Chapter 137 - Husband and wife talk!

    137 - Husband and wife talk!

    The lights in Ming Tak building were brightly lit; when Gongsun Yu walked to the entrance, the two captain guards of Lu Qingming Yue Feilong and Li Pingan were in the porch avoiding the rain.

    Seeing madam Gongsun Yu coming over their side with an umbrella, the two men hurriedly stood up straight, looking alert.

    Gongsun Yu walked past them, but suddenly came to a stop.

    She turned and looked at the two men, asking: "You two are drinking again?"

    Li Pingan and Yue Feilong exchanged a glance with each other; they knew they couldn't hide anymore.

    Li Pingan who is quick-witted and sly, immediately said righteously: "Madam, I said we cannot drink but Yue Feilong disagreed; he said it's a rainy day so he needs to warm up his cold body, I was afraid he would freeze and could not protect general, so I agreed to his ridiculous request. Madam, please punish us."

    "Li Pingan, you're despicable, who was it that said he has some good wine and asked if I wanted a drink?" Yue Feilong, fuming with rage, thundered.

    "I said I have good wine and asked if you want a drink, but I didn't say to drink it now. We're on duty now, according to the rules we must not drink alcohol. Don't tell me you don't know about the rules?"

    "You also had a drink. You drank more than me." Yue Feilong said snappily.

    Knowing that madam was still standing near watching them, Yue Feilong laughed foolishly and explained to Gongsun Yu: "I just had one mouthful--just a little sip."

    "Yes. A little alcohol is nothing to Feilong. It's the same as not drinking any."

    "Don't do it again." Gongsun Yu said, her expression stern and serious. "Yue Feilong take a rest, Li Pingan find someone to take his place."

    "Thank you madam. But I'm fine--" Yue Feilong was reluctant leave his duty.

    "Go." "

    "Yes. Madam." Yue Feilong was afraid to argue anymore, respectfully saluted and turned to leave.

    Gongsun Yu's eyes then shifted to Li Pingan, saying: "Feilong is honest, you can't always bully him-- you are not allowed to drink for three months."

    "Ah? Madam, I'm wrong--half a month? One month? Two months? Madam, it's only one month until the Mid-Autumn Festival. Such a great festival how can I not drink?"

    "Since you like to drink so much-then you can't drink alcohol for six months."


    Gongsun Yu pushed open the door to the study, Lu Qingming was already rushing over to welcome her, he grabbed his wife's soft white hands and laughed: "Those two mischievous guys angered you again?"

    "I know you are close with them like brothers, you usually let them have their own way and ignore their bad behaviour." Gongsun Yu held her husband's hand tightly as she said with a serious expression. "You're handling government affairs here, they have the duty to protect your safety. If their negligence led to a disaster, it will be too late for regret then. At that time they would be filled with guilt, your friendship also would not last--This will harm both others and yourself, lose the greater for the less. Why not be stricter from the start, it can maintain your rare comradeship. Isn't that for the better?"

    Lu Qingming smiled and nodded, saying: "You're right. Yue Feilong and Li Pingan have been following me for years, they started of as soldiers and slowly rose in ranks, so we're familiar with each other. Even though they laugh or curse on the outside, in fact, deep down they are meticulous and serious people. They know what they're doing. But what you did today was right; there are some rules that they have to follow. If they relax, the people below them would also relax."

    "I'm glad husband understands." Gongsun Yu looked at Lu Qingming as she said.

    "You did it for my own good, how could I not understand your kind intention?" Lu Qingming said with a smile.

    The two stared silently into each other's eye, full of tender feelings.

    "Husband is there not something you want to ask?" Gongsun Yu looked at Lu Qingming. She only left behind a letter before she left and has been away for a long time, doesn't her husband want to know the reason behind her departure.

    "There is a question I want to ask." Lu Qingming said with a smile.

    Gongsun Yu's pretty face was even more dignified and the tone of her voice more serious, saying: "Husband, please say it."

    "Li Yan and Luo Qi's family have been collected, right? Have they settled in? Did you encountered any danger on the way? We've known them for many years, should I come forward and invite them for dinner?" Lu Qingming asked with a smile.

    Gongsun Yu looked astonished, saying: "ou are not angry?"


    "Angry? Why would I be angry?" Lu Qingming asked in reply.

    "I did not consult you before I went to Jiangnan and collect Luo Qi and Li Yan--"

    "You did exactly what I wanted to do." Lu Qingming sighed lightly: "I have to take into consideration this and that, but you directly handled the whole situation. It saved me time from hesitating and thinking. I should be grateful to you, why would I be angry?"

    "However, it's a crucial time for father, if I went and collected them back at this time, there certainly is someone watching--father, might even be unhappy, right? "

    Lu Qingming gently patted Gongsun Yu on the back of her hand, motioned her to not worry about it: "Do you know who arranged for Muyang to enter into Starry Sky Academy?"

    "It's father?" Gongsun Yu said aloud.

    "Yes." Father arranged it by himself." Lu Qingming said with a smile: "While father is strict but Muyang is still in his heart---he has been paying attention to Muyang's growth all along. If it's something for Muayng, I don't think he will sit idly by."

    "Because he discovered that Muyang is not a trash anymore?" Gongsun Yu smiled coldly. What happened back then, after all, became a scar in her heart that could not be fully healed. Every time she thought about it, the pain penetrated deeply into her bones.

    She hated this arrangement, and also detested the person manipulating everything from behind.

    There are many things she was helpless with, but there are some things she's good at: for example, holding grudges.

    "Xiao Yu-"

    "Forget it, let's not talk about this." Gongsun Yu sighed. She knows that she and her husband can't resonate on this subject. Men have their own difficulties but that does not necessarily mean women have to accept the cruel choices of men.

    "Li Yan and them have settled in well, I also collected Shinian here--that child is still in school, I'll arranged a closer school for her. I will take care of other things, you don't have to worry."

    "You've worked hard." Lu Qingming grasped his wife's hand and said with a look of guilt on his face.

    "Qiji is also at Starry Sky Academy, should we send a letter over---so they could take care of each other at Starry Sky?" Gongsun Yu asked aloud.

    Lu Qingming shook his head, saying: "We do not need to interfere in this matter. I think father has his own arrangements."

    "Rest early." Gongsun Yu's gaze swept over her husband face, turned and walked towards the outside.

    Watching his wife's slim figure leaving, Lu Qingming suddenly became jittery.

    He walked over to the window and pushed open the window, but could only see the rainstorm outside.

    Ominous black clouds rolled across, strikes of lightning flashed violently followed by rumbles of thunder.

    Just like more than ten years ago when Li Muyang was born, it seemed as if the entire world was about to undergo apocalypse.

    "Husband and wife cannot get along, father and son cannot acknowledge each other-- just why did it become like this?"
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