Chapter 149 - So many questionable points!

    149 - So many questionable points!

    Hostility was radiating too strongly from him and the air was thick with murderous intent.

    Following Xiahou Qianbai's recitation, Li Muyang's emotions became more and more intense and he became more and more agitated.

    It was as though the [Cleansing Mind Incantation] did not cleanse the mind, but instead stimulated the evil desires of the human body.

    Li Muyang deeply hated the [Cleansing Mind Incantation].

    Although the origination of this hatred baffled him, it also felt right at the same time.

    As if [Cleansing Mind Incantation] has hurt him before.

    Li Muyang was well aware that this emotion was not good and he understood even more that his reaction was the complete opposite to everyone else.

    "They might suspect-and even discover I'm a dragon--" Li Muyang thought to himself.

    However, he could do nothing to control himself.

    With the immense power emanating from the origins of his soul, his body was entirely not under his control.


    On the surface of the blue desk, cracks appeared one after another, as though his hands were steel claws, hard and strong.

    The desk surface that was scratched looked sinister and terrifying, and even the sound emanating from it was extremely sharp and ear-piercing.

    "Li Muyang-" Song Tinyun thundered. "What are you doing? You dare to be disrespectful to Teacher Xiahou-"

    Song Tinyun did not know about Li Muyang's current state, he simply thought Li Muyang was deliberately targeting Teacher Xiahou's lesson-of course, he also hoped this was the case. As a disciple of Xiahou Qianbai, of course, he had to stand up for him.

    Hearing Song Tinyun's yelling, students who have fell into a peaceful state of mind as they listened to the [Cleansing Mind Incantation], opened their eyes, which darted across to where the loud noises were coming from.

    Then, following Song Tinyun's line of sight they spotted Li Muyang going crazy.

    "What's wrong with him? He looks like he's raging--"

    "Even the Cleansing Mind Incantation can't cleanse his mind, he must be possessed by a demon-"

    "How is that possible? Starry Sky Academy accepted a demon into the school? You think the teachers are idiots?"--

    Xiahou Qianbai, who had his eyes shut as he recited the incantation, also sensed Li Muyang's stirred emotions as well as the strong killing intent in the air-The killing intent was not aimed at others but him, the person reciting the incantation.

    Xiahou Qianbai knitted his brow in concentration and recited the incantation more rapidly.

    "People fail to realise the true Tao because they have deviant minds; with deviance in their mind, their spirit is startled. Since their spirit is startled, they start to cling to myriad things. Since they cling to myriad things, they search and covet. Since they have covetousness, they are troubled; worries and deviance will pester the body and mind. One will fall into turbidity and shame, ups and downs, life and death. Eternally drowning in the sea of misery, one will lose the true Tao forever."

    [Cleansing Mind Incantation] is used to cleanse the mind; it's a supreme technique used to achieve a tranquil state. Xiahou Qianbai has absolute confidence in Taoism's [Cleansing Mind Incantation]. Let alone a new student, even vicious demons or brutal beasts, the moment they hear the incantation, would be placed n a peaceful state of mind, their hostility greatly reduced and their killing intent dissipating.

    He felt he had to prove the supreme power of [Cleansing Mind Incantation] in front of all his disciples to let them know that-his words alone could quell any disturbance.

    Li Muyang was in agony, his lips cracked and his eyes were bloodshot.

    His hands, pressing on the surface of the bluestone desk, firmly grabbed onto the edges of the desk, veins bulging on the back of his hands.

    His forehead was dripping with sweat and his clothes were already soaked.

    White fog shrouded all around his body, which is caused by the evaporation of the sweat from his body.


    Must endure!

    Because both of Li Muyang's hands were gripped onto the bluestone table, so the desk became the only channel of release and conduction of qi in his body.

    Bearing this great force and power, loud cracks began to run across the smooth bluestone surface.

    Very soon, the cracks became more and more numerous, wider and wider.

    Crackle lke noises constantly echoed across the air, like the sound of ice-sheets cracking on a frozen lake.


    With a loud thud, the bluestone table in front of Li Muyang splintered into pieces.

    "Li Muyang, you crazy-"

    "Hurry stop him-"

    "Don't let him hurt Teacher Xiahou-" -

    Xiahou Qianbai's body soared into the air, fanning his wide, flowing sleeves towards Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang instantly felt dizzy and lost consciousness, slumping to the ground--

    Li Muyang was awakened by the bright sunlight. He wanted to open his eyes but his head felt heavy and and had a terrible ache.

    His mouth was very dry but nobody gave him a drip of water. Li Muyang felt the need to rethink his circle of friends: let alone go through water and tread on fire, no one even fed me a spoonful of soup?

    Faintly, he heard someone's voice.

    Li Muyang didn't get up, simply opened his eyes and shot a glance at the corner of the door.

    "--It was extremely bizarre, I have cultivated for decades, my [Cleansing Mind Incantation] can cure evil spirit, prohibit demon, make someone forget life or death. When I first read it aloud, the other students cleared their mind, relieved their anger and entered a selflessness state. Only his emotions remain ruthless, it seems he's extremely furious as if he's full of hatred with someone-and even the bluestone table was torn into fragments-"

    It was Xiahou Qianbai's voice. Xiahou Qianbai's voice always carries an air of arrogance, similar to his prideful character. "Some students suspect that he's a devil, because only evil things would have such a dramatic rejection response when they hear the [Cleansing Mind Incantation]-Who is he?"

    "What do you think he is?" A hoarse voice asked.

    This voice sounded unfamiliar, Li Muyang had never heard of it before.

    He wanted to investigate this person; he wanted to see the stranger's face. But the person's body was covered by the door, making it difficult for him to see this person at all.

    Li Muyang did not dare to make any sudden movements because he knew very well that with Xiahou Qianbai's level of cultivation, as long as he makes the slightest movement, he would be noticed.

    "I don't know." Xiahou Qianbai said: "what those students say, shouldn't be believed. I don't believe Starry Sky Academy would allow a devil in-I investigated his body just now, his qi activity is relatively weak and his sea of qi has not even formed yet. With strength like that, it makes me suspect he's the son of a royalty sent here to study. Of course, I have read his information, he's just an ordinary teenager from Jiangnan with no special background."

    After a brief pause, Xiahou Qianbai added: "However, this kid did very well in all four assessments, wine, women, avarice and temper. Adding to this, the strength he suddenly displayed in a split moment was impressive - before I always thought he deliberately concealed his power in front of people."

    "Moreover, that Bookworm said Li Muyang was personally enrolled by the dean of the school-I really don't understand, why does dean look at an ordinary teenager from Jiangnan City so differently? Adding to this, he was especially strange today, there are so many questionable points about him--"
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