Chapter 128 - Must have ambition!

    128 - Must have ambition!

    Students started murmuring and whispering to their neighbours, thinking that Yang Xiaohu taught something wrong.

    If the tear of the dragon king is really second in the sacred weapon list, then who would be able to slay a dragon in this world? Are the legends of the dragon slayer that they heard when they were young, true? The dragon warriors, that seemed within reach, really exist?

    Yang Xiaohu understood what they were thinking. He breathed a light sigh before he explained: "Dragons are the most powerful creature in the world. Compared to humans they have an incomparably long life span, they possess the magical ability to overturn the seas and cause storms. Dragons can be big or small, can fly or conceal themselves. Big dragons can soar to the sky and swallow clouds; small dragons can change form and hide. The can soar to anywhere in the universe or hide within waves. In ancient times, they were the most powerful masters of the divine continent. The roar of the dragon echoes to the ninth heaven and hordes of demons bow their head to them--They have the ability to destroy mankind. Wipe out the entire human race. That's why people always wanted to slay dragons, because it is only when dragons are extinct that humans could live at ease for eternity on these lands. This has nothing to do with grudges, feelings or resentment, but purely for survival."

    "Humans live together in groups, while dragons are divided into social groups. Dragons are independent but also sociable creature, they share caves to reside in and divide land to rule. Although they are united, they have a strict hierarchy. Among the dragons, there is a king that leads them. He is what we call the dragon king or the dragon god--Dragon king is their boss, also their spiritual leader. Every dragon king was the most powerful dragon of them all, and also the most intelligent of the dragons."

    "The tear of the dragon king is not an ordinary tear; rather the power and wisdom of the king compressed into the soul before he dies and then released through the eyes. It's a crystal-clear liquid that looks like a crystal--it's not just a drop of tear, it represents a gigantic dragon, the dragon king, it's majesty. If you have the tear of the dragon king, it is equal to having the dragon king battling alongside you. The tear of the dragon king being second is well-deserved--"

    "Tear of the dragon king--" Li Muyang muttered. "Tear of the dragon king--"

    "Teacher Yang, where can I find the dragon king's tear?" Tie Muxin asked, his eyes gleaming and his face flushing. So looking forward, so exciting, if I could obtain the dragon king's tear, inherit the ability of the dragon king--would I not be invincible in this world? What windborne list, what blue cloud list, what Starry Sky list, I would be the strongest in the entire Starry Sky--

    "Teacher Yang, when was the last time the dragon king's tear was seen? And in whose hands?" Lin Canghai was bursting with excitement. The dragon king is said to possess countless secret collection of books and mastered numerous secret techniques. Each dragon king has a hidden treasure, inheriting the dragon king's tear is the same as inheriting the treasures that are handed down--there must be plenty of mysterious swords passed down? There must be sword techniques unknown to us, even thinking about it makes people's blood racing.

    Lin Canghai loves swords like it's his life, loves sword technique like he's crazy. His attention was entirely on the dragon king's treasure, the swords and sword techniques, as for the other rare treasures he did not care in the slightest.

    "Teacher Yang, hurry tell us--we're really curious." Qiandu smiled abruptly and said.

    Seeing everyone enjoying his class, Yang Xiaohu was beaming ear to ear.

    His triangular eyes scanned the audience, his lips curved into a smile. "I don't know."

    "What? Teacher Yang, how would you not know?"

    "Teacher Yang, you're not hiding something again, right?"

    "Teacher Yang, why don't you just take out the [Treasures and Weapons] book for us to see, we could look at it together."


    Yang Xiaohu shook his head in refusal: "You guys can't see the [Treasures and Weapons] book for now, but Starry Sky library has an abundant collection of books, you can go and borrow some to read--However, even if you read [Treasures and Weapons], it's useless, because it won't answer your questions. It does not state the last appearance of the weapons, or whose hands it appeared in---Think about it, finding a dragon is already difficult. Let alone search for a drop of tear of the dragon king--it's several thousands times more difficult than fishing a needle from the sea, right?"

    Everyone slumped to the bench.

    "It seems there's no hope."

    "Exactly, where can I find a drop of tear? Even if we could see it, how would we know it's the dragon king's tear--"

    "Forget it, I will go and search for the frightening dragon bow instead, this is the easiest on the list, the other sacred weapons probably only exist in the legends-- No one could find it in millions of years, how would we be so lucky?"


    "Exactly." Li Muyang said aloud. "I don't have any expectation. Whether it's the frightening dragon bow or the weak water soul, or even the tear of the dragon king, I don't have any hopes. As long as I receive a somewhat sharp sword, I would be happy."

    Yang Xiaohu felt Li Muyang's attitude was not desirable and did not radiate a young man's enthusiasm and vitality. ,。

    He looked at Li Muyang and said with a stern face: "Student Muyang, if a man does not have a dream, then what's the difference between a man and a rotting fish? You must have ambition, if--I mean what if one of these days you obtained one of the three sacred weapons? Only if you search for it, then it would fall into your arms. You don't even have the faith to chase after it, how would the sacred weapons fall into your arms by themselves?"

    Li Muyang nodded. "Teacher Yang is right. From now on, I'll just dream of acquiring all three weapons one day."

    Everyone burst into laughter, thinking that Li Muyang is a lunatic for taking them as idiots.

    Acquiring all three sacred weapons, is he sleep-talking again?

    The class ended, and the students dispersed slowly.

    Lu Qiji, with her head held high, was first in front. Chu Xun closely followed behind, everyone knows he's a diehard fan of Lu Qiji.

    After Qiandu greeted the classmates one by one, she trotted along beside Li Muyang and said with a smile: "Muyang classmate, where are you going now?"

    "I want to go to the Starry Sky library to take a look." Li Muyang said aloud.

    "I see." Qiandu said, her eyes squinted into the shape of a crescent. "Then we'll go together. I also want to go to the library to look up some information."

    "Big sister, can I come with you?" Standing beside Qiandu, Lin Canghai asked expectantly. "

    "Of course you can." Qiandu answered.

    "I'm not going to the library, my head is dizzy whenever I see books, I'll doze off while reading---" Tie Muxin said with a painful expression on his face. "I might as well go and look around the campus. I just arrived at Starry Sky Academy, I'm not too familiar with this place yet."

    "I'll come with you." Cai Pa, who has stayed quiet all this time, said aloud.

    It wasn't until all the students left that Yang Xiaohu could relax his back that was kept straight all along. As a teacher, he has to maintain the dignity and imposing manner in front of the students. To persist for so long really is not easy.

    He walked down the giant stone steps and just as he was tidying his hat and clothes dishevelled by the strong wind, sensing something behind, he twisted around, instantly bowed deeply to a small and thin figure and said: "Dean, why did you come?"

    "That Li Muyang--" A deep voice slowly sounded over, asking: "is not bad, right?"
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