Chapter 124 - First time meeting Qiandu!

    Chapter 124: First time meeting Qiandu!

    Never go see the people you hate in the morning because it would affect your mood for the entire day.

    Li Muyang had no intention to provoke or anger anyone, simply wanted to stroll around and gaze at the scenery. He did not expect to run into this extremely unlikeable, vicious purple-hair girl.

    Before I finished my words, she threw a dagger over.

    Fortunately, I'm the nimble and skillful Li Muyang, and not some dog or donkey that does not know martial arts, or I would have been hacked to death?

    I did not even demand an apology from you yet you accused me of furtively learning your techniques-please, I don't even know where you were hiding, how could I learn?

    This is too much!

    The tiger doesn't show his power so you treat him as a little lamb.

    Li Muyang decided to teach this arrogant woman, otherwise she would climb onto his head and take a **--he did not know why humans have such bad habits.

    Li Muyang shot a furious glare at Lu Qiji and snapped at her: "You smelly woman, ugly woman, do you have a brain? Do you have eyes? I just came over, I have yet to see whether it was a human or devil hiding here, how could I learn your techniques?"

    "You didn't say a word and started to hack people, what if you hurt innocent people? How can you be so barbaric? Do you have any conscience at all? What did your parents taught you? If I met your mum and dad, I would definitely teach them how to educate their children--because they don't deserve to be parents."

    "Li Muyang---you want to die?" The purple colour in Lu Qiji's eyes intensified, the jewel-like red light in her hand suddenly expanded into a round red ball of light.

    Seeing the red light in her hand, Li Muyang asked: "What cultivation state are you at?"

    Lu Qiji looked surprised, said brusquely: "What has that got to do with you?"

    "Empty Valley?"

    "Are you going to fight or not?"

    "High Mountain?"

    "Stop the nonsense--"

    "Free Clouds?"


    "Seems like it's the Free Clouds." Li Muyang thought to himself.

    "I'm only telling you this because we're classmates, if you were someone insignificant to me I would not even take a glimpse at you---Since you said we should put an end to this today, then let's end it today."

    Li Muyang lifted up his shirt and tried to rip a piece of fabric from it. In the end, he realised the material was too sturdy, without any cutting tool it was really difficult to tear.

    So, Li Muyang reached up, grasped a branch from a tree, snapped into two sections and said in a righteous tone: "Let the feelings in the past, like this branch--be broken, and never contact each other in our lives."

    Li Muyang tossed the branch in his hand, proudly turned around and strode--no, sprinted away.

    Lu Qiji stood still, watching Li Muyang's back figure sprinting into the distance, her hand jerked up, smashing the red ball in her hand into the clouds and mist in the distance.


    Clouds were set into flames by the red ball of light, the fire grew stronger and stronger, spreading towards the distant horizon.

    Waterside Park, Ocean View Building.

    Li Muyang's first dragon slayer class was here.

    Yang Xiaohu, the teacher of the dragon slayer course was emotional almost tearful, his face flushed with excitement.

    His gaze panned across the students in front like they were treasures, over and over again, then finally said in a high, excited voice: "there's a great number of talents in the dragon slayer course, we are great in strength--because this year we have seven new students joining the dragon slayer course."

    "---" Li Muyang curled his lips, thinking to himself: there were dozens of students in my class just when he was attending school. One department only has seven people, it's most likely the smallest department in the continent, right? How did he have the nerve to say 'great number of talents' and 'great in strength'?

    Chu Xun also evidently felt the same way, his lips curved into a strange smile. But when Li Muyang's eyes met directly with his, as if he immediately understood what Li Muyang was thinking, he thought to himself: me and this idiot actually laughed at the same thing, I really must maintain my dignity.

    Consequently, the smile on his face rapidly faded away, turning into a serious, stern expression.

    "Before the formal lecturing behins, I want students to get to know each other. Everyone stand up and introduce yourself. This is the rule of the dragon slayer department--" Yang Xiaohu stood straight on the stairs of the stage, behind him were the rolling white clouds and the lofty mountains. In the distant edge was an unseeable black sea, like a large mass of ink between heaven and earth.

    With the stunning landscape as backdrop, Yang Xiaohu's chubby body and his unsymmetrical triangular eyes looked much more tall and handsome. Unexpectedly, he radiated an air of superiority and power as if the world was his.

    Of course, this was the main reason for Yang Xiaohu to have the first lesson in Ocean View Building.

    Since the students were all beautiful and handsome, and also looked arrogant and unruly, he was worried that he would not be able to control and keep the class in order.

    Clothes make the man, Starry Sky teachers also have no sense of shame.

    Standing on the top of the giant stairs, Yang Xiaohu said in a loud voice: "My surname is Yang, my first name is Xiaohu--"

    The students burst into loud laughter.

    Yang Xiaohu blushed slightly from embarrassment. "My name was given by parents, I could not bear to give it up. So I have used it ever since. I was a former Starry Sky student and currently a Starry Sky teacher. I have spent seventeen years at Starry Sky Academy and I plan to continue to stay here. I have many hobbies: music, painting, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, go, beautiful women--no, no, no, no women, no beauty."

    "Teacher Yang, men like beautiful women, why don't you like them?" A big man with pigtails said chuckling. He wore a cloud-pattern Starry Sky robe, but because of his tall stature and large chest, the casual and elegant Starry Sky robe looked like a tight warrior armour on his body.

    From his height and appearance, he seemed to be the most talented dragon slayer student.

    Li Muyang was extremely wary of him

    "It's not that I don't like beautiful girls, I mean--I don't like beautiful girls." Yang Xiaohu was ashamed. How could he carelessly talk about his desire? "Men should have high ambition. I wholeheartedly studied the dragon culture, never knew I had this desire in my heart--I hope to personally slay a dragon, be remembered like the heroes of Starry Sky and be written into a poem."

    Li Muyang felt he did not like Yang Xiaohu, but he really likes the song by one of the greatest musician of the kingdom Jacky Cheung 'your name is my surname'.

    Of course, his name is the surname of Yang Xiaohu. [The 'yang' in Li Muyang is the same as the 'Yang' of Yang Xiaohu].

    "I would also like to slay a dragon." The big man gulped down a big bowl of elixir, excitedly blurted out: "my name is Tie Muxin, from the desert--It is said that the hero of the desert Ge Landuo is a dragon warrior, my dream is to be like him."

    "Student Tie Muxin have this ambition, your dreams will come true." Yang Xiaohu said enthusiastically. Then, his eyes shifted to the other students: "other students should also stand up and introduce yourself."

    "My name is Lin Canghai, from Dawu country." A very young, sweet-looking, youngster said with a gentle smile. He looks cute, with pale, soft skin just like a beautiful girl. Even Li Muyang could see the 'sweetness' in him." My dream is to become a dragon slayer."

    Li Muyang also did not have a favourable impression with this Lin Canghai. A wimpy little boy, how could he have the nerve to call himself Lin Canghai[Canghai means vast sea], why don't you call yourself Lin Tianshan? [Heavenly mountain].

    With Li Muyang's current attitude, it was most likely difficult for him to form good relationships with the other students.

    "My name is Cai Pa from the Heavenly province." A girl of about the same size as Tie Muxin said in a rough and loud voice.

    "Chu Xun. From West Wind Kingdom." Chu Xun said, expressionless. This self-introduction made him felt very official and boring.

    "Lu Qiji." Lu Qiji said without the slightest change in her expression. Her eyes, nose, and face showed no discontent but even more displayed no interest at all.

    Something like this was not necessary, so her mind was not even present.

    "Li Muyang." Li Muyang also wanted to radiate a high and mighty demeanor. But he felt it was too rude, quickly added: "Slaying dragon is dangerous, we need to be cautious. Hope we can become good friends. Support each other and help improve each other."


    A girl chuckled charmingly out loud.

    Li Muyang twisted around, his eyes fixed on a girl dressed in a Starry Sky robe, with pink glowing cheeks and a dewy, radiant complexion, sitting relaxed and confidently. An enchanting smile broke out over her face.

    Have to say, this was the third most beautiful girl Li Muyang have seen.

    Although Lu Qiji is very beautiful but Li Muyang never thought she's beautiful.

    Not only did he feel she is not pretty, but she's incomparably ugly and extremely annoying. Even if she paid him, Li Muyang would still not let her have her way.

    This girl's demeanour and appearance were strangely comfortable like the gentle wind and light rain, and not too stunningly breathtaking that it dazzles the eyes, but instead is pleasing to the eye.

    Like the first ray of sunlight in the morning, the first dewdrop on the stem of a flower, a white flower found on the high mountains and valleys, and the only one thriving branch of a tree.

    Except Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian, practically no one is more beautiful than her.

    Li Muyang has been wondering: why did that sweet and gentle girl come to study dragon slayer. Don't tell me in the one hundred and twenty seven ways to slay a dragon, there's also a beauty trap method lying within?

    If that were the case--Li Muyang wouldn't mind challenging his weaknesses.

    Yang Xiaohu pretended to look calm as he turned to the girl, smiled and said: "Student, it's your turn to introduce yourself---the other students have all finished."

    The girl rose to her feet and said with a smile: "Qiandu from the Peacock Dynasty."

    She turned to face Li Muyang. "I think we can be good friends. After all, we're both going to slay dragons."

    Li Muyang nodded repeatedly. "Yes, Yes. Qiandu classmate, nice to meet you--"
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