Chapter 114 - Give up on yourself

    Chapter 114: Give up on yourself!

    "Once upon a time, in the distant past, there lived a powerful race, the dragons. They possessed the inherent ability to grow scales and magical claws, and could travel through clouds and swoop down into the sea. With one sneeze--oh heavens, they could blow a city into smithereens. They had countless valuable treasures and had a lifespan equal to the Heavens. One day, the dragon princess was bored and wanted to try a new dish. What did she want to eat? Yes, it's the human heart. She said the human heart is the most complicated thing, so it must be very tasty after cooked slowly over a low heat, right? She commanded her dragon bodyguards to find one hundred humans for her to taste--Dragons are brutal and ruthless, in order to protect the human race from being eaten, elites gathered together to kill the dragons. They severed their heads, snapped off their claws. The blood of the dragons flowed into the river, leaving the river stained red for years. The dragon warriors became super heroes well-known across the Starry Sky, their blood-racing stories were rewritten as poems--"

    This is one of the stories of the brave dragon slayers that had spread far and wide across the divine continent.

    Li Shinian had listened to this story numerous times as a child, so much that when Li Shinian was not willing to sleep, Li Muyang was compelled to tell her this heroic story over and over again.

    Every time after she listened to the story, Li Shinian would say with her eyes shining: "In the future I want to marry someone like the dragon slayer heroes."

    Li Muyang could only smile and say to her that there are no dragons in this world, so there won't be any Dragon Slayers.

    And then the brother and sister would nestle close together.

    Yes, no one had ever seen a dragon. Even the story teller at the restaurant secretly said to Li Muyang that there are no dragons in this world, his stories are just legends. Legends are obviously not true.

    After hearing what the storyteller said Li Shinian was upset for a long time. Later, Li Muyang told her the story of 'The Seven Swordsmen of Changbai', she then said she would marry Changbai's seven swordsmen--but there are seven swordsmen, so who does she wants to marry?

    This time she did not tell Li Muyang who she liked the most, afraid that Li Muyang would ask the storyteller whether the seven swordsmen of Changbai was real or not--At that time, Li Muyang simply did not want his baby sister to be deceived, without realising that destroying a little girl's dream is a very cruel thing to do.

    However, whether Li Muyang believed it or not, or whether Li Shinian would grow up to marry a dragon slayer or not, tales related to the ruthlessness of the dragons or the courageousness of the dragon warriors are still retold in every house within the continent.

    Back then Li Muyang unswervingly believed that dragons are not real. He thought that it's impossible for dragons to exist in the world. However, ever since his body began to function abnormally, he became the first in the imperial exam from a worthless trash, and ever since he was jolted awake by the same nightmare over and over again, he could vividly see a pair of pitch-black eyes and feel his chest torn open by a dragon--

    He clearly felt there was a black dragon within his body.

    Although he can't accept this reality.

    In this world and era, where everyone dreamt of slaying a dragon, Li Muyang felt his life has been very hard and stressful all along.

    "Teachers--" Bookworm's faced flushed with anger, the other two teachers had gone too far. The school has the rule that no teachers are allowed to influence a student's choice. Moreover, they attacked his own Dragon Slayer class, this clearly shows they do not attach any importance to him and his Dragon Slayer class? "How could there be no dragons in this world? There are clear written records in the 'Dragon Chronicles': Dragons are long-lived creatures and social hierarchies exist among them. Back then they were the masters and the ones who controlled the divine continent--I believe that, even now, they are hiding in an unknown corner. As long as we work hard, we can find them--"

    "Find them for what?" Kong Li shot a glance at Bookworm: "After learning the 'dragon language' with you for a few years, then one can communicate with dragons, drink tea and chat with them? After studying the 'descendants of the dragon', one can differentiate the different species of dragons and the ranks among them? Learning the 'one hundred and twenty seven possibilities of slaying a dragon', one will be able to use the one hundred and seventy ways to slay a dragon?"

    "My theory is still in the research phase, it's a slow process--"

    "Do you even believe the words you just said yourself?" This time, Xiahou Qianbai was on Kong Li's side.

    "You---" Bookworm knows he is no match for them so instead he argued: "It must be the student's own choice, right? This is the school's rule."

    "Don't tell me what the rules are, rules are dead, we are alive, we can't let a good student be ruined you--Li Muyang, come with me."

    "Why does he has to go with you? He's coming with me--"

    "Xiahou Qianbai, do you want to fight again?"

    "If you want a fight, then let's have afight. Do you think I'm afraid of you--"

    "Come on, this time let's go to Flower Language Plains--"

    "Yes, to the Scorpion Valley at Flower Language Plains-I will tear you to shreds to feed those red scorpions--"


    "I'm choosing the Dragon Slayer class." Li Muyang stood in front of the elder, whispering. He did not want to provoke the two teachers into a heated argument. They seemed too passionate and also without bad intentions, which made Li Muyang extremely worried.

    He did not have any money on him, if they wanted a gift as payment, what would he do? When he was studying in Jiangnan, his parents often gave presents to the teachers.

    "What?" The elder responsible for the registration of students was completely taken by surprise: "Student--have you considered carefully? Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai violated the Academy's rules, but their words are not without sense--I have been given the responsibility to handle the registration here for nearly a century, the previous students who studied how to slay dragon are said to have become Feng Shui masters, helping kings and tycoons to search for auspicious sites--Ah they were all good students, it's unfortunate--"


    He An also came over to try to persuade him: "Student Muyang, you must think about it carefully- you cannot choose the same profession as a girl, even if she is pretty. I'm telling you, the classes with the most beautiful girls are music and painting classes, even royal princesses take those classes. You must think carefully, don't be impulsive."

    "Brother He An, I have thought about it carefully--" Li Muyang looked firmly at the elder and said without the slightest waver in his voice: "I choose the Slay Dragon class, I ask you to register me."

    "What?" Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai finally stopped their quarreling.

    Kong Li grabbed Li Muyang's shoulder with one strong grip, tears streaming down his cheeks: "Li Muyang, why do you--give up on yourself?"

    "Because I think--" Li Muyang's cheeks flushed slightly, his lips curled into an embarrassed smile. "I have to protect myself. "

    "If you want to protect yourself, then you certainly cannot be majoring in Dragon Slaying--Taoism is powerful and we have countless magic weapons and mysterious techniques, once you have learnt them you will have the ability to destroy the heavens and earth--"

    "Stop exaggerating. I have not seen any Taoists jump out to destroy the heavens and earth--"

    "Kong Li you want to die--"


    Watching the two Starry Sky teachers quarrel again, Li Muyang could only let out a gentle sigh.

    This school--it's not as good as others have said?

    "Li Muyang--" Bookworm whispered, tugging at Li Muyang's sleeve, his eyes twinkling brightly. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you---"
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