Chapter 123 - Dare to furtively learn secret techniques!

    Chapter 123: Dare to furtively learn secret techniques!

    Fog rolled thickly over the area, waves reared high and crashed down.

    Li Muyang stood by the window in stunned silence before his eyes welled up with tears yet again.

    He turned around, clutching at his chest, and said with sadness in his voice: "I can't, I can't, I'm crying again--"

    He An could not bear to watch any longer, handed him a silk handkerchief. "How about I help you apply to another room that can't see Nujiang--according to the old rules and regulations, when Starry Sky was established, The dragon slayer course was the most powerful and respected faculty. Therefore, Starry Sky gave students of dragon slayer the best living environment and the best team of mentors. Because one person especially likes Nujiang, so the dean allocated all the best rooms facing Nujiang for the dragon slayer students."

    "Later, when the dragon slayer faculty decreased in popularity, many departments had their eyes on this building. But for some unknown reason, they were not successful. The dragon slayer department did not recruit students for several years, and these dorms were left empty--There have been widespread discussion in the school but of course, no one said anything in front of the dean."

    Li Muyang wiped his tears with the silk handkerchief, asking: "This is Nujiang, but it's clearly the river of tears? If this continues, I will cry my eyes blind. I thought I'm an emotional person. I feel sad for the autumn leaves and feel happy because of the flowers blooming in spring. I did not expect that even after I entered Starry Sky Academy this problem would become more apparent. Just why would am I tearing up when I look at Nujiang?"

    "Some people may not see the redness. You see that Nujiang is as red as blood and the colour is too bright that it hurts one's eyes. Many people also said that the river is dyed red from dragon's blood. Haha, I don't believe it, how many dragons would be needed to dye the river red--maybe something is wrong with your eyes, is there sand in your eyes?"

    "I washed them a few days ago, and also sand from where?" Li Muyang strongly refuted the statement 'something is wrong with your eyes'. He thought about the legends of the origin of Nujiang. The legend says that Nujiang was formerly called Qianjiang and after it was stained red by dragon's blood, it looked like an angry dragon, so it was called 'Nujiang'[1].

    [1] Nu means angry and Jiang means river.

    Then, he thought of the giant black dragon inside him, wondering whether it's connected to this matter?

    Could it be the legends are true? Nujiang-was it really formed from dragon's blood?

    If that's the case, I am at the graveyard of the Dragons?

    The thought of that he would be living on the edge of the graveyard, Li Muyang's mood worsened. More tears flowed out of his eyes.

    "Don't cry. Do you want to change rooms? As long as you nod, I'd do my best to help you. Rules are dead, people are living, the living can't be suffocated by the rules, right?"

    "Don't change it." Li Muyang said, wiping away the tears. "I'm staying here."

    "You shouldn't. If you lived uncomfortably, how could you learn well?"

    "Bitter cold gives a strong fragrance to plum blossoms, this will ensure I maintain a clear head and study hard."

    "If you say so--fine." He An finally decided not to force him.

    After He An finally left, Li Muyang heaved a sigh of relief.

    He needed to stay here; this was the voice that echoed from his heart.

    He wanted to know, just what he is.

    He even more wanted to know what he could do here.

    Li Muyang walked to the edge of the window once again, listening intently to the sound of waves crashing. Just then a mountainous red wave rolled high up like a magnificent red dragon shaking the earth.

    Roaring and struggling, letting out the grievances of a thousand years of unjust treatment.

    Tears sprang to his eyes anew.

    Li Muyang shut his eyes and listened attentively to the waves, feeling the sad emotions echoing in his heart.

    As if it happened to himself!

    The next day, Li Muyang woke up early in the morning and as usual practiced 'The Art of the Breaking Body'.

    The sky was still slightly dark and mist shrouded the area.

    Li Muyang strolled around the courtyard a few times following the steps of 'The Art of the Breaking Body' and then practiced 'breaking fist' according to his own summarised process.

    After his training, he noticed it was still early -the sky was still dark.

    It was all peace and silence, not a single sound nor sights of any creatures.

    Li Muyang pushed open the door and walked towards the east cliff. At that moment, only the east sky displayed a horizontal strip of red light.

    As Li Muyang walked over, he was instantly attracted to the view.

    The dark sky looked like a black canopy with spears of red piercing through. Just like stars streaking across the sky or blazing flames.

    Wind whistling in his ears, clouds whipped around his feet. The high mountain seemed dangerous, with jagged rocks piled up like a monster hiding in the dark.

    "Beautiful." Stunned by the view in front, Li Muyang unknowingly exclaimed out loud.

    "Who is it?" A cold voiced echoed.

    But before the voice arrived, a sharp blade flashed across.

    Li Muyang dodged to one side, the blade whizzed past right beside his ears.


    The blade hacked into a thousand years old pine tree, creating a huge gap at the trunk. The force was that powerful that it penetrated such a thick, sturdy tree.

    "It's me, it's me." Li Muyang hastily shouted. "A student of Starry Sky--"

    Li Muyang was still unsure who was hiding inside the rock but to be capable of a shot so ruthless and evil, they can't be good person.

    Good people reason things out. This was the most important thing Li Muyang came to realise all this time.

    A stunning woman dressed in white like a fairy emerged from the clouds and mist.

    "This woman is really beautiful---" This was Li Muyang's first reaction.

    But the instant he saw the bright purple hair, Li Muyang's impression drastically changed. He thought to himself: "Turns out to be that woman, why is she following me like a ghost--If I knew she would haunt me like this-I would never have taken off my pants in public, I didn't expect it to give me so much trouble---"

    "You followed me?" Lu Qiji said, pinning a cold glare at Li Muyang, her eyes filled with murderous rage.

    "Who's following you?" Li Muyang was enraged. Does this girl have any shame? I can understand that you like me, but why do you have to make false accusations and push all the blame to me? Do you know, the more you do that the more I would not accept you? "I came here to look at the scenery---"

    "Look at the scenery?" Lu Qiji's eyes panned Li Muyang's face: "You dare to furtively learn my techniques, are you not afraid I will kill you?"

    "Furtively learn your techniques? Are you kidding me? My family's 'Art of the Breaking Body' is the best cultivation technique in the world, I also have teacher Yang, teacher Kong Shi and teacher Xiahou as my teachers, would I need to learn from a little brat like you? Do you have anything worth to learn from? Even if you let me learn--I would not even take a glimpse at you---"

    Lu Qiji's purple eyes flashed, her hand clasping a red light and her voice sounded like it was from the netherworld: "Let's put an end to this."
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