Chapter 152 - Of royal descent!

    152 - Of royal descent!

    "Teacher Xiahou-" Li Muyang helplessly stared at Xiahou Qianbai as if at a loss for words. He felt humiliated.

    "Do you think I'm wrong?" A serious expression was plastered all over Xiahou Qianba's face. "Without the foundation, you dare attempt to slay dragons? Without the foundation how could you slay a dragon?"

    "Teacher Xiahou, I understand what you're saying. What you said is true. But what I meant to ask you is that-with my current physical condition, how can I step-by-step advance to the Dragon Slayer realm?" Li Muyang asked, his face full of sincerity. This was a question he was always eager to know. Previously, he had no teacher for him to ask and could only find out by himself, as well as rely on the superficial memories that emerged time-to-time from his mind. Now, there's a Starry Sky teacher standing right in front of him, how could he pass up such a great opportunity?

    Worried that he would be misunderstood as overestimating his capabilities, Li Muyang urgently explained in a low voice: "I don't have to reach the Dragon Slayer realm; however, I think it's good to have goals to pursue, right? Otherwise, what would be the difference between us and maggots?"

    "There is rarely someone in the Dragon Slayer realm in the world, even in thousands of years. However, dreams are good-" Xiahou Qianbai said with a smile. "First of all, you have to build your foundation--"


    "Of course, there's a variety of ways in building a foundation. The major sects and will naturally have their own special ways of establishing foundations. Their techniques that are passed down are rarely seen in the world. And coupled with the benefits of Lingshi elixir, which allows them to advance at a tremendous pace, they are far ahead of ordinary cultivationers. Not to mention the royal family and noble families, whenever they ask for money they receive money, whenever they demand people they get people, and even all the natural resources are under their control. In order to continue the royalty's qi channel and to extend their clan's interests, regardless of cost, they would train and improve their talented disciples. Their cultivation progress is astonishing."

    "Also, there are some treasures that can only be acquired by fateful encounters. If one can obtain the sacred treasures and weapons listed inside [Treasures and Weapons] or the beneficial elixirs listed inside the [Sacred Medicine], might have a chance to catch up with them-But, for ordinary cultivators, they also need to find a good teacher, and then under a teacher's guidance, establish a good foundation. Within Starry Sky, there are also various methods of building foundation, if students are interested they can also look for it-Of course, good or bad, will depend on one's nature."

    Xiahou Qianbai's gaze swept across Li Muyang's face, saying very proudly: "Although you're majoring in Dragon Slayer, but Yang Xiaohu's strength-is a little weaker than mines. He entered into the Tao through reading, that itself is very difficult. Also, every person who entered the Tao through writings achieved great success in the future. For example, poets Li Qiubai and Du Ruofu, who both left behind their colourful name in the history of Starry Sky, are figures who are admired and missed by many."

    "Starry Sky Academy recruits the best in the world. There are people who cultivates well, people good at incantations, painting, writing, music or even farming-Of course, each student is a leader in their respective field, and also has an aura and very good prospects. If not, why would they be admitted into Starry Sky Academy?"

    Li Muyang's excitement grew greater and greater, his voice sounding as though he was controlling his joy as much as was possible, asking: "Teacher Xiahou, what makes me stand out?"

    "I don't know." Xiahou Qianbai shook his head, saying vaguely: "Maybe your background is more tough?"


    Xiahou Qianbai looked at Li Muyang, saying: "No need to feel glum. I know you were enrolled into Starry Sky Academy based on your results in the West Wind Kingdom's imperial exams. But have you ever thought that there are nine great powerful countries in the divine continent and within each, there are numerous small counties. Each country has a first in the exams, although it's named differently in each country, but they are probably people like you--However, not every first place has the chance to enter into Starry Sky Academy. Taken together, the probability of being enrolled into Starry Sky Academy with the best results of the imperial exams is a very low. "

    "Every year, in every country, there's a first in the imperial exams; if every first place was enrolled into the school, then in the coming hundreds of years, Starry Sky Academy would become an academy of the nine countries? All students would be crammed with the power of the nine countries then teachers would obviously become the elites of the nine countries. With the competition among the nine countries, can Starry Sky maintain its independence and autonomy? "

    "The school is wise." Li Muyang nodded in quick succession. Then, he put forward his concern: "but are the current students not also from the nine countries?"

    "It's not the same." Xiahou Qianbai said sternly: "If we followed the previous system of enrolment, then we would accept whoever the royal family of each of the nine countries tells us to accept. But now the school enrols whomever they want. We can accept members of the royal family or accept villagers and countrymen, and can also admit you-Starry Sky Academy is the best school in the entire divine continent. We cannot let the royal family monopolise the talents in the nine countries. Talents can help strengthen the royal power, and with the stability of the monarchy, they can send a steady flow of people who are close to them to study at Starry Sky-If this happens, how can the poor and commoners have their day?"

    Li Muyang's eyes brimmed with tears, looking at Xiahou Qianbai as he said in a voice full of gratitude: "It's because there's a powerful person like teacher Xiahou, that the rest of us ordinary people have the motivation and power to fight. Otherwise, no matter how much we struggle and try, there would still not be any value or harvest; this world is really too dark and cruel?"

    "Power is always powerful, the poor is always poor, commoners are forever a commoner-If it weren't for an influential person like Teacher Xiahou to stand up and speak up for us, then right now I would not have the chance to appear at Starry Sky Academy."

    Li Muyang grabbed Xiahou Qianbai's sleeve and said flatteringly: "Teacher Xiahou can be said to be the top talent of us ordinary people - Teacher Xiahou also has a common background, right?"

    The supporters of royal students are teachers with royal background, elite students supporters are elite teachers, Li Muyang thinks he's a typical commoner, if Xiahou Qianbai also has an ordinary background and relied on his own efforts and talent to slowly arrive at the position of Starry Sky teacher and obtained this kind of power and prestige that makes people fear and respect-Can he and I not form a group?

    In that case, he would have such a powerful protector in Starry Sky Academy. Who dares to bully him?

    Xiahou Qianbai forcefully jerked his sleeve out of Li Muyang's hand, reached out and straightened his clothing and said with a look of haughty composure: "I am of royal descent."

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