Chapter 125 - Face of a human, heart of a snake!

    125 - Face of a human, heart of a snake!

    Qiandu's lips pursed into a smile. "If we're going to slay dragons, we need to take care of each other. Classmaate Muyang is a boy, so you will have to protect us girls from being bullied by dragons."

    Li Muyang nodded repeatedly. "Yes, Yes. Rest assured, leave it to me, I'm going to protect you from harm--of course, you also have to protect me from being attacked."

    Li Muyang does not miss any opportunities to set up defences for his personal safety.

    Yang Xiaohu applauded vigorously: "What student Muyang said is right. The divine dragons can fly up to the ninth heaven and dive down into the vast sea. They are tremendous in size and power. To slay a dragon, we must work together, gather the strength of all the strong people. So, this requires each student to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, back-to-back and defend each other, disregarding your own safety. Only through this way we would have the chance to kill a dragon, and not be burned to ashes by the dragon's breath."

    Lu Qiji's cold eyes swept across Li Muyang, a sneer on her face.

    There are too many fools in this world, it really is a sad thing.

    "Teacher Yang is right. I, Tie Muxin's skin is rough and my flesh is tough, I can be the shield in front." Big Tie Muxin flicked his braids and said courageously. The desert nation is brave and obstinate; once they set their mind on something they are willing to sacrifice everything. Even their lives.

    However, it's precisely because of their bravery and stubbornness, that they are frequently in conflict with neighbouring countries. The history of the desert nation can be said to be full of bloody battles.

    They have extensive experience in battle and adding to this, the most powerful cavalry in the continent.

    "I will study hard." The sweet-looking boy Lin Canghai said with a smiling face. Then, shyly sneaked a glance at Qiandu. "I will protect big sister."

    "If there really is a chance to slay dragons, I want to be in a team with Lu Qiji--" As a diehard fan of Lu Qiji, Chu Xun wanted to help her fight back her position. "My life is her life, I am willing to die with her."

    Everyone was in an uproar!

    It's a blood oath.

    A freshman is confessing in front of a teacher and many students, this needs courage and immense support.

    He's brave enough to say such a thing in public, but if during a mission Lu Qiji was accidentally killed--he also must die along with her.

    Otherwise, how would he have the face to come back and see the witnesses to his vow?

    "Student Chu Xun, we understand your feelings for student Qiji, but I think--" Yang Xiaohu attempted to persuade him. These students are so egotistical and act so recklessly. When they're young they make promises without thinking, but when they're older, they would start calling it 'bragging'.

    Pa Pa Pa--

    Li Muyang applauded loudly.


    His eyes red, looking deeply moved by the words. "Chu Xun classmate is our role model. Us men should learn from him--if you love someone you have to say it out loud. That's a real honourable man."

    Li Muyang is a simple, straightforward guy; he simply assumed that if these two bad guys were to die together, it would be a brilliant and joyous occasion.

    Tie Muxin came close to Chu Xun, clapped him on the shoulder before he laughed heartily. "Good boy, you have soft, smooth skin like a woman but possesses an outspoken and forthright personality like us desert people. If you like something, you should say it out loud, if not how could you be called a man? Let's go, I'll treat you to a drink."

    Chu Xun was in pain from the loud smack but was too embarrassed to display his agony, keeping a straight expression he said: "I don't know about the others, I just did what I needed to do."

    "Student Tie Muxin, don't be so excited--the lesson is not finished." Yang Xiaohu jumped out again to show his authority.

    "Oh. Sorry teacher, I forgot." Tie Muxin sat back down on his bench.

    Yang Xiaohu stood straight on the huge stone step, his eyes panning across at the number of students, and said in an enticing voice: "Boys and girls, do you know why we want to slay dragons?"

    "Because dragons are too strong, they will bring danger to humans."

    "They like to eat the human heart, have a violent nature and may wipe out the human race--"

    "The title of dragon hero, that had always been my dream---"


    "What you said is right. Dragons are really too strong, the book 'Dragon Chronicles' had accurately and completely recorded the scene of a dragon in fury, their claws can knock down the stone walls of a city, their tail could whip up giant waves, and their breath can destroy a city--The picture above is the scene of people screaming and howling in grief. Dragons are our predators, our most powerful threat, we must slaughter them, also we will slaughter them. Only then the human race can live peacefully for millions of years --"

    Yang Xiaohu flung his arms wide, asking loudly: "Do you know how to slay a dragon?"

    The audience shook their head simultaneously.

    If they knew how to slay a dragon, why would they come to Starry Sky Academy to study?

    "The [Treasure and Weapons] scroll has documented that there are three treasures that are effective against dragons: a frightening dragon bow, constructed using the tremendous dragon rib as the body of the bow and the dragon's tendon as the bow string, then steeped in fresh dragon's blood for three hundred years and finally hid in the deep snow of Kunlun Mountain for another three hundred years. The power of the bow is said to be so powerful that it could destroy the heaven and earth."

    Everyone's eyes gleamed with excitement. "Teacher Yang, where can we find the frightening dragon bow?" Tie Muxin asked impatiently.

    "The legend states it last appeared in the hands of the master archer Yi De. Thousands of years have passed since then." Yang Xiaohu sighed helplessly.

    Everyone looked disappointed, if they have the bow in their hands, all the dangerous places in the world, where could they not go?

    "Teacher Yang, since the bow has disappeared for thousands of years, is there really such a thing?"

    "Exactly, is it just another legend? After all, no one had ever seen it---"

    "It seems it's hopeless for us--for thousands of years, many strong people have been unsuccessful in their search, do you think we would be able to?"

    "This kind of thing depends on luck." Yang Xiaohu said with a serious look on his face, trying to cheer the students up: "Everything documented in the 'Treasure and Weapon' book is obviously real. Or it would not be included. Of course, the mysterious weapons that are listed in the book are generally unobtainable by ordinary people. Which previous owners were not famous for their powers?"

    Hearing Yang Xiaohu talk of using a dragon's rib bone as a bow, the tendons as the bowstring and then soaked in dragon's blood, Li Muyang was filled with overwhelming apprehension and his chest suddenly throbbed with pain.

    "Frightening Dragon Bow?" Li Muyang felt this name was somehow familiar.

    However, he was certain that this was his first time hearing the name.

    Then, where did he hear it before?

    Something came to mind but the memory was too distant and blurry. Like a tiny firefly in the sky, the moment you reach out to capture it, it already disappeared without a trace.

    The harder he tried to recall, the more he could not grasp the tail.

    Li Muyang refused to let it slip away, desperately tried to search for it, find that firefly that appeared in the night sky--

    "Li Muyang--Li Muyang--"


    Yang Xiaohu smacked Li Muyang's head, a cool and refreshing air wind awakened his entire body.

    Li Muyang finally snapped out of his daze, with a look of surprised stared at the teachers and classmates in front.

    The other people were even more stunned watching Li Muyang.

    "Teacher Yang--" Li Muyang asked aloud.

    "Li Muyang, what's going on with you?" Yang Xiaohu asked, his face looking worried. "Is there something wrong?"

    "Not at all." Li Muyang answered. He lightly touched his sleeve, only to find his clothes were soaking with sweat.

    Li Muyang was drenched like he just leaped out of a river.

    It wasn't until then that Li Muyang became scared, knowing that he almost stepped into an unknown world.

    "Are you really fine?" Yang Xiaohu was still concerned. "He An told me the problem, when you open your eyes to look at Nujiang, you can't help but cry--is there a reason for that? How about I help you transfer to another room that can't see Nujiang?"

    "The closer to hometown, the more one feel timid in their heart." Lu Qiji said coldly. "Perhaps, after Li Muyang classmate heard the legend of Nujiang he felt sad and was unable to restrain his tears. Li Muyang classmate must have felt sympathy for those dragons killed by the humans? "

    Li Muyang was infuriated by this woman, shouted bluntly: "Yes, I am an emotional man. Unlike some women who always want to kill--no compassion, no sympathy, and treats her classmate like an animal. A woman like that, can she even be called a woman?"

    "Li Muyang---" The sword strapped at Chu Xun's waist flashed out of its sheath. "If you insult Qiji again, I will kill you."

    Li Muyang lips curled. "You say it like you wouldn't kill me if I don't humiliate her---Lu Qiji, you are an ugly woman with the heart of a snake."

    "Li Muyang---" Chu Xun's patience had reached its limit, the sword tight in his hand thrust towards Li Muyang.

    "Chu Xun-"

    "Li Muyang, be careful--"


    The long sword landed right between Lin Canghai's two fingers.

    He gazed in admiration at the tip of the sharp blade trapped between his two fingers as he repeatedly said: "good sword, a really good sword---"

    "----" Chu Xun reddened in embarrassment, his heart pounding with fear.

    This adorable little boy who did not look threatening at all, without any signs of movement, how could he so easily intercepted my sword attack---just what cultivation state was he at?
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