Chapter 127 - Tear of the dragon king!

    Chapter 127: Tear of the dragon king!

    Chu Xun knew Li Muyang made him to be a fool once again.

    However, the embarrassment he felt couldn't be known by anyone.

    He deliberately asked teacher Yang to ask me how to settle this, but after I stated my demand, he said friendships cannot be used as a deal--what does that mean? His friendship can't be use to make deals, but my friendships can?

    Comparing his status with mines, just who does he think he is?

    I am a little prince of the West Wind kingdom, a royalty. To put it bluntly, if anything was to happen to my cousin, I would have the opportunity to ascend to the throne--Of course, I can only secretly think of this, it's almost impossible for it to happen. With my understanding of my uncle and cousin, they would never hand me that position. If I show the slightest desire for the throne, they will not hesitate to sentence me to death. Not even my father could stand up and defend me.

    Don't tell me being friends with a prince is not as good as with a commoner?

    Chu Xun has seen how crafty this guy is, he knew he lost this match but that doesn't mean he

    should give up. Otherwise, it would make it look like he had lost badly.

    Thus, pinning a cold glare at Li Muyang he said: "Very well. As you said, forcefully harvested melons are not sweet. Since we can't be friends, we will become lifetime rivals. You said you can withstand thirty of my sword attacks, then shall we set a date for battle--how about at the middle of this month?"

    Li Muyang nodded. "It doesn't matter to me."

    "Very well." Chu Xun turned to Yang Xiaohu, saying: "Teacher Yang, me and Li Muyang mutually agreed to battle at the middle of this month. I ask Teacher Yang to allow us to do so."

    Yang Xiaohu hesitated for a moment, before he continued: "Starry Sky Academy does not restrict competition between students. It is only by practicing with each other, improving each other, that you would become a strong person. Since both of you have decided, I can only agree along--However, the battle must be held at the Starry Sky practice pavilion, in which I will be the judge. Do you both have any objections?"

    "That's fine." Chu Xun said.

    "Teacher Yang is the judge, I raise both hands in approval." Li Muyang said, smiling: "in my heart, teacher Yang is fair and impartial. "


    Chu Xun could never bring himself to say something as shameless as those words. He couldn't say it out loud, but he extremely disliked Li Muyang's brazen look. He thought to himself: I'll let you be arrogant for a few more days, when the battle date is here, watch how I sever you into pieces.

    With the challenge issued, Chu Xun's anger naturally faded away for the time being.

    Yang Xiaohu waved his hand. "We'll continue the lesson. Just now, I said there are three sacred treasures effective against dragons, the first is the frightening dragon bow. Now I'd like to talk about the second treasure, this is more powerful and also more mysterious, it first appeared in a distant era--The spirit of Weak Water. First, I want to ask everyone a question, who knows what is Weak Water?"

    "I know." Tie Muxin said, raising his hand into the air. This student was very enthusiastic in class, it was clear he belongs to the 'good student' group. "Ancient myths and legends say it's the most evil and the most difficult body of water to cross, not even feathers could float on it and nothing could pass."

    "Pretty good." Yang Xiaohu glanced at Tie Muxin and said with an appreciative smile. "This is the world's most dangerous body of water, feather can't float and no living things could cross. No matter what, it would sink immediately. If people were to fall in, they will disappear immediately. However, someone once entered the weak water, retrieved its heart and constructed it into the Spirit of Weak Water. It is said the Spirit of Weak Water can withstand against all attacks, is the strongest shield in all legends. If we could obtain this scared weapon, we could defend against the dragons' fire breath and frost breath attacks. Weak water soul is ranked third in the sacred weapon list in the [Treasures and Weapons] book."

    Everyone exclaimed aloud.

    "Teacher Yang, is that not too exaggerated? You said the Spirit of Weak Water can withstand against all attacks, then why is it only ranked third in the sacred weapon list?"

    "Exactly. You just said the frightening dragon bow can destroy heavens and earth, if it was put against weak water soul then would it also not become scrap metal?"

    "Teacher Yang this is contradictory--like the businessmen of the Chu nation that sell shields and spears, they say their shield is incomparably solid and that no spear can pierce through. But then they also say their sharp spears are invincible, and that there are no shields that it cannot pierce through. A crowd of people asked the same question: 'What would happen if you use your spear to jab your shield, the man did not answer."


    Yang Xiaohu said with a smile: "When I first read [Treasures and Weapons] I also had the same thought as you. Is frightening dragon bow more powerful or is it the Spirit of Weak Water? If frightening dragon bow was put against the Weak Water spirit, what would the outcome be? However, this was written in the [Treasures and Weapons] book, so there is bound to be a reason."

    "Teacher Yang, what is ranked first in [Treasures and Weapons]?" Lin Canghai asked curiously.

    "I don't know." Yang Xiaohu said.

    "Don't know? How could you not know?"

    "Exactly. Teacher Yang, you said you've read [Treasures and Weapons]?"

    "Teacher Yang must be hiding something and refuses to teach us--"


    Yang Xiaohu spread his arms out helplessly: "Back then I was also very curious, I quickly turned to the first page to look at what the most powerful sacred weapon is. I found that the first page was a blank page. Not a word, nor a picture."

    "How could that be?"

    "Who wrote this book? They also do not know what is ranked first?"

    "The first is a hidden sacred treasure? It can't be known to the world?"


    "Teacher Yang, you don't know the best sacred weapon, then the second strongest weapon you should know, right? I'm curious what could be ranked higher than the frightening dragon bow and the Weak Water Spirit" Qiandu said with a smiling face. The girl's clear and sweet-sounding voice makes people feel comfortable like they're bathing in the spring breeze.

    "I know what's second." As expected, a smile of delight lit up Yang Xiaohu's face, his glance shifted to Qiandu as he said: "In second place is the tear of the Dragon King."

    "Tear of the dragon king?"

    The students exchanged glances with one another.

    More and more mysterious, the tear of the dragon king is second in the sacred weapon list in the [Treasures and Weapons] book, even if they obtained the frightening dragon bow and the Weak Water Spirit, what's the use? There is still no way to slay dragons.

    The moment Li Muayng heard the words 'tear of the dragon king', his mind was jolted.

    As if the firefly he was searching for all along once again released a glimmer of light.
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