Chapter 115 - Cultivate both Buddhism and Taoism!

    Chapter 115: Cultivate both Buddhism and Taoism!

    Li Muyang nodded and replied with a simple and genuine smile: "I have not asked for teacher's name?"

    "My surname is Yang, my first name is Xiaohu." Bookworm said, seemingly slightly embarrassed.

    However, his parents gave the name so he did not want to change it. Although he was not like a tiger at all but he insisted on using the name 'Xiaohu'. (TN Note: Xiaohu means little tiger)

    "Teacher Yang, nice to meet you." Li Muyang said, bowing respectfully to Yang Xiaohu: "I will need teacher Yang to take care of me in the future."

    "Of course." Yang Xiaohu patted his thick chest as he exclaimed. "I will teach you everything I know to thank you for trusting me today."

    "My dream since I was young is to be a dragon slayer, I admire the dragon warriors the most--" Li Muyang whispered, grinning foolishly: "Teacher Yang, I heard you guys talk about the 'one hundred and twenty seven possibilities to slay dragon'--If I learned everything, is there really one hundred and twenty seven ways to slay a dragon?"

    "According to the theory it's possible." Yang Xiaohu replied confidently.

    Li Muyang could feel his heart racing as he asked: "It really is so amazing?"

    "The secret dragon slaying techniques are left behind by the former sages, I just summarised them and then did some systematic research and organisation--the sages in the past used these secret techniques to slay dragons and have been successful. What they can do back then, how can we be outdone? Student Muayng, you have to believe me, believe in our Dragon Slayer course--I will make you become the most dazzling dragon slayer in Starry Sky, make your childhood dream come true."

    Li Muyang was 'emotionally touched' that his eyes were brimming with tears of excitement. He tightly clenched Yang Xiaohu's fat hand and cried aloud: "Thank you teacher--I will certainly study hard and live up to teacher's high expectations. Teacher, you must never hide anything. Any secrets or dragon slaying techniques must be passed down, be sure to teach me them in a timely manner--prevent me from being killed by the dragon. "

    "Of course. Of course." Yang Xiaohu laughed heartily, he seemed thrilled to bits.

    While Kong Li was extremely disappointed with Li Muyang's self-defeating behaviour, pointing to Li Muyang he said: "Boy--the vicious tendency in your heart is too heavy and your killing intent is too strong, if you do not use the sacred Buddhist method to guide you back to the right path, afraid you may have more trouble later and brew a big disaster."

    "Taoist mental cultivation methods are governed by non-interference with nature. He should be majoring in Taoism--the 'sonorous hum' is a supreme method of meditation."

    Kong Li was at the end of his patience with his stupid teammate next to him. He huffed: "Xiahou Qianbai, you idiot, Li Muyang has been snatched away by Bookworm, but you're still arguing with me?"

    Xiahou Qianbai paused for a moment, then shifted his furious glare to Bookworm once again: "Bookworm, you are secretly manipulating the student's freedom of choice, I will definitely report this matter to the academy--"

    Bookworm was beaming from ear to ear as he bowed his head respectfully to Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li: "Teachers--thanks for letting me win."

    "Who let you win?"

    "You cheat--"

    Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li suddenly dashed forward to attack.

    Li Muyang immediately leaped out, blocking Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai who was in a state of rage: "Teachers-it's not that I don't want to learn Buddhism and Taoism scriptures. Buddhism and Taoism are both such lofty mountains I wholeheartedly admires. The grandfather who treated my illness when I was a child--he is also a Taoist. I liked being with him. However, the reason I chose Dragon Slayer is because I have my own difficulties so I have to act against my will."

    "What difficulties?" Kong Li asked. "Tell us, maybe we can help you."

    "--It might not be too convenient now." Li Muyang said, hesitating. "However, I can still practice Buddhism and Taoism--"

    "Huh? You changed your mind?" Xiahou Qianbai exclaimed in delight.

    "Not that." Li Muyang shook his head: "The elder said earlier, I can study dragon slaying and also attend other classes--As long as I have the energy and the interest, why not?"

    Kong Li's brows furrowed into a frown. "Don't tell me you want to minor in Buddhism and Taoism? Just so you know, their spells and techniques are profound, wide-ranging, and difficult to understand, countless people have been unable to get a glimpse of its true face even in their entire life. Those who can break the door are highly treasured. If one wants to master them, then they must study diligently and put in much more effort than others--Those who could stand at the top are geniuses. You're so young yet you dare to say that you want to practice both Taoism and Buddhism? You must know that if you covet all you lose all, I fear that when you're older you still won't achieve anything and regret how you wasted your whole life. "

    Kong Li's words were honest and sincere, he simply did not want to see a talented student taking the wrong step and become an ordinary person. If that was the case, it would be due to his negligence as a Starry Sky teacher and also the negligence of Starry Sky Academy.

    How to maximise a student's potential is something they have to do.

    Li Muyang brushed his clothes before he respectfully saluted: "Thank you teacher. Teacher, I will keep it in mind--I only dared to say something like that was because I'm willing to put in more effort than any other person. I am willing to endure hardship and suffering. As long as I try hard, pay two or three times more effort than others or even ten times the energy and time-it is the only way I can protect my family and keep them alive."

    "Huh?" Kong Li looked at Li Muyang's eyes that were welled up with tears: "Is there something wrong?"

    "I angered some strong enemies on my way here, my family's life are in grim danger. My heart is torn with worry but I can't stay by their side at all times--I enrolled into Starry Sky Academy and is protected and cherished by many teachers, so my safety is not a problem. But my father and mother, and my sister--I'm extremely worried about them. I fear the enemies will seek revenge from them."

    "Outrageous." Kong Li was infuriated. "Someone dares to bully a student of Starry Sky?"

    "Exactly." Xiahou Qianbai's language was even more direct: "They really are seeking their own death. If I run into them, I would take their skulls with my sword."

    Kong Li pondered for a brief moment before he said: "Starry Sky has its own rules, we are not allowed to interfere with affairs of the outside world. However, if you are constantly worried, then of course, it would be hard to concentrate and learn. A gifted student is wasted like that, it is a very unfortunate thing. That's it, where are your family? I'll see if I can do something to help."

    "Thank you teacher. Thank you teacher." Li Muyang repeatedly bowed once again. "My father is Li Yan, my mother is called Luo Qi, my sister is called Li Shinian, they live at Hu Bu lane in Jiangnan city of West Wind Kingdom--Respected teacher, please help me keep my family safe."

    Kong Li waved his hand dismissively: "It's a piece of cake."

    Li Muyang then immediately bowed to Xiahou Qianbai: "Although teacher Xiahou won't help but I am still thankful--I still admire Taoism greatly. I will certainly learn well and not disappoint teacher Xiahou."

    Xiahou Qianbai looked furious as he said aloud: "Who says I won't help? The things the Buddhist can do, do you think us Taoist can't? You wait and watch me call on the disciples of the Taoist sect to protect your family---"
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