Chapter 146 - Nuijang is no longer raging!

    146 - Nuijang is no longer raging!

    Li Muyang didn't mess with nor aggravate anyone; he was simply intoning in dragon language.

    But unexpectedly, danger came to him; part of his chest suddenly throbbed with severe pain, causing him to stagger back. A dull sound began humming from his mouth


    He leant against the bed heavily and the [Language of dragons] book dropped from his hand onto the ground.

    Tasting a salty-sweetness in his mouth, he cautiously touched the corner of his mouth with his finger, only to find it stained with blood.

    "Was I possessed by a demon back then?" Li Muyang felt a sense of fear. No wonder teacher Yang reminded us to not be aggressive in learning and must go through a gradual learning process. It seems dragon language is indeed profound and mysterious, and could not be learnt properly in a short amount of time.

    Li Muyang settled himself on the bed, sucking in one great gasping breath of air, one after another.

    Until the feeling of compassion in his chest faded away and the severe throbbing in his heart subsided.

    However, for some unknown reason, Li Muyang felt sad, and desolate.

    As if someone had just bullied him and he was unable to fight back--Before his body underwent changes he often had this feeling. He felt this world was too dark; everyone bullied him and anyone could be his enemy.

    It wasn't until when he eventually felt much comfortable in the chest that Li Muyang picked up the [Language of the Dragons] book again and turned to the page he just recited, thinking to himself: this should be a ritual text, it's worshipping the dragon slayer heroes who died. Also, it's calling their soul so they rest in peace.

    But jjust why did I feel so sad?

    Because the dragon inside my body was deeply affected? In other words, the dragon tear that Teacher Yang mentioned before-

    Li Muyang was extremely distressed and worried at this moment.

    Before he knew about the sacred weapon, the Dragon King's tear, he simple-mindedly thought the body of a gigantic dragon was hidden deep inside his body. Besides this reason, he could not explain the changes his body underwent.

    However, when teacher Yang mentioned the tear of the dragon king, he began to suspect that hidden within his body was not a dragon but the dragon king's tear-After all, the tear of the dragon king can also explain the abnormality of his body.。

    As a libra, Li Muyang hates this kind of ambiguous questions. If each and every question possessed only one answer is that not conducive to world peace?

    However, Li Muyang really liked the book, [Language of Dragons]. He thought it's a good book. It can quickly raise his knowledge of dragon language. If he recites this book everyday, he would soon be an expert in this field, right?- Wait, he was one already now, right?

    Teacher Yang said that not even him could comprehend this piece of text and could only copy the original for them. On the other hand, he could read the entire text without any difficulties; this clearly proves that he's better than teacher Yang.

    "Teacher Yang is so powerful, I am even better than him---Ha Ha Ha--" Li Muyang chuckled foolishly to himself. He thought to himself that no wonder Zhang Chen, Li Yue, Wang Xiaopeng, Cai Zhao Wu Man and Zhao Xiaogu liked to bully him before, since it feels so good to step on others.

    Of course, student Li Muyang was always the person being trampled on.

    With this thought, Li Muyang prepared to work even harder.

    He flipped open the book [Language of dragons], preparing to read out the worship text once again.

    Since he's not busy, he might as well read some books, as to not let his parents, who were far away in Jiangnan, down--

    He only read aloud the first sentence, but Nujiang, which had only been calmed moments ago, was bubbling once again.

    Knock knock knock-

    Someone was knocking at the door.

    Li Muyang, with a silk handkerchief, hurriedly wiped his mouth, before he dashed to the courtyard door.

    As he opened the door, he cried aloud: "who is it?"

    "It's me." Lin Canghai's voice sounded over, asking: "Brother Muyang, are you alright?"

    "I'm alright." Li Muyang pulled open the door and asked: "what happened?"

    "I'm here to watch the amazing scene with you." Lin Canghai exclaimed. " Did you see the wrath of Nujiang just now?"

    "The wrath of Nujiang?" A look of bewilderment crossed the face of Li Muyang as he asked: "Why would Nujiang be angry?"

    "You don't know?" Lin Canghai looked shocked watching Li Muyang. "So many things were happening outside, the whole school was disturbed. You don't even know?"

    Qiandu also walked out of her courtyard. It looks like she was also planning to pay Li Muyang a visit.

    Seeing Lin Canghai and Li Muyang standing in front of the courtyard, she asked in her clear and sweet voice: "Why are you two standing here?"

    Lin Canghai twisted around to look at Qiandu, before he bowed and greeted her. "Sister Qiandu-I came to find brother Muyang, I wanted to enjoy this magnificent landscape of Nujiang with him. I had no idea that brother Muyang did not know what just happened--"

    Qiandu turned to Li Muyang, a look of disbelief across on her face as she said: "Muyang classmate, the spectacle of Nujiang just now, you're not even slightly aware of it?"

    "Ah? I didn't know-" before he came to an understanding of the truth, Li Muyang decided to act stupid till the end. "After supper, I was lying in bed reading. And then I fell asleep-What? What the hell happened outside? What happened to Nujiang?"

    Qiandu's gaze shifted to the book [Language of Dragons] in Li Muyang's hand, then she smiled and said: "It seems Muyang classmate was working very hard."

    "Oh-" Lin Canghai felt sorry for Li Muyang. "Brother Muyang, this is a rare spectacle seen only in a lifetime. Just now Nujiang was completely flipped, water was surging and red waves were rolling up high. A huge whirlpool suddenly appeared in the middle of the river--There was a monster that looked like a dragon's head inside the whirlpool--That red head wanted to break out of the whirlpool on many occasions-the scene was bizarre and spectacular. You missed it, it's a pity."

    "A red dragon's head?" Li Muyang burst out in surprise.

    Li Muyang was currently very sensitive, he paid extra attention to any words that are related to dragons. The instant he heard Lin Canghai said a dragon's head appeared in Nujiang, his heart jumped. He was worried that he would be linked with this matter.

    In all honesty, he nested in his house and read, and had never left the courtyard-

    Qiandu also smiled and nodded continuously, saying: "It really is a spectacle that's only seen in thousands of years. Although Nujiang is known as angry river and is enraged at times, but waves that are as high as thousands of feet like they were today and the emergence of a dragon's head have never happened before-"

    "It really is a pity." Li Muyang said with 'sadness' in his eyes. Then, with a look of regret across his face, he asked: "Would I still be able to see it now?"

    "It shouldn't have ended yet. If you're lucky, you might also see the impressive sight-" Lin Canghai replied, his face glowing with excitement. "I came here to enjoy the scene with brother Muyang. After all, the location of brother Muyang's backyard is much better than mine, there are rocks covering half of my view and the field of view is not wide enough, so it's a bit of a disappointment-"

    "I had the same thought." Qiandu said.

    "Please come in." Li Muyang made a hand gesture, welcoming Lin Canghai and Qiandu into his courtyard.

    The three of them dashed straight into the backyard, taking in the whole scene of the red river at once.

    They waited until the moon disappeared and the formation of morning dew but Nujiang was never enraged again.

    The three of them were extremely annoyed, rebuking Nujiang for not showing respect to them by being angry again.
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