Chapter 140 - The thief crying stop thief!

    140 - The thief crying 'stop thief'!

    In the library.

    Standing between the desks, Yang Xiaohu casually walked around, saying: "each race has their own unique language. Bird chirps, beast roars, butterfly vibrates its wings and flowers emit a sound when they bloom, this is their language. As an intelligent race, humans obviously have their own language, and there are many languages."

    "I know eleven kinds of Chinese dialects. There is no need to be surprised, I specialise in this subject. Because I believe language is part of a unique culture. Learning a foreign language is the same as understanding a culture. Students that are interested can try and learn for themselves, to determine if what I said is right."

    "Dragons are more advanced than humans, so they also have their own dragon language--"

    "Sir, you think dragons are more advanced and more intelligent than human?" Tie Muxin said irritably. In his mind, humans are the most powerful and most advanced, dragons--were they not massacred by humans?

    Besides humans, other races are 'beasts'. Dragons are also beasts, just a more powerful kind of beast.

    "Well. Student Tie Muxin asked a very good question." Yang Xiaohu walked until he was at the side of Tie Muxin's desk, his lips curled into a smile, saying: "I know that student Tie Muxin is not the only one who has this thought. There should be many students thinking the same thing--dragons are animals, they are beasts. They can be slaughtered. They are the same as bears, tigers, lion or other animals, right?"

    Everyone laughed.

    Indeed, although everyone thinks dragons are powerful, but everyone wants to kill them--When you kill a human, you would feel guilty and experience all sorts of physiological or psychological responses.

    But slaying a gigantic dragon is something to be proud of, something that would bring honour to their family.

    What would be awaiting them after they slayed a dragon would be flowers, applause, and their stories recounted and written into poems--

    "However, we have to admit the truth. Not only are dragons greater in size, stronger in power, their intelligence is also not inferior to that of us--Adding to this, they are extremely long-living creatures, the [Dragon Chronicles] stated that a high-ranking dragon can live up to thousands of years, while a lower-ranking dragon can live for more than five hundred years. The Lord of dragons, the dragon king-is said to be the same age as the universe, able to live for an eternity. Of course, only if they did not encounter any natural disaster or are not killed by humans."

    "They possess a unique ability, being able to soar to the sky and dive down into the sea. The dragon's breath can destroy land stretching for thousands of miles. Moreover, during this long period of time, they never stop learning--We must not underestimate the dragon's ability to learn. Their ability to learn is extremely remarkable; they are able to understand the human language and read human handwriting. Adding to this, the Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar (Zither, Go, Calligraphy, Painting), there is not one that they do not understand--It is said that back then there were many artistic talents of the dragon race and some of their works even put humans to shame. Unfortunately, those works are disappearing in this long river of history. "

    "Teacher Yang--" Chu Xun interrupted Yang Xiaohu's teaching. "Don't tell me dragons used their giant dragon claws to hold the brush? Is there even a brush that large for them to write?"

    Everyone burst into laughter.

    "Exactly. If dragons were to write, that means they have to use a thousand-year-old tree trunk as a writing brush? What about the tip of the brush? That really worries people--No, worry dragons."

    "If they were to play the zither, would their claws not break it into pieces? Also, the strings have to be made from wire as thick as an arm--"

    "Would painting not be worse? What paper could withstand the force of their brush? A careless sneeze would blow a big hole in the ground and their works would vanish--Teacher Yang, you say the works of the dragon geniuses are lost in history, I don't believe it. But if you said they were destroyed by their sneezes or dragon's breath, that I can believe---"


    Students broke into agitated chatter.

    Li Muyang, with a faint smile, quietly listened to their discussion. In such a strange course, with such a weird atmosphere, inevitably he would have the feeling he's a spy working undercover, and as if his life may be threatened at any time.

    Yang Xiaohu gently tapped the top of the desk, waited until everyone became silent before he said with an imposing expression on his face: "Therefore, I want to tell you the second secret of the dragon race--high-ranking dragons can transform."

    "Change into human form?"

    "That's correct." Yang Xiaohu nodded as he answered: "In the book [the evolutionary history of the dragon] it stated that high-ranking dragons can transform into human form. That's why I said they surpass humans. They are not a beastly race; they are better than humans. If you want to give them an exact categorisation --I think they are divine beings. Or, rather, half-divine beings."

    "Divine beings?" Everyone looked alarmed.

    "Are they not? Besides immortals, who can be as powerful as dragons? Besides immortals, who could go up to the heavens, resist water, produce dragon breath--The power and abilities they possess are only abilities that divine beings could possess. Immortals can destroy cities with one slash of their sword; high-ranking dragons can do the same. Immortals can freely roam around the Starry Sky, high-ranking dragons can too. Immortals are the same age as the universe, high-ranking dragons are too--if they are not divine beings, then what are they? "

    "Teacher Yang, do you mean--we are fighting against immortals?" Tie Muxin asked with a shocked look on his face.

    Teacher Yang said that dragons are so strong, then what should us dragon slayer students do?

    "Teacher Yang is exaggerating, right?" Chu Xun said, a mocking smile curling the corner of his lips, as though nothing was pleasing to his eyes --no, as though everyone was a dung beetle to him. "If it's as teacher Yang had said, then that means the dragon slayer heroes back then killed divine beings? Dragons are divine being, then what are the people who killed the divine beings?"

    "Exactly. I also think that Teacher Yang may have greatly exaggerated the abilities of dragons." Li Muyang added with a serious look on his face. He had to step up and chime in at this moment. "This time, I'm going have to agree with Chu Xun classmate. I personally think that dragons are strong, but that's only because of their great size and their blessed abilities--what soar to the sky, what dive down to the sea, what dragon's breath, it's all because their constitution is too amazing."

    "Dragons are an inferior race, they are the same as the lions and tigers that Teacher Yang has mentioned; they're of equal existence. Just that they are a little stronger than lions and tigers. A more powerful lion and a fiercer tiger, are they still not just a lion or tiger? "

    "We've all heard the story of [Wu Song beating a tiger], we also have heard the story of [The Lion King Simba] and [Mr Dongguo and a wolf]--Of course, the stories are not telling us how strong these beasts are but rather how vicious and cunning they are. We often hear about the stories of the heroes slaying dragons--but we have never heard stories of people killing immortals."

    "Dragon can be massacred, this has been documented in [The Dragon Chronicles]. Even the river Nujiang behind the school was dyed red by dragon's blood, this proves that dragons have weaknesses and can be killed---A race like that, how could it possibly be superior to the human race? How could they be omnipotent divine beings?"

    "I firmly believe that with Teacher Yang's guidance and teaching, and as long as we are diligent, hardworking and learn the sacred skills of dragon slaying, we can sever a dragon's head and use their blood to colour Nujiang--"

    As he said these words, Li Muyang felt a throbbing pain in his chest.

    "Good." Everyone began to applaud one after the other.

    "Muyang classmate is right---"

    "What Muayang said touched my heart."

    "How could we boost other people's morale while undermining our own power and prestige?"


    Lu Qiji's icy gaze swept across Li Muyang's face as she coldly said: "The thief shouting 'catch the thief'."
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