quick, register me--Chu Xun, major in Dragon slaying.."


    Fatty's eyes reddened, beads of tears gathering in the corner of his eyes.

    Two students, he now has two students--this was the highest number of students enrolled into his course in his ten years of teaching how to slay dragons.

    Since Lu Qiji already registered, the elder did not try to persuade anymore. He quickly wrote down Chu Xun's name, handed him a wooden number plate and said: "You live at the second room with the symbol dragon."

    Chu Xun grabbed the plate, trotting after Lu Qiji.

    Kong Li's and Xiahou Qianbai's face turned red from embarrassment, they still do not have a student but Bookworm has two students now. Thinking of before when they told Bookworm that he'd never recruit any students, they felt as if they had been slapped in the face in public.

    Fortunately, student Li Muyang whom they both have a preference on has not yet made a final choice.

    So, both Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai's eyes were fixed on Li Muyang.

    "Student Li Muyang, have you decided? Buddhism is practiced all around the world, come to our side? I promise I will teach you everything I know--Did you not achieve first place in West Wind Kingdom? You're good at liberal arts, I guarantee later you will become a strong person of Starry Sky like Li Qiubai and Du Ruofu---" Kong Li held onto his tall hat as he said amiably.

    "Taoist is free and unconstrained, free to do as they wish. Practice is even straightforward, you may only need to dream while you're sleeping, then when you wake up, you will become one of the strongest in the world. Choose Taoism, I promise you will not suffer, not be fooled---"

    "We Buddhists pay particular attention to a moment of enlightenment, such as picking up and obtain a red-spider lily overnight."

    "Sun and moon are bright without being ignited, stars exist without being arranged, birds and animals are born without being man-made, wind automatically blows without fanning, water flows without being pushed, vegetation grows without being planted, breathe without breathing, heart beats it self, and so on---Everything in existence is reasoned."

    Li Muyang was nearly swayed when he thought about his physical condition. Taoism may be able to help him dispel his doubts?

    "Teachers---" Bookworm became dissatisfied with the noise the two teachers were causing, which would affect the image of the school. "It's the student's own choice."

    "You shut up." Kong Li snarled. "Li Muyang is my disciple."

    "Hey, is this robbery now? He is already my disciple." Xiahou Qianbai began to fight back.

    "What evidence do you have?"

    "What about you, what evidence do you have?"

    "---" Bookworm was once again not left with an opportunity to uter a word.


    Li Muyang stood in front of the elder, his lips curved into an awkward smile as he said: "That--is there tuition fees to be paid after admission?"

    "Tuition fees? No there isn't. Clothing, food, housing and transport are provided by the school. Of course, this is only to ensure your basic needs, if you want to enjoy a better life, it is necessary to pay yourself---some students bring their own cook."

    "I understand." Li Muyang nodded then whispered: "I was the first place in West Wind Kingdom's imperial exams, is there scholarship?"


    Seeing that the elder did not answer, Li Muyang quickly waved his hand and said: "Never mind, I was just asking casually---I have also decided to major in Dragon Slaying."


    Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai, in the midst of fighting, yelled out at the same time, even Bookworm standing next to them was stunned by Li Muyang's words.

    "Li Muyang, why are you like that?" Kong Li felt his heart aching: "Where does dragons exist in this world? Learning a true ability is the smart move here."

    "Although the legend of dragon warriors resounds throughout the continent, but legend is a legend after all, legend will always be a dream--there's no dragons, it will be useless learning it. There's still time to change your mind, I can personally be your teacher, mentor, and make sure you receive the scholarship every year--"

    "Student Li Muyang, teacher is doing this for your own good---"

    "Even if you don't select my course, choose Buddhism--If not, then study music and painting or even ancient literature. If you become famous through music and painting, you may also have the opportunity to became a mighty person, If you're like this--it's the same as giving up and abandoning yourself---Li Muyang, there's no dragon, this world has no dragons--" Xiahou Qianbai's eyes were turning red, why does these students don't cherish themselves? Decades later when they think of this day they will regret it so much.

    "---I am one." Li Muyang wanted to pat his chest loudly and shout at the top of his voice.
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