Chapter 139 - People complicate things!

    139 - People complicate things!

    After a shower and changing into clean, dry clothes, the feeling of discomfort in Li Muyang's heart gradually faded.

    Seeing Lin Canghai and Qiandu staring at him with a puzzled look on their face, Li Muyang quickly said with a smile: "Come on, we have class, we must not let teacher Yang wait."

    "Are you okay?" Lin Canghai asked with concern. Li Muyang's expression was indeed strange back then, like it was because of excessive excitement that he lossed control of his emotions. They all grew up listening to the stories of the brave dragon heroes, they should have a strong immunity to dragon slaying--who did not shout the bold, visionary words 'I'm going to be dragon slayer hero' when they were younger? When a teacher asks students what is their dream, eight out of ten people in class would say to slay a dragon and the other two would say to marry a dragon slayer hero.

    Could it be Li Muyang came from the remote desert or prairies? Because he hasn't heard of the dragon slayer stories, so his reaction was so strong. But he clearly has an accent of West Wind Kingdom?

    "I'm alright." Li Muyang said with a smile. "Don't know why, every time I see Nujiang, my emotions are particularly strong. I feel my blood racing and have the urge to immediately bring my sword and jump down to slay a few dragons-"

    The first time Li Muyang saw Nujiang, tears incessantly streamed down his cheeks, this matter was certainly known by everyone. In that case, Li Muyang might as well speak out on his own initiative to avoid people being skeptical about him.

    "Never let a person be curious about you, that will put yourself in danger."

    Who was it that said this phrase?

    Lin Canghai nodded, saying: "Red can really inspire the morale of people. Moreover, Nujiang is majestic and spectacular, its history is extraordinary, it's a place of mysteriousness--maybe you were affected by its majesticness or possibly even sensed the anger of Nujiang."

    "I see." Li Muyang displayed an expression as if he suddenly came to realise. "I couldn't understand before. Such a beautiful river, why would tears flow out of my eyes whenever I look at it? At that time I thought there was a problem with my eyes and begged teacher Yang to help me change accommodation--after hearing Canghai classmate's explanation, I realised that there are nothing wrong with my eyes, but it's because I'm too sentimental. Well, people from Jiangnan are romantic. Girls are like that, boys too--"

    Li Muyang shyly smiled, looking at Lin Canghai and Qiandu. "I hope you won't laugh at me."

    "Why would we?" Lin Canghai waved his hand. "This shows brother Muyang is someone who express his feelings directly."

    Qiandu also smiled, saying: "I think that's good. Every time I look at Nujiang, I also feel excited like Muyang classmate, I cannot wait to draw my sword and slay dragons--unfortunately my skills are not good enough and my strength is not enough. I have to learn from teachers first before I search for dragons. Only then will I become a dragon hero known to the future generations."

    "Right. We should be like that." Li Muyang applauded. "Why don't we first learn dragon language. How does that saying go again? Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated. When we encounter a dragon, we could first communicate with them and urge them to surrender. After all, all living things are equal; we must give them an opportunity to correct their errors. Silent slaughter is too impolite, nor does it exhibit the spirit of Buddhism and Taoism. If they stubbornly resist and not surrender, we then rush up to kill them--but I think dragons are not that stubborn, I think they will surrender first."


    Li Muyang was ready to head to class when Qiandu suddenly shouted aloud: "Wait a minute."

    Li Muyang turned around, asking: "Qiandu classmate is something wrong?"

    Qiandu came over, reached out her hand to help Li Muyang neatly fold his collar. In a hurry, Li Muyang did not notice whether his clothes were properly arranged.

    "Thank you." Li Muyang expressed his thanks with a blushing face, he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Such close contact with a beautiful young girl, Li Muyang was not used to-but he was willing to make changes and compromise.

    After Qiandu sorted Li Muyang's clothes, she easily pulled out Li Muyang's wooden hairpin on his hair, saying: "Who helped Muyang classmate comb your hair before? Today, they did not comb it."

    "In the past, it was my mom and my sister--" Li Muyang said sheepishly. His hair was not this long before, he also didn't care how long his hair was. Every morning after waking up, his father, mother or sister would conveniently help him sort out his hair. Simple and easy. After he arrived at Starry Sky, he needed to take care of everything himself. Other matters were fine, but managing his hair was too difficult. He only just learned, but his standard of binding hair was unbearable to look at.

    Qiandu used her fingers to help him comb through his hair, then rolled up his hair and firmly secured in the middle with the wooden hairpin.

    Because the distance was too close, the girl's orchid aroma once again travelled into Li Muyang's nostril.

    Even the air Li Muyang inhaled was saturated with Qiandu's scent, the air Qiandu exhaled was once again deeply breathed in by Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang thought to himself: people often say that 'breath in same air, share a common fate', right?

    However, Li Muyang has nothing but good feelings towards Qiandu. She's a good, gentle and kind girl. Better than that Lu Qiji millions of times over.

    Qiandu's movement was quick and skillful.

    She stepped back two steps, surveyed her own masterpiece and nodded in satisfaction: "This is much more pleasing to the eye."

    Seeing Li Muyang's face flushing red and avoiding her eye contact, she giggled out loud: "Muyang classmate is blushing."

    Li Muyang blushed even more, he lifted his head to take a glance at Qiandu: "Qiandu classmate's face is red too,"

    "Is it?" Qiandu, looking slightly surprised, touched her face, and as expected there was a warm feeling.

    Without being flustered at all, she naturally and gracefully said: "Probably because it's my first time helping a boy with something like this."

    "It's also my first time." Li Muyang said hurriedly, as if he has something to prove.

    Qiandu couldn't help but laugh out loud again: "Muayng classmate, you're lying to me. You said that your mother and sister helped take care of your hair--"

    "Oh, is that so." Li Muyang said seriously: "It's my first time letting you fix my hair--this has never ever happened before."

    "--" Qiandu felt this guy looks simple and honest, but in fact is quite shameless.

    Lin Canghai looked at Qiandu with a smiling face, saying: "Big sister Qiandu, you're dangerous like this."

    Qiandu smiled a litle, saying: "Life is really simple but people insist on making it complicated."
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