Chapter 131 - Take in things calmly!

    131 - Take in things calmly!

    The three of them were not familiar with the way to Starry Sky library, but luckily along their way there was a grey-robed staff who they could ask for directions.

    Under the guidance of the grey-robed staff, they finally arrived at the entrance of Starry Sky library. In stunned silence, Li Muyang opened his mouth wide, which was currently big enough to stuff a whole egg in.

    Starry Sky library was built on the edge of the east cliff of Broken Mountain. It was a large towering building complex. The rear hangs in mid-air, looking like it may drop and fall off at any time.

    At this moment the sun was rushing into the building and the outside was glowing with a golden-colour. There were clouds drifting across and groups of cranes flying past.

    A majestic sight, extremely stunning.

    "So beautiful." Li Muyang couldn't help but exclaim out loud.

    Qiandu and Lin Canghai were also both amazed by the grand design of Starry Sky library but not as stunned as Li Muyang. With a faint smile on their face, they calmly scanned the landscape in front of them.

    Realising the difference between them, Li Muyang abruptly closed his mouth, his expression becoming more natural. He pretended as if the Starry Sky library was just like a building similar to those next to his house. But he could not suppress the excitement in his voice as he said: "We should go in and take a look.

    "Alright." Qiandu smiled and nodded. "There must be a lot of good books. We won't be bored even after staying here for a few years."

    "Yes." Lin Canghai smiled as he nodded: "I hope to find some good sword books."

    They were allowed to come in and out of Starry Sky library as they wish, but to borrow books they must register with the librarian at the door.

    A senior clad in a cloud-pattern robe would be working at the entrance, they only need to show their number plate that they received during registration. This is their accommodation document but also their document to borrow books. During Li Muyang's three years in Starry Sky Academy, this would be his most important item of identification.

    After entering into the inside, it was even more dazzling. Li Muyang stood in awe; he has never seen a library with this many books.

    His mouth sprung wide open, wanting to gasp in amazement again, but seeing Qiandu's and Lin Canghai's calm appearance, he was forced to contain his excitement-- I must maintain calm, I must show I am accustomed to seeing such scenes..

    Standing in the hall on the first floor of the library, watching the endless bookshelves arranged in criss-cross, as well as various collections of ancient books, Qiandu said with a smile: 'We should split up and meet here again in an hour."

    "Okay." Li Muyang was bursting with excitement: "I also want to find some books to read."

    "Big sister, I'll come with you." Lin Canghai said with a smile, it seems he was very clingy to his 'big sister' Qiandu.

    Li Muyang was somewhat unpleased with Lin Canghai, he thought to himself: this kid only attracts girls by acting cute, does he not have a little manliness? Do you think girls will like that kind of little man?

    Furthermore, isn't it just pretending to be cute? Who can't pretend to be cute?

    My sister Li Shinian is cuter than you one million times.

    Li Muyang waved his hand in the air, saying goodbye to Qiandu and Lin Canghai. And then entered into the mountain of books.

    Starry Sky library has quite an abundant collection of books, it's complex but not chaotic.

    From astronomy to geography. Poems, songs and The Hundred Schools of Thought. Painting, music, and even spring harvest; everything could be found.

    There are cloths, bamboo, paper, and even leaves, stones and tiles--

    There was a vast array of writing materials, it was utterly breathtaking.

    Everytime Li Muyang sees a different type of material he let out a 'wow' sound.

    Since Qiandu and Lin Canghai were not here, and no one around him knew him, being by himself he could 'wow' as much as he wants.

    He's a common youngster from Jiangnan city; the biggest bookstore he has ever seen was the reading room next to the mansion of the lord of Jiangnan's city.

    Of course, at that time, he had no concept of bookstore, purely because Li Shinian dragged him to go shopping and they 'ran into' her little friends--Although her little friends were easy to ignore.

    As a result, Li Muyang, standing inside a bookstore on the verge of collapse, regretted why he came out, he thought he might as well take a nice nap at home.

    Li Muyang felt Qiandu and Lin Canghai were somewhat acting, somewhat 'fake'. Such a big library, you've seen it before?

    Young people, we must be straightforward and frank, have the courage to express yourself--you must be surprised and curious with the things around us.

    Li Muyang looked up and down as he made his way forward and then finally came to a stop in front of the wooden sign 'Divine weapons'.

    Teacher Yang said that there is no way he could bring the book [Treasures and Weapons] for everyone to read, in other words it should belongs to some private collection of someone or Starry Sky library, and that ordinary people are not qualified to see it.

    Li Muyang did not expect to borrow [Treasure and Weapons], but hoped there are some other books that documented the tear of the dragon king and that kind of sacred weapons.

    Li Muyang could clearly feel the changes within his own body, he used to be an ignorant fool, was always the last place in the school's tests, a trash constantly bullied--At that time whether or not he would enter a good school, or whether a school would accept him was unknown. Mother Luo Qi said to him countless times: 'you really can't, later you will take over the shop, you will always have a skill to support the family with.'

    Bakery shop owner Li Muyang, perhaps that is his true identity.

    In a month's time, his grades improved drastically, he achieved the first place in the West Wind Kingdom's imperial exam, and he entered Starry Sky Academy. Not only is he smarter but also stronger. He was able to defeat his enemies with one punch, he was able to win against people in the realms of the free clouds and could do many other things.

    Li Muyang knew clearly, his body had changed.

    He repeatedly had the same dream, dreamt of a black dragon looking at him with grief and despair, then silently charged towards him and his chest was torn in half, with it becoming a part of him--

    Li Muyang felt a divine dragon possessed him, even though this is frightening and shocking, in that even if he told someone no one would believe him--He also doesn't believe it himself.

    Today, when teacher Yang mentioned the tear of the dragon king, Li Muyang felt his heart stirred.

    He felt very familiar with it, like a crystal ball he accidently lost when he was a child.

    Li Muyang wanted to find out more, what kind of treasure is the dragon king's tear.

    Also, what kind of relationship it has with him.

    Being the only person who knew of this, he could not ask anyone for help or share with others.

    He became a man full of secrets. Even the people closest to him, like his sister and parents, were not targets which he could divulge his secrets to--a life like that is very long and it could possibly continue like this all his life.

    Thinking of this possibility, Li Muyang's heart felt heavy.

    A safe and long-living trash waiting to die or a genius with many ups and downs who may lose his life at any time, which one would you choose?

    "The second option." This was Li Muyang's answer.

    Deep inside he was discontented with his life; he does have ambitions.

    He also wished he could have a spectacular career, he also hoped his name will be written in poems and he would become the main protagonist in countless legends.

    Li Muyang!

    He wants his name to be heard by anyone with ears, seen by anyone with eyes, and anyone with a heart to be grateful to him.

    "I'm thinking too much." Li Muyang shook his head to clear his thoughts and started to search from the top shelf.

    [List of Sacred Weapons in the Divine Continent], [Detailed Explanation of the Classification of Weapons], [Record of the Famous Swords], [Weapons documented by an unknown person]--

    Li Muyang skimmed each book edge and finally his line of sight fixed on the scroll [Weapons documented by an unknown person].

    The scroll was made from leather and was yellow in colour. It looked like it was quite old.

    But the contents were intact and no handwriting has faded.

    Li Muyang's placed special attention on this scroll because the handwriting felt familiar to him.

    Like the inscription of an old friend. Although he does not remember its appearance but he could recognises it at a glance.

    He carefully unrolled the scroll, that familiar feeling was even much stronger.

    The writing was strong and forceful, and documented the feeling and understanding of the sacred weapons in the world.

    'Tear of the dragon king, a sacred weapon in the world and also a lethal weapon in the world. By inheriting the dragon king's magical powers, one will also inherit the dragon king's will and belief. Good fortune lies within bad, misfortune lurks within good. Treat all matters calmly, these four words are the solution.'

    "Treat all matters calmly." Li Muyang mumbled these four words over and over again. Then, angrily scolded: "what is the tear of the dragon king? What shape is it? Where is it hidden? When--No, how does it behave when it shows its power? What distinctive features does it have? How could I know whether it's the tear of the dragon king and not tear of crocodiles? There are no details. How could they write a book?"

    Li Muyang clatched onto the [Weapons documented by an unknown person], ready to borrow it to investigate thoroughly and scrutinise it daily.

    Li Muyang continued to look for books related to the tear of the dragon king, unfortunately the weapons documented in the other books were all ordinary weapons, the sacred weapons like the tear of the dragon king, frightening dragon bow or the weak water soul were rarely included. Even if there was, it only brushed slightly over the subject and was not detailed enough.

    Obviously, people who wrote these books did not know much about sacred weapons.

    Li Muyang glanced out of the window and came to realise one hour has passed already.

    He remembered he, Qiandu and Lin Canghai have said to meet back after one hour at the entrance of the library. Time flies, he still achieved nothing after coming here.

    But he was in no hurry, this is a treasure, it's the knowledge and insights of all the geniuses in the entire divine continent gathered together. He planned to come here daily to ask for guidance from them.

    Just as Li Muyang was ready to meet up with Qiandu and Lin Canghai, he heard voices of people quarrelling. Moreover, it was a voice that sounded very familiar.
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