Chapter 145 - Cut off the Dragons spine!

    Chapter 145: Cut off dragon's spine! 、!

    The cold moon is like a curved sword; a beautiful woman is like a dream.

    Lu Qiji stood still by the thicket of bamboo at the edge of the wall in the courtyard, watching sharply at the bizarre scene of Nujiang surging forward with great momentum. Dressed in a Starry Sky cloud robe, Lu Qiji, looked cool and elegant like the cold moon in the sky but more dazzling and fierce.

    Her beauty is stunning, natural, stealings someone's gaze without the slightest of concealment.

    Her personality is extremely unlikeable, reserved and distant. Like a thousand-year-old block of ice, that would freeze those who come near into ice sculptures.

    However, because of her difficult-to-ignore beautiful face, it's hard to hate her.

    Despite how hateful and how hard to bear she is, once she on her own initiative talk to you or smile at you, your heart would suddenly melt--Look, she doesn't like anyone but is willing to talk to me and smile at me, does that mean she likes me?

    Everyone has the mentality to pursue uniqueness.

    They want to be the only one in other people's heart, and in particular, the heart of a beautiful woman or man.

    Also, never take a chance, because in every era people only take notice of looks.

    Chu Xun affectionately looked at the beautiful silhouette of Lu Qiji, asking aloud: "what worship? Summon what souls? Who is worshipping? Who's summoning someone's soul? Also what do you mean by 'dragon ghost raising its head'?"

    Lu Qiji remained silent.

    "Qiji, is there something you know?"

    "Yes." Lu Qiji nodded.

    "What is happening?" Chu Xun asked aloud, pointing at the red waves in the distance: "Could it be that the legend is true? Nujiang is really stained red by the blood of dragons? Somebody is calling the souls of dragons? What are they summoning the dragon's souls for? Could it be that someone could refine them for other uses?"

    Lu Qiji remained silent once again.


    "I can't tell you anything." Lu Qiji said.


    "You won't believe it anyway."

    "How would I not? Tell me, I'll believe anything you say. Qiji all these years, what kind of person I am, don't you know? How I feel, don't you understand? Think about it, whatever you said, when have I ever had the slightest doubt?"

    "Li Muyang is a dragon." Lu Qiji said.

    Chu Xun froze, then burst into a fit of laughter so strong that he could not even stand up straight: "Qiji, don't joke with me, okay? This joke is-too funny. Li Muyang--that idiot, how could he be a dragon? Is there a dragon trash? If all the dragons are like him, then we won't need to painstakingly study at Starry Sky Academy. Even by myself, I could wipe out all the dragons--"

    Chu Xun thought Lu Qiji is extremely cute.

    Someone who never jokes around suddenly telling a joke is indeed hilarious. This is a girl who people feel love and compassion for.

    Lu Qiji said without the slightest emotion: "I told you-you won't believe it."

    After much difficulty, Chu Xun managed to stop his laughing, looked at Lu Qiji and said: "Qiji, you really treat that Li Muyang differently. You have never been seriously concerned about a guy before, such as those famous youngsters in Tiandu, you never even glanced at them. I know your personality, but also understand your pride--Li Muyang, who exactly is he? Why do you always focus your attention on him?"

    Chu Xun looked a bit depressed, saying: "you-my heart aches. It's a dull incessant pain, as though a thin needle is pricking me constantly. It's not fatal, but the feeling is hard to ignore. Just like when sand is in the eye or when something is in the throat."

    Lu Qiji lifted her finger and pointed at the surface of Nujiang, saying: "the dragon ghost is about to emerge."

    Chu Xun's eyes were filled with sadness; gazing at the figure that never turned around since his arrival, he was speechless---

    Li Muyang was still unaware of what was happening outside.

    He did not know about the disturbance in Nujiang nor does he know that all the students of Starry Sky Academy as well as all teaching staffs were all alarmed because Nujiang is enraged.

    He was completely fascinated by the text, his mouth constantly making odd and obscure tones of voice that ordinary people would never understand without diligently practicing and study.

    He was sometimes excited because of the powerfulness and the accomplishments of the dragons.

    But was occasionally sad as he offered his respect for those Draconic heroes who passed away.

    His emotion was the emotion of dragons; the emotion of dragons was his current feeling.

    At this moment, Li Muyang was a dragon; he was part of the dragon race.

    What he was reciting are the verses from [The Worship of Dragons]; he was holding a memorial service for his comrades, for his brothers who stood side-by-side with him in battle---

    The dragon text in his hand drew to a close, the worship reaching its climax.


    The red dragon in the middle of Nujian once again writhed around, letting out loud roars over and over again.

    The red whirlpool became wider and wider; the red dragon's head became more apparent.

    Its features and outlines were much clearer and its majesty more obvious than before.

    When a tremendous dragon is enraged, the entire sky and earth loses their colour.

    "[The worship of dragon]." The white-robed old man at the top of the observatory suddenly assumed an expression that looked like he was deep in thoughts, his eyes seemed even more difficult to see through than the bottomless, red whirlpool in Nujiang. "There's actually someone who can recite the [The worship of dragons]--Nujiang, which have been sleeping in silence for thousands of years, is suddenly roaring and raging, the soul of the gigantic dragon that have died tens of thousands of years ago suddenly wants to break out of the river--Many tens of thousands of years ago, countless strong people of Starry Sky made strenuous effort to lay down twelve strong prohibition spells at the surface of Nujiang, but even that can't suppress you guys?"

    "It's a pity." The old man sighed. "I can't release you, Nujiang is the best home and destination for you."

    He stretched out his right hand, his skinny twig-like right hand that was hidden inside his white shirt all along.

    Lightly and elegantly, as though he was trying to reach out and grab hold of the breeze.

    At the same time as his hand reached out, directly above Nujiang, a huge illusionary hand that nearly covered the entire Nujiang appeared.

    The palm extended across the starry sky and shrouded countless stars and clouds.

    It was almost impossible to see with the naked eye.

    When the palm pressed down, miraculously, the high wind and red tide in Nujiang that was surging up violently slowly died down.

    Murmuring, waves dissipated.

    Nujiang was no longer angry, like a good little girl.

    The red whirlpool slowly began to recede, the dragon's head, squeezed into a narrow space, would soon be flooded by the river water and sink to the river bottom again just like before.

    For tens of thousands of years, unable to rest in peace.

    The red dragon felt threatened, after casting a brief glance at the giant hand above its head, struggled more forcefully and more frantically bellowed and--fought back.




    Over and over again.

    Using his giant head as a weapon.

    It wants to break through the red whirlpool, break through the prohibition spell that imprisoned it for tens of thousands of years.


    Nujiang was raging with roaring waves again, waves rose to a height of thousands of feet once again.

    "If you won't listen to my warnings, I'll break off your dragon's back." The old man on the top of the Starry Sky observatory sighed.

    His palm that was lifted horizontally suddenly flipped over with immense force, and then, as if the huge hand was a giant sword, swiftly struck down towards Nujiang.

    Only flashing white lights could be seen. The entire sky looked as bright as day.


    The water of Nujiang was split into two parts.

    The water in front has gone far into the distance and the water behind could not catch up.

    Above the red river, a white gap suddenly emerged.

    It was the aura of the sword, forming a formidable wall of qi that even the torrential river could not penetrate through.


    The red dragon let out the most miserable howl, before its head plunged down the bottomless whirlpool.

    Its enormous red body, from the dragon's back position, was severed into two parts.
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